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The Journey from Network Security Engineer to Podcast Host - Jack Rhysider - PSW #702

Paul's Security Weekly TV

In this segment of Paul's Security Weekly, Paul and crew interview Jack Rhysider about how he got his start in Information Security, the projects and careers he worked on over the years, and how he transitioned from a Network Security Engineer to the host of Darknet Diaries Podcast. Segment Resources: https://darknetdiaries.com/ Visit https://www.securityweekly.com/psw for all the latest episodes! Show Notes: https://securityweekly.com/psw702


17 Jul 2021

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The Journey from Network Security Engineer to Podcast Host - Jack Rhysider - PSW #702

Paul's Security Weekly (Video-Only)

In this segment of Paul's Security Weekly, Paul and crew interview Jack Rhysider about how he got his start in Information Security, the projects and careers he worked on over the years, and how he transitioned from a Network Security Engineer to the host of Darknet Diaries Podcast. Segment Resources: https://darknetdiaries.com/ Visit https://www.securityweekly.com/psw for all the latest episodes! Show Notes: https://securityweekly.com/psw702


16 Jul 2021

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#11 Jack Rhysider of Darknet Diaries: Growing a high-quality podcast to $15,000 a month in memberships


In this episode we'll hear from Jack Rhysider, the creator behind Darknet Diaries, an award-winning podcast with over 15 million downloads last year. With loyal listeners paying up to $15,000 a month in paid memberships, this podcast focuses on true stories from the dark side of the Internet: on hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network.Main Points:Building a high quality podcast from the first episodeHow Darknet Diaries grew to $15,000 a month in paid membershipsGetting podcast mentors through cold emailWhat podcasters get wrong when asking for money from their listenersEnjoy!Join us in the FREE Supercast premium feed and you get to hear Jack talk about:0:37 Would Jack ever join a network? Darknet Diaries' 2020 marketing plan2:42 Why promo swaps are effective at growing podcasts4:12 Winning awards and other marketing experiments4:58 Leverage and getting featured in Apple podcasts6:37 You don't need a large audience to start monetizing8:42 If you want to start monetizing your show...9:43 Price tiers, and why the $1 tier doesn't work well10:59 Paid podcast marketing did not work well, here's whySign up here: premium.supercast.comTimestamps1:32 True crime meets cybercrime: What is Darknet Diaries?2:23 Mixing podcasting and 10+ years in IT Security4:06 From side project to going full-time5:58 High quality standards from the very beginning7:00 Growing Darknet Diaries from the start through blogging and Twitter8:46 Jack Rhysider's mentors for Darknet Diaries11:16 How Email led to Darknet Diaries' podcast growth13:05 Pulling a Darknet Diaries story together through alerts14:54 Describing the listener, and the Discovery Channel17:51 Monetizing a podcast through Patreon and ads20:20 Data-driven monetization and offering value to listeners23:11 Go to the listeners, don't bring them to you24:53 $15,000 a month in memberships and revenue transparency27:23 What podcasters get wrong when asking for money28:25 Sharing podcast stats and findings through lime.link30:20 Megaphone.fm podcasts showing up on blocklists34:00 The future of privacy in podcasting35:23 What Jack Rhysider would do if he started all over again36:17 The evolution of the Darknet Diaries teamLinksDarknet Diaries WebsiteDarknet Diaries StatsJack Rhysider's TwitterDarknet Diaries Twitter


23 Feb 2021

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How Jack Rhysider's Darknet Diaries Podcast Gets 300,000 Downloads Per Episode

School of Podcasting

Would you like 300,000 downloads per episode? Are you willing to work for three weeks to get media exposure in 2% of the outlets you contact? Are you willing to work for months on your first episodes and ask others to give you HONEST feedback on your show? Are you willing to ask questions that might potentially show you that your show is boring? Jack has, and he has created a great show. Today on episode 758 of the School of Podcasting I have the honor of looking into how Jack has grown his Darknet Diaries podcast. Jack was looking for a podcast about hackers/hacking and couldn't find any (especially in a narrative format). The solution? Create the podcast YOU want to hear and see if anyone else would be interested in listening to your podcast.   Jack Rhysider's Favorite Marketing Books Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable - Seth Godin Gary Vaynerchuk Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth -Gabriel Wineberg Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, And Build a Successful Business - Pat Flynn Dave added: Will it Fly Pat Flynn Connect with Jack Darknet Diaries Lime.Link Podcast Blog Jack's Patreon Page Dog Podcast Network Final Week Before Launch The Dog Podcast Network is launching a new show on their network called "Dog Edition" and today we talk with James Jacobson about the final preparations. You can earn money sharing stories that include dogs.  TIMELINE 00:03:34 How Many Downloads Does Jack Get 00:04:44 Jack's Launch 00:07:04 Jack Sent Out a Survey 00:08:03 What Part is Boring? 00:08:37 Why Did You Use a Survey? 00:10:01 Negative Feedback 00:10:30 Do have any kind of focus group? 00:10:59 How do you find these stories? 00:12:58 Your Podcast On Auto Pilot 00:15:03 How did your early listeners find you? 00:16:36 10,000 Stickers in a day 00:17:30 Reaching Out to the Media 00:20:10 How long did this strategy take? 00:21:33 How Long Had You Been Blogging? 00:22:34 Secret Weapon: Your Attitude 00:23:06 Marketing Strategies 00:23:57 Early Monetization 00:25:32 How Long Did it Take to Go Full Time 00:26:16 How Did You Grow Your Numbers 00:26:54 Don't Gloss Over Your Ask 00:27:16 How Did You Know It Was Time to Start a Patreon? 00:27:56 Deep Dive Into Patreon 00:32:20 Using Castbox as a Benchmark 00:34:29 The Curiosity Headline Approach 00:37:52 He Has Good Descriptions 00:40:03 A Deep Dive Into The Apple Charts 00:43:20 Favorite Marketing Books 00:45:49 Is there any Downside to a large audience? 00:48:57 Jack Got Tracked 00:50:53 Meeting Fans With Divulging Your Identity 00:51:51 Advice For Wanna Be Podcasters 00:56:19 Dog Podcast Network 01:02:02 Please Share The Show Mentioned In This Episode Graphtreon - See how much people are making on Patreon What Was That Like Podcast Dave's Patreon Page Episode on Podcast Surveys Castbox app Subscribe to the School of Podcasting Podcast (free) School of Podcasting Affiliate Program Podcast Rodeo Show Podcast Review Show Podcast Consulting Join the School of Podcasting

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18 Jan 2021

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Jack Rhysider "Darknet Diaries"

Soft Robotics Podcast

Have you ever asked yourself how do hackers hack? What is an ethical hacker? What is social engineering? My guest is the one and only Jack Rhysider, the host of Darknet diaries True stories from the dark side of the internet. In 2019 only, there were more than 8.2 million downloads. The story behind the podcast itself is inspiring, Jack’s show has an impact and real-life influence on the audience and how podcasting literally changed his life. I hope you enjoy listening, I do recommend subscribing to Darknet Diaries more details here: https://darknetdiaries.com/


18 Oct 2020

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Jack Rhysider, Darknet Diaries: You Don't Know Jack

AccessCyber: Preparing Digital Defenders

On this episode of the AccessCyber podcast, we're joined by Jack Rhysider, host of the very popular cybercrime podcast: Darknet Diaries. Jack is an infosec practitioner as well as a master storyteller. We chat about a number of topics, including privacy and security best practices, building a successful brand, podcasting, entrepreneurship, meditation, and much more. For more content, follow us on twitter, Linkedin, instagram, and check out our massive resource collection on AccessCyber.org This episode is brought to you by Bluehost, for all your web hosting and domain name solutions. 1DemALBFI8dHwK73eWez


18 Oct 2020

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E047: Jack Rhysider


Jack Rhysider was kind enough to have the tables turned and be the subject of conversation in this episode of 10 Questions...


1 Oct 2020

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Social Engineering with Jack Rhysider

Easy Prey

Have you ever received calls either at work or at home where the caller wants you to verify some information about yourself or someone else in the company? This could just be someone updating their records or it could be the start of social engineering. Our guest today is Jack Rhysider. Jack is the host of the podcast DarkNet Diaries: True Stories From the Dark Side of the Internet. His podcast is about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all things that dwell on the hidden part of the net. [0:45] - Jack originally went to college to study computer engineering and wound up getting a job managing firewalls for many different clients. In that time, he went to conferences and listened to podcasts to learn about the different types of hacking. [1:40] - DarkNet Diaries is a podcast of telling the stories behind hackers and different situations. [2:15] - Jack explains how social engineering started decades ago where a man traveled around selling things he didn’t own. [3:31] - Today’s social engineering is more about conning people within a company in order to gain access to data. [4:44] - Jack breaks down the levels of people within a company and why everyone is a target for specific reasons. [5:00] - Phishing is all about sending a link to someone to click that is harmful. When a phishing email is sent to a CEO, it is called Whaling. [7:27] - Even the nightly cleaning crew could be a target for social engineering. [7:58] - Individuals could also be hacked, especially if they use bitcoin or other form of value. [9:29] - There is a difference between phishing and spear phishing. Phishing is a lot of the time random, but spear phishing is when the hacker takes the time to get to know their target. [11:29] - People are the weakest link but are unintentionally the weakest link. But on the other hand, people who are aware and trained are often the strongest link in protecting companies from social engineering attempts. [12:28] - Oftentimes social engineering attempts are time sensitive, so if you get an unusual call or email that is pushing you to act on something very quickly, that is a red flag. [14:10] - If you get a call that you are unsure of, hang up and call the people they claim to be directly to verify their identity. [16:02] - Jack recommends you also make sure you keep everything updated, like apps on your phone, your operating systems on your phone and computer, etc. [16:37] - Jack also recommends using a password manager on your computer which gives you a long crazy password and remembers it. These passwords are very difficult to crack. [17:44] - The harder you make it to hack your information, the more resources it would take for a hacker to gain access. They will give up and move on. [18:05] - One of the biggest issues with social media is the amount of information people are giving out for free that make them vulnerable. [20:18] - Jack shares a story about how Sarah Palin was hacked simply because the answers to some of her security questions were public knowledge online. [21:10] - Two factors authorization is a must and Jack also recommends you take steps to secure your email addresses. [23:42] - In Gmail, there is a way to see what IP addresses have accessed your email. [25:50] - Jack shares a story about how he was targeted as a teenager buying a camera on eBay. [27:04] - Past experiences are great lessons to learn about how to use the internet safely. [29:00] - Anything that is outside of the norm, like paying a bill with a different credit card, purchasing gift cards to pay for something, or wiring money through Western Union are all big red flags. [29:45] - There is a huge criminal market in India that is targeting individual people, specifically elderly people. [31:49] - This type of awareness is the first level of security for yourself. [33:29] - Chris and Jack discuss the most recent issue of hackers using stimulus check reasons to gain information. [34:12] - Another recent scam is a man spamming ex-drug addicts pretending to sell pharmaceuticals to tempt them into sending money to him. [37:32] - Jack’s podcast DarkNet Diaries covers stories from victims, law enforcement involved in cases, and even from the criminals themselves. Thanks for joining us on Easy Prey. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and leave a nice review.  Links and Resources: Podcast Web Page Facebook Page whatismyipaddress.com Easy Prey on Instagram Easy Prey on Twitter Easy Prey on LinkedIn Easy Prey on YouTube Easy Prey on Pinterest DarkNet Diaries Web Page DarkNet Diaries on Twitter Jack Rhysider on Twitter


23 Sep 2020

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Darknet Diaries - Jack Rhysider

Build your Podcast

Jack Rhysider started Darknet Diaries with no podcast experience and grew it to 3 million downloads a month. Jack explains exactly what he did to build Darknet Diaries. Music by Pocket Grooves


16 Sep 2020

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Ep 28 Wild Wild Web with Jack Rhysider of Darknet Diaries


People speak of the Darkweb as if it is some looming cohesive shadow of the internet. In this episode we take a look at its history and how it and the rest of the internet has changed over time. Guest: Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries listen to his podcast here https://darknetdiaries.com/ Creator/ Host/ Writer: Jacob Biesiada Producer/ Co-Host/ Writer: Dayton Williams Editor: Eli Richman


3 Sep 2020