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Episode 5: Network Marketing & The Strategy to Financial Freedom with Andrew Logan

The Hey Lo Effect Podcast

Listen to hear Andrew Logan's story of how he found "The Way Out" (the title of his podcast and book) through Network Marketing. His background is in Physiotherapy and he began wondering how the average person, even with a good job like physiotherapy, could actually leverage their money to become financially free.  He not only is a multi 7-figure income earner, but is a person underneath it all - much like you and I - who had a desire to have not just a good life, but a great life and actually made it happen. He now trains, mentors, and coaches people all around the world not only how to achieve financial freedom, but more importantly - how to FIRST - make money, and SECOND, how to keep it.  An extremely humble, intelligent, and down-to-earth legend who will no doubt have many more appearance on this podcast.  MORE ABOUT ANDREW:  YouTube:    Leverage to Legacy  Facebook:  Andrew Logan Instagram:  @andrewjameslogan  Book & Podcast: The Way Out (I absolutely love it - highly recommend!)


3 Apr 2021

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The Grand Podcast ‘In Conversation With Andrew Logan'

The Grand Podcast

Poise! Personality! Originality! Is the judging criteria for Alternative Miss World, “Beauty has nothing to do with!” Andrew Logan. In The Grand Podcast 'In Conversation With Special' Ally Wolf Interviews Andrew Logan, creator of The Alternation Miss World in 1972, held at The Grand in 1995, and returning to The Globe for it’s 50th year in 2022. "Part of my enormous love for The Grand comes from it’s amazingly varied history, from a Variety Hall to a Theatre, Cinema to a Bingo Hall, Nightclub and Live Venue to our own creation of it as a Palace Of Modern Variety today. Digging through our past and finding out more is a never ending fantastical journey, so when our very own Jack Cullen discovered we hosted The Alternative Miss World it filled my heart with joy!” “This event more than any other I’ve discovered in our past joined so many dots for me connecting our history with what we do today. Not only that but’s also been a huge influence on nightlife culture UK & world wide - paving a way for a more inclusive society with a message which still rings true & needs re-enforcing today. It was an honour to be able to discuss all this and much more with Andrew in this hour special of The Grand Podcast."  PS - I really missed Max & Claire though, don't worry, Macca's not gone and left The Beatles, they will be back next week with all your favourite nonsense!  Massive thank you's to Superstar Guest: Andrew Logan Researcher: Jack Cullen Thank you to Andrew’s assistant Sakib Khan for making this happen for us. Pre & Post Production: Dale Aston & Lemmy Ashton Artwork Skillz: Amy Elliot-Andrew & Canva #andrewhogan #alternativemissworld #podcasts #podcastsuk #allywolf #theclaphamgrand #spotify #itsonspotify #initfortheclick #podcastsoftwitter #soundcloud https://thegrand.info/thegrandpodcast http://thegrand.info/thegrandpodcastspotify http://thegrand.info/thegrandpodcastscloud


7 Mar 2021

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The 7 Steps To Financial Freedom with Andrew Logan - Episode 108

Network Marketing Ninja Podcast With Frazer Brookes

In this episode Frazer is joined by friend, 7 figure income earner and mentor to many, Andrew Logan, as they discuss the importance of creating leverage to gain true financial freedom from your Network Marketing business. They also discuss some of the things to watch out for as well as stories from those who don't pay attention to wealth creation. Andrew also has a book called "The Way Out" which you can get at AndrewLogan.netFrazer is on a mission to get 2,000 5 star ratings and reviews by the time we reach 150 episodes  and needs your help. Let Frazer know what your biggest takeaway was. Screenshot the episode on your device, and tag Frazer @frazerbrookesonline - if you got value SUBSCRIBE and leave a positive review.Support the show (http://frazerbrookes.com/book)


4 Mar 2021

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81. Andrew Logan - 7 Steps To Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing

Dream Out Loud With Morgan T Nelson

In network marketing, people love to sell ‘Financial Freedom’. But let’s be honest – it’s a bit of a white lie…. We sell the potential; the cars, holidays and big cheques. But we rarely talk about the next step. We show people how to make money, but not how to achieve freedom. Because wealth and freedom have nothing to do with how much money you make. It’s about how much money you keep and how hard it works for you in the background. Freedom is measured in time, not dollars. Network Marketing is the ultimate side-hustle in today’s world. It’s the best way to earn an extra income in your spare time – bar none. But it’s not Financial Freedom – yet. In this episode, I get to chat with Andrew brings 15 years of Physiotherapy experience to the practice at Absolute Health following his move to the Sunshine Coast. Previously running a large private practice in Bundaberg for 8 years, Andrew and his family have moved to the Sunshine Coast for a change of lifestyle.  Follow Andrew: Website: AndrewLogan.net Instagram: @andrewlogan Facebook: Andrew Logan Follow me on Instagram: @Morgantnelson Get your hands on the world's healthiest energy drink right here and get 25% off as one of the listeners of this show. >>> https://dreamoutloud.isagenix.com/en-au/products/vitality-well-being/individual/bea  <<<


8 Feb 2021

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Episode 25. Amphibian Medicine with Dr. Andrew Logan DVM


Finding a veterinarian familiar with amphibians can often be a challenge.  As amphibians continue to become more popular, both experienced and new keepers will in all likelihood need access to veterinary care at some point.  As such, it is my pleasure to  have  Dr. Andrew Logan DVM and my guest tonight.  Dr. Logan is a veterinarian committed to furthering veterinary concerns unique to amphibians. He also operates his own consulting business and offers treatment and husbandry advice to zoos and medical professionals that may not be familiar with treating our amphibian friends. We talk about a wide variety of topics including  common husbandry  errors,  parasites, the role of UV lighting, and much more. 

1hr 43mins

16 Jan 2021

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Tales from the Black Alynx - 1 - Andrew Logan Montgomery

The Runequest Project

Welcome to Tales from the Black Alynx, a pub on the wrong side of Jonstown. Grab a pint and gather around to hear Neil Gibson from the Runequest Project talk to a variety of authors from the Jonstown Compendium, the Runequest Community Content Platform. In this episode with talk to the author of the Six Seasons in Sartar, Andrew Logan Montgomery.


2 Oct 2020

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Boat Shoegazing w/ Screenwriters Andrew Logan & Taylor Allen (Chappaquiddick Film)

The Petty Pod

Lights, camera, action! I had the first run of screenwriter guests on the Petty Pod, and it happens to be two Texas-born, hard-working homies Andrew Logan and Taylor Allen. Friends since almost grade school, Andrew and Taylor wrote the screenplay for Chappaquiddick, which raided many netflix queues and Martha's Vineyard lovers with its controversial Kennedy-laced lore. We talked about Andrew nearly opening for Weird Al Yankovic, the pains of writing your first draft, working as a team, and the billionth Simpsons episode Taylor edited. Sperry's didn't want to sponsor this episode, so our friends Chameleon Cold Brew stepped in to give us a jolt. Thanks for listening, and watch the highlights on YOUTUBE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_hSFVk_CWw&t=40s


25 Mar 2019

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Ep72 - ‘Chappaquiddick’ Screenwriters Andrew Logan & Taylor Allen

Creative Principles

‘Chappaquiddick’ highlights Ted Kennedy’s involvement with a fatal car accident from 1969, where young campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne lost her life. The new film was directed by John Curran (The Painted Day, Tracks) and stars Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) and Kate Mara (House of Cards).In this interview, screenwriters Andrew Logan and Taylor Allen talk about taking opportunities as they are presented, their long distance writing partnership, knowing which industry connections to use in terms of voice, the problem with writing genre movies, and what inspired them to create the first movie about Senator Ted Kennedy.Stay up-to-date on other creative advice at www.creativeprinciples.live


6 Apr 2018

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124: Andrew Logan rides his Harley to better client relationships [podcast]

What's Your "And"?

Andrew Logan started riding since he was 8 years old, when his father bought him a dirt bike. He took a break after a bad accident in his early 20’s but now rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle to work every day from May through December. This lead him to implement the dress code policy that anyone in the firm can wear jeans everyday they ride a motorcycle to work. In his free time, Andrew has gone on rides with clients and has even taken his bike on long road trips through Canada and the US. In this episode, Andrew and I talk about how riding his motorcycle provides him with the best therapy he could get. His 25-minute commute in the morning allows him to get his mind right for work. Sometimes, he’ll even take his bike out during lunch to be able to clear his head and get a better perspective. Early in his career, he vowed never to be what everyone considered to be the “stereotypical accountant”, so he’s known to ride his 2011 Harley Fat Bob to client meetings. Andrew finds that “…it enhances the client relationship once they realize you’re not a one-dimensional type of person.” Now that he’s the managing partner, he’s able to make sure that the firm supports everyone’s passions, because he believes “…if firms will let people do the things they’re passionate about, they’ll get paid back in spades.”


21 Feb 2018

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Andrew Logan


On 7 Oct 2014, Andrew Logan told Rosie all about his thirteenth Alternative Miss World competition.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Jan 2016