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"Queendom Care" Series: Gaining Clarity w/ Jateya Jones

The Natural Hair Education's Podcast

Today is the day you get to identify areas of the Queendom Pillars you want to grow in.  Special guest, Jateya Jones, Clarity Coach is going to help layout practical steps you can do to identify areas in which you want more clarity in. The Queendom Pillars are: Body Mind Spirit Space Money We all can use some attention and self-care in each of the pillars.  This episode will help you identify the areas you can use some improvements and self care. In this episode, Jateya covers: What is clarity? A clear roadmap or crystal clear picture of how to get to a destination.  Identifying the Queendom pillars that could use more clarity. To get to the clarity in any Queendom pillar, acceptance is required.  Acceptance of Past (good and bad), present (even if you aren't where you want to be YET), and accept that you are worthy of your desired future.  To get to acceptance, you have to keep your cup full and then you are able to give from your overflow/saucer.  There are 6 cup fillers and you should set SMART goals for each. Faith - Fath w/o works are dead, Write the vision make it plain (importance of journaling), you take the first few steps of a stairwell w/o seeing the top. Finance - Do you know where your money is going? Don't create stress for tomorrow today. Fitness - mentally (affirmations, books, podcast, etc) and physically  Family/Friends - Boundaries (self first is not selfish), loving out of fear, vibrations Food - It's not just what we consume for nutrients, it is also what we see and hear. Fun - This is necessary for the soul...knowing what brings you joy. The benefits of having clarity saves time and energy manifestation in 3D Increased income and impact (dr appt, more capacity to give) The negative effect of not having clarity Whispers of doubt, depression, complacency,  feeling stuck, a constant state of IDK, broken relationships, physical/emotionally fatigue, short attention span, irritability, decreased health overall, frustration, not manifesting Steps to take to work towards gaining clarity: Accept Believe Brain Dump Plan to W.I.N. Prioritize your stressors Now that you have identified the areas you want to grow stronger in, you can use the tips Jateya suggests to help nurture and build up your Queendom. If you would like to stay connected with Jateya and learn more about clarity you can join her FREE Clarity Community To learn more, she can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @JateyaJones and Facebook @JateyaJonesConsulting Are you interested in learning more about Natural Hair Education?  Sign-up for the Natural Hair Education email list for updates at www.NaturalHairEdu.com.  Also, don't forget to get a copy of my FREE E-Book "5 Principles to Understanding and Performing Natural Hair Care Services" and access to my FREE Program "What Beauty School DID NOT Teach You"


19 Oct 2020

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What motivates you reverberates into the world! Interview with Jateya Jones

EQaboveIQ-Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Healing the Inner Child

In this episode, I talk to Jateya Jones of ForeTeens.org! We talk about what motivated her to start her non-profit and how essential it is you know what motivates you to purpose, especially when parenting! https://thisreallifebooks.com/coaching/ https://thisreallifebooks.com/books/--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eqaboveiq/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eqaboveiq/support


26 May 2020

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E28: #SQUADGoals with Jateya Jones

Dose of Courage

E28: #SQUADGoals with Jateya Jones Click here to listen to the podcast:  You know in this community we believe relationships are your life jacket on this journey of purpose and destiny. No one is great alone. We have individual callings, but we are made for relationships, but it’s up to us to cultivate healthy relationships and separate from the toxic and one-sided relationships that threaten to derail us as we answer the call on our lives.  In this episode my guest, and friend Jateya Jones shares with us her insight on what it takes to build your #SQUAD and steps you can take today! Having a squad provides you with more opportunities, support and help you to see greater results in whatever you do.  Get paper and pencil because she drops so much wisdom and practical strategies in this episode and you don’t want to miss any of it!  More about Jateya: As a Clarity Coach and the Natural Networker, she assists small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in gaining clarity and empowering them to confidently show up and boldly stand out as they claim their rightful spot in the marketplace.  Book a clarity session with Jateya and get clear on who you are, so you can begin to make authentic connections and start building your #SQUAD! www.jateyajones.com Connect with Jateya on IG @JateyaJones Here is a link to the sermon “Squad Goals” mentioned in the podcast by Pastor Dharius Daniels it is powerful!  https://youtu.be/viZZ1sJES18 I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share them in the comments or on social be sure to @CourageMolina or #DOCpodcast. SHOW SPONSOR:   Dose of Courage Ministries. Join our community online! What is a Courage Crusader? A woman (or man) of faith that is declaring war on fear and doubt, someone dedicated to growing in their faith through the study of GOD’s WORD! What’s the purpose of the ministry? To give you a daily dose of courage to help you develop a relationship with the living word of God and put into ACTION the lessons and principles learned. Why? Because the key to becoming BOLDER, more CONFIDENT and COURAGEOUS is in the DOING of the word! It’s not enough to hear the word or study the word, no we have to DO what it says and that takes courage! But FIRST, we have to actually spend time in it and understand it! Let's connect on social! Click the link FB to connect with me on FB and click the link IG to connect on Insta.  Join the Courage Crusaders community #DoseOfCourage on FB HERE. Love this message and want to help me get more messages like this to more people? Click the link to give a donation of any size! I couldn't do this without the generosity of courage crusaders like you! Thank you! 


16 May 2020

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Ep. 21: Goal Digging with Jateya Jones

Uncorked with Natalie Dean

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2019 with the return of the Natural Networker, Jateya Jones. This time, we're discussing the importance of goal setting, what makes a good goal and how to measure progress and success. Before you sit down to create your vision board or finalize your goals for the year, be sure to tune in for these important tips! To get your free download of Start With A Bang, head over to Jateya's IG page (www.instagram.com/naturalnetworker) and click the link in the bio. The worksheet will help you break your goal down into easily digestible, bite-sized nuggets! For more information on Whine & Cheese, Inc., visit www.foreverywhine.org. Music: Rise & Shine by Audiobinger


2 Jan 2019

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Ep. 16: Know New Friends with Jateya Jones

Uncorked with Natalie Dean

We're back with the Natural Networker Jateya Jones in this latest episode! We're discussing networking tips specifically with introverts in mind! Are you trying to build new connections, but are currently playing for team #nonewfriends? Jateya breaks down why you may want to be open to getting to know new friends instead. Additionally, she gives some great advice on everything from how to get over anxiety, what conversation starters make for genuine dialogue and a timeline for following up post your first introduction. So many gems are within and for more information, visit Jateya at www.naturalnetworker.org or on social media @naturalnetworker. For more information about Whine & Cheese, Inc., visit www.foreverywhine.org. Music: Rise & Shine by Audiobinger


27 Jun 2018