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Rob Neyer

Sports Open Line

There’s no crying in baseball, but there sure seems to be a lot of talk about cheating lately. Baseball writer Rob Neyer joins host Kevin Wheeler to break down substance abuse in the game and assess why some of the youngest hitters in baseball are outshining their veteran counterparts.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


28 May 2021

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Episode 10: Rob Neyer!

Sox Outsider

For Episode 10, Matt is joined by Rob Neyer to talk about the state of baseball, the Red Sox, the Dodgers (?), what it's like having your autograph printed on a baseball, and, of course, who has the best uniforms in the AL East. It's a really fun discussion and one that should help you get ready for the baseball season! Follow Rob on the twitters @RobNeyer, and check out his podcast, the SABRCast, at sabr.org/sabrcast.  If you enjoy this podcast (or even if you didn't!), check out Sox Outsider, Matt Kory's Red Sox newsletter, at soxoutsider.substack.com. Sox Outsider covers the Red Sox, with analysis, whimsy, discussion, and lots of other great words that may or may not contain numerous syllables. Matt Kory has written for The Athletic, Vice, FanGraphs, Baseball Prospects, and numerous other sites. Thanks for reading and listening everybody!

1hr 15mins

4 Mar 2021

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Rob Neyer & Jim DeFelice – Baseball Hall of Fame

Break It Down Show

Rob Neyer & Jim DeFelice – Baseball Hall of Fame - and talk with Pete A Turner and the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Rob discusses his idea of a player needing 2 hooks.  Jack Morris had that great world series game 7.  Andy Pettie however doesn't quite have it.   The Baseball Hall of fame announces is 2021 class of players...and we're glad to post our thoughts on the day the hall makes the call.  Is it Curt Schilling?  Roger Clemens? Barry Bonds?  Gary Sheffield?  We'll talk about all of them.  Watch the   Please support the Break It Down Show by doing a monthly subscription to the show   All of the money you invest goes directly to supporting the show!   Thanks to Rob Neyer for today's introduction. Rob has been a fantastic supporter of the show from early on...and we're the better for it. Check out Rob's podcast at   Haiku It’s the baseball hall Rob and Jim sort their ballot Let’s see if they’re right ​Similar episodes:  -   -   -  Join us in supporting Save the Brave as we battle PTSD.  Executive Producer/Host: Pete A Turner  Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev  The Break It Down Show is your favorite best, new podcast, featuring 5 episodes a week with great interviews highlighting world-class guests from a wide array of shows.

1hr 16mins

26 Jan 2021

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Rob Neyer & Jim DeFelice - Recapping the 2020 Baseball Season

Break It Down Show

Rob Neyer & Jim DeFelice - Recapping the 2020 Baseball Season - When we talk baseball, we always look to our friends Commissioner Rob Neyer and Jim DeFelice. Sure these guys have day jobs that involve writing some of our favorite books, but baseball is what ties them together.  Rob Neyer's books are available Jim DeFelice's books are available Pete A Turner hosts a fun chat breaking down the unique 2020 season. We talk about the DH rule, expanded rosters, a Gold Glove award for the front office and taking 1st base on a wild pitch. This episode is a breath of fresh air-well get back to work after celebrating our past-time.   -    Haiku MLB played ball  Experimental new rules   Dodgers win it all  Similar episodes:      ​Join us in supporting Save the Brave as we battle PTSD.  ​ ​ Executive Producer/Host: Pete A Turner    Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev  ​ ​ ​​ ​​ ​​The Break It Down Show is your favorite best, new podcast, featuring 5 episodes a week with great interviews highlighting world-class guests from a wide array of shows

1hr 6mins

13 Nov 2020

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The Joe Beaver Show Oct 6 Marty Mauer on Fiesta Bowl season and Rob Neyer on Bob Gibson

The Joe Beaver Show

1hr 45mins

6 Oct 2020

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Rob Neyer

View from the Cheap Seats with the Sklar Brothers

At the top of the show, Jason and Randy talk about changes that you never saw coming in sports. Then, they are joined by Rob Neyer to discuss if baseball needs superstars to bring people back, if people will stay mad at the Astros, the negotiation points to get baseball started again. Quick Hits: Astros players fire back at Yankees over cheating allegations. Roger Goodell's change of heard over protests. Will MLB also participate in protests? To wrap the show, Ozzie Guillen leaves the guys a voicemail. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 3mins

19 Jun 2020

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Episode 21: Rob Neyer

Romantic About Baseball Podcast

In this weeks episode, Adam and Jim are joined by author and commissioner of the West Coast League Rob Neyer to discuss working with Bill James, writing about baseball, and writing about anything at all! After the break, we talk about his involvement with SABR and his commissionership of the West Coast League.


21 Feb 2020

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CCB #54: A Conversation with Rob Neyer

Bleed Cubbie Blue: for Chicago Cubs fans

In this special episode Sara and Andi welcome Rob Neyer to the show to talk about all things winter meetings, the hot stove, the baseball, extended netting and more - if you want to know Rob's favorite park you're going to have to listen to the end. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


12 Dec 2019

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The Baseball Show: Author Rob Neyer, and Yankee Legend Bernie Williams

Conversation Collage

With World Series time here, a look at baseball seen through the lens of a single game in 2017, and told by Rob Neyer in "Power Ball: Anatomy of a Modern Baseball Game." Then, a chat with Yankee Legend Bernie Williams about the game, but also about caring for his ailing father . . . and what he's up to now that may surprise you!


24 Oct 2019

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Rob Neyer Interview - Part 2

Diamonds and Roses Podcast

Back again is Rob Neyer for Part 2 of our interview with him.  In this episode we finish talking about Rob's early career, his time with ESPN and the on to what he is currently up to as Commissioner with the West Coast Baseball League.  Please enjoy the episode. Cheers! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 14mins

8 Apr 2019