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E160 Galloway Grill + Galloway Station with Jeff Houghton (The Mystery Hour)

Springfood Zhou

Jeff Houghton, host of The Mystery Hour, returns to help us review both Galloway Grill and Galloway Station! The Mystery Hour just ended its 224-episode run on TV, so we talked a lot about how it feels to end a huge project, as well as what the future holds for Jeff and his creative endeavors. We also let Jeff have another shot at his Last Meal, since his first try was... improvised. It was a lot of fun!

1hr 59mins

13 Jul 2021

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Kid Insurance Salesman w/ Jeff Houghton

We Didn't Peak with Chance Nichols

It's the first episode ever! Chance rambles on in a very long and sad intro to the show, followed by a great conversation with the one and only Jeff Houghton! Chance and Jeff talk playing pretend, growing up the son of a college tennis coach, working for David Letterman, and all kinds of other fun things. You'll hear the constant crackling of a fire in the background the entire time because this episode was recorded outdoors in Missouri and it is a state law that all late night chats must be done by a fire pit. Follow Jeff! @themysteryjeffFollow Chance! @chanceisloud 

1hr 51mins

14 Mar 2021

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79. Dollar Store Brad Pitt featuring The Mystery Hour's Jeff Houghton

Yes, We Know It's Fake

Paul and Allen welcome in old #SGF friend and non-wrestling fan Jeff Houghton of The Mystery Hour to talk about his experiences of interviewing CM Punk, and his history with wrestling. Plus, we play a game called "Name that Gimmick" where Houghton looks at pictures and describes what he thinks their gimmick is or should be.Houghton linkshttps://twitter.com/themysteryjeff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQsUvDmEGbKXMdFjzfYFSVw https://www.instagram.com/themysteryhour/YWKIF linksApple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/yes-we-know-its-fake/id1455433119Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4ViU4fCWmvlboepIWcHrWgStitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/allen-vaughan-2/yes-we-know-its-fakeTwitter: https://twitter.com/weknowitsfakeInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/yesweknowitsfake/PlayerFM: https://player.fm/series/yes-we-know-its-fake

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9 Sep 2020

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There's Something In Your Teeth: A Conversation With Jeff Houghton

Uli Who

From his humble beginnings in Iowa to an internship at the David Letterman Show where he practiced the art of opening doors for the talent, Jeff Houghton has lead a life that follows his passion. He's gone from the Skinny Improv here in Springfield to hosting a talk show in multiple markets, The Mystery Hour, garnering nationally recognized guests and critical acclaim. In this long-form interview, he talks about his beginnings, to his ideas about us raising a ghost baby and a silent cold war with Taco Bell. Be sure to catch his rendition of "All I Want For Christmas" and enjoy some hilarity along the way!

1hr 36mins

20 Dec 2019

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E58 Gailey's Breakfast Café with Jeff Houghton (the Mystery Hour)

Springfood Zhou

Jeff Houghton, host of Springfield-based nationally-syndicated late night talk show The Mystery Hour joins Dan & Andy to discuss and review Gailey's Breakfast Café!! It's truly crazy that he used Jeff time to do this! Later, the trio has a syrup-related debate before Jeff shares his Last Meal picks (sort of.) Andy & Dan then pester Jeff to reveal what dishes visiting celebrities order when they're in town, and then there's another thing at the end. This episode is sponsored by Druff's! Order Druff's online using promo code SPRING to get 10% off, or mention Springfood, MO when you visit in person!

1hr 14mins

24 Sep 2019

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405: Michelle Interviews Husband Jeff Houghton on all the Scary Things

The Bravery Board

In this episode Michelle interviews her husband Jeff on all things success, failure, fear, and yes— success in a marriage relationship. We promise it doesn’t get TOO awkward (but maybe it does a little). Michelle asks Jeff about his regionally syndicated show, The Mystery Hour, and how he got to the place of going for scary things so much that he created a career out of something as unique as a late night talk show from Springfield, Missouri (hint— its not just because he has a SUPER supportive wife). What results is an incredibly deep conversation. Jeff reveals that he writes poetry, goes to counseling, and that he has a strong dislike (hate) for the notion that because you love what you do “you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is hands-down Michelle’s favorite interview she’s done for this podcast, and its not just because she really enjoys the company of the person talking… We hope you love it too! The Mystery Hour: www.themysteryhour.comBlog from Jeff's year in LA: https://themysteryyear.wordpress.com/tag/jeff-houghton/

1hr 6mins

19 Dec 2017

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Jeff Houghton

A.B.P. (Adam Bomb Podcast)

Folks! "Mystery" Jeff Houghton stops by this week to talk all things comedy, late night shows, tennis balls, and mucus! Plus dilemmas! Enjoy!

2hr 5mins

21 Jun 2016

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Startup Series: Jeff Houghton (The Mystery Hour, Instagram Husband)

Don't Feed The Trolls

Jeff Houghton (The Mystery Hour, Instagram Husband) joins us to talk about going viral, meme culture, the ethics of sharing content, faking it until you make it, fighting the inner trolls, improv comedy and the awkwardness of fame!www.themysteryhour.com/ instagramhusband.tumblr.com/Music by Sherwood (www.sherwoodmusic.net) and The Classic Crime (www.theclassiccrime.com)Website: www.trollspodcast.comiTunes: bit.ly/trollspodcastRSS: bit.ly/trollsfeedGoogle: bit.ly/trollsgoogle

1hr 7mins

2 May 2016

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046: How To Host Your Own Late Night Talk Show (Jeff Houghton)

How Did You Get Into That?

Have you ever taken a chance in your career and it didn’t work out? Or have you ever NOT taken that chance and regretted it? If so, then you’ll want… read more →


16 Oct 2014