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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chelsea Handler. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chelsea Handler, often where they are interviewed.

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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chelsea Handler. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chelsea Handler, often where they are interviewed.

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Chelsea Handler is an author, comedian, actress, television host, producer, and activist. Anna asks Chelsea about her new book Life Will Be The Death of Me (which made Anna cry), why she values independence, childhood ambitions, her passion for pharmaceuticals, and what it means to be a good host. You can hear a clip of Chelsea’s book at the end of the episode.

Life Will Be the Death of Me is available in paperback wherever books are sold. To support your local bookstore, please head to to find out where you can purchase Chelsea’s book to support local independent bookstores and give back to the book community.

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Jun 29 2020



Gwyneth Paltrow x Chelsea Handler: You’re Never Fully Cooked

The goop Podcast
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“You’re never fully cooked,” says Chelsea Handler. GP catches up with her friend about her approach to activism, comedy, and self-discovery—which she writes about her in latest New York Times–bestselling book, Life Will Be the Death of Me. They start by talking about White privilege and why and how Handler set out to first dismantle it in her life. “How do you get okay with making yourself feel uncomfortable?” asks Handler. How do you allow your perspective to shift consistently, avoid getting stuck in your opinions, resist binary thinking? How do we have conversations without getting angry? In this vulnerable and still hilarious conversation, Handler reframes self-awareness—the greater purpose of becoming more self-aware is a collective benefit, not individual. (For more, see The goop Podcast hub.)

Jun 25 2020



Chelsea Handler 🍆

Life is Short with Justin Long
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Chelsea Handler (Life Will Be the Death of Me) talks to Justin about about the challenges of filming in Peru, how her relationship with therapy has evolved over the years, and how she thinks cannabis is the perfect retreat. 

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Jun 23 2020

1hr 30mins


“Booty calls are not COVID approved” with Chelsea Handler

The Endless Honeymoon Podcast
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This week Moshe and Natasha are joined by Chelsea Handler! They discuss Chelsea’s somewhat kid-free quarantine, how people may be reaching their self-isolation limit, and Gavin Newsom vs. Andrew Cuomo. They give advice to one caller who's trying to adapt to new dating app behavior and another who has trouble being herself on dates.

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Apr 10 2020



002 - Chelsea Handler

The Make Down
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Chelsea Handler has been a long time client of Christine and Jamie. Christine worked on her Netflix show “Chelsea” traveling the world with her doing her hair. She quickly realized that Chelsea was way more than just a pretty face. Her long list of attributes include multiple time NY times #1 best selling Author, Actress, TV show Host, activist, entrepreneur, Documentarian, and all around bad ass. We find it hard to believe she finds time for it all, but time after time she proves us wrong. During this episode we find out how she defies the aging process and what’s next on her list to conquer. With her new found love of meditation and marijuana, the world really should take some notes from this new side of Handler that they've never seen.

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Mar 24 2020



Interview w/ Summer House’s Hannah Berner: Tennis w/ Chelsea Handler, Working w/ Pump Rules Cast & more

Out in the Wild
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We sit down to kiki w/ the best thing to happen to "Summer House" — former tennis pro Hannah Berner! We go behind the scenes of filming Summer House including how they kids have to order & unpack their own Fresh Direct and deal with hidden cameras in the headboards. We chat about her former day job as a video creator at Betches, her experiences with Vanderpump Rules cast members including DJ James Kennedy, Jax, Brittany, Stassi & Beau. We also learn about her life growing up in Brooklyn as a tennis pro, coached by her father and what led to her eventually giving up that career to pursue comedy in NYC. In reminiscing about her time as a tennis pro, she shares an amazing story about being paid to play doubles against Chelsea Handler.

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Feb 24 2020



Chelsea Handler’s Boob Got Amanda Shadowbanned

Not Skinny But Not Fat
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Amanda is on a solo rant about her shocking (second) shadowban and how Insta life ain’t always fair. Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson are seen on a date, Miley and Cody Simpson keep putting their relationship on full display, and Lindsay Lohan chimes in. Still can’t get over how cute Caelynn and Dean are from Bachelor Nation, but can’t deal with the filler epidemic and the fact that everyone looks the same! Selena Gomez is back with 2 new tracks, both one hundo about JB. 

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Oct 29 2019



A Response to Chelsea Handler's Documentary on White Privilege

Speaking of Racism
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...Alternatively Titled: "Hello Chelsea, It's Tina and Jen, Let's Talk About Your Privilege"

On Friday, September 13th, Chelsea Handler released a documentary on Netflix called "Hello Privilege, It's Me, Chelsea." Being the anti-racism educator she is, Tina Strawn decided to check it out, and within days Tina and Jen had watched the documentary two times, talked about it over the phone, and decided to do a podcast discussing it.

If you've watched the documentary, plan on watching the documentary, or have absolutely no interest in watching the documentary- this episode is an essential listen as Tina challenges us to greater depth and accountability in the work of dismantling white supremacy and privilege.

Be sure to follow Tina Strawn on IG @tina_strawn_life or email her at

Sep 22 2019


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Chelsea Handler is a comedian, actress, television host, producer, activist, and author. She sits down with Sophia to discuss her new Netflix Series “Hello Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea,” why we’re so uncomfortable talking about white privilege and race, how to know when it’s time to leave a job, dealing with loss and grief, and how getting honest with yourself leads to the best kind of comedy. 

Executive Producers: Sophia Bush & Sim Sarna

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Sep 17 2019

1hr 16mins


"The Ira and Louis Variety Hour! Vol. 2" (with Chelsea Handler)

Keep It!
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Ira and Louis launch Jennifer Lopez's Oscar campaign for Hustlers and discuss Scarlett Johansson's defense of Woody Allen, pay disparity on the Crazy Rich Asians writing team, Kevin Hart's messy conversation with Lil Nas X, America's White Claw shortage, and more! Plus, Chelsea Handler joins to discuss her new Netflix documentary on white privilege and how she's gotten politically involved.

Sep 11 2019

1hr 25mins