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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kate Bevilaqua. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kate Bevilaqua, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kate Bevilaqua. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kate Bevilaqua, often where they are interviewed.

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Final Surge 102: Guy Crawford and Kate Bevilaqua

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Last week we had our first husband-wife coaching team on the podcast and this week we follow it up with professional triathletes and owners of GK Endurance Guy Crawford and his wife Kate Bevilaqua.  Guy and Kate share their journey to a professional athlete and talk about their coaching program. 


  • Kate grew up playing netball
  • Phys Ed Teacher and cousin talked her into doing a triathlon
  • Guy is from New Zeland and was outdoor a lot playing rugby and other sports like BMX
  • Late teens picked up triathlons, was swimming a lot

Guy was working for BlueSeventy and continued training and started getting results so went professional

Kate was enjoying short courses and coach convinced her to do a longer one and had great results

First Coach

  • Guy - When started working for BlueSeventy
  • Kate - First few years was with a local club, but when started thinking about longer distances got a coach

Who should get a coach or when?

  • When you have a goal you want to reach
  • Helps prevent overtraining and undertraining
  • Athletes go hard too often


  • Consultation we see what their lifestyle is like
  • How many hours can they do, what their diet is like
  • We each coach our own athletes
  • Core of our clients is half Ironman business executive


  • Half/Ironman 10-12 weeks is specifics before that is base conditioning
  • 4 months out doing 3 bikes/run/swims a week with aerobic, threshold and recovery in there
  • 6 weeks out more specific workouts
  • For runs, some use power, some heart rates and some just by feel

Final Surge Round Favorite Book - A life without limits/Lore of funning Current Trainers - Mizuno/Mizuno Wave Rider Favorite Race - 70.3 Favorite Recovery Meal/Drink - Chocolate Milk/IPA Favorite  Workout - Trail Long Run/Track Session


GK Endurance GK Endurance on Instagram GuyCrawford on Instagram Kate Bevilaqua on Instagram Final Surge On Instagram

Nov 09 2018 · 29mins
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S04E03 Witsup Podcast Kate Bevilaqua

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Did you know that Kate Bevilaqua has been in triathlon for over 20 years?! And there's a fair chance that she's smiled her way through every one of those 20 years - as noted in this podcast thumbnail.

I've known Kate for years now, but I really enjoyed spending some time with her while we were at Ironman New Zealand, and finding out more about what makes her tick as an athlete, a coach, and a human being.

We discuss things from being the first female Physical Education teacher at an all boys school, to marrying Captain Awesome, and everything in between. Enjoy all of the laughs!
Jul 05 2018 · 1hr 15mins

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#178 Interview with Kate Bevilaqua

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I uploaded an interview I did with an old podcast I use to have. I interviewed pro triathlete Kate Bevilaqua on her training, racing, nutrition and the business side of the sport.
May 16 2018 · 31mins
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#003: Kate Bevilaqua on Achieving More Than You Can Possibly Imagine

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Kate Bevilaqua is a professional triathlete, the 2016 Women’s Ultraman World Champion and the first woman in history to win an Ultraman title overall.

From her early days in the sport when she hated running through to her 3 Ironman triathlon titles and 2 Ultraman victories, we talk about the fear of not being ready or not having done enough training (which she still experiences after 10 years as a professional triathlete), the sacrifices she made to chase her Ultraman dream, the importance of understanding what success means to you and how hard work, and not natural talent, has been the secret to her success.

Mar 05 2017 · 51mins

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FB#109 - Kate Bevilaqua takes it to the boys at Ultra-man Canada

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Pete and I got to jump on a skype call with ultra-man champion man crushing and history maker Kate Bevilaqua. We get to go behind the scenes into what went into the event and how Kate overcame the inevitable challenges along the way.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Dealing with the inevitable head challenges
  • Lessons from what Kate focused on
  • Importance of the team
  • How she looks after herself
  • The differences between pro and age group athletes
  • Captain Awesome
  • What she has every night
  • And more awesome
Show Links:

Connect with Kate on Social Media at:

Website:    http://www.katebevilaqua.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kate.bevilaqua

Twitter:     https://twitter.com/katebevilaqua

Instagram (Kate links to Capt Awesomes) https://instagram.com/guyrcrawford/

Kate winning her first Ironman:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfHp0ZessqM

The must read blog from Kates' partner Capt Awesome and pro athlete Guy Crawford … Hillarious http://guycrawfords.blogspot.ca/2015/07/living-with-some-one-training-for-ultra.html

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Sep 11 2015 · 56mins
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Fitter Radio Episode 073 - Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford

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ONE STEP AHEAD: 10 substitutes for bread. WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: High intensity cycling to improve your running. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW - KATE BEVILAQUA AND GUY CRAWFORD: Kate, Australian pro triathlete and 3 x Ironman Champion, most recently had a stunning result at Ultraman Canada being the first woman ever to win the race overall. Kate beat everybody in the field, including all the men, in a time of 24hrs 16mins 27 secs. Guy Crawford is from Auckland and also a pro triathlete. He has recorded numerous podium finishes on the 70.3 circuit. They got together at Luke McKenzie's post wedding celebrations in Las Vegas (with a tiny bit of help from Kelly Bozzone). We talk to Kate and Guy about their great partnership, Kate's amazing win in Canada and why Guy will NEVER do an Ultraman!

THE BOGAN IN BOULDER: Our 'on the spot' roving reporter Carl Read (aka The Flying Mullet) will be giving us a weekly insight into life in Boulder. After a week there we find out what his first impressions are and how he's coping with the altitude. THE GEEK OUT: Emma Mackie, Physiotherapist and Triathlete, presents a condensed version of her latest research into the use of cold and heat application for the management of an acute soft tissue injury. NEW SWIM SQUADS - AUT MILLENNIUM, AUCKLAND: Commencing Monday 21 September 2015… Fitter Swimming are launching new coached squads ideal for those athletes preparing for triathlon, open water and general fitness swimming. Situated at AUT Millennium in both the brand new National Aquatic Centre and the existing Millennium pool, our squads offer a unique opportunity to train year round in a 50 METRE POOL at a world class facility.


Find out more about Kate Bevilaqua at http://www.katebevilaqua.com/   Follow Kate on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kate.bevilaqua and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/katebevilaqua   Find out more about Guy Crawford at http://www.guycrawford.us/profile.php   Follow Guy on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/guy.crawford.9889 and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/blue70guy   Workout of the week http://www.examiner.com/article/want-to-run-faster-new-study-says- you-should-jump-on-the-bicycle   More about Ultraman Canada here http://ultra520kcanada.com/   More about f.lux at https://justgetflux.com/   10 Healthy ways to replace conventional wheat bread at http://authoritynutrition.com/10- ways-to-replace-bread/   More about AUT Millennium at http://www.autmillennium.org.nz/about-us   More about Fitter Swimming at http://www.fitter.co.nz/fitter-swimming.htm   More about Carl Read at http://www.carlread.com/


Find out more about us at http://www.fitter.co.nz

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Aug 23 2015 · 1hr 41mins