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Breaking Boks: Paul Wallace

Don't Give A Ruck Podcast

Joining Nathan today is a true British & Irish Lions legend from that famous 1997 series! Paul Wallace, who played in all three tests, helped take down the then World Champions South Africa and in today's show he explains how the Lions became victorious and how they should attack the Boks on this summers tour 🦁 Full Episode also on YouTube🔗 https://youtu.be/cGFtW72NXjQYou can follow us on our socials here ⬇️ Facebook🔗 https://www.facebook.com/dontgivearuckpodInstagram🔗 https://www.instagram.com/givearuckpodTwitter🔗 https://twitter.com/givearuckpod


1 Jun 2021

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Paul Wallace

Travel Tales with Fergal

Our guest this week is the Irish and Lions rugby legend Paul Wallace. He talks about the Six Nations, the mystique of Lions rugby tours, whether this year’ tour to South Africa should go ahead and his favourite countries to tour including Japan, Australia, New Zealand and that famous 1997 Lions tour to South Africa.Paul talks about life touring as a professional rugby player and how South Africa played a pivotal role in his career. He got his first cap playing alongside his brother Richard against Japan at the World Cup in South Africa in 1995. Paul returned to South Africa for the Lions tour in 1997 and shares great stories of that tour made famous by the “Living with Lions” documentary. Paul was pivotal to the winning of that series and was one of only five players to play every minute of the three tests. He speaks in-depth about that tour and how it compares to an Irish tour.He also talks of his playing days with Saracens in London and shares a great story of going to a teammate’s lodge on the Zambezi in Africa.The podcast next week will feature world renowned Irish economist David McWilliams talking about his time living in Russia just after fall of the Berlin Wall and working and traveling for the International Development bank all over the around the world. Fergal O’Keeffe is the host of Ireland’s No.1 Travel Podcast Travel Tales with Fergal which is a weekly interview series where a special guest shares stories from their travels, adventures and experiences living abroad. The guests all have inspirational stories that enable people to armchair travel in their imagination. I would ask you to please subscribe so a new episode will appear in your library every week. I would also really appreciate if you could leave a rating and review as it helps others to discover this podcast. To find out who is on every Tuesday please follow me onInstagram @traveltaleswithfergalFacebook @traveltaleswithfergalTwitter @FergalTravelYouTube @traveltaleswithfergal See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Feb 2021

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#071 Paul Wallace / Supercars Of London

Car Chat

Paul (@wallacepjw) is back on the podcast for the second time. Head back to episode 22 to hear about Paul's life story. In this episode we catch up on his exploits in the last year including; what happened to the 458 he was importing, the Lamborghini Murcielago finally breaking down and his new Nissan GTR.  Check out the Video Podcast here: https://youtu.be/4qy5XWwYRTMPaul's first appearance on the podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/22-paul-wallace-supercars-of-london/id1432553826?i=1000454632509 https://www.instagram.com/wallacepjw/https://www.youtube.com/user/supercarsoflondonHope you enjoy, Sam Support The Podcast:https://www.sammoores.com/shop/buy-sam-a-pinthttps://www.patreon.com/sammooresPodcast Sponsors:www.TheMarket.co.ukShow Notes: 00:00 = Intro01:05 = SSC Tuatara High Speed Record Controversy14:03 = The Bugatti Chiron19:20 = Spinning 812 On A Bridge28:46 = How is the Murcielago?30:21 = Problems with the Lambo34:46 = Coolant moments37:15 = Front splitter Porsche woes39:50 = The 45842:21 = Base spec56:12 = Starting to love Porsches58:36 = Detail before you collect1:06:01 = Take it to the limit when you first get it1:11:22 = 765lt 1:21:42 = Buying a McLaren1:26:43 = Tesla Model 3 + electric cars1:45:09 = Peugeot e2081:52:58 = BMW M41:58:23 = The daily2:08:23 = Appreciating older cars2:10:18 = 5 Questions Mkii2:17:04 = The GTR

2hr 32mins

9 Nov 2020

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Supercars of London entrepreneur Paul Wallace talks planes, trains and automobiles and living life in the fast lane

Pull The Pin

This episode, Al is joined by Supercars of London entrepreneur Paul Wallace. When he's not hunting out the latest super car to take for a spin, Paul can be found rubbing shoulders with MI5 - he sure does love living life in the fast lane! With over 800K YouTube subscribers and a huge Instagram following, it's safe to say Paul knows a thing or two about supercars so, it was only right that he and Al discussed just that! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Jun 2020

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Drinking in Lockdown & Beyond | Professor Paul Wallace | London, UK

the little black fish

Alcohol has a long known history of serving the way we celebrate, cope, and socialize across many societies. Some individuals have a rather healthy relationship with it, some are struggling to keep the balance, and some are neutral. Alcohol consumption lowers one’s mood and inhibitions, and has three major impacts on one’s personal life; these impacts being physiological, relational, and social. Given the current pandemic, many people turn to alcohol for different reasons which we will discuss in this dialogue. People in recovery are struggling, and partners and parents are concerned. They want to know if their loved ones are developing a dependency on alcohol, or if their consumption is just a temporary escape which will pass as the stress of the pandemic lifts. In this dialogue, Paul and I speak about what constitutes an alcoholic drink, and what the appropriate amount of consumption is in relation to our current context. Paul brings his holistic lens as a professor, researcher, practitioner, and a visionary, to debunk the myths that surround alcohol in a compassionate and non-judgmental tone.ResourcesAlcoholics Anonymous (AA)AL-ANANDrinkawareDrink lessWhat you need to know about alcohol and Covid - World Health Organization (WHO)National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): +1 (800) 662- 4357About Professor Paul WallaceProfessor Paul Wallace FRCGP FFPHM is Clinical Director for Digital at the South London Academic Health Science Network and Professor Emeritus of Primary Care at UCL. His clinical academic career spans more than 30 years. During this time, his research has focussed on the promotion of health by primary care physicians and the use of digital technologies to optimise such activities. He was formerly Director of the NIHR Primary Care Research Network and led an international programme of research into the effectiveness of digitally mediated screening and brief interventions for alcohol in primary care settings. He has authored more than 120 papers and book chapters, and has been involved in the development, evaluation and dissemination of digital applications for alcohol reduction in a number of countries. Paul is past President of the Telemedicine section of the Royal Society of Medicine, past President of the European General Practice Research Network and a founding member of the European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Faculty of Public Health Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians. In 2012 he co-founded the Foundation for Family Medicine in Palestine of which he is the Chief Executive Officer. In 2013 he was awarded the RCGP President’s Medal.


1 May 2020

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#5 Paul Wallace Of Supercars Of London On Life, Cars And The Business Of YouTube

Full Chat - With MrJWW

Paul Wallace of Supercars Of London opens up about his 12 year adventure of being a YouTuber, his life goals, the Lamborghini he dreamed of owning before he turned 25 and the trials and tribulations of being a content creator in these fast changing times...

1hr 4mins

5 Feb 2020

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Paul Wallace: From Air Force Fighter Controller to Trader.

The AlphaMind Podcast

In this week’s episode we are in conversation with Paul Wallace. Paul is a private UK based trader, who taught himself trading after getting attracted to internet stocks in the early 2000s. Prior to that Paul was a fighter controller in the Royal Air Force, and today, as well as working as a trader, and training and coaching other traders, Paul also runs a programme called The Veterans’ Trader Project (VTP) which provides introductory training for ex-forces personnel looking to move into a new career. Paul brought with him some fascinating insights and perspectives. And this conversation veered into some surprising directions, including touching upon themes about:What is needed to succeed as a trader.The delusion many traders suffer about how easy it is to be a trader. Embracing the pain of losing traders to allow you to grow as a trader. The mistaken belief of new traders, that trading systems are a form of ATM. Data Scientist v Traders as system builders.   How operating under ambiguity is a shared skill-set of military personnel and great tradersPreparing mentally for the battle of trading. Improving and developing exceptional performance. Decision-making under uncertainty. Learning from your trains. Being a fear-based trader. Process, Discipline and Self-awareness. The art and science of trading and getting into flow. Building a trading checklist. And many other topics and themes.

1hr 24mins

4 Feb 2020

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Love and Quasars, feat. Paul Wallace

Sacred Tension

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with pastor, author, and astrophysicist Paul Wallace about his journey as an astrophysicist who can't shake his faith in God. We discuss Galileo, quantum physics, the interactions between faith and science, why I personally don't believe in God, and much more.  Find Paul Wallace's work here. Join my Discord community here. Read my articles and send me hate mail here. Find other Rock Candy podcasts here. Become a patron so I can continue my crippling content creation addiction here. Join my mailing list here. Follow me on twitter here. Follow me on Instagram here.


3 Feb 2020

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Ep 37 - Paul Wallace, Astrophysicist, Author, Pastor

Noises From The Attic

Paul doesn't feel tension between his role as an astrophysicist and a pastor. Which should should chill the rest of us out considerably. As well as inspire us!


21 Jan 2020

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047 – Dr. Paul Wallace – Love, Quasars, and Big Faith

Ruah Space

In this episode, Phil is joined by Dr. Paul Wallace, a physicist who also has a Master of Divinity degree, to discuss how creation, and therefore science, has so much to teach us about God, love, and ourselves. Rather than threatening our faith, science invites us into a larger, more mysterious, and humble faith. Whether you are a lover of science or don’t really care about it, this episode will challenge you and encourage you as you look to make space for the Holy Spirit. Where You Can Find Paul Website – pwallace.net Paul’s Book – Love & Quasars


15 Jan 2020