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#58 Why Diet Karen is a Problem with Melissa Eaton (@eaton_balanced)


Does the sharing of diet information online have negative consequences? Does the source matter? And what about the impact on our mental health?In this episode, Melissa Eaton joins us to discuss her fascinating research:  “the relationships between online social networks, fad diets and mental health.”Mel (@eaton_balanced) is a Nutritionist and almost Accredited Practising Dietitian who dispels nutrition myths in her own unique and humourous way.We discuss:her research aims and major findingsthe viral nature of fake news where to from here (including a call to action for us all)Join our community here and together let's change the conversation around food.You can also follow us on Instagram - @whatdoieat.thepodcastMonica - @monicafenwicknutritionNadia - @nadiafelsch


29 Nov 2020

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Melissa Eaton // Cutting Through the BS on Social Media

Freedom Wellness Podcast

Today I am joined by Melissa Eaton, a fellow Nutritionist to talk about all things health and social media. Melissa has built her reputation on cutting through the clutter and fad diets on social media. Todays conversation is about helping you navigate social media, knowing who to listen to as well as being able to recognise what is a fad and what is not. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eaton_balanced/?hl=enWebsite: http://melissaeaton.com.au/


3 Sep 2020

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“Everyone Can Do Something to Stop Autism Pseudoscience”: Interview with Melissa Eaton

Noncompliant - the podcast

In this podcast, I interviewed Melissa Eaton, one of the first (and most effective) campaigners against autism pseudoscience. We talked about phony autism cures and what we can all do to stop the people selling them. Listen to the podcast right here by clicking the audio link below. Listen to this episode on Stitcher here Listen to this episode on iTunes here https://noncompliantpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/non_compliant_melissa_01.mp3 Transcription, by Julie-Anne Lee: Transcript_Melissa_Eaton_Noncompliant Bio: Melissa Eaton, a parent of an autistic child, became aware autistic children were being abused with harmful pseudoscientific and unregulated treatments in 2014, after her son was diagnosed. She joined other activists who were campaigning against it and she is one of the key figures in the movement to get phony MMS “bleach for autism” treatments banned, among others. Her work has been featured on NBC and other media and she recently co-wrote an OpEd for the New York Times about the impact of MMS marketers on the Covid crisis. She has worked tirelessly, giving her time and energy for free to stop autism pseudoscience. Because of her efforts, the movement has made many strides in the uphill battle to get our regulators to recognize the human rights of autistic children and protect them. Melissa is a true hero and I was honoured to speak with her for this podcast! The episode: We started with a summary of some of the major phony autism cures/ autism pseudoscience. We focused on chelation, MMS (bleach for autism) and GcMAF. We discussed why they are dangerous; how popular they are; how sellers market to parents via social media; and how much sellers profit from their scams. We then explored legal regulations… when they work (stories of success) and why it is often hard to get governments to stop the scammers from selling these products (the challenges we still face). We also talked about the role of social media and journalism in exposing and de-platforming the scams. We discussed the broader societal biases against autistic people–and against children that allow parents to embrace these “cures” and thatalso  prevent regulators from using common sense and truly shutting them down. This last point pivoted us to a discussion of autistic acceptance and how the rights of autistic children to health and safety is core to the neurodiversity movement. The first group to identify autism pseudoscience was the autistic-led UK-based group Autistic Inclusive Meets when it launched in 2016. In Canada, Autistics for Autistics launched in 2017 with stopping phony cures an integral part of its mandate. In the US, Fierce Autistics and Allies and In the Loop About Neurodiversity also immediately incorporated fighting pseudoscience into their platforms. The project Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism regularly covers the need to confront autism pseudoscience and to make reforms within the field of autism science. But the campaign to end autism pseudoscience does not get any support from traditional, large, NT-led “autism” organizations such as Autism Speaks and Autism Canada (both of which have a long history of reinforcing autism pseudoscience). Melissa and I talked about that towards the end of the podcast: Anne: What’s happening to these children is torture. Autistic children are being tortured. Where are the “autism organizations”? They are nowhere to be found. Because somewhere deep inside, they can’t make that leap towards autistic acceptance. And it shows that the “autism organizations” are really broken. The people who are going to bring about human rights protections are the autistic-led self-advocacy organizations, because they’re the only ones who are… even making a statement about autism pseudoscience. These appear, to us, to be really basic concepts, so we really have to ask ourselves why. Why won’t the mainstream autism organizations take a stand on this? Melissa: These [mainstream] organizations continue to collect money from communities. This money could be going to things that actually help autistics. And they’re not addressing the problems of autistics like autistic-led organizations are doing. Autistic-led groups definitely have the grasp of what needs to happen and the supports that are needed within their communities, yet they’re overshadowed by these bigger organizations who do not have autistic interests in mind. Melissa and I talked then about how we keep hope, and the smaller victories that build towards the kind of major reform we are slowly achieving. Melissa pointed out the role that each individual can have in education and the importance of grassroots advocacy. “Everybody can do something,” whether it is signing petitions, reporting, flagging, complaints, letters, media awareness, or many other means of support. Conversations in parent groups also make a world of difference. After the interview was over, Melissa and I talked about a few groups online that are bringing these parent discussions to the fore, including Autism Inclusivity and Autistic Allies. Thanks for listening!

22 Jun 2020

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Ep 36 How to Spot Inaccurate Nutrition Advice & Why Netflix Documentaries Can Be Misleading | Melissa Eaton

More Than What You Eat

With all the conflicting nutrition information you see on the internet, social media, and netflix documentaries i’ts no wonder so many are confused as to what balanced healthy eating should be. In this episode, nutritionist Melissa Eaton, explains why using netflix and social media as a source for nutrition advice can be misleading, and even dangerous,  how to spot inaccurate nutrition advice, and how to know who to trust when it comes to health and nutrition.  Melissa’s Resources:  Follow Melissa on Instagram: instagram.com/eaton_balanced Melissa’s Website: www.melissaeaton.com.au Rachel’s Resources:  Follow Rachel on Instagram: instagram.com/dietitian.rachelgoodman Join Rachel’s 3 Day Video Crash Course: Secrets to Stop Overeating: rachelgoodnutrition.com/crashcourse Get Rachel’s Free Guide: 3 Steps to Stop Feeling Out of Control with Food: http://bit.ly/stopfeeling_outofcontrol_withfood Contact Rachel: rachel@rachelgoodnutrition.com


28 Jan 2020

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Your Health Matters: Melissa Eaton On Obesity

Rowan Radio On Demand

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine students Sobiah Khan and Supriya Kotrike talk with Melissa Eaton, MA, RDN from Gourmet Dining at Rowan about the national obesity epidemic.


24 Nov 2019