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Break Down to Wake Up with Tami Jaffe

Break Down to Wake Up

Tami Jaffe is a break-out growth expert, energy shifter, author, and speaker who inspires successful professionals who are dreaming to resign and do something new.  Tami helps guide her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of changing careers or starting a new business. She has made it her mission to liberate independent success-minded professionals from the shackles of a corporate career so they can start, grow and scale their own business and not only replace their corporate income but exceed it. www.tamijaffe.com ____________________________________ As a writing and life coach, I work with men and women to break through the BS of their lives to finding their own voice and leaping into a life they love. If you are ready to get your book out of your head and onto the page, I’d love to hear from you. I can be found at www.jocelynbellows.com If you are enjoying the content of today's show, please like and subscribe to my YouTube and Instagram and to learn more, please follow me at: www.jocelynbellows.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jocelyn.bellows24/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYC57YBFnlbP78_s9vWKB9Q Instagram: www.instagram.com/whatsyourleap LinkedIn; https://www.linkedin.com/in/jocelyn-bellows/ #tellyourstory #writingcoach #breakdowntowakeup #emotions #SelfMasteryCoach #happiness #fulfilment #selfcare #storyteller


27 Apr 2021

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Nothing Changes Until You Decide for It To with Tami Jaffe

The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur Podcast

The biggest reason people are not getting the results that they want in their lives and in their businesses is: clarity. There is no understanding of exactly what it is they want to do or how to make it happen or who can help them reach their goal. Ask yourself: what are you not clear about? Today Tami and I talk about: What is typically holding people back from making a change. What the first step is that someone needs to take when they realize that they need to make a change. Tami's journey and what she wishes she would have known along the journey. For our listeners, Tami has graciously gifting you with The Corporate Cash Jumpstart Kit: a guide to help you go from employee to entrepreneur (without all the headaches!)  To get to know more about Tami and download her free gift to our listeners... go HERE.


20 Apr 2021

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083: Tami Jaffe | Taking Action Steps Each Day to Take You Closer to Your Goal

The Mastermind Effect

Tami Jaffe is a career transition and business success coach, energy shifter, and speaker who inspires successful professionals who are dreaming to resign and do something new. Tam helps guide her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of changing careers or starting a new business.In this episode, she talks about how you need to take an action step each day to remember what your mission and vision are, she talks about how she takes your corporate knowledge to leverage your entrepreneurial future. Tami gives us 1 easy step to do each morning that will help shape your day. Check it out![00:01 – 02:14] Opening SegmentI introduce our guest, Tami JaffeI briefly talk about the great values that await you in this episodeConnect with our guest. See links below.[02:15 – 10:26] Tami’s learning journey and MastermindsHow her learning changed from the early years vs todayLearning from others who’ve been through itTracy talks about her mentors and mastermindsHow masterminds helped her in resetting and getting herself unstuckCollaborationLearning from the lessons learned of the people in your mastermind[10:27 – 19:24] Self-Education and Tami’s realityTami’s thoughts on Self-education and Traditional EducationThought leaders vs result leadersWhat people can expect when they enter Tami’s realitySuccess stories from people who joined her mastermind/group/event[19:25 – 25:53] Creating SuccessA key ingredient/attribute to being successfulSuccess starts with clarityExciting things in store for the next 12 monthsTips/Tactics Actionable ItemsIdentify the things that are getting you stuck and start to turn in aroundTake action steps each day to get you closer to your goalHave things to remind you everyday of your vision and missionFinal ThoughtsTweetable Quotes:“The fastest way to learn something is through people who’ve been through it.” - Tami Jaffe“You have to look at what’s going right and what’s going wrong. Until you actually face those things, you can’t tell what you need to adjust, what you need to shift.” - Tami Jaffe“Success starts with clarity. As your clarity grows it pushes out and builds up your confidence.” - Tami JaffeResources Mentioned:Corporate Cash Jumpstart KitConnect with Tami, visit https://tamijaffe.com/ Be one of the first adopters of The Success Finder when it releases! Email me at brandon@thesuccessfinder.comYou can connect with me, Brandon Straza, on LinkedIn, Instagram, or send me an email at brandon@thesuccessfinder.com. I’d love to get in touch and talk more about personal development and how you can live past beyond your limits.


2 Apr 2021

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Tami Jaffe: Breakout Growth Expert and Energy Shifter

Success Street

We talk with Tami Jaffe who is a Business success coach and career Transition to get you the right strategy in place.


9 Feb 2021

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Hump Day Happens - Tami Jaffe

Hump Day Happens with Marsha

Nothing changes until you decide for it too! Join Marsha and her guest Tami Jaffe who inspires successful professionals who are dreaming to resign and do something new by guiding them through changing careers or starting a new business. You can reach Tami at tami@tamijaffe.com and download her free guide the Corporate to cash jumpstart at http://www.thejumpstartkit.com Would  you like more guidance from Tami!  You can reach her here: Facebook Name: Tami Jaffe – Biz page is Tami Jaffe Coaching https://www.facebook.com/coachingwithtami Instagram Name: @tamijjaffe LinkedIn Name: Tami Jaffe - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tami-jaffe1/ Website URL: https://tamijaffe.com/ Email Address: tami@tamijaffe.com Preferred means for people to contact you: tami@tamijaffe.com


2 Dec 2020

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Tami Jaffe - Career Transition and Business Success Coach

Made To Dream

This Episode Features Tami JaffeGuest Location: North CarolinaTami is a break out growth expert, energy shifter author, and speaker who inspires successful professionals who are dreaming to resign and do something new.  Tami helps guide her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of changing careers or starting a new business. She has made it her mission to liberate independent success-minded professionals from the shackles of a corporate career so they can start, grow and scale their own business and not only replace their corporate income but exceed it.For additional information on this interviewee please visit https://maiahchanel.com/made-to-dream/--------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Us on Social Media:Facebook: MadeToDreamLiveInstagram: MadeToDreamLiveVisit Our Website: Maiahchanel.com/made-to-dream


30 Oct 2020

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Ep26 - Generate REVENUE and Start GROWING with Tami Jaffe

Lift as We Climb

This episode is focusing on startup income and GROWING your business. This week’s guest of the show is eWomen Premier Success Coach Tami Jaffe, Breakout Growth and Revenue Expert. Are you tired of working in corporate for years and not getting anywhere? Or you’ve started your own business and cashflow is not there yet? Tami helps people transition from corporate to entrepreneurship and startups to generate revenue as quickly as possible. Resources: Tami Jaffe’s websitehttps://tamijaffe.comCorporate to Cash Jumpstart Kithttps://career.tamijaffe.com/checklist-optin1590606907043Tami’s book “You’ve Already Made the Decision, You just aren’t Happy with ithttps://leader.tamijaffe.com/checklist-optin1595551302587Tami on eWomen Networkhttps://www.ewomennetwork.com/coaches/tami-jaffe-149653Be on the show! Learn more about the podcast and apply to be a guest on the show home page: liftasweclimbpodcast.com Become a Lift as We Climb VIP – text the word "lift" to (414) 240-1315 and you'll be on the VIP List for notifications for upcoming episodes.Lift as we Climb is Sponsored By:The Expressory – Your Relationship Building Concierge - Text "TEST" to (414) 240-1315 for the surprise mailing sample offer sent right to you!Cultivating Sales – The All-In-One CRM for Sales & Marketing Capture the secret discount offer only for Lift as We Climb Listeners at CultivatingSales.com/liftThe LinkedIn Lifestyle – Secrets & Strategies to be a LinkedIn Star Get the 5 Fatal Flaws in Most Linked In Profiles at LINKEDINLIFESTYLE.COM/STARLift as We Climb is produced by The Mayor of Podcasting, Elzie Flenard, of Enterprise Now. If you're podcasting and want to do it better, reach out to Elzie. https://www.enterprisenow.net/About the Host: Pat Miller, The Idea Coach is also an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach. He offers Coaching, Classes and Community for driven entrepreneurs to improve their marketing and increase sales. Identify your best customer and capture their attention so you can Stand Out and Sell with the help of his battle-tested experience after 20+ years in the radio industry. Learn more about Pat at PatMillerIdeaCoach.com or use one of your 30-minute FREE eWomen Network discovery calls. Book your call at eWomenNetwork.com.


21 Oct 2020

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Tami Jaffe, You already made the decision, you just aren’t happy with it

The Neil Haley Show

You make hundreds of decisions in a day, but that one change that you keep  saying you want to make, you can't seem to do. Why is it that certain decisions come easy while  others have you stressing out until you are pushed to the edge? The truth is you've already made the decision; you just aren't happy with it. With every passing day you decide to do nothing, you are choosing to not make a change. Or  you might take a few small steps forward and then find yourself right back where you were  before because deep down, you're more comfortable where you are than having to face the  fears and challenges that will come with having to do something different. You've got to learn how to make better decisions or learn how to live with the one you've  already made. This book will give you the framework for making better decision and how to  overcome the obstacles that have been keeping you from actually sticking to it. Tami Jaffe is a success coach, author, speaker and international traveler who guides  her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of making a change. Having been a  corporate leader for 20 years, thriving through several career transitions, starting her own  business, going to 7 different schools and living in several different states, she is no stranger to  making hard decisions and learning how to manage change. Tami lives in Charlotte, North  Carolina with her husband, who is a Chiropractor, and their two daughters.


20 Oct 2020

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Ep. 097 have you been needing a jumpstart? with Tami Jaffe

Don't Kill The Messenger

With everything happening today we've all needed to adapt and evolve (I'm tired of hearing the word pivot, are you?) Here's the thing, without a proper growth strategy and a community or leader to hold you accountable then it's going to be an almost uphill battle all the way. My guest and I dive into some of the pitfalls that we've run into and how to avoid them so you too can grow faster and stronger than ever before. Click here for Tami's Corporate to Cash Jumpstart Kit -->  https://career.tamijaffe.com/corp-cash-jumpstart21 Genuinely, -Victor P.S. Whenever you're ready, here are 2 ways I can best serve you... 1. Get the Book to implement the same strategies we use to help our clients scale to 7, 8-Figures 2. Join the Conversational Marketing Mastery Group to get the latest tips to scale to 6-Figures


28 Sep 2020

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303: Tami Jaffe on Making the Transition into Entrepreneurship

Better Than Before with Tony Richards

Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards talks with Tami Jaffe, Career Success Coach, on the ups and downs leaders experience transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Jan 2020