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Attachments: You Are What You Love via Chuck DeGroat [SSL 252]

Spark My Muse

Featuring some work by the fantastic Chuck DeGroat on attachment and how we can eventually form into people of love.


16 Nov 2022

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46: When Narcissism Comes to Church. Guest: Chuck DeGroat

Untangled Faith

Author, licensed therapist, spiritual director, and speaker Chuck DeGroat joins Amy Fritz on the Untangled Faith Podcast. Chuck DeGroat is the author of the book When Narcissism Comes to Church which came out in 2020. The paperback edition releases soon making this a perfect time for a conversation with him on the podcast. Amy and Chuck talk about all things narcissism including the many faces of narcissism in faith communities, what systemic narcissism looks like, and what to do when you hear reports that a leader you admire has hurt someone. How do you know what is true? Time stamps:  [00:03:13] Amy’s experience on the launch team for Chuck’s book, When Narcissism Comes to Church. [00:04:48] What is narcissism? [00:06:53] Systemic narcissism [00:11:58] Do our church systems attract narcissistic leaders? [00:17:21] How does Chuck deal with resistance from pastors to seeing their own unhealth? [00:18:40] Suggestions for those who want to build healthy faith communities [00:24:50] Different ways narcissism presents itself. [00:28:13] What if someone tells me they have had painful experiences with a pastor who is kind to me? [00:31:40] Encouragement to leaders to be proactive in regard to their church culture health. [00:37:05] False vulnerability and performative vulnerability. 00:43:26] In a complex situation, how do you differentiate between who is the victim and who is the abuser? Resources: When Narcissism Comes to Church GRACE Narcissism and the System it Breeds by Dr. Diane Langberg Redeeming Power A Church Called Tov Something’s Not Right This podcast is sponsored by Faithful Counseling. For more information and for 10% off your first month, visit Faithful Counseling here. Are you interested in starting a podcast? Our sponsor, Libsyn, makes it easy. As a friend of the Untangled Faith podcast, when you sign up with Libsyn, you get your first month of hosting for free. Sign up here and use the code: FRIEND.  This episode is made possible by the support of the Untangled Faith membership community. For more information and to access the bonus audio with Chuck DeGroat visit: Untangled Faith Podcast is creating a podcast. | Patreon Newsletter signup Paypal Donation Twitter: Amy Fritz Untangled Faith Instagram: Amy Fritz Untangled Faith Website: Untangled Faith Host/Creator: Amy Fritz Producer: Michelle Pjanic Related Episodes: Untangled Faith: 38: Misunderstood: Are We “Dogging” on the Church? Guests: Jenai Auman and Mary DeMuth on Apple Podcasts


13 Jul 2022

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Wellness: Dr. Chuck DeGroat (Rebroadcast) on When Narcissism Comes To Church, Pastors Who Abuse, How Elder Boards Can Recognize Ingratiation, and The Many Sides of a Narcissist

A World of Difference

In light of recent events with elder boards making decisions on allegations of abuse by pastors, a rebroadcast on one of our more popular and requested guests, Dr. Chuck DeGroat, seemed timely. Dr. Chuck DeGroat is Professor of Counseling and Christian Spirituality and Interim D.Min. Director at Western Theological Seminary  and faculty member for the Soul Care Institute. He is an author, speaker, consultant, and therapist. He is a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Reformed Church in America. He pastored in Orlando and San Francisco before transitioning to training and forming pastors. His experience includes training clergy in issues of abuse and trauma, pastor and planter assessments, church consultations, and investigations of abuse among pastors and within congregations. He has been featured on The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast by Mike Cosper at Christianity Today in regards to the abuse of staff by pastor Marc Driscoll.Chuck has been married to Sara for 27 years, and has two adult daughters.He is the author of:When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community from Emotional and Spiritual AbuseLeaving Egypt: Finding God in Wilderness PlacesWholeheartedness: Busyness, Exhaustion and Healing the Divided Self,Toughest People to Love: How to Understand, Lead, and Love the Difficult People in Your Life -- Including Yourself.Follow Dr. DeGroat's work on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter*Several books are mentioned in this podcast that help in learning to discern the patterns of pastors who bully, intimidate and coerce their staff when it is not easy to see from the outside and is not something everyone on staff experiences. (If you are on a church elder board, or a church hiring committee, I highly recommend these books):A Church Called TOV: Forming a Goodness Culture That Resists Abuses of Power and Promotes Healing by Dr. Scot McKnight and Laura BarringerSomething's Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse and Freeing Yourself From Its Power by Wade MullenRedeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church by Dr. Diane LangbergThe A World of Difference Podcast is brought to you in partnership with Missio Alliance.Become a patron of this podcast, and enjoy free merch. Join other patrons of this podcast at Patreon. Stay In Touch: Connect on Facebook and Instagram with thoughts, questions, and feedback. Rate, review and share this podcast with anyone that would love to listen.   Find Us Online: @aworldof.difference on Instagram and A World of Difference on Facebook, on Twitter at @loriadbr & on Clubhouse @loriadbr.https://linktr.ee/aworldofdifference or loriadamsbrown.comInterested in one-on-one or group coaching on how to live a life that makes a difference? Check out: https://www.loriadamsbrown.com/coachingMentioned in this episode:Coaching 3 9/22Life can be challenging. Getting unstuck is possible. Go to loriadamsbrown.com/coaching for a free session to explore what coaching sessions can do to help make a world of difference.PatreonSupport us at Patreon.com/aworldofdifference for as little as $5 a month and get exclusive audio and free merch!This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy

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6 Jul 2022

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Guest: Chuck Degroat

Bodies Behind The Bus

https://www.chuckdegroat.netTwitter: @chuckdegroatInsta: @chuckdegroatShare Your StoryResources/BooksSupport The PodcastComposing, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering - MajorPodcastEditingSupport the show

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22 Jun 2022

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Decoding the Narcissist: Exposing the Faces of Narcissism to Find Freedom from Emotional & Spiritual Abuse with Chuck DeGroat

The Christian Single Moms Podcast

Narcissistic abuse is rampant in our society and in our churches. However, naming and exposing narcissism can help us to find freedom from abuse we have already suffered in the past, and protect us (and those we love) from abuse in the future. Chuck DeGroat discusses how to understand narcissism as a spectrum, and reveals nine different ways a narcissist may show up in relationships. Chuck also talks about the role of narcissism in spiritual abuse, and describes how entire church organizations can become narcissistic and spiritually abusive. Visit ChuckDeGroat.net Purchase Chuck's book, When Narcissism Comes to Church Record a Question you’d like answered on The Christian Single Moms Podcast Purchase PlusONE Parents’ new devotional, Safe Haven: A Devotional for the Abused & Abandoned What’s Your Stress Style? Take the Quiz Join PlusONE Parents on Facebook and Instagram, and check out the Beloved Collective private Facebook group. Discover more at PlusONEParents.org RECOMMENDED EPISODES E74- Don't Tolerate Toxicity: When & How to Walk Away from Emotionally Draining People with Gary Thomas E69- How to Stop Being Manipulated (& Help Your Kids Avoid it Too) with Tim Sanford


23 Mar 2022

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Episode 15: How to Spot Narcissism with Chuck DeGroat

The Glass House

Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode of The Glass House. For more information about this episode please click HERE for show notes. 


31 Jan 2022

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When Your Church (Leader) Hurts You with Chuck DeGroat

Hope Through Hard Stuff

Chuck DeGroat talks about how narcissistic patterns in church environments cause pain to church members and how to take steps towards healing.


11 Jan 2022

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Ep #26: Self-Care & the Enneagram w/ Chuck DeGroat

Love Thy Neighborhood presents: The EnneaCast

Hosts Jesse Eubanks and Sam Stevenson discuss the importance of self-care through the lens of the Enneagram. They interview author and therapist Chuck DeGroat, who shares his tips on living a balanced, whole-hearted life. The gang plays I Know What You Need, where Jesse and Sam try to sell improvised products for specific Enneagram types. Also, everyone answers listener questions about self-care.This episode originally aired May 2019


10 Jan 2022

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When Narcissism Comes to the Church with Chuck DeGroat

Melody and Friends

On this episode of Melody and Friends, Melody sits down with author and professor, Chuck DeGroat, to discuss narcissism in the church. Chuck discusses the different forms narcissism often manifests itself in leaders of the church, what characteristics a narcissist will often display, and ways that they often try to redirect or lead conversations about their behavior. Chuck then explains why narcissism seems to be such a predominant issue in the church and what we as a congregation can begin to do in addressing it. Who is Chuck DeGroat? Chuck DeGroat is Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality at Western Theological Seminary, MI, and Senior Fellow at Newbigin House of Studies, San Francisco. He is an author, speaker, consultant, and therapist. Chuck is committed to spiritual and emotional formation for the sake of mission. His experience is represented in a fluid combination of pastoral ministry and seminary training for 20 years.  He has served several church plants as a teaching pastor and has started two church-based clinical counseling centers.  Most recently, he was a teaching pastor at City Church San Francisco, where he co-founded Newbigin House of Studies, an urban and missional training center with offerings through Western Theological Seminary. Things We Talk About In This Episode: What is narcissism? Why is narcissism such a predominant issue in the church? How to approach and deal with someone exhibiting narcissistic behavior How Chuck DeGroat works to help both narcissists and those affected by narcissistic behavior  Our listeners can learn more about Chuck DeGroat, access his online courses and sign up for soul care intensives by visiting his website chuckdegroat.net.  Our listeners can also pick up a copy of his book, When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse, at the Amazon link here: https://www.amazon.com/When-Narcissism-Comes-Church-Community-ebook/dp/B07ZG79HHF


4 Jan 2022

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REPLAY: Chuck Degroat on the Nine Faces of Narcissism {S05-021]


We’re taking a break to be with family over the holiday so we wanted to replay two topic-based episodes that have gone over extremely well with our listeners. This week, take another listen to my killer conversation with psychologist, author, and spiritual director Chuck Degroat, about the nine faces of narcissism.  We’re not talking about people with full-blown narcissistic personality disorder per se. We’re talking about narcissism on a continuum and what it looks like when each Enneagram type is manifesting a narcissistic style or type. Each of us is somewhere on that narcissistic spectrum.  In this episode you’ll learn: What narcissism actually is How narcissism shows up in all nine types, and What the healing path is for all nines types to keep narcissism in check. Chuck is the Professor of Counseling and Christian Spirituality at Western Theological Seminary Holland MI, and Co-Founder and a Senior Fellow at Newbigin House of Studies, San Francisco. His latest book is, When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse. He is a licensed therapist, author, retreat leader, and spiritual director. Chuck has been married to Sara for 25 years and has two daughters.

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23 Dec 2021