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Episode 004 - Troegs Boysenberry and First Guest

Barbells and Brews Podcast

Ep 004 Troegs Boysenberry and First Guest Our first guest is here! Chaz and gene welcome Chris Strohsahl to the podcast. Chris is a longtime member of the gym and crossfit in general. He brings a wealth of health and fitness knowledge as well as some pizza and donut thoughts! A special shoutout to Tavour! Our first sponsor is a beer buying app that enables the buyer to get those very special beers that can’t be bought locally. This app is amazing for anyone who loves beer. We welcome Troegs Brewing to the show as well by showing off their Boysenberry Tart Ale. This refreshing beer is discussed at length by the guys while going into some serious issue regarding specialization. The guys have some thoughts on if specialization is good or bad and then they go into who it benefits. Chris makes great points about age being a factor while Gene acknowledges some personal points on his children’s activities. Whether you think its good or bad the discussion is definitely worth listening to. To end the guys talk about sport vs activity and then transition into Chris’ two favorite things; pizza and donuts. He talks about the best spots locally and what makes each spot good. We want to thank Chris so much for being on the show. His expertise was an amazing addition. Thank you to Tavour for the discount code for our guests. We’re excited for what beers they have and we’re even more excited to get our first shipment in. As always a special thanks to Paul Bunyan Fitness for the location and SL from Repeat Offenders for the fire intro.  HIGHLIGHTS 2:00 First guest Chris Strohsahl is introduced 3:00 Chaz introduces their sponsor Tavour and details how they work 5:00 Chris discusses his health and fitness experience; specifically in Crossfit 8:00 The gang discusses working on things that you’re not good at and specialization 13:00 The gang introduces Troegs: Boysenberry Tart Ale 21:00 Gene talks about a funny story while judging Chris in the Open 23:00 Chris discusses his background in exercise and sport and starts the conversation of specialization 33:00 The gang discusses sports vs activity 37:00 Chris talks about his love for pizza and what makes a good neapolitan pizza 40:00 Best donuts in the area


23 Apr 2019