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The New (Feminine) Paradigm of Medicine and Healing with Dr. Amanda Cohen

Soul Nectar

In this magical episode, Dr. Amanda Cohen and I talked all things: Merging Eastern & Western medicine What is VIRTUAL acupuncture Working with Goddess energies, Reiki, meridians, sacred geometry, and the quantum field in her healing modality, High Priestess Healing Dr. Amanda's own spiritual journey and channeling process Shifting the model of medicine to one that is heart-centered and empowering Treating patients holistically and acknowledging the mind-body-spirit connection How emotions are associated with certain organs and body parts What our bodies are trying to tell us The importance of intention ABOUT DR. AMANDA: Dr. Amanda Cohen, M.A., L.A.c., D.A.O.M, is a Board Certified Chinese Medical Physician (L.Ac.) who is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal well-being. She holds a Master’s and Doctoral Degree (Summa Cum Laude) from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, specializing in Integrative Medicine. She also has a Masters in Health Psychology from UC Irvine and a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Cultural Psychology from Cornell University (Cum Laude). Dr. Amanda combines science, psychology, research, and magic into her practice and is the owner of Source Point Wellness in Los Angeles. She is a Health Detective & Medical Intuitive who is determined to get to the root of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and provide comprehensive healing plans to empower her patients and get them lasting results. She practices a more nourishing feminine medicine, centered around patient empowerment, compassion, and exceptional patient care. In efforts to help relieve pain and suffering on a larger level, she developed a new healing modality called High Priestess Healing, where she provides virtual acupuncture. She’s been able to treat insomnia and anxiety in Denmark, migraines and back pain in Africa, stomach pain and headaches in Canada, and insomnia in Bulgaria. She is launching her training course on February 16 (open to everyone) which will teach others how to practice virtual acupuncture to create more healers and help mend a deeply broken world. CONNECT WITH DR. AMANDA: Website High Priestess Healing 16-week Certification Training - BEGINS 2/16/2021!  Instagram: @doctoramandacohen & @sourcepointwellness CONNECT WITH NADINE: Website Instagram: @bloomwithnadine YouTube If you like what you hear, please rank and review the show, forward it to your friends & family, and hit “Subscribe.”  Make sure to take a screenshot of your review and email it to nadine@bloomwithnadine.com to receive a special healing meditation. Share this episode on Instagram and tag @bloomwithnadine and @soulnectarpodcast with your biggest a-ha moments and takeaways. I’d love to shout you out and hear what resonated with you. Want to contribute to the funding of Soul Nectar? You can donate here ♡ AFFILIATE LINKS: ☆ Gift yourself a yoni egg,  crystal wand, & more at Yoni Pleasure Palace and get $10 off using code YONILOVE ☆ Check out the beautiful yoni eggs, crystal wands, & steams at La Loba ☆ Shop for crystal wands, yoni eggs, body butter, & herbal steams at The Empowered Woman Intro & Outro Music: Beach by Xxiuk This podcast is for educational purposes only. The host claims no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the information presented herein.

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4 Feb 2021

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EP26 Getting In The Flo with Dr. Amanda Cohen: Supporting our cycle by understanding our hormones

Not A Mama Yet

This week's episode is Part 2 with Dr. Amanda Cohen! We are taking a look at "In the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life" by Alisa Vitti. We are both big fans of Alisa Vitti's work. Her story is incredible and Flo Living, her company that supports women balance their hormones and change their life for the better by feeling better! I was first introduced to her work in late 2017 and it changed my life. I understood my body and how I can support it on a much deeper level then I ever had before.  Highly recommend every person with female physiology read her books, follow Flo Living, and maybe even schedule a consultation with one of their experts. Below are all of the links to the books we discuss in this episode and Dr. Amanda's contact information! Books: In the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life The Woman Code Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? when My Lab Tests Are Normal: a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Hashimoto's Disease and Hypothyroidism Dr. Amanda Cohen contact information: https://sourcepointwellness.com @sourcepointwellness @doctoramandacohen--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/notamamayet/support


3 Feb 2021

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The Battle of the Capitol by Amanda Cohen

The FuMP

A parody of Johnny Horton's "The Battle of New Orleans," previously parodied by Homer & Jethro as "The Battle of Kookamonga." Based entirely on actual news stories from the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol building. Piano-banjo by Bill Larkin, percussion by Bermuda Schwartz, all vocals and production by Amanda Cohen.


31 Jan 2021

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EP25 Preparing the palace for pregnancy with Dr. Amanda Cohen & Madison Young

Not A Mama Yet

Today on the podcast, I am speaking with Dr. Amanda Cohen, or Dr. Amanda as her patients call her! Dr. Amanda is a Board Certified Chinese Medical Physician (L.Ac.) who is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal well-being. She holds a Master’s and Doctoral Degree from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, specializing in Integrative Medicine. She also has a Masters in Health Psychology from UC Irvine and a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Cultural Psychology from Cornell University. She practices at Source Point Wellness which offers primary care from the East-West Perspective, specializing in patient empowerment and healing the mind, body, and spirit to get to the source of health imbalances. They offer compressive treatment plans for the whole person and incorporate kind, compassionate and complete care with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, functional medicine, nutrition, telemedicine, massage, cupping, shamanism, and akashic record readings. Today is extra special because my best friend, Madison Young, Owner of Open Eye Crystals here in Los Angeles, and the reason I was fortunately introduced to Dr. Amanda, is joining us for our conversation! The three of us will be discussing, as Dr. Amanda calls it, preparing the palace, aka getting our bodies ready for pregnancy.  Madison and I have plenty of questions for Dr. Amanda, including what she is doing herself to prepare her body for pregnancy as well! Most importantly, this episode is full of information that should help you ask the right questions to your care team when seeking out help navigating this time as well.  I hope you enjoy this episode of Not A Mama Yet.  Dr. Amanda’s practice: https://sourcepointwellness.com Dr, Amanda’s Acupuncture Certification Course: https://sourcepointwellness.com/high-priestess-healing/ Other mentions during this episode: Start Where You Are By: Pema Chodron The Tia clinic Embrace Pangea Yoni Detox Pearls--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/notamamayet/support

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26 Jan 2021

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S1E57 / Disrupting Restaurants Part II / Amanda Cohen, Saru Jayarmana and Pete Ternes

EPIDEMIC with Dr. Celine Gounder

"It's my responsibility as an owner to figure out how to afford to pay everyone an ethical, fair, livable wage but we have to start from the premise of paying them an ethical, livable wage" -Pete TernesWe’re revisiting restaurants as part of our series on industries disrupted by the pandemic. In this episode we speak with restaurateurs and a labor activist about how the pandemic is reshaping how some think about tips and the minimum wage.  We'll see why tipping so is problematic, why it's so hard to quit, and what a living wage might look like for restaurant workers after the pandemic.This podcast was created by Just Human Productions. We're powered and distributed by Simplecast. We're supported, in part, by listeners like you.#SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #COVID #coronavirus


14 Jan 2021

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The Goddess of True Care in Functional Medicine & Acupuncture; Dr. Amanda Cohen

The permaculture podcast

Dr. Amanda Cohen is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine and combines science, psychology, research, and magic into her practice. Dr. Amanda is an intellectual powerhouse. She has a dual bachelors degree in clinical psychology and anthropology from Cornell, a Master's Degree in Health Psychology Research from UC Irvine, and a Clinical Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Emperor's College. She has a lot of college loans in the name of learning how to help and heal people! She owns Source Point Wellness in Los Angeles which offers in person and telemedicine services to her patients. She combines Eastern and Western natural medicine treatments. She considers herself a Health Detective & Medical Intuit and is determined to get to the root of each individual patient's physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. She does this work by reading heavily into individuals issues and lab work. She aims to provide healing plans that empower patients to have lasting results. She has developed a healing modality called High Priestess Healing, where she is now able to provide acupuncture from a distance (virtual acupuncture) to people needing healing all over the world. She has found this work incredibly inspiring as she has been able to treat insomnia in Denmark, migraines in Africa, and stomach pain in Canada...all in a single day! She is launching a course in January open to everyone, to teach others how to practice acupuncture (also virtually), to create more healers in a deeply broken world.  The chat with Dr. Amanda and Mel covers just what functional medicine is, Dr. Amanda's own story with pain, her self-actualization, her fearlessness towards Entrepreneurialism, being a boss/wife/spiritual woman, and many other fun and interesting topics. She is a wealth of information and we are so grateful for her time on the show to teach us all a bit more about this amazing career path.  You can also get Akashic Record readings and other services on her website through her amazing colleagues. Take control of your health and wellness, and functional medicine is an amazing path to take if you're frustrated with the "normal" American health system.  Dr. Amanda promised a book list so here it is! In the Flo by Alisa Vitti, The Web that has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk, Start Where You Are by Pema Chodron, and Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh. Try using Overdrive to read for free. All you need is a library card! Write down and download all the book recommendations in this podcast for continued listening and exploration of this topic. Also head over to melrosemoney for the financial blog on this topic as well.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/themelroseshow/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/themelroseshow/support


28 Oct 2020

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"Doctor Who" with Amanda Cohen!

Bad Reading

Doctor Who. It's a franchise that's been on TV for over 50 years, which means there's fans of all ages! And this week, our guest is nationally touring comic (at least in the before times) and frequent host at Flapper's in Burbank, CA, Amanda Cohen! Chris has found the story for this week, it's time to take a journey through time and space!Follow Amanda @amandacohen27 on Twitter or Instagram!Check out the story!Donate to our patreon if you're up to it!Follow Atlas @atlasnovack on Twitter or Instagram!Follow Chris @stolen_relic on Twitter or Instagram!check out their new gaming Youtube channel, or their Twitch!Follow us @badreadingpod on Twitter or Instagram!Check out our other episodes on our Youtube channel or anywhere you find your podcasts! And don’t forget to leave a rating as it helps the show out.

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4 Sep 2020

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From the Kitchen to Congress with Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen

Radio Cherry Bombe

“I’ve been incredibly surprised by where my career has taken me,” says Amanda Cohen, chef/owner of the vegetable-focused Dirt Candy restaurant in New York City. “I never would have expected it would take me to Congress.” Earlier this week, Amanda testified before the Small Business Committee of the House of Representatives on behalf of the Independent Restaurant Coalition. Amanda is part of the leadership of the IRC, which is  working to get Congress to pass the $120-billion Independent Restaurant Revitalization Fund. We talk to Amanda about her work on behalf of the 500,000 independent restaurants and 11 million restaurant workers in the U.S., as well as the steps she’s taking to keep her own restaurant alive. She also updates us on Lekka Burger, the Tribeca fast-casual spot she’s involved with, her thoughts on food media, and why she’s not moving back to her native Canada any time soon. Thank you to the folks at Breyer’s CarbSmart and Sonos for supporting today’s show. Also, tune in to find out why Brooklyn-based pastry pro and gelato enthusiast Maya Peredo thinks Lokelani Alabanza of Saturated Ice Cream in Nashville, Tennessee, is the Bombe. 


19 Jul 2020

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FOF #2863 - Amanda Cohen: Fashion in the Age of Coronavirus

Feast of Fun: Gay Talk Show

"Fashion experts may have told her What Not to Wear, but in the end Amanda Cohen was years ahead of her time."One of the biggest changes in the age of the Rona is our fashion. Folks are still trying to express themselves in their video teleconferences and sometimes the results are hilarious.As Heidi Klum says, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next you’re out” but right now we aren’t even wearing pants.Pants? What are pants? Folks wear pajamas all day long, heads are shaved and if they go outside at all, they look like bank robbers.Today comedian Amanda Cohen, best known as one of the most challenging people to appear on the makeover reality TV show What Not to Wear joins us to take a look at fashion in the age of Coronavirus.AMANDA COHEN: https://www.facebook.com/amanda.cohen.355Plus--➤ What Not to Wear’s fashion expert Stacy London comes out as bi and introduces her new girlfriend Cat Yezbak.➤ Weird Al comments on Madonna's “Fried Fish” parody of Vogue.➤ Just what the world was waiting for Twilight’s Stephanie Meyer announces yet another Twilight book.___FEAST OF FUN IS MADE POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF FABULOUS PEOPLE LIKE YOU.LISTEN TO THOUSANDS LEGENDARY SHOWS 
with NO ADS:★ feastoffun.com/plus📞 LISTENER LINE: 847-881-6099FOLLOW FEAST OF FUN:❤️ youtube.com/feastoffun?subconfirmation=1💛 instagram.com/feastoffun💚 feastoffun.com/donate💙 facebook.com/feastoffun💜 twitter.com/feastoffun💕 patreon.com/feastoffunCHAT WITH OTHER LISTENERS AFTER THE SHOW:★ facebook.com/groups/feastoffunMARC FELION: ★ instagram.com/marcfelion★ facebook.com/marcfelion★ twitter.com/marcfelionFAUSTO FERNOS:★ instagram.com/faustofernos★ facebook.com/faustofernos★ twitter.com/faustofernos

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5 May 2020

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Building Immunity of the Mind, Body and Spirit with Dr. Amanda Cohen

The Healer Dealer Podcast

In This Episode: Dr. Amanda Cohen, owner of Source Point Wellness, talks about ways of connecting during isolation, how stress manifests in the body, doing deep check ins with yourself, creating sacred space, the importance of being devoted to your well being, having a healthy gut, honoring when you need to rest, being responsible for your energy, optimizing your brain chemistry, her deep dive telemedicine sessions and Dr.Amanda's distant accupuncture treatments and the program she is creating to teach healers how to do it too! Web: https://sourcepointwellness.com Instagram: @sourcepointwellness  Facebook: Source Point Wellness Bio:  Dr. Amanda Cohen, M.A., L.A.c., D.A.O.M, is a Board Certified Chinese Medical Physician (L.Ac.) who is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal well-being. She holds a Master’s and Doctoral Degree (Summa Cum Laude) from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, specializing in Integrative Medicine. She also has a Masters in Health Psychology from UC Irvine and a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Cultural Psychology from Cornell University (Cum Laude). ________________________________________________________________ Source Point Wellness: Kind, Compassionate and Mindful Medicine. Source Point Wellness is an integrative healing oasis located in Los Angeles that combines Chinese, functional and spiritual medicine, along with a bit of magic. Their team of experts offer virtual healing services to anyone in the world, including integrative telemedicine, herbal medicine, distance acupuncture and reiki, goddess acupuncture, Akashic readings, chakra balancing, healing energy work, EFT, and customized breathwork. Please follow @sourcepointwellness or email drcohen@sourcepointwellness.com to inquire more. 


28 Apr 2020