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Katie Hunt and the Pros and Cons of Product-Based Business

And She Spoke

Confession time: we know close to nothing about product-based businesses. We’ve been in the online space for years and our experience with product businesses has been so tiring that we don’t even have the energy to sell Hey Marvelous T-shirts. But, as entrepreneurs who love to stay on top of industry trends, we couldn’t help but notice a huge influx of product-based businesses during the pandemic - especially with the rise of TikTok and the resurgence of spaces like DePop and Etsy. So, it only made sense to dig deeper and dive into the world of physical products with an expert! In today’s episode, we’re discussing the ins and outs of the business with the incredible Katie Hunt. Katie is the founder of Proof to Product where she helps coach and mentor entrepreneurs who create physical products. She works with them on business strategy and helps sell their products wholesale so they can get on the shelves of both smaller, independent shops (like that local stationery store you adore), or larger chains (like Target or Walmart). So, in today’s episode, Katie discusses her own journey from small stationery store owner to business strategist, how the landscape for product-based business has changed over the past ten years, what you need to know if you’re looking to enter the market, and more!Here’s a peek at what else you can expect: Why stronger access to customer feedback is both a blessing and a curse The one question that you should be asking before you start a product-based business  Comparisons between selling wholesale vs selling via marketing channels like Etsy The kind of strain manufacturing and inventory has on your profit margins (and how to start paying yourself more) How to continue to feel passionate about your business when you hit a plateau The mysteries of TikTok marketing Why online entrepreneurs shouldn’t jump into the retail space blind Once you’re done listening to this episode, find us on Instagram (@heymarvelous) and tell us: do you own a product-based business (or do you sell retail as a part of your online business)? What challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis?Resources: Proof To Product Proof To Product - Podcast Proof To Product - Instagram Voxer This week’s Joy: Katie and her family recently returned from a 22-day road trip (ummm, jealous). They traveled to 8 states, went camping, spent time outdoors, and were able to have quality time together as a family without Katie having to worry about her business at all. The high of the trip is Katie’s biggest joy right now!This week’s Hustle: Katie’s hustle is something we love in our business too, the criminally underrated Voxer. Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that’s fantastic for client coaching calls, connecting with colleagues, and having back and forth, real-time conversations.This podcast is brought to you by the Marvelous online teaching platform.Marvelous is an easy-to-use platform that helps you build and sell your own courses memberships and live-streamed programs. Go from idea to open for business in just minutes. Unlike other startups, Marvelous was created by women for women. If you're looking for a simple, streamlined way to build and grow an online business. You can learn more at Marvelous.


12 Oct 2021

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205 | Three Positions to Hire For In Your Product Business with Katie Hunt

Proof to Product

Are you wearing all of the hats and juggling all of the balls in your business? That might be a sign that it’s time to hire help and bring on support. Your time as an entrepreneur is so valuable and you want to make sure that you are focusing on what you do best. Recently, my mastermind retreat clients and I got together virtually for a retreat and one of the big topics that came up was hiring. This has also been a hot topic within my Labs community so I wanted to create an episode to chat about it. In this episode I talk about the pain points that lead to reactive hiring, why you need to shift your mindset about hiring and the 3 key areas you should hire for first in your product based business.   ON TODAY’S EPISODE: Pain points that cause entrepreneurs to do reactive hiring  Fears that people have about hiring help What 3 key areas you should hire for first FOR FULL SHOW NOTES, RESOURCES AND A TRANSCRIPT, HEAD TO BIT.LY/PTPEP205 SLOW STEADY GROWTH ARE HOW STRONG BUSINESSES ARE BUILT If you want support from our community, coaching with me and resources to help you continue thriving as you grow your business, be sure to check out my Proof to Product LABS program. ​It’s my 12-month group coaching program built specifically for product based business owners: https://www.prooftoproduct.com/labs FOLLOW PROOF TO PRODUCT Follow Proof to Product on Instagram for the latest updates: https://www.instagram.com/prooftoproduct/ JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST If you'd like to receive more information about our upcoming episodes of Proof to Product including show notes and information about our guests, head over to www.prooftoproduct.com and sign up for our email list.   Be sure SUBSCRIBE, REVIEW and SHARE Proof to Product with all of the product based business owners that you know!


18 May 2021

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168: How freelancers can support product-based businesses with Katie Hunt of Proof to Product

The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn

Would it be a dream to work with a product-based business you love? Well you can make that happen because product-based businesses are looking for virtual support in many areas. In this episode, Katie Hunt of Proof to Product, shares how freelancers can support product-based businesses, what they're struggling with and how their businesses have changed in the last year. Katie is the founder of Proof to Product (formerly known as Tradeshow Bootcamp), a business strategist, and mentor to product-based entrepreneurs. She’s worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through her in-person conferences, online courses, and group coaching she offers. If there is someone who knows what product-based businesses need - it's Katie! Head over to the show notes for the links and resources mentioned in this episode. Tag Katie and myself on Instagram with what you're doing after this episode to help these type of businesses. I love to see your takeaways! Thanks for listening today and talk soon! SHOW NOTES: www.MicalaQuinn.com/episode168


17 May 2021

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Episode 001: Achieving a Mission-Driven Customer Experience with Jeanne Bliss and Katie Hunt

Experience Matters

Meet our guests:Jeanne Bliss guides companies to the achievement of business growth through leadership bravery and elevated business practices. She is known globally for transforming business to earn customer-driven growth. A 5-time Chief Customer Officer and coach to over 20,000 leaders, her practices are field-tested and proven. Bliss' 5-Competencies for customer-driven growth have been adopted around the world, and her 4 best-selling books on customer experience and leadership are the guidebooks of the CX Profession. Jeanne Bliss has delivered over 1,500 transformative keynotes globally, has coached over 20,000 leaders on leading to elevate their company in the marketplace, with sustainable growth. Jeanne Bliss is the cofounder of the customer experience professionals association and is fondly known as the “godmother” of customer experience.Katie Hunt is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SHOWFIELDS, The Most Interesting Store in The World. She began her career as the third employee of Warby Parker, served as Chief Brand Officer for Hinge, where she led the charge for their relaunch and rebrand and has worked extensively with startups in branding, product development, marketing, operations, and fundraising. Additionally, Katie is the Co-Founder of The Fund, which is a VC fund made up of a community of founders and operators that invests and mentors early-stage companies in NYC, LA, and London. Key Takeaways:[2:45] The Challenge: How to reorient our minds to a mission-driven CX.[3:18] This generation is responsible for creating a new workflow and work path that enables mission-driven work for all.[5:52] Nate talks about the evolution of CX.[6:42] Punch #1: Know it! Do you know the goals of your customers? Our job is to help customers to improve.[8:50] What does your brand stand for at its core?[10:21] How do we want to be defined as people?[10:49] The goal map is not about the organization’s goals but about the customers’ goals.[13:24] Nate talks about the importance of thinking about the customers and driving them to their definition of success.[14:34] Punch #2: Build guard rails so you can live up to your ideals and hold everyone accountable.[18:05] Choose who will and will not be inside the organization to live the guard rails.[20:35] Punch #3: Make it real! Put your money where your mantra is.[22:38] The happiest employees are those who are more likely to celebrate other people.[24:31] Katie and Jeanne extend their advice to CX professionals struggling with their organizations. Mentioned in this Episode:Officium Labs: The Future of ServiceFollow Officium Labs at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube


15 Apr 2021

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51. Getting Your Product On Store Shelves: How to Wholesale with Katie Hunt

eCommerce Badassery

Have you been thinking about adding wholesale to your business and selling to retailers? It can definitely be a great way to generate more revenue for your business, get you more visible, and make your brand a household name. But... is it right for YOUR business? Only you can truly answer that, but my guest today is laying out what it really takes to do wholesale well and what you need to know before you get started.  Here’s what you’ll learn: The key foundational items you need to have in place before you even consider wholesale Understanding how to properly price your product for wholesale The right way to pitch your product to buyers  Connect With KatiePodcast: https://www.prooftoproduct.com/podcast Proof to Product Labs: https://www.prooftoproduct.com/labs Instagram: https://instagram.com/prooftoproduct Read the Full TranscripteCommerceBadassery.com/51 FREE Resource Library Every freebie I’ve created to help you grow the traffic, sales, and profit in your eCommerce Business, all in one place! http://ecommercebadassery.com/freestuff  Want More Badassery?Join the eCommerce Badassery Facebook Group and connect with other eCommerce entrepreneurs just like you!  http://ecommercebadassery.com/facebook Let’s connect on Instagram @ecommercebadassery https://instagram.com/ecommercebadassery  Ready to Level Up Your Email Marketing & eCommerce Business?Try the Klaviyo Email Marketing Platform - Built specifically for eCommerce, serving entrepreneurs, and iconic brands. https://ecommercebadassery.com/klaviyo  Work With MeInterested in getting my brain focused on YOUR business? Learn more about my services… Email Marketing Help: https://ecommercebadassery.com/email-marketing eCommerce Help: https://ecommercebadassery.com/ecommerce-help  Rate, Review, & SubscribeLike what you heard? I’d be forever grateful if you’d rate, review and subscribe to the show! Not only does it help your fellow eCommerce entrepreneurs find the eCommerce Badassery podcast; it’s also valuable feedback for me to continue bringing you the content you want to hear.  Review Here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ecommerce-badassery/id1507457683 This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:  Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


16 Mar 2021

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The Show and Tell of Experiential Retail featuring Katie Hunt, Showfields

The Pop-Up Biz

Katie Hunt is the Co-Founder and CRO of Showfields, “The Most Interesting Store in the World.” With stores in New York and Miami, Showfields offers emerging brands a hybrid in-person and digital platform to increase revenue, grow brand awareness, and gain valuable consumer insights. Katie started her career as the third employee at Warby Parker, and besides leading Showfields, she also co-founded the venture capital group The Fund. On this episode of The Pop-Up Biz podcast with Katie Hunt: Katie shares Showfield’s mission to make opening a brick-and-mortar store as easy as launching a website She explains how partnerships with artists and influential brands often lead to exciting results and drive foot and web traffic. The power of maintaining relationships with a committed customer base.


18 Feb 2021

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From the Archives | Katie Hunt talking all things wholesale on Creative Biz Rebellion

Proof to Product

Hi Friends, Happy New Year!  This week on the podcast we're rerunning three of my top podcast episodes focused on sales & marketing for wholesale. If wholesale is a revenue stream that you’re working to grow, I invite you to join me for Paper Camp. Head to prooftoproduct.com/papercamp to get all the details and join our waitlist so you're the first to hear when doors open.   --------------- Big thanks to Kelly and Caroline for having me on their show.  If you’re not already familiar with Creative Biz Rebellion, go check it out. Kelly and Caroline do an amazing job of supporting product based businesses through their programs and podcast. They were also guests on Proof to Product — visit the links below to find them over at Creative Biz Rebellion and here on Proof to Product. Links: Creative Biz Rebellion Proof to Product with Caroline Hull (Ep 45) Proof to Product with Kelly Parker Smith (Ep 56)


6 Jan 2021

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From the Archives | 144 | Coaching with Katie Hunt: When should I launch to wholesale?

Proof to Product

Hi Friends, Happy New Year!  This week on the podcast we're rerunning three of my top podcast episodes focused on sales & marketing for wholesale. If wholesale is a revenue stream that you’re working to grow, I invite you to join me for Paper Camp. Head to prooftoproduct.com/papercamp to get all the details and join our waitlist so you're the first to hear when doors open.   --------------- Hey friends! We’re going to be switching things up a little for today’s episode. I’ve decided that once a month we’ll be airing a live coaching session with one of my coaching clients or a Paper Camp alumni on the podcast. It’ll be a short, hot seat format coaching session where the guest will talk about what they’re working on and what they need help with. I’ll be giving them my candid off the cuff advice, recommendations and even some homework because we’re all about taking action! For our first live coaching episode, I was joined by Paper Camp alumni, Shirlee Fisher of Quiet Lines Design. She has a few hesitations and questions about the timing of her launch and the wholesale market. We work through the three things she needs to prepare and make ready before the launch so she can launch her products confidently. In this episode, we chat about lining up your launch with the release cycles of the stationery industry, why having 40+ skews will help you get more customers and why sometimes you have to wait until things are ready. ON TODAY’S EPISODE: How Shirlee got started in her business, Quiet Lines Design What she’s currently working on in her business and what she needs help with Planning to launch to coordinate with certain events and cycles Why you need to feel confident in what you’re creating  Why the PTP team recommends having 48 skews during Paper Camp How sometimes it’s necessary to wait until things are ready The biggest fears that Shirlee has about product launches Katie’s homework for Shirlee and listeners  Getting strategic with a tiered outreach approach to building relationships For full show notes and resources, head to bit.ly/PTPEp144


5 Jan 2021

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Motivated to make Magic with Katie Hunt, Co-founder of Showfields

Motivated Podcast

01:10 Prize Guest- Katie Hunt01:57 Night Classes at FIT02:34 What motivated you to take extra classes03:13 Working with your hands04:11 The brain works in crazy ways04:48 Not living up to my purpose05:09 Becoming a weird entrepreneur05:30 Warby Parker06:07 100 day challenge07:00 Feeling out of control07:41 Showfields- the elevator pitch08:43 A place where artists can play09:42 External factors10:30 Deep sadness11:23 How do we re-invent c-commerce12:16 Power vs Panic13:21 Now what14:09 Team15:02 What are the assets16:02 2020 Vision17:06 Higher Meaning- Magic19:30 They see how hard you're working20:36 Life isn't perfect21:28 American Express23:15 Is this Karma?23:54 150 Brands in 3 years24:20 3 Qualifications24:49 Mission Driven, Well Made, Innovative25:48 Keeping the team motivated26:51 Let them Run28:05 P.T Barnum of retail28:24 Curation is queen29:58 Getting to tell a great story30:46 An optimist at heart


15 Oct 2020

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Figure Out Your Superpower with Katie Hunt

Portfolio Career Podcast

When talent meets opportunity, incredible things can happen. For Katie Hunt, she has been a leadership force at many leading companies like Warby Parker, Hinge, and 30+ other companies that she has consulted for. She is currently the Cofounder of The Fund and the Cofounder of SHOWFIELDS. Before these two companies, she was an Independent Consultant for startups. Through iteration and then focusing on her superpower more, she learned when and how she could pitch and secure projects and clients. In this episode, you will learn how to do so too.  In this episode, you will learn:- why it is important of pitching the exact and specific project that you know you can excel in- why consulting is also like dating- why it is better to pick the right team than the right idea- how SHOWFIELDS and the team adapted during COVIDAs always, this episode with time-stamp notes is on my website


17 Sep 2020