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Catalyst of High Hopes and Social Good with: Andrew Bartolotta

Lets Have This Conversation

Social media will account for 33% of all digital advertising spending in 2022. And annual advertising spends on social media will top $134 billion in 2022, an increase of over 17% YOY (that's an additional $23 billion, according to Hootsuite. Andrew Bartolotta is a digital media professional who has connected passion with purpose through technology for several years. As Director of Digital Media for cityCURRENT he assists with various events and efforts to advance the corporate activation landscape and coordinate marketing and research projects for the company. Equipped with both design and marketing skills, Andrew uses his expansive network to empower community problem solvers to ignite change through digital media. During his college years, he volunteered over 1,000 hours of pro-bono skills based work to local small businesses and nonprofits to expand their visual communications. Andrew has used that experience to bolster impact through various organizations including Leadership Memphis, Southaven Chamber of Commerce, The Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi, American Cancer Society and his role as previous Board Chair for Let's Innovate Through Education and Volunteer Mid-South, marketing chair for Hernando-DeSoto Habitat for Humanity, and more. In 2014, Andrew was invited to the White House twice as a digital media innovator by the Office of Digital Strategy to learn from their team and collaborate with the office on expanding existing content to new digital platforms. Since then, he has spoken at various organizations and conferences, including the national Points of Light National Conference on Volunteering and Service, to strengthen the awareness of social good by way of social media. He regularly partners with organizations like CFNM to host workshops on digital media and has been able to impact over 185 non-profit organizations; helping them effectively share their mission and impact. He joined me this week to tell me more. For more information: https://citycurrent.news/ Follow: @andrewjpg Facebook: @AndrewBartolotta


20 Jul 2022

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Radio Show: cityCURRENT's Director of Digital Media, Andrew Bartolotta: 5 Social Media Trends - Huge in 2022!

cityCURRENT Radio Show

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with cityCURRENT's Director of Digital Media, Andrew Bartolotta, who looks back on some of the important social media shifts that took place in 2021 and then looks forward discussing five social trends that will be huge in 2022. During the interview, Andrew talks about 1) how the Creator Economy will boom even bigger, 2) more streamlined social commerce, 3) short-form vertical video is here to stay, 4) an emphasis on mental health and burnout prevention, and 5) the rise of the LinkedIn-fluencer. He also shares some helpful tips and resources you can use to make 2022 a social media success.Visit www.cityCURRENT.com to learn more.


13 Feb 2022

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Radio Show: Top Digital Marketing Highlights of 2020 and 4 Tools to Use in 2021 — Andrew Bartolotta

cityCURRENT Radio Show

Andrew Bartolotta, Director of Digital Media for cityCURRENT and Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, discusses some of the major social media lessons learned in 2020, some trends for 2021 and resources that can help organizations become more efficient and effective with their social media and storytelling efforts.During the interview, Bartolotta highlights Zoom, Canva, Sendible and Kapwing, and discusses the importance of empathy, being able to pivot, tracking and analyzing the data, and using your platforms to power the GOOD.Visit www.GROWTHcurrent.com to learn more about GROWTHcurrent.Four Social Media Tools We Used the Most in 2020 and Plan to Use Even More in 2021Zoom: How could we not mention Zoom! In 2019, our team started using Zoom to record our podcasts and thankfully I knew a lot about this program and its capabilities.Zoom was our “bonus employee” throughout this year and our main tool to help bring our Signature Breakfasts virtual, break the geographical barrier to attend our events, go behind the scenes of world-class museums virtually, and remain a tool to engage partners and the community without exposing people to the virus.Our team recorded over 500 interviews on Zoom alone this year spotlighting efforts across our region and around the world of those making a difference and doing GOOD even among so much uncertainty.2. Canva: I’ve preached about Canva since they launched back in 2012 and as a graphic design professional, I still can’t think of any other tool that is as impressive, easy to use, and a great tool to collaborate with our team.Canva has templates for everything from business cards and instagram stories to annual reports and even video presentations. I love the fact that with Canva For Work, our team in Nashville and Allison and I here in Memphis are able to see instantaneously any adjustments to campaigns without ever leaving the app or checking our email.Sendible: cityCURRENT’s social media scheduling manager has been a lifesaver for 2020. I use this platform every day as our content calendar and home for scheduling any posts, working on brand campaigns and more.Sendible helps you collaborate with your team to plan, post, and measure the success of content on every platform. I’ve used their draft functionality quite a bit as we pivoted through 2020 and am thankful that their team is just a tweet or LinkedIn message away when I need their help.They recently launched their 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar and want to help you boost engagement on social by celebrating national holidays and fun events. Their FREE calendar has over 250 events with hashtags to help you with your content calendar.Kapwing: Kapwing has over 70 tools to help you with sharing video and meme content on social media. From their Studio and Video Maker to easy tools to add captions to video, waveform for podcasts, collage maker, and more, Kapwing is an online tool that makes creating video content a breeze.Four Lessons We Learned This Year About Digital MarketingFirst and foremost, social media is meant to be a dialogue not a monologue. What connects us to a brand isn’t well-polished visuals, it’s humans and their stories. It’s how people have connected for centuries and it isn’t about to change anytime soon; especially as we yearn for connectivity throughout the coming year.Social media is about relationships and people connecting to people — not companies or brands. So be human.Be empathetic / don’t be tone deaf: pandemic, poverty, everyone’s struggling (be a reprieve of what’s going on in the world and be a place of positivity) brands continuing on with regular scheduled programming without addressing what was happening in the world can be quite awkward or hurt your brand persona.This year has been a limbo of: When should I post? What should I post? Should I post at all?PIVOT: Every social media manager (and most of the world) had to open their playbook and utilize plans B-Z when plan A went haywire this past Spring.. Have ideas in your back pocket and know it’s okay to blow up your long planned content calendar. This year has really shown us that nothing can stop you from creating content if you’re willing to adapt and accept that your strategy may be thrown out the window.Measure the effectiveness of your strategy: Over 75% of nonprofits and small business owners struggle to measure the effectiveness of the content they’re creating. That leads to one huge problem: uncertainty on whether you’re on-track to meet the goals you set earlier.How can you make a huge impact without knowing whether the content you’re producing is working? You can’t. That’s why all social media marketers should make it a priority to analyze whether the tactics are working.You can do this by using data from native platforms, such as:Facebook InsightsInstagram InsightsTwitter AnalyticsLast but certainly not least, SHARE THE GOOD around you: While this unprecedented year has been full of challenging times for many, like Mister Rogers once said, “Look for the helpers. You will always fine people who are helping.” In your organization and small business there are a ton of stories we miss when we’re caught in the day to day task lists so we encourage you to take some extra time in 2021 to reflect and highlight the GOOD… whether you take the time to create the story and share on social media, send us an email and let us share the GOOD news or you take the time to recognize the helpers in our community, humanizing your brand and spotlighting the GOOD will always be in trend; but specifically in this new year.


3 Jan 2021

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Radio Show: Andrew Bartolotta

cityCURRENT Radio Show

Andrew Bartolotta, Director of Digital Media at cityCURRENT shares some digital media tips for nonprofits and gives us 10 Mid-South events you don’t want to miss this month.


1 Sep 2019

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Andrew Bartolotta - Millennials in the workplace

cityCURRENT Radio Show

Understanding the inter-generational needs in the workplace are essential to a collaborative workforce. cityCURRENT Director of Digital Media, Andrew Bartolotta, shares his thoughts on Millennials in the workplace and how leaders can engage Gen Y and Z in their organization. For instance, in the past it's been about annual reviews, hierarchy, and satisfaction. Now it's about purpose, development, mentoring, ongoing conversations, and the inevitable work/life balance. 71% of millennials are not engaged at work, making it the least engaged generation… Millennial turnover costs the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually according to Gallup Polls. Decoding the millennial mindset is all about the 3 R's: relationships, resources, and reputation. Follow Andrew online @andrewjpg


19 Feb 2019

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KNOW A NERD EPISODE 8: Andrew Bartolotta

Know a Nerd

Paul and Eric talk to Andrew Bartolotta, Eric’s twin brother and social media extraordinaire, all about City Current, Memphis and Tenneseee in general, and traveling!

11 Aug 2018