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Marc Cordon- The Joy Revolution

Decide to Transform

Are you ready for a Joy Revolution? Yes, it's what it sounds like: a Joy Revolution! Because joy is in fact revolutionary. Join my special guest Marc Cordon and me for a fun and high-energy episode! Marc is a positive psychology coach and co-founder of the Joy revolution, as well as the host of The Golden Mic Podcast. I have had the good fortune of appearing as one of his guests (in fact we are both releasing our interviews with each other on the same day!) Like many of us, Marc has experienced his share of burnout. He did what society tells all of us to do, and he found himself doing "okay" yet still unhappy. He craved a way to do more than just be okay. He craved a Joy Revolution. Make no mistake: the decision to embrace Love is revolutionary. So is having the courage to sit with the hurt that inevitably arises when you choose it, and not to bypass it. The ego would do anything to preserve itself. It would have you not choose Love, and even if you did it would try to convince you not to go all in. Happily, Love (which encompasses Joy) is so strong that it shines away all our layers of falsehood and uncertainty. In short, it cuts right through the B.S. So, how does it feel to experience Joy, to bask in our Collective Effervescence? Ask Marc--he knows! --- Marc Cordon, MPH has appeared on national television and radio and has delivered two TEDx talks on positive psychology. He is the author of Beyond Resilient: The Coach's Guide to Ecstatic Growth. His show The Golden Mic Podcast is an interview show that takes a deep dive into extraordinary people who lead their own joy revolutions. He has also launched Tiny Little Classes, a solo podcast on growth and unlearning. Text MARC to 844-509-4293 for a free copy of Marc's book on positive psychology and growing your business! Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @thejoyrev www.joyrevolution.com/podcast marc@joyrevolution.com ---


27 Jan 2021

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#37: ADHD and what it means to be different & thrive with Joy | Guest Marc Cordon

Proudly ADHD at work and in business

In this episode, I talk with Marc Cordon, MPH - Positive Psychology Coach, who shares his story about how he was always different than the rest, from his ethnicity all the way to his brain wiring. He shares how he went from musician to higher education and then into multicultural work. Marc shares from the heart and positive psychology changed his view on social justice and to do it from a place of Joy. When you listen to this episode, remember this is a person who was diagnosed with many conditions such as Identity struggle, Mood disorder, anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar, Depression but Marc did not let these labels get in the way of searching and tapping into his highest purpose. He shares how he figured out what brings him joy. He is super clear of his values and that is one of the key steps in finding your purpose and happiness. At about 19:00 min mark, he shares a few tips on how he manages his business to stay focused and grounded. Towards the end of the talk, he goes into what toxic positivity means and how our emotions have a purpose be it anger or joy, and why it is important to pay attention to all of our emotions. I could have talked to Marc for hours, it was my pleasure to listen to his story and I am delighted to hear how he is able to manage his brain while following his purpose. As Marc mentioned he is running a program right now on Joy Revolution, head over to get the details About Marc: Marc Cordon, MPH, is a positive psychology coach, co-founder of The Joy Revolution™, and author of the book Beyond Resilient: The Coach’s Guide to Ecstatic Growth. He specializes in transitions, leadership, performance, and well-being, helping people break through to the next level to find greater enjoyment and purpose in their lives. With a focus on misfit entrepreneurs and leaders who march to the beat of their own drum, Marc’s coaching empowers people to claim their own joy as they make a difference for others. He has appeared on national television and radio shows and has delivered two TEDx talks on positive psychology and social justice. Marc served as the Associate Director of Health Promotion and of Multicultural Programs & Services at Emory University where he developed programs and curriculum on social justice, positive psychology, and community engagement. He has received a BS in Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology and a Masters in Public Health in Policy & Management, as well as coaching accolades from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and the WholeBeing Institute. Let's keep the conversation going, Leave me a voice mail with any questions either on this topic or other topics related to Managing Adult ADHD https://www.speakpipe.com/Coachcathy super easy todo, Record, Listen, and push Send. Did you know your subconscious (your autopilot) is driving your actions and behaviors without you knowing, find out more Be sure to subscribe to this show to stay current with my weekly episodes. Can you do me a favor? Pls rate this show or even better it would mean so much to me if you wrote a quick review as to how you find did show beneficial. Did you know my show was recently listed in the feedspot.com as Top 25 ADHD Podcasts? I am super excited to be part of this list, head over there to see other amazing ADHD shows.


28 Sep 2020

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Marc Cordon on Family, Culture, and Choice

Recovering Church Girls *

And if you enjoyed this,  be sure to check out Marc's podcast, The Golden Mic - you'll be glad you did!

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12 Jul 2020

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A Sense of Belonging - Marc Cordon

The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk

The world has changed quickly and changed radically. We no longer live in a world where we can just fend for ourselves. Today’s guest reminds us why community and relationships are so vital to give us a sense of belonging, resilience, and purpose. 


7 Jul 2020

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Marc Cordon and Joy

What’s Your Purpose?

Marc Cordon is an author and coach who serves "misfits, rebels and ostensible iconoclasts who want to change history for the better." He leads the Joy Revolution which is about learning to joy to social change and other challenges. He is a two-time Tedx speaker and the host of the Golden Mic, a facebook live interview series. He is truly one of the most energetic and committed person I know. Links: WebsiteFacebook


2 Apr 2020

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The Thrilla in Manilla III - Marc Cordon

The Launchcast

Yes, you read that right. That's Manila, but with 2 L's...why? Simple, this interview is as sweet as vanilla and as imperfect as a misspelled word on a vocabulary test. It’s being billed as the greatest rematch of all time. The people knew how special their chemistry was when they sparred on a few episodes of The Golden Mic Live, but their first epic battle happened on the now LEGENDARY episode 200 of Golden Mic Live where Muscles Marinara unexpectedly went southpaw and left Manilla Ice knocked out cold on the mat. Then came The Thrilla II on The Golden Mic Podcast where Cordon delivered a turbo-boosted hadouken before delivering the fatality on Andriopoulos. Now it’s time to settle the score once and for all on the grandest stage of them all (not that one). The Launchcast presents Episode 117, The Thrilla in Manilla III… …and this one happened in PRIME TIME. Guest: Marc Cordon VS. Host: George Andriopoulos The Joy bros dive in to this interview punching but come out revolutionizing the idea behind purpose, leadership, and…you guessed it…joy. Leadership, business, life, and EXTRAORDINARY growth (on ordinary days). Another dose of these two and their The Joy Revolution is just what the world needs right now. Hosted by entrepreneur and keynote/TEDx speaker George Andriopoulos. Follow @launchpadceo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit http://thelaunchcast.com for more show info and to download/stream the podcast Follow Marc Cordon: Marc's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marc.cordon Marc's Facebook https://www.facebook.com/marccordoncoaching/ Visit The Joy Revolution: https://joyrevolution.com Watch the livestream of the Speakers Who Dare 2020 movie here: https://boxcast.tv/view/speakers-who-dare-fnedo8qp6macog9sxlhr?fbclid=IwAR3J4FKcspHnpFo5y2qSuytG-xK_yBDjdMY3SUCYhRqprYh5Tg5SzmGrd5c Speakers Who Dare: https://www.speakerswhodare.com Watch Marc's Speakers Who Dare 2019 Talk - A Revolution of Joy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbmdJjfJFMI Watch Marc's TEDxFarmingdale Talk - How to Have Extraordinary Growth on Ordinary Days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkn31_553L8&t=20s Watch Marc's TEDxOcala Talk - The Power of Self Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq_xb9SaFnw Listen to The Golden Mic Podcast on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-golden-mic-podcast/id1492809943 This episode is sponsored by Launchpad Five One Six, a management consulting firm dedicated to growing YOUR business. More details: http://launchpad516.com This episode is also sponsored by Personal Revolution. Ready for your own Personal Revolution? Listen to all episodes of the show here: https://www.himalaya.com/revolution1 Subscribe to The Launchcast on Apple Podcasts and get notified of new episodes, every Monday! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-launchcast/id1491622136 Or find us on every other platform (as well as all of our links) here: https://linktr.ee/thelaunchcastshow

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30 Mar 2020

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Can Joy Fuel The Revolution? Ask Marc Cordon.


In school growing up, Marc Cardon had been repeatedly bullied and mocked In school because teachers and students thought he looked “Native American.” So, it’s hardly surprising that when he first became engaged with social justice activism, he developed tactics rooted in anger and fear.When Marc was first exposed to positive psychology, he was skeptical. He knew that fear and anger had been effective strategies for him and for social movements in general to accomplish their goals. But where could positive emotions like joy fit into the picture? And could these positive emotions help fuel a social movement and the individuals who make it up? He enrolled in the Certificate in Positive Psychology Program offered by the Whole Being Institute to investigate where positive psychology can overlap with social justice.In this episode, Marc talks about: - The challenge in finding the right balance between positive and negative emotions in social justice work. - The value of positive emotions and rituals to building a sense of community, enabling individuals and movements to sustain themselves, especially when the work gets difficult. - How The Joy Revolution, the organization he co-founded, “teaches change-agents, luminaries, and other do-gooders how to create positive social impact and lasting change through an expanded experience of joy.”Resources:Videos:A Revolution of Joy / Marc Cordon / Speakers Who Dare NYC 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbmdJjfJFMIHow to Have Extraordinary Growth on Ordinary Days | Marc Cordon | TEDxFarmingdale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkn31_553L8&t=369s Organizations:The Joy Revolution. https://joyrevolution.com/ Books:Beyond Resilient: The Coach's Guide to Ecstatic Growth. https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Resilient-Coachs-Ecstatic-Growth-ebook/dp/B076JK4SBJAuthors/theories mentioned in the episode:Victor Frankl - Man’s Search for MeaningCharles Snyder, Hope TheoryCarol Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


1 Mar 2020

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How to Talk to Yourself So that You will Flourish: with Guest Marc Cordon on the Power of Self Talk

Within Us Podcast

Do you talk to yourself? Chances are that the answer is yes.In today's episode, guest Marc Cordon shares the story of how he discovered the transformational power of intentional self-talk. He shares his journey to joy, and what inspired him to become an expert on positive psychology.We speak seriously about depression - what Marc has gone through and how it has shaped his life, his work, and what he teaches.He shares tips and advice for how to talk to yourself so that you can live happier.You may laugh and cry listening to this episode, plus you'll walk away with useful techniques for dealing with the negative thinking that is so often a part of what goes on inside the mind.Marc has coached entrepreneurs, Ph.D.'s, public servants, musicians, parents, other coaches and just cool people who want to make a difference. He explains that 'It is an insane feeling to share the collywobbles and goosebumps that someone gets when he has an “AHA!” moment or to hear the deep sigh of relief that is released when a client figures out that she is no longer stuck.' To connect with Marc, you can visit  https://www.marccordon.com/To learn more about your host, Azriela, including links to her book and information about her 1:1 coaching and groups, visit www.DrAzi.co--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/withinus/message

1hr 10mins

5 Feb 2020

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Beyond Resilient with Marc Cordon

Daily Authors

On today's awesome episode, I'm speaking with the talented Marc Cordon, author of ... Beyond Resilient: The Coach's Guide to Ecstatic Growth Marc Cordon is the founder of Greater Good Strategic & Life Coaching which serves rebellious entrepreneurs, misfit coaches, and ostensible iconoclasts who are committed to changing history for the better. For over two decades, he has assisted countless people in self-development through speaking engagements, retreats, mini-courses, and 1-on-1 advising and mentoring. Marc splits his time between Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, where he loves spending time with his family, and he plays roller derby under the nickname of Manila Ice. In this book you'll learn to: Alleviate the internal mental chatter causing self-doubt. Use resistance, criticism, and failure to fuel your growth. Take simple, practical actions towards your vision that boosts confidence and converts previously unrealistic dreams into attainable goals. Regain the unapologetic moxie, found in the most successful entrepreneurs. And much, much, more So, if you want to know more about "Beyond Resilient", then stay tuned for this episode of the Daily Authors Podcast with Marc Cordon ... By the way, if you are ready to share you story and write your book, go to Write a Book University to get a free 4 lesson video course to help you on your book writing journey ...


18 Dec 2019

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BONUS EPISODE! Josh with Marc Cordon - "Be Proud of Who You Are!" S1 - E15

Sounds Like Autism

Josh sits down to hang with Marc Cordon from Golden Mic Live!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soundslikeautism/message


8 Aug 2019