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101: Mick Napier and Jennifer Estlin - the Annoyance Theater


Mick Napier and Jennifer Estlin and a couple that are the owners and managers of the Annoyance Theater in Chicago. We talk about starting over agin 7 times in 28 years, how they met, Micks awkward marriage proposal three years ago (and they still haven't talked about it), being raised religious but now are atheists, mentalism and magic, writing improv books, directing at Second City, starting an Annoyance theater in Brooklyn, NY and the challenges of that, and so much more!! My website www.ejscott.com Twitter @ejscott @EJPodcast Instagram @ejscott1106 The Choroideremia Research Foundation www.curechm.org

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19 Sep 2016

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SCC Special Chicago with Mick Napier

Shanghai Comedy Corner

Mick Napier co-founded the Annoyance Theatre and is a successful director, performer and producer in Chicago. He sat down for a Q&A session with the visiting cast of Zmack Shanghai. Questions asked: 1 Why did you choose to have your own theatre? 2 What’s your improv training? 3 What improvisers’ habits do you find annoying? 4 What to do in a scene? 5 Where does “Skinprov” come from? 6 What challenges do you face while running your theatre? 7 What advice would you give to people who want to do improv for a living? 8 Do you ever get tired of improv? 9 Is there anything that you have difficulty enjoying in improv? 10 How would you introduce a long-form performance at the beginning of a show? 11 How do you get out of your head (in a seemingly lame scene)? 12 What’s your philosophy as a teacher? 13 How would you define improv as a legitimate art form? 14 What about improv festivals? 15 What’s next for Mick Napier?


26 Aug 2016

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Mick Napier

Improv Nerd With Jimmy Carrane

Mick Napier is the founder and artistic director of the acclaimed Annoyance Theater in Chicago, an artistic consultant at Second City and the author of the new book, Behind The Scenes: Improvising Long Form. Jimmy sat down with him to talk about some of the concepts in the book such as giving yourself permission to be funny, how to appeal to a non-improv audience and how to get in the right frame of mind when improvising.


1 Feb 2016

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IRC Podcast 2015-06-24 Mick Napier

Improv Resource Center Podcast

Mick Napier, the Artistic Director of the Annoyance Theatre is our guest. We talk about nudging students to get better, breaking out of your habits, playing without making sense, presenting long form, improv auditions and Martin de Maat. To support the IRC podcast, visit patreon.com.To find out more about Mick Napier, visit The Annoyance Theatre.You can subscribe to this podcast in iTunes. We have two new $10 an episode supporters: Bearded Men Improv & Bob Mann who'd like you to know about OKC Improv in Oklahoma City.


24 Jun 2015

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Mick Napier

A.D.D. Comedy with Dave Razowsky

On today's episode Dave interviews actor Mick Napier. Mick is the co-owner of Chicago’s Annoyance Theater, a director at Second City, and author of Improvise. Scene From The Inside Out.


10 Jun 2013

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Mick Napier

Improv Nerd With Jimmy Carrane

Jimmy sits down for a candid conversation with legendary improviser and director Mick Napier. Mick discusses his formation of the Annoyance Theater, his work with Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert, and how he came to deconstruct the rules of improvisation.


15 Nov 2012

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Episode 200: Annoying Mick Napier

The Nerdologues Present: Poor Choices Archive

The final episode of Poor Choices.  Mick Napier is the guest and we talk about The Annoyance 25th, directing at Second City, Fatty Drives the Bus, Exit 57, and more.  The Poor Choices Podcast was an interview show hosted by Mark Colomb in Chicago.  It featured interviews with Chicago based writers and performers.  Mark Colomb was the host.  Thank you very much for listening and supporting the show.  Look for something new right here in January.  I will do my best to keep the feed up an running but if you would like to donate through paypal that would be great.

1hr 5mins

1 Nov 2012