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Death to 2020 /  Charlie Brooker / 2020

¡Sálvate Marty!

El año 2020 fue sin dudas trágico en muchos aspectos.Parecía que no daba respiro con todos los sucesos que se fueron acumulando.El creador de Black Mirror, busca burlarse de este año de m¡erd@ realizando un mockumentary (docucomedia/falso documental) en donde se realizan entrevistas a varios personajes ficticios que discuten los eventos del año con una mezcla de información verdadera y de sátira. El tema principal es la pandemia del covid-19, particularmente en los Estados Unidos y el Reino Unido. Entre los acontecimientos que se producen a principios de año figuran la última parte de la temporada de incendios de Australia, los discursos sobre el medio ambiente de Greta Thunberg, la renuncia del príncipe Harry y su esposa Meghan a la realeza británica y los premios Óscar del 2020. Se resumen el asesinato de George Floyd y las posteriores protestas en EE.UU. y los manifestantes que retiraron la estatua de Edward Colston en Bristol, Reino Unido.Y por supuesto todo el abordaje sobre el Coronavirus.Con mucho humor negro, ácido y sin filtros, hacemos un repaso sobre los peores hechos del 2020.Como para reírnos un poco de la tragedia, ¿No?


25 Feb 2021

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Broadcast Newswrap #19 Charlie Brooker’s $100m Netflix deal and beyond

Broadcast Newswrap

The TV landscape is changing more rapidly than ever and hundreds of millions of dollars are being splashed by the deep-pocketed streamers to secure top talent via ‘golden handcuffs’ deals. This week, the Broadcast Newswrap is delighted to welcome one of the key figures in putting together some of these exclusive deals, ACF Investment Bank chief executive and president Thomas Dey, who guides us through Netflix’s $100m agreement with Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones. 


2 Oct 2020

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Charlie Brooker

Out To Lunch with Jay Rayner

On throwing-up all over a restaurant, a fear of vomiting, and why dessert menus without chocolate are pointless. Charlie Brooker, writer and creator of Netflix hit 'Black Mirror', is Out To Lunch with Jay for a curry in London's St James' (recorded pre-lockdown). Charlie and Jay eat at Chutney Mary, London, UK: https://www.chutneymary.com/ A Somethin' Else / Jay Rayner production. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


7 Jul 2020

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Charlie Brooker: My Life in Video Games

This Game Changed My Life

Charlie Brooker chats to Aoife and Julia about the video game he almost made, his digital testicles and the games that changed his life.Aoife Wilson and Julia Hardy are best mates who love video games and have worked in the industry for years. They find the most shocking, moving and inspiring true stories about how gaming changed people’s lives forever. Join them to hear about the guy who works for NASA because of a game, the couple who fell in love on an MMORPG, the man who turned his escape from civil war into a video game and the gamers who caught a killer in real time.Producer: Nathan JonesDo you have a great, true story about a video game? Email us at thisgamechangedmylife@bbc.co.uk


9 Apr 2020

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RHLSTP 268 - Charlie Brooker

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

#268 Gulping Robot Toilets - Richard is hoping he will find his way into the Guinness Book of Records, but Norris Macwhirter is not answering his calls. His guest is making a return visit to RHLSTP after 7 and a half years (but will his hair reveal his success?) - it’s the amazing Charlie Brooker.The conversation is predictably dark and disgusting incorporating Charlie’s fury at a seven year old who makes an amazing living opening boxes, trying to introduce his kids to the Young Ones, what the best pinball SUPPORT THE SHOW!Become a badger and see extra content at our WEBSITESee details of the RHLSTP TOUR DATESBuy DVDs and Books from GO FASTER STRIPESee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 23mins

25 Mar 2020

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S1 Ep10: Charlie Brooker, screenwriter

In Writing with Hattie Crisell

In this last episode of the series, Charlie Brooker – the man behind Black Mirror, the BBC’s Wipe shows, Dead Set, Nathan Barley, TV Go Home and more – invites me into his messy, makeshift study. We talk about his unique career trajectory, the process of writing a Netflix show, and the ongoing, necessary pain of taking feedback on your work. Logo by Ben Neale


24 Jan 2020

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Charlie Brooker

Switch Off with Konnie Huq

TV writer, producer, presenter and critic Charlie Brooker takes a seven-day break from social media and tells Konnie Huq – who also happens to be his wife – about the experience.Charlie (@charltonbrooker) was one of the first big names from the UK to be active on Twitter, back in the heady days of Stephen Fry live tweeting from a lift.In this episode, recorded at Charlie and Konnie’s West London home, he opens up about why he’s withdrawn from posting more recently, why he’s such a prolific lurker, and his extreme ideas for a social network of the future.Switch Off is produced by Tom Green and mixed by John Scott for Ear to Ear.


6 Aug 2019

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Charlie Brooker • Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #275

Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip

Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 275 of the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip! A very long awaited and very highly requested guest right here, as Pip is joined by the creator of Black Mirror and so much more - it’s CHARLIE BROOKER!…but don’t by any means think that Black Mirror is a one man show, as Charlie himself will ensure you know how important Annabel Jones is in the whole creative process! He and Pip get all the way into the whole Black Mirror phenomenon, how it works and what it is to be a showrunner, the rise of Black Mirror in the US, how Charlie is the Drake of TV according to Pip (you’ll enjoy this theory), how the auteur theory is bullshit, presenting the show to Netflix, having an exit strategy in a series and how there are less exits in a film as opposed to an episode, Bandersnatch and the three episode season, his older work including Dead Set, Nathan Barley and the various ‘-Wipes, his Screen Burn column and how haters could improve their hater game by reading some of his columns for how to REALLY dis someone…* Production note: Pip had a backup recorder running, and you’ll hear some of this at the start for a minute or so, but after that the audio is straight from the mics. Just in case you wondered why the quality shifts a touch!EPISODE LINKS:• CHARLIE on TWITTER• BLACK MIRROR• DEAD SET• SCREENWIPETHIS EPISODES SPIRIT ANIMALS:• DPP #274 • Jed Mercurio• DPP #248 • Mark MillarLINKS FOR SCROOBIUS PIP & SPEECH DEVELOPMENT:• SCROOBIUS PIP on TWITTER!• SCROOBIUS PIP on INSTAGRAM!• SCROOBIUS PIP on PATREON!• POD BIBLE!• SPEECH DEVELOPMENT RECORDS • DISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on FACEBOOK• DISTRACTION PIECES NETWORK on INSTAGRAM• NEW LISTENERS TAKE NOTE • You can find the full DISTRACTION PIECES episode list HERE!See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


25 Jun 2019

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Breaking Down Each Episode of ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 With Creators Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker | The Watch

The Watch

Chris is joined by ‘Black Mirror’ creators Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker to talk about some of the challenges of creating the anthology series (2:34). Then they break down each episode from Season 5: “Striking Viper” (20:50), “Smithereens” (33:46), and “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” (48:38).Host: Chris RyanGuests: Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


7 Jun 2019

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#38 - Killing Eve, The Handmaid's Tale, and Tales Of The City. Featuring Charlie Brooker & Annabel Jones

Pilot TV Podcast

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones stop by the podcast this week to talk about the new series of Black Mirror. Plus we get into the happy-go-lucky third seadon of The Handmaid's Tale, the long-delayed second season of Killing Eve, and the even more belated continuation of Armistead Maupin's Tales Of The City. All that and flying chcolate, James failing to grasp the genius of Rick And Morty, and a fight for the very soul of the Banshee segment.

1hr 16mins

3 Jun 2019