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051- INTERVIEW: Insights into Domestic Violence – A Conversation With Danny Burde 

Born to Be a Badass

Danny Burde is the founder of Iron Crew Athletics. He has bachelor's degrees in both psychology and kinesiology. He's a CrossFit level two coach, and was a head coach at NorCal CrossFit (akaNCfit) before he started Iron Crew Athletics. He's been immersed in fitness since he was 12 years old and has an immense passion for helping other people. Danny specializes in helping people find sustainable exercise and nutrition plans and his vision is a world where everyone stays in shape and eats healthy forever. A former police officer who used to respond to domestic violence calls, he’s also waiting to serve his sentence after being convicted of felony domestic violence. In this episode, Danny and I discuss: Being a police officer and dealing with domestic violence incidents. The cycle of abuse as well as abuse in emotional, psychological, and physical ways. How police officers are trained to handle conflict resolution. Domestic violence: happens to everyone. It doesn’t pick a sex or body type. Key Takeaways: Danny’s favorite self-care practice is exercising.  Danny’s advice to men in their 20’s is to realize that you are young, don’t give in to the pressure of being in a rush to start your life. "This incident, this moment in time, does not define who you are."  —  Danny Burde Connect with Danny Burde: Website: Iron Crew Athletics Instagram: Danny_Burde Youtube: Iron Crew Athletics LinkedIn: Danny Burde Podcast: Iron Crew Podcast Episode on Domestic Violence CONNECT WITH CYNTHIA: If you'd like to chat with Cynthia, sign up for your Personal Safety Preparedness Consultation with her today! Remember to subscribe to "Born to Be A Badass" so that you don't miss a single episode, and join us in the "Born to Be A Badass Collective" group on Facebook. While you're at it, won't you take a moment to write a short review and rate our show? It would be greatly appreciated! If you work in the self-defense world, are a survivor, a healer or otherwise BADASS woman and you would like to be interviewed by Cynthia, reach out at cynthia@jolicoeur.com To learn more about previous guests, listen to past episodes, and get to know your host, go to Apple Podcasts or here. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin

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24 Aug 2020

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Danny Burde

Two Somethings in a Pod

Danny Burde is a strength coach, online trainer and host of the IronCrewPodcast.We talk about being convicted during covid 2020, being a cop for 10 years,  taking care of mental health during quarantine, and fitness training at home.Instagram: @ironcrewdanny @domjacksonfitWebsite:https://ironcrewathletics.com/1on1coaching/


30 Jul 2020

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Bonus Episode! Talking imposter syndrome, parenting, vulnerability, and passions on the Iron Crew Podcast with Danny Burde

Fit Dad Fitness Podcast

This bonus episode is from my appearance on the Iron Crew Podcast with Danny Burde. Check out everything Danny has going on at https://ironcrewathletics.com/, and be sure to give his podcast a listen as well at https://ironcrewathletics.com/podcast/ or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Enjoy this bonus content? Please let me know what you thought by leaving a rating and a review of the show on Apple Podcasts, and as always, feel free to send feedback to michael@fitdadfitness.com.


30 Sep 2019

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Danny Burde | Spending Time Alone and in Silence

On Becoming

Danny Burde and fell in love with fitness when he needed to gain weight for his high school football team. He read everything he could on exercise, nutrition, and health. He also experimented with everything under the sun, since he was not a naturally gifted athlete and needed all the help he could get. His love for exercise continued throughout college, where he played football at San Jose State University as a running back. He double majored in Psychology and Kinesiology with an emphasis in teaching. Danny enlisted in the police academy in 2006, where he was introduced to CrossFit by one of the instructors. Danny felt the positive effects of that style of exercise immediately and has been following CrossFit workouts ever since. He is currently the Head Coach at NC Fit in Redwood City, California. Over the years Danny has developed a vast knowledge base of physical, emotional, and psychological health and fitness. This knowledge has come through experience, training, and experimentation.  Featured Guest/People Mentioned Danny Burde (@dannybrude009) Ironcrewathletics (@ironcrewathletics) Website: https://ironcrewathletics.com/ NCFit (@nc_fit) Jordan Harbinger (@jordanharbinger) Lewis Howes (@lewishowes) Tom Bilyeu (@tombilyeu) Like this show? Please leave a review here - even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter or Instagram handle so I can thank you personally! Also, you can also find me at: YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMi5wUXA5Y8Mh-9YoAUVRPQ?view_as=subscriber) Instagram (@daniellim_me) Twitter (@daniellim_me) Email (dlim@daniellim.me)

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9 Sep 2019

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Danny Burde | Listener Questions

Iron Crew Podcast

Danny spends this week solo as he gives gratitude for all of the people who have helped him along the way thus far.  He also goes into what to expect in future episodes, gives his 2019 CrossFit Open recap, and how he has adjusted his training to improve aerobic capacity and movement quality.  Danny also answers a handful of listener questions in this information packed episode.  If you have a question for Danny, leave a comment below or email him at ironcrewathletics.com! Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy! 3:08 - Danny gives gratitude for those who make the podcast happen 7:10 - 2019 CrossFit Open Recap 9:35 - The importance of aerobic capacity in fitness 14:50 - What is a good pre workout “go-to” warm-ups? 17:13 - Should you workout when you are sick? 21:10 - What are the benefits of tempo weight lifting? 26:07 - How to adjust CrossFit workouts based on male/female ratio 31:16 - How many rest days should you take a week? 35:00 - Closing If you like fresh coffee, use “ironcrew” at check out for 10% off Rubel Roasting Coffee.  Go to rubelroasting.com/coffee to order now! If exercise and mobility are important to you, use “ironcrew” at check out for 10% off a Kingsfield Fitness Vibrating Foam Roller.  Go to kingsfieldfitness.com to order now! Remember to subscribe to this podcast, leave a rating, and a review!  Also check out my other platforms! Website - ironcrewathletics.com YouTube - Iron Crew Athletics Instagram - @ironcrewathletics Facebook - Iron Crew Athletics Twitter - @ironcrewathlete LinkedIn - Danny Burde Email - ironcrewpodcast@gmail.com


27 Mar 2019

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Grit, Mentorship, Mobility, Community, And Wellness Balance – A Coaches Conversation – BHP43 Featuring Danny Burde

Boost Health

Episode 43 of the BOOST Health Podcast features Danny Burde, a CrossFit coach and host of the Iron Crew Podcast.  We have tons in common and as such we went off on a number of topics including evolving as coaches, mentorship, grit, gaining size and strength fast, mobility and his 3 […]


20 Dec 2018

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HIITCAST 049 - Iron Crew Athletics: CrossFit and Exercise Performance with Danny Burde


In this episode, I am joined by Danny Burde, the guy who has taken his 5am CrossFit class to the next level by giving that workout time its own brand, podcast, and community: Iron Crew Athletics! Danny is a motivating fitness professional and gives us a glimpse into his passion into managing and instructing fitness, and how he operates in his gym. We talk about slamming protein immediately after a workout, and whether it's as evidence-based of a practice as gym culture would have you believe!


16 Dec 2018

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Episode 36 - Mobility & Podcasting with Danny Burde

The Navigating Nutrition Podcast

Danny is a former Police Officer, Head Coach at NCFIT Redwood City, and creator and host of the Iron Crew Podcast. He found CrossFit back in 2006, and used it to train for the Police Olympics. As host of the Iron Crew Podcast, Danny talks about everything from fitness and nutrition to parenting and relationships. There are so many CrossFit Coaches in the world today, and in order for all of us to make the impact we set out to, we must find our niche- that thing that we are so passionate about that we study it even when we don't have to. In this episode, we sit down at NCFIT Redwood City with Danny to chat about finding your niche as a CrossFit Coach, and how he found his in the mobility world.  You can find Danny here: @ironcrewathletics www.ironcrewathletics.com


26 Nov 2018

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How Daily Movement Effects Your Training with Danny Burde (Fitness Fundamentals #7)

Two Somethings in a Pod

Danny Burde, crossfit coach and creator of the Iron Crew Athletics. We talk about how daily movement can effect your training, ways to tell if your form is bad, and how previous injures can haunt you.Website: ironcrewathletics.com Facebook: Iron Crew Athletics Instagram: @ironcrewathleticsTwitter: @ironcrewathlete QOTD: At what point do you get rid of your socks?


29 Oct 2018

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Episode 12 - Raising Our Kids To Feel Validated and Heard with Danny Burde

Warrior Dads Podcast

In today's episode I talk with Danny Burde, a CrossFit coach at NC Fit, located in Redwood City, California. Danny fell in love with fitness in 1996, when he needed to gain weight for his high school football team.Danny double majored in Psychology and Kinesiology, with an emphasis on teaching while attending San Jose State University.Danny enlisted in the police academy in 2006, where he was introduced to CrossFit by one of his instructors. He felt the positive effects immediately and has been following CrossFit workouts ever since. Danny still enjoys all styles of fitness and still implements variety in his exercise routines.You can find out more about Danny by visiting http://www.ironcrewathletics.com and on social media @IronCrewAthletics.Please subscribe and keep on being a Warrior Dad!anchor.fm/warriordadsitunes.apple.com/us/podcast/warrior-dads-podcast/id1410811364open.spotify.com/show/2YRj95CUlOKZQAeyROgn1lwww.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/warrior-dads-podcast--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/warriordads/support


9 Oct 2018