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3552: Our Father w/ Murf Meyer

Keith and The Girl comedy talk show

Following an update on Keith’s dad’s 600 tons of gold, Murf Meyer is Self-Medicated’s Murf Meyer joins in to help discuss harm reduction, self-medication, and children. The trio also discusses how white people should honor Juneteenth, Netflix’s Spiderhead, and the internet begging Sony to release Morbius in theaters for a third time. The gang also talks about The Flash’s Ezra Miller mocking authorities that are searching for them and the 50 students at Seattle Pacific University that handed their interim president pride flags during a commencement ceremony because the school bars the hiring of LGBTQ people. And that concludes Season 1 of KATG. See you tomorrow for Season 2.


20 Jun 2022

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3450: Sleep It Off w/ Carrie Gravenson and Murf Meyer

Keith and The Girl comedy talk show

Comedians Murf Meyer and Carrie Gravenson join KATG and discuss death as well as the losses of Norm Macdonald and Diane O’Debra. KATG also discusses: Keith expecting to die at camping Bingo Depression and suicidal thoughts The cause of Trevor Moore’s death Liquor company CEO Ian Crystal fell to his death doing a flip on a Citi Field balcony A man disguised himself and kidnapped his ex-wife so that he can save her and win her back Brazil’s president told everyone in the country to buy a rifle to help the crime-ridden country


15 Sep 2021

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71 - The Acid Frenzy of the 90s (w/ Murf Meyer)

Loud About Nothing

This week we have the host of Self Medicated with Murf Meyer, Murf Meyer (@murfmeyer) on the pod.  Murf is a former heroin addict sharing his stories and positivity with the world to reduce stigma around addiction.  The first Sebastian had ever heard of Murf was from an infamous email that went around a UCB class.  He has been a fan since.  Sebastian and Murf share some psychedelic stories. They get a little political and discuss what could possibly unite the country.  Murf talks about unions and how they hopefully will save us.  They share their experiences in their union, SAG, and they air out some beef they have with it.  To Sebastian's surprise, Robbie tells the listeners they go to the gym at "make out point".  keep calling into the pod @ 929-900-6393 and follow us on social media @murfmeyer @sebastianconelli @robbienunes Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 23mins

28 May 2021

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S01E127: How to Scam the Lottery w/ Murf Meyer


Murf Meyer, an old UCB comedy friend and host of the Murf Meyer is Self-Medicated podcast, joins us to talk about a legendary lottery scam that happened in the ‘80s in Pennsylvania. Honestly? This scam is genius and more people should pull it because scamming the lottery is a great idea. RESOURCES: https://www.selfmedicatedpod.com/ scamwowpodcast.com https://www.youtube.com/c/caitlinBrodnick http://suesmithcomedy.com https://stereo.com/caitybrodnick https://stereo.com/suesmith666 www.formulate.co/podcast AND use code SCAMWOW DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and this is satire. C’monSend us your scams!scamwowpodcast@gmail.comOr call: 347-509-9414 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 May 2021

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Weekend Pop-in [Alex Interview Retrospective + Stephen King Short Stories + New Murf Meyer Podcast ]

Working Perspectives Podcast

Matt and Tom jump on for a quick little cuppa coffee. They start off with a look back on the epic 4 part interview series they recorded with Matt's brother Alex (min 1). Then, for recommendations, they offer up Stephen King's fantastic short story books (min  14) and Actor/Comedian Murf Meyer's new podcast 'Murf Meyer is Self-Medicated' (min 28). Rate, review, recycle, repeat!


25 Mar 2021

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The Man, The Myth, The Murf: Actor/Advocate Murf Meyer on the wild times and powerful lessons of addiction, his early jobs, and an eventual career in showbiz.

Working Perspectives Podcast

On this episode of the Working Perspectives Podcast, Murf Meyer joins the boys to talk about his journey of recovering from heroin addiction to working as an orderly in a psych ward and as a security guard for an escort service, then eventually following his dream of being on TV in his underwear. We are so honored and proud to have him on the show and for him to share his amazing story of following his dream. Also, Matt shares a bunch of embarrassing stories. New Episodes Every Tuesday.

1hr 43mins

26 Jan 2021

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281: Self Medicated (w/ Murf Meyer)

High and Mighty

Comedian Murf Meyer joins gabrus to talk about the ups and downs of something we all do; self-medicating.Check out gabrus' other podcast, Action BoyzAdvertise on High & Mighty via Gumball.fm.Shout out to Trico for sponsoring this episode of High & Mighty. Go to Wipers123.com and use promo code MIGHTY at checkout and receive $10 off your next order or $40 or more.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 39mins

22 Oct 2020

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Signs with Murf Meyer and Diana Kolsky

Blank Check with Griffin & David

This week’s guests on the Shyamacast are ‘real life lovers’ Murf Meyer (The Chris Gethard Show) and Diana Kolsky (Above Average), hosts in their own right of Ménage à Trois Radio, also on the UCB Comedy podcast network! And for Blank Check’s ongoing investigative mini-series of Shyamalan’s films, together with #thetwofriends they discuss 2002’s faith biased, alien invasion movie, Signs. Was it fate that it was poorly received? Was Shyamalan smart in casting himself for a role that required some real acting? How does Mel Gibson’s filmography hold up to the numerous terrible things he been quoted in public saying? Well, Blankies rejoice because this in-depth analysis leaves no glasses half empty nor half full! Also, Griffin professes his love for Chicken Run numerous times, Diana receives 7 comedy points and Murf recalls a summer of Austin Powers references.

1hr 41mins

15 Feb 2016

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Episode 88: Murf Meyer

Hit the Mark!

Murf Meyer (TCGS)tells us how he got the nickname, his huge family, how there were bars on every street in his small town in PA, and that is only the first few minutes...lots of good stuff in this ep

1hr 22mins

22 Aug 2013

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Ep. 74: HtM at The 15th Annual Del Close Marathon (Ft. Bobby Moynihan, John Gemberling, Murf Meyer, and many more)

Hit the Mark!

Every year since 1999 UCB has hosted a marathon of improv. This episode takes you into the 3 day orgy of comedy. Lots of crazy yelling and much more absurd drunken bits. FEATURING (in order of appearance):Murf Meyer, Kim Brown,Bardia Salami, Brentt Harshman, Aaron Jackson, Hal Phillips, Jesse Lee, Lou Gonzalez, Chrissie Gruebel,Megan Venzin,Natasha Vaynblat, Brennan Mulligan, Allie Kokesh, Nick Assunto, Justin Grace, Dan Black, Langan Kingsley, Ryan Williams, Katey Healy-Wurzberg, John Gemberling, Diana Kolsky, Taylor Moore, Rudy Behrens, Lisa Herring, Sean Casey, Rita Chin, Johnna Scrabis, Georgia Clark, Betsy Kenney, Juan Nicolon, Bobby Moynihan, Kim Parker, Brandon Tarzis, Martin Ryder,The Japanese Improv team (Shu and Kiki) Ian Stroud, Matt Starr, Corey Brown, Mark Dowling, Emma Noble, Joey Price, Jon Bershad, and Dan Fox

1hr 37mins

4 Jul 2013