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1 Sep 2022

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The power of your WHY - With CEO Stephanie Brown Munro of LRHF

Colour Me Happy!

When there is power and emotion behind your "why" it can take you to where you were meant to be in this life. All the fears and doubts fall to the wayside in the face of your why. In this stunning conversation Stephanie and I discuss the power of community and the strength in collaboration. When we support and life one another up it is an insurmountable force. Stephanie talks about her hopes and dreams for inclusivity and the evolution of our world. You won't want to  miss this beautiful discussion.  You can learn more about Stephanie and the Lloydminster Regional Health Foundation here: https://www.lrhf.ca/ You can support the foundation in their Annual Gala Event: https://www.lrhf.ca/events/gala/ Help Fund their Mental Health initiative Project Sunrise: https://www.lrhf.ca/projectsunrise/ Learn More About our Podcast: https://www.brandihofer.ca/colourmehappypodcast Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Cfza85CwldY

1hr 11mins

15 May 2022

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406: Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)

Geek History Lesson

The daughter of the Cluemaster, the fourth Robin, and the fourth Batgirl -- Stephanie Brown has had an epic superhero career beyond her identity as The Spoiler. Let's dive deep into this Batman and Young Justice character and figure why fans love this 90s DC Comics character.  Don't forget to check out Ashley's New Comic -- www.auroraandtheeagle.com  You can purchase signed copies of Jason & Ashley's books like JUPITER JET here: https://www.jasoninman.com/store GHL RECOMMENDED READING from this episode: http://geekhistorylesson.com/recommendedreading Follow the show on TWITTER - https://twitter.com/GHLPodcast Visit our Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/geekhistorylesson You can find Ashley at https://twitter.com/AshleyVRobinson and Jason at https://twitter.com/Jawiin. Thanks for showing up to class today. Class is dismissed!

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15 Mar 2022

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Stephanie Brown and I5 strangler

The Right Shoe

There's the I-5 killer (Randy Woodfield)  then there's the I-5 strangler  who is the I-5 Strangler? Stephanie Brown dropped her friends off in July 1986 late one night - they told her to take I-5 North and don't get lost on I-5 South - and she did what happened next was horrific... and investigators had to look for her and others in the summer of 1986 and then in 1987 he picked up - who was he and why were these girls missing to be found dead on long lonely stretches of road?


1 Mar 2022

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Highlight series- Dr. Stephanie Brown

Truth Seekers

Join in as we celebrate Dr. Brown during our "22 author highlight series" for February 2022! Hear her story on how her passion for youth led to creating books for children of color. 


15 Feb 2022

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Stephanie Brown:Food & Family

Radio Maine with Dr. Lisa Belisle

Stephanie Brown understands that food and family are foundational elements of a life well-lived. Trained as a chef at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, her professional pursuits are the continuation of a personal legacy reflected in memories of homemade pasta drying in the bedroom of her grandparents’ four story walk-up in Boston’s North End.  Her decades-long career encompasses a love for food and people that has most recently manifested in co-ownership of North 43 Bistro in South Portland, Maine. Stephanie is beloved for the joy she brings to catered events, from intimate weddings to corporate events--not to mention pre-COVID art openings at our own Portland Art Gallery.  Learn more about Stephanie’s commitment to building community through breaking bread on today’s episode of Radio Maine. 


13 Oct 2021

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Defending From the Very Beginning with Stephanie Brown

Andrew & Andrew on Texas Criminal Defense

Stephanie Brown with the Bexar County Public Defender’s Office talks with us today about representing individuals in magistration proceedings. Magistration is the very first court appearance a defendant makes after being arrested and for the longest time defense attorneys were non-existent during them. That changed a couple years ago in Bexar County and the results have been astounding. Listen in as the Andrews discuss the importance of early representation with the lawyer who is leading the charge on this important phase for someone charged with a crime. Stephanie recommends everyone read Suffer the Children by John Saul but it sounds too scary to one of the Andrews, we’ll let you guess which. Stephanie says the best piece of advice she’s ever been given is that you can’t make grown people do what they don’t want to do, so quit trying. You can learn more about Stephanie here (as well as find her contact information).


16 Jul 2021

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#4 Stephanie Brown - How To Drive 500K Visitors Per Month To Your Ecomm Store

The Optimized Store Owner Show

Hey y’all! On today’s episode we have Stephanie Brown, CEO and founder of Ox and Pine. Stephanie is like most ecommerce business owners that I’ve met, they find something that they like and are passionate about, word spreads, and a business is started. Stephanie is also a mother of four and still finds time to run. If you’re an ecommerce business owner, you can probably relate. In this episode…You’re going to learn these three things and more. How to market handmade products online effectivelyHow to grow and scale if you are bootstrapping And the one platform Ox and Pine leverage to drive 500k visits to their online store every month. All right, let’s jump into the episode


14 Jun 2021

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44. Charlie and Stephanie Brown ON: The Brown’s talk about the tragic events surrounding the death of their young son, Dylan, during a flash flood in Arizona. Powerful message of Faith and Compassion.

Come Towards Delight

My friends Charlie and Stephanie Brown, share their experiences surrounding the death of their young son Dylan, during a flash flood in Arizona. This episode will tug at your heart as listen, because you can literally feel the true love Charlie and Stephanie have for their son and how much they miss him. I have known the Brown's for a few years now, they are some of the most loving, kind, and generous people I know. They are the kind of people that quietly lift others up and instill in others value and worth. Before I learned about the tragic loss of their son, I could tell that there were some experiences they had been through that had stretched their souls to the point of breaking, not because they are broken people, but because they have broken hearts which has provided them the ability to show up for others who are hurting or struggling without hesitation. "The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life." Russell M. Nelson Charlie shares this quote from Russel M. Nelson, current President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Prophet.  This quote defines death of loved ones, and for any parents who have lost a young child, I hope that you will listen to Charlie and Stephanie share their experiences losing Dylan. If you have ever been to Arizona during Monsoon season, you are well aware that when Monsoon's come they come out of nowhere, they come fast and hard, and they can be very dangerous and deadly. On the day that Dylan died, they monsoon had passed recently so the boys, naturally, wanted to go play in the mud and catch frogs. In a brief moment of distraction Dylan slipped through a fence and into an irrigation canal that was moving at a very rapid pace caused by water coming down from a nearby mountain. Charlie and Stephanie describe their feelings during the chaotic moments searching desperately to find Dylan. When they were able to locate Dylan the firefighters did all they could to save his life, but it was too late.  As they talk about this experience, your heart will be touched. Their pain even years later is very real and their hope and faith in their belief that they will see Dylan again one day is powerful. Another piece of the story you will hear about is years later when Child Protective Services calls them to let them know that they were opening a case against them. This brought all of the pain and emotions right back to the front and the Browns couldn't believe what was happening, as everyone at the scene that day, including the firefighters witnessed of the accident. You can imagine what that must of felt like for the Browns who were already struggling to keep their own heads above water every day due to the pain of the grief and loss of their son. They share an eye opening reminder to us during this interview. Stephanie talk about the day she read all of the comments people posted on the news story of their sons drowning. Through tears she describes the pain, shame, and worthlessness she felt as she read comments from people who criticized their parenting, love for their children, etc... and the awful and harsh words many used. I hope that by listening to their story, we can all personally think about everyone we are connected to in our personal lives and even those we don't know personally that maybe in the news, or another connection, that we have judged and criticized without knowing all of the complete details, and commit to ourselves to change and do better than that form of low life thinking and criticizing. There is no place in our world for anyone to be treated that way by complete strangers who have no idea who you are. We must put a stop to that not only personally but we must be the counter voice when we see it to protect others who are in the types of potions that the Browns were in. Charlie and Stephanie's, devotion and faith in the Atoning sacrifice, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is beautiful and palpable. In reverence, with broken hearts and contrite spirits, they push on with purpose to care for their other children, lift up others who are going through their own tragic experiences, and to show God of their love and gratitude for His plan of Salvation which will allow them to one day again be with their son. Thank you both for putting your heart vulnerably on your sleeve and sharing your experiences with me and anyone who listens. I love you both dearly and I know who you are. You have lifted me up and inspired me many times and my prayer is that you will feel the love and support of others around you and you will never forget that you are worthy and beloved by our Father in Heaven, and one day the plan He has designed for you will have your son Dylan in your arms again for an eternity of love and incredible opportunities for experiences.    

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22 Apr 2021

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P2P Ep. 15 Surrendering to Your Higher Self With Stephanie Brown

WHOLEistically Fulfilled

Stephanie Brown takes on a journey of what it means to truly surrender to ones higher self. So often we are faced with forcing ourselves to move forward, to be somewhere else, instead of enjoying where we are and taking inspired action. Stephanie shares her unique awakening story to inspire us to live the path of surrender, to the highest version of us.


31 Mar 2021