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PJ Ewing – The Bee’s Knees Podcast – PI-152

Podcast Insider

From the show floor at Podcast Movement 2019, Todd and Mike go over some of the news and happenings at this years show in Orlando Florida.This episode does not follow our normal format.  Next week, we will go over more of the news from the show and how this will matter to you and your show.Mike interviewed PJ Ewing from the Bee's Knees Podcast and X10 Therapy about how they are using podcasting to build business and how PJ has fallen in love with podcasting.


16 Aug 2019

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E 103 Post Knee Surgery Rehab, Range of Motion and Strength –X10 Therapy Machine with PJ Ewing

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

PJ Ewing talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast.Post knee surgery rehab now has a new machine to increaserange of  motion  (ROM) and strength in a matter of 3 weeks.That leaves you with more functional rehab with a physical therapist. Learnabout the x10 knee therapy machine with PJ Ewing.The X10 is a specialized knee rehab equipment co-developed by his dad and a coworker of the orthopedic surgeon who invented  knee replacement surgery.  The x10 machine is about the size of arecliner and goes usually into a patients home for 2-5 weeks.  It helps prepare the knee for surgery butusually is used to regain Range of Motion post knee replacement , patellafracture or ACL surgery as well as rebuild the strength.He discusses how the computer and the knee apparatus cansense the resistance in real time, pain and end range of motion, ROM, and thenadjust in real time to maximize where you are and then increase it all in painfree motions. The company has coaches and doctors that oversee each treatmentand can tweak the program for each person each visit. The machine can sense the resistance decrease and it hasbeen programmed to know that might be because of pain. So it holds it there for10 seconds and alternates to flexion and extension  terminal end points.Usually a patient is doing this pain free treatment 35minutes a day, 3 times a day so it doesn’t take but a couple weeks to get yourrange of motion (110-115 degrees) back (without having to have a MUA of kneescar tissue) and so your physical therapy is now on walking and strengthinstead of  regaining painful ROM.Continuous Passive Motion Machine vs x10. Why is one shownto do just about nothing but still being recommended like crazy.X10 knee is covered by some insurance companies in Michiganbut they are working on expanding coverage in other states.Does this tool / machine replace the Physical Therapist? Ifnot, how do they work together? Remove the ROM component and utilize your PT visits for morecomprehensive and fine tuning of the knee rehab.X10 is rapidly expanding with a new model this year andlearn why they lease instead of sell these machines and how they plan tocompete in other state market places.They get plenty of calls everyday for people to dotelemedicine and medical vacations from other countries and states because ofthe limited reach at the moment. They plan to change that in 2019.As a startup company about to hit massive expansion, why isgrowth a key factor to consider and be concerned about managing properly?What type of videos have been far and away the most viewedand impactful for x10?Book:  The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder 1981 Pulitzer Price Winner Hear his take on why now is a great time to podcast and whyhe started his own. We both have Chinese mixed babies and are trying to raisethem bilingual… hear his two cents on that topic and how after school languageclasses are helping.www.x10therapy.com pjewing@x10therapy.comPJ Ewing grew up in Michigan. He worked in marketing andadvertising for the first 20+ years of his career. Beginning his career at LeoBurnett Advertising he worked on many large brands including McDonald’s, Kraft,& Pepsi before moving to media sales. Mr. Ewing developed an expertise inhelping people solve difficult communication problems.In 2012 PJ joined the executive team at Halley Orthopedicsas Chief Marketing Officer. “Never has there been a bigger opportunity toimprove the outcomes of knee patients. I jumped when I first heard about theX10. Now I love every minute of the work we do,” said Mr Ewing.In 2013 PJ earned a certification asa Certified X10 Patient Recovery Coach. He has coached hundreds of patients toa successful recovery after knee replacement and other surgeriessince then.PJ received a bachelor’s degree from the University ofMichigan and a Masters in Business from the University...


25 Dec 2018

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