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Gina Johnson: Holistic Business Coach and Connector For Start Ups and Small Businesses

Success Street

We talk with Business Coach Gina Johnson about the fundamentals of business basics to achieve success. Examples: teaching was are the ultimate “opt ins” to build your email list and finding/interviewing the virtual assistance to best suit you.


1 Jun 2021

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Damian Lillard's mom Gina Johnson

Court-side moms

The Portland Trail Blazers were on fire during their time in the NBA bubble and no one was  more exciting to watch than point guard Damian Lillard.  Court-Side Moms, joined by guest co-host, Amanda Mina, is excited to welcome Damian’s mom, Gina Johnson, to today’s episode.  After being named NBA Bubble MVP, a season ending injury put Damian on the bench and Gina talks about how they are coping with the many ups and downs of the past few months.  It takes a village - many of Damian’s family moved with him to Portland when he was drafted and we hear how that has changed his life and theirs.  Gina shares stories of Damian’s early years,  how his grit and determination helped him overcome challenges on the way to draft night and a career in the NBA.  She also talks about what it’s been like to be an NBA mom these past 8 years and we hear about Damian’s upcoming wedding, the Adidas endorsement and the Dame 6 sneaker deal.  An entertaining and fun filled episode you won’t want to miss.


16 Sep 2020

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Gina Johnson (Delta College Women's Basketball)-the Coaches Corner with Mario Ramos Podcast

Coaches Corner with Mario Ramos

Delta College Head Coach Gina Johnson joins Mario Ramos to talk about what led her into coaching,  last year's unbelievable squad, and coaching in Stockton. Check it out!


13 Aug 2020

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Community Showcase - Gina Johnson: New Instructional Designer

TLDCast Podcast

In this Community Showcase episode, we feature Gina Johnson, currently an adjunct professor of Communication at the college of Southern Maryland, and also a new instructional designer --- she just enrolled in a certification program that started a few days ago! You don't often meet a workplace professional with this much passion and energy. Gina has a variety of skill sets that seem to have led her to instructional design, and it's going to be exciting watching her trajectory. Check out the episode - Gina has a great career in instructional design ahead of her. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gina-johnson-61a53b111/ https://twitter.com/gina_bks


27 Jun 2020

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#7 Talking Mental Health with Family (w/ Gina Johnson)

The Taylor Johnson Podcast

Taylor's mom is back on the podcast to talk about mental health. It's the perfect time for this conversation because Taylor is losing his mind from being trapped in his apartment. Also, Laban Massey returns to figure out how to navigate another awkward situation. Also also, are you an alien listening to this in the future? Taylor has a question for you. JOIN THE DISCORD: http://taylorjohnsononline.com/discord 


29 Mar 2020

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#85 Dr. Gina Johnson on things you need to know about total health management in COVID 19

Women, Wine & Leadership

I met Dr. Gina Johnson at an Ellevate Network happy hour in Bellevue, Washington. We bonded over Pinot Noir before we bonded over integrative health. Gina provides personalized lifestyle / functional medicine on the phone. Her virtual telemedicine clinic and concierge service helps people optimize and manage their total health. This interview comes at a perfect time to provide strategies during the stay-home mandate.  Here's the short list: #1 Avoid the virus. Stay home. #2 Wash hands, don't touch your face. #3 Recognize the word vulnerable encompasses more than just elders Here are a few signs your immune system is not well You get sick frequently. You can say "yes" on lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, vaping, poor diet. You have a medical condition like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, even sinus infections. Gina shares how to be the curator of your own health and what to watch for before you call the doctor during this pandemic. Most importantly, if you have symptoms, call your doc. If you have difficulty breathing, call 911. Listen for more details and Gina's own strategies for staying sane in the shut in. If you want to contact Gina, go to https://www.vitalmindbody.com/or connect on Facebook. If you live in Bellevue and you want to support a local business, order dinner from https://www.cepae.com/ tonight.


27 Mar 2020

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#1 Death! (w/ Gina Johnson)

The Taylor Johnson Podcast

Taylor calls up his close friend and old youth pastor, Glyndon Greer, to talk about the podcast they did together 14 years ago. Then Taylor interviews his mom about death and grief. And to close it all out, Dani Barrera tells a ridiculous story about kissing a boy for a friend. Got a question or comment about something in this episode? Send your thoughts to taylor@taylorjohnsononline.com Thanks to Lucky Star for the use of their song "Shake Your Body" and thanks to Jordan Combs for the use of "Burn Norton" and "The Dry Salvages."

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16 Feb 2020

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Arkansas Episode 85 – Gina Johnson – President of Little Rock Tours

The Shrimp Tank Podcast Arkansas - The Best Entrepreneur Podcast In The Country

Gina Johnson / Little Rock ToursGina Johnson is the president of Little Rock Tours. She’s a native of Columbus, Ohio, and is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Ohio University’s Scripps School of Journalism, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Gina’s background is in television news and has worked in newsrooms across Ohio and in Little Rock. She co-founded Little Rock Tours in 2003, which has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Southern Living Magazine, and various other national publications. https://youtu.be/lRYvX0GpRNsDavid Sims / BRS Consulting(Host)Matt Haas / BRS Consulting(Co-Host)Gina Johnson / Little Rock Tours(Guest)


13 Feb 2020

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27. Gina Johnson. Doctor: do you want to have a career or do you want to be alive?

The DISabled to ENabled podcast for people with chronic illnesses

Topics covered in this episode: Gina’s experience of a heart attack. Children going missingWhat is angina? How is Angina detected?MigrainesDealing with your ex bad mouthing you to your children about your illnessThe benefits of working for yourselfGina’s awesome podcast - ‘Life’s valleys and mountain tops’ Wait till you hear about the weirdest thing Gina has ever done! (Hint: It involves a bus, a paedophile and a newspaper) Catch up with Gina at:www.Synergymindsetcoaching.comOn facebook: /ginaamjohnsonOr Insta: @synergymindsetcoaching You can also hear DISabled to ENabled podcast host Jessie Ace being interviewed on Gina’s podcast here Join the ENabled tribe:Search Facebook: ENabled Warriors Or Insta: Enabled_Warriors Get your free messenger gift: bit.ly/5daystresschallenge


6 Nov 2019

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LDH E15 with guest star Gina Johnson

Life, Death & Happiness

In this episode i have invited Gina Johnson from the Valleys and Mountaintops Podcast to join me. Like many of us she lived a rather normal life, until one day where she was hit by a heart attack, What she didn't know was, that she suffered from Vasospastic Angina, Listen to her tell about how this period of her life, came to change her entire life, and how she has used this as fuel to not just help herself, but also to help others. She went from driving for public transit to work as a life coach, trying to help others in the same situation. You can follow Ginas own podcast Valleys and Mountaintops right here Follow her Synergy Mindset Coaching sit here Or visit her Facebook or Linked In profiles. Read more about Fanconi Anemia right here. Follow Life, Death & Happiness on: Facebook, twitter & YouTube. Donations are always welcome but never required. The Podcast is and will remain free no matter what :) But feel free to help me out with donations if you feel like it.


3 Nov 2019