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Andy Lane & Greg Whyte

The UKRunChat podcast.

In podcast episode #46 we have the first of our guest hosts. Andy Lane, Professor of Sport Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton is hosting and interviewing his friend Greg Whyte. Greg Whyte, is a former Olympian and Sports Scientist. He won European bronze and World Championship silver medals, and competed in two Olympic Games. Greg has been involved in training and coaching celebrities on some huge challenges including Eddie Izzard, David Walliams, John Bishop, Davina & more! Listen to hear the 2 professors talking about: Goals,  Coaching olympians,  Creating belief, confidence & motivation, Adapting your training and lots more! Follow Greg on Instagram Follow Greg on Twitter Follow Andy on Instagram Follow Andy on Twitter Enjoy!


6 Sep 2021

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Exercise during and after pregnancy with Professor Greg Whyte

Active Mothers Podcast

This episode was recorded back in May, where I had the pleasure to chat with a physical exercise expert. Dr. Greg Whyte. Greg is the foremost authority on Exercise Physiology and Sports and Exercise Performance in the UK. An internationally recognised expert in the field, Greg has extensive professional experience assessing, treating, and improving the performance of patients, sporting enthusiasts, and athletes ranging from cancer sufferers to celebrities attempting their first mountain summit to Gold medal seeking Olympians.Greg is well-known for his involvement in Comic Relief, since 2006 Greg has applied his sports science work to assist various celebrities in completing some of the toughest challenges. Greg has trained, motivated and successfully coached 23 Sport & Comic Relief Challenges.And the main reason I asked him to come on the show is that he is very involved in pregnancy, having released his latest book called 'Bump it Up'. A guide to what, when, and how much you should exercise in pregnancy. Which we will get into in more detail.He describes himself, a Professor of Sport & Exercise Sci Physical activity specialist, Author, Writer, Broadcaster, Public Speaker, Ultra-endurance nutter!I hope you enjoy listening Lana xSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dayswithl)


3 Aug 2021

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Talking Sport and Exercise as a way of life with Greg Whyte OBE

The MOVE Against Cancer Podcast

In this episode we discuss:  Greg's passion for sport and physical activity. The Olympic Dream in partnership with Education and Learning. Supporting celebrities through endurance challenges. The importance of exercise and physical activity in the Cancer Care Pathway.  The meaning behind goal setting. Creating a support network around you. How cancer and exercise provision for the future is looking more promising.  You'll come away truly believing that if you put your mind to it, it really is possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on as our guest Greg. We hope you all enjoy this episode. 

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7 Jul 2021

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334 Prof. Greg Whyte - Age Is Just A Number

Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast

Prof. Greg Whyte is an Olympian in modern pentathlon, and is a European and World Championship medalist, and is perhaps most famous for his involvement in Comic Relief. Greg has trained, motivated and successfully coached 23 Sport & Comic Relief Challenges including: the comedian David Walliams to swim across the English Channel the Gibraltar Straits and the length of the Thames; James Cracknell to run, cycle and swim to Africa; a team of 9 celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Chris Moyles and Gary Barlow to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Eddie Izzard to run a remarkable 43 marathons in 50 days. Most recently, he completed the Norseman triathlon, which was featured in the excellent documentary Black and Whyte: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8ofhruGbh4You can read more about the Beyond Swim initiative here: https://beyondswim.org/Sponsorshttps://www.precisionhydration.com/ - Leaders in triathlete sweat testing and hydration, with multi-strength electrolytes that match how you sweat. Get 15% off your first order With the code OXYGENADDICT15You can book a 20 minute free hydration strategy video call with a hydration expert here: https://www.precisionhydration.com/book-a-sweat-expert-call/Mention you heard about it on the Oxygenaddict Triathlon Podcast and you’ll be entered in a free draw to win a £50 Precision Hydration bundle ! http://team.oxygenaddict.com - The most comprehensive triathlon coaching program for busy age groupers. To find out more, You can book a skype call with Rob or the Team hereListeners of the show can get a free 30 day trial of the Yoga15 program here:https://yoga15.com/oxygenaddictYou can read more about Tom Crossland and his 3000km 90 day run around the UK - RunToRefuge - at RunToRefuge.comOur Patrons : Support the show with a monthly or one off donation - thanks so much for your support!Join the Oxygenaddict Triathlon Community page on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/666558563716897/Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/OATriPodSpotifyListen on iTunes: http://bit.ly/OATriPodiTunesSome links are affiliate links, which mean that we may get paid commission if you make a purchase via the link, or using the code, at no extra cost to you.


10 May 2021

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S:2 Ep.1 - INTERVIEW: Prof. Greg Whyte & Prof. Andy Lane

Mature Muscle Podcast

We welcome in Season 2 with a double professor interview. We talk to Greg Whyte OBE (Sports Science) and Andy Lane (Psychology) about Covid 19, Saving the Nations Physical and Mental health, Hormones and Cold Water Swimming.Please join the Mature Muscle Podcast  Facebook Group, and also please subscribe and share the podcast far and wide! This will really help us spread the word.Find out more about Greg Whyte:Instagram @profgregwThe Whyte Answerhttp://www.thewhyteanswer.comBean Lite - The new Bespoke Exercise &  nutrition App https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/bean-lite/id1299547415?mt=8Bump it Uphttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Bump-Up-flexible-exercise-pregnancy/dp/0593077482Achieve the Impossiblehttp://www.achievetheimpossible.co.ukFor more info on Prof Andy Lane:BPS Chartered Psychologist, HCPC Registered Psychologist, Fellow of BASESDirector of Research ExcellenceAssociate Dean, Faculty of Education, Health and Well-Being, University of Wolverhampton, UK, Walsall Campus, WS13BD, UKTwitter @Andylane27http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andrew_Lanehttps://www.youtube.com/c/andylane27We hope you enjoyed the podcast. Watch for the next episode soon, please subscribe when you can and please leave us a rating or review. Click the links highlighted to find out more about Lee and Phil.Please join the Mature Muscle Podcast  Facebook Group


23 Apr 2021

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Training, nutrition, recovery. It's Black and Whyte * Simon Ward and Prof. Greg Whyte

Simon Ward, The High Performance Human Triathlon Podcast

My guest today is Prof. Greg Whyte. As an Olympian (he won a modern pentathlon bronze at the 1986 Olympic Games), sports scientist and coach Greg is uniquely experienced at optimising performance. Greg has worked as a consultant physiologist in a large number of Olympic and professional sports and has been the Director of Science and research at the English Institute of Sport and the Director of Research for the British Olympic association, leading on the preparation of multiple Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth teams.  I’ve known Greg as an acquaintance for many years, well enough to be on first-name terms and have a beer with after completing an event. The last was Marathon de Sables back in2015, sat around the hotel pool in Ouarzazate, Morocco. You may be more familiar with Prof Whyte as the man who helps celebrities to achieve incredible feats as part of Children in Need.  Since first helping David Walliams to swim the Channel back in 2005, Greg has been involved with 31 more ‘Children in Need’ challenges. You can find out more about these HERE. I recently watched Greg's latest documentary Black & Whyte, a 45’ epilogue detailing his attempt to achieve the coveted black T-shirt award at the Norseman Triathlon. In fact, as I was watching the film myself it brought back some very vivid memories of my own Norseman adventure back in 2009 (I did get a black T-shirt, just in case you were wondering). This is another enthusiastic discussion and as usual, we dive into plenty of topics including: How does an Olympic medalist stay motivated once they are past their peak? How does the stress level at the Olympics compare to say Norseman or other challenges? Comparison is the thief of joy! Which was your most hellish challenge and which the most enjoyable/satisfying? How did you become the trainer to the stars? Which of your celebrity challenges gave you the most satisfaction and why? Greg’s own daily routine and thoughts on tracking blood sugar or HRV Some common-sense advice about nutrition In 'The Whyte Answer' what is your most asked question, which question do you wish people would ask, and what do you hope you never get asked? Greg answers some listener questions in a mini version of “The Whyte Answer" To follow Greg please visit his website The Whyte Answer You can also follow him at the usual social media places Instagram profgregw Facebook ProfessorGregWhyte Twitter @gpwhyte YouTube In the podcast we mentioned several links including these The Whyte Answer - http://www.thewhyteanswer.com Bean Lite - The new Bespoke Exercise &  nutrition App Greg’s BooksBump it Up Achieve the Impossible Some films you might like Black & Whyte - A Norseman story Extra ordinary people Some great blog posts HERE Take a 30 day trial in my SWAT Inner Circle for just £1. Watch this video for more information. Purchase a copy of my High Performance Human e-book featuring more than 30 top tips on how to upgrade your life. If you would like to help offset the cost of our podcast production, we would be so grateful.  Please click here to support the HPH podcast.  Thank you! Visit Simon's website for more information about his coaching programmes.  Links to all of Simon's social media channels can be found here.  For any questions please email Beth@TheTriathlonCoach.com.

1hr 5mins

14 Apr 2021

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S2 - Episode 4 - Professor Greg Whyte

P3 Podcast

Topics Discussed: Greg’s experience during 2020 and the challenges he faced both personally and professionally.  The lessons that Greg has taken away from 2020.  Greg’s realisation that a lot of people are not living a healthy lifestyle, and his aspirations to address these people and help them live in a healthy way. The socio-economic impact of health, and the gender gap in health. The difficulty of changing behaviour, and the psychology required to achieve it. How a bespoke, personalised approach is one of the best ways of instilling a change of behaviour in someone and giving them the confidence to make a change. How we are always looking for shortcuts when there are none.  The importance of setting goals correctly, and focusing on how much time is needed so it is manageable, achievable and aligned with who you are as a person. The redundancy theory; the person who is supporting you should always be looking at the point when they will no longer be supporting you, and how good coaches are always considering this. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, and how intrinsic is more important in the long term. The importance of resilience and surrounding yourself with a good team is integral in achieving anything worthwhile.  How you can cultivate humility, trust and empathy in being a leader. The importance of transparency and trust between higher up management and the employees in order to get good productivity out of your workers. How 2020 has tested businesses a lot, and the ones that responded the best are the ones that we're focusing on welfare and ensuring their workers are doing well rather than setting targets. The difference between absenteeism and presenteeism, and how it is much more important to focus on making your workers present when they are at work, as opposed to getting them to work for longer periods of time. How exercise and maintaining an active environment can increase presenteeism and productivity. Examples of unhealthy working environments and the changes Phil and Greg implemented to make them healthier and more productivity. How 2020 shone a light on mental and physical health, and how we need to be social in order to be fulfilled and happy. How you need to take care of yourself before you take care of other people, otherwise you won’t be of any use to anyone. How taking small steps can help you make big changes in your life, and an example of what these changes could be in both a personal and professional setting. The importance of rest and recovery in elite performance, how it’s hard to achieve, and how it is those at the top who are the most guilty at working their employees or athletes too hard. Greg’s love for open water swimming, the link between it and cold water therapy, and the physical and mental benefits of it. Greg’s sporting hero Greg’s proudest moment Greg’s next big goal Greg’s top 3 tips for a healthy lifestyle Greg’s non-sporting hero References:Greg Whyte’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/profgregw/?hl=enGreg Whyte’s LinkedIn - https://www.youtube.com/user/ProfessorGregWhyteGreg Whyte’s Twitter - https://twitter.com/gpwhyteGreg Whyte’s Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ProfessorGregWhyte/Greg Whyte’s Website - https://www.gregwhyte.com/


10 Feb 2021

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Prof Greg Whyte OBE ~ Whyte man for the job

Positive Encouragers

Loved listening to Greg talking about his early involvement in sport, encouraged and inspired by his parents, and how this has shaped the way he encourages and motivates people. We cover a lot of ground, with stories and practical tips that we can all use, including: * Greg the two time Olympian in Modern Pentathlon and now ultra-athlete* training celebs including David Walliams, James Cracknell, Olly Murs, Claudia Winkleman, Gary Barlow, Tess Daly, Dan Walker, Zoe Ball and many more, to achieve success with some serious sporting challenges* inner motivation and success* facing tough moments and keeping going* looking after your immune system during the Covid pandemic* the inequalities in sport between girls and boys, and women's and men's sports coverage* planning your days to optimise healthYou can find Greg on The Whyte Answer, where you can ask him questions and watch his incredibly inspiring film 'Extraordinary People'. Social media: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Greg has written many books including Achieve the Impossible, which I am just about to buy myself!

1hr 4mins

20 Jan 2021

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Ep.9 - The Whyte Answer: Interview with Professor Greg Whyte; Physical activity expert.

Mature Muscle Podcast

Please join the Mature Muscle Podcast  Facebook GroupEPISODE 9: Interview with Professor Greg Whyte OBE PhD DSc FBASES FACSMFormer Olympian, world renowned sport scientist and Physical Activity Expert. Greg is the preeminent authority on Exercise Physiology and Sports and Exercise Performance in the UK. Greg is well known for his involvement in Comic Relief and mentoring the success of the celebrity challenges for the past decade. To date he has helped raise over £38 million for charity.Today we talk about the art of motivation, essential nutrients for our demographic, not giving up at 40! and generally chewing the fat! We think you'll love this...Find out more about Greg Whyte:Instagram @profgregwThe Whyte Answerhttp://www.thewhyteanswer.comBean Lite - The new Bespoke Exercise &  nutrition App https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/bean-lite/id1299547415?mt=8Bump it Uphttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Bump-Up-flexible-exercise-pregnancy/dp/0593077482Achieve the Impossiblehttp://www.achievetheimpossible.co.ukWe hope you enjoyed the podcast. Watch for the next episode soon, please subscribe when you can and please leave us a rating or review. Click the links highlighted to find out more about Lee and Phil.Please join the Mature Muscle Podcast  Facebook Group

1hr 13mins

15 Jan 2021

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Episode 2 - with Professor Greg Whyte


Professor Greg Whyte, aka Super Greg is a former Olympian and Sports Scientist who has made fame through his incredible work on celebrity challenges, helping turn celebrities into ultra endurance athletes, including David Walliams, John Bishop, Cheryl Cole, Gary Barlow and Eddie Izzard. Greg won World Championship medals and represented Team GB at the Olympics in Modern Pentathlon – and is a professor in Applied Sport and Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University and is a hugely respected authority on exercise physiology, sports performance and rehabilitation. Find out more at gregwhyte.com, @gpwhyte on Twitter and @profgregw on Instagram. https://markbeaumontonline.com/

1hr 17mins

8 Oct 2020