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DragonKing Dark Podcast - Chris Benoit Double Murder Suicide - Episode 274

DragonKing Dark and Thrash Metal Show Podcast Feed

As we approach the 14th anniversary of the killing of Nancy and Daniel Benoit by Chris Benoit who then killed himself, we take a look back at this tragedy as one of the 100 darkest moments in pop culture history. This episode, host Karl Stern presents an interview he did with Chris & Nancy: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling's Cocktail of Death author Irv Muchnick following the killings.


13 Jun 2021

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Booker T vs. Chris Benoit - Best of 7 Series Final (Great American Bash 1998)

Last Match Standing

Enjoy this a Memorial Day surprise episode as we cover the match recommended by the man himself, Booker T. Join Spenser, Paul and Landon as they relive this all-too-often overlooked gem in pro wrestling history. But where will it rank?Want to support the show?  Become a Patron and gain access to exclusive content like Last Trivia Standing, Last Mania Standing, and Welcome to the Elite. For more information, visit patreon.com/lastmatchstanding.Subscribe to us on Youtube!


31 May 2021

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Episode 195 - Chris Benoit: The Canadian Crippler


In 2007 Chris Benoit was one of the biggest stars of the WWE. And he was known for his almost masochistic dedication to his craft, so when he didn’t show up to work one day his colleagues quickly called the police. At the Benoit home, officers discovered a nightmarish scene that would change the face of professional wrestling forever...BOOK! Pre-order your RedHanded book here: https://linktr.ee/RedHanded_BookFor tonnes of bonus content: patreon.com/redhandedSources: redhandedpodcast.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 18mins

29 Apr 2021

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The Double-Murder-Suicide of WWE Superstar Chris Benoit | CTE - Part 1

True Crime Society

For the next two episodes we're going to discuss two murder-suicides where chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is considered a contributing factor due to the assailant being involved in contact sports.Over the weekend of June 22, 2007, WWE superstar Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy and their 7-year-old son Daniel before using his exercise equipment to hang himself. The media was quick to call this an episode of "roid rage," but after Chris's brain was studied, it was revealed he suffered from severe CTE due to  years of head trauma. In this episode, we cover everything related to the Benoit double-murder-suicide. Next week we discuss the recent murder-suicide involving ex-NFL player, Phillip Adams.Should CTE be a defense for murder? Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/TrueCrimeSociety)

1hr 26mins

22 Apr 2021

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4: The Benoit Family Murders - Chris Benoit

I Could Murder A Podcast

Tom and Ben are BACK for another instalment of I Could Murder A Podcast - this week, the boys turn their attentions to the extremely dark Chris Benoit Family Murders (double-murder, suicide). Did Benoit pre-plan and coordinate the sequence of murders or did he act in a blind rage? What innocuous substances were found in Benoit and his family’s systems after the murders? Were there any warning signs or cries for help in the build up to the weekend that could have prevented this from happening? Is there any potential to the rumours that Benoit was framed? And what impact did this have on the world of professional wrestling?Tune in and all will be revealed!Follow our socials: @couldmurderapodWritten & presented by Tom Norris & Ben Carter | @nozzer89 @thisiscartsProduced by Dan Lambert at Boston Sound | @bstnsndAdditional voice-over by Tom Turner Additional research by Danielle St RomaineArtwork & animation by Phil Whitton | @philwhitzOpening theme by Alfie Indra | @alfieindra

1hr 14mins

12 Apr 2021

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#62: Chris Benoit & the Dark Side of Wrestling w/ Guest Host Mason

True Crime Dumpster

Some say professional wrestling is fake--just a bunch of ‘roided out maniacs in tights acting out a play. They’re not totally wrong. While professional wrestling is scripted with story lines and predetermined winners and losers, the level of athleticism and commitment to the art is very real. Also, very real are the injuries sustained and the cumulative effects of years of head trauma, and concussions, which is the same with professional football players and boxers. These head injuries can lead to dangerous personality disorders and violence. Chris Benoit is a prime example of this. Join Kevin, Amy, and our good friend Mason, as we dish out the trash. Join our Facebook group, True Crime Dumpster. Follow us on Twitter: tcdumpster and on Instagram: truecrimedumpster. You can email us at truecrimedumpster@gmail.com. You can also check out our website, truecrimedumpster.com. Listen to our show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher,  Podbean, Spotify, YouTube, and in any dumpster near you! Don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe, and tell your friends about our podcast. Every review, rating, and referral helps us get to a larger audience. Sources we used for this episode: Vice TV: Dark Side of the Ring (Part 1 and 2) Wikipedia: Chris Benoit Chris Benoit: Pro Wrestling Fandom Reddit: Chris Benoit


22 Feb 2021

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Episode 14 - The Haunted Painting & Chris Benoit

BooZing Podcast

whats up, whats good?!  this episode was a good one, TT brings up some creepy shit about a painting that came to life and brought a gun out with it.... Britt on the other hand, went into the life of Chris Benoit and how he murdered his family and then committed suicide.  we hope you enjoy this episode! we'll be back next week for more - BOO-zing! 

1hr 15mins

2 Feb 2021

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WWE Rivalries: HHH vs HBK vs Chris Benoit

The WWE Podcast

Anthony Di Marco is back to talk about some of his favorite WWE Rivalries, this time focusing on HHH vs HBK vs Chris Benoit that led up to the main event of WrestleMania 20. He also gives his thoughts on the Royal Rumble for this coming Sunday! You're not going to want to miss this one


29 Jan 2021

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Episode 51: The Double Murder Suicide of Chris Benoit

True Crime Weekly Podcast

This week I am going to tell you about a tragedy that remains one of the darkest moments in American Pro Wrestling history, this is the double murder suicide of Chris Benoit.


18 Jan 2021

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Chris Benoit

Death of a Sports Star

WARNING: this episode contains references to murder and suicide.In professional wrestling, you don’t know where fantasy ends and reality starts. But Chris Benoit was a method actor. He liked realness. And after years of drugs and injuries, that had deadly consequences.If you’ve been affected by any of the issues spoken about in this podcast, please go to crowdnetwork.co.uk/helplines to find a list of people you can go to for help.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Nov 2020