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S4E172 - R.E.M. 'GREEN' with Chris Carrabba

That Record Got Me High Podcast

Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba has been known to wear his heart on his sleeve, and when we met up with him in a Nashville hotel room he was not shy in professing his love for all things R.E.M., especially their 1988 major label debut "Green"With R.E.M.s move to major key rock songs and bigger sounds, some fans felt like they were losing their "little indie band from Athens, GA". Thankfully, as a kid of 13 blissfully lacking the baggage of hindsight, Chris was able to appreciate his first foray into a group he would eventually take a deep dive into for what it was - a great pop-rock record by a band poised to take on the world.


12 Jun 2021

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Screaming Infidelities: Chris Carrabba

That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

Sarah talks to Dashboard Confessional front man Chris Carrabba about why he has a positive outlook on Napster, his memories of doing MTV's Unplugged, shaping his look and stage presence, writing about his feelings, and his recovery from a motorcycle accident last summer.

1hr 18mins

25 May 2021

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Two Week Notice Podcast - Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)

Dana B’s Eurotrip

Join Dana B’s new podcast, the Two Week Notice Podcast - where he interviews musicians, comedians, and more! Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/show/0oGPhh8bVoG4PdzC6ccwHw?si=3heiE1jpRX-rxA_r9Omm4A | Apple link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/two-week-notice/id1481133684 | Follow Dana B & the Two Week Notice Podcast on Instagram: @danafuggenb | @twoweeknoticepodcast


18 May 2021

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#064: Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)

Two Week Notice

Chris Carrabba is a legend. He is Dashboard Confessional. He is the King of Emo, and a true leader in the music scene. In this episode we discuss the DC20 tour, his recent motorcycle accident & recovery process, early days of Dashboard Confessional, and so much more. Chris exudes good energy & tells great stories | Follow Dashboard Confessional on Instagram @dashboardconfessional | Follow Chris Carrabba on Instagram @chris_carrabba | Two Week Notice Podcast Production: Ioanis Pintzopoulos & Dana Bollen | Follow the podcast host on Instagram: @danafuggenb | Listen to Dashboard Confessional on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ERtgeBbWRkFzIz6LaFCeY?si=ia8oYUqyQf2LzrF0YTtEOw--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dana-bollen3/message

1hr 13mins

27 Apr 2021

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Dashboard Confessional (Chris Carrabba)


Bakotunes welcomes Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional for a candid discussion on the group's devoted fanbase, songwriting, and of course -- to try and decipher what "emo" actually is? Plus Music! Classic episode. Information: mattomunoz@gmail.com 


12 Apr 2021

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Chris Carrabba Ranks His 10 Favorite Songs of the Last 10 Years

List It with Jesse Carey

Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Twin Forks) joins Jesse to rank his 10 favorite songs of the last 10 years -- and discuss his career, recovering from a devastating motorcycle accident, and the stories behind some of his biggest songs.

1hr 3mins

12 Mar 2021

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EP. 120 - Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)

Sappenin’ Podcast with Sean Smith

Screaming Infidelities. Emo god, influential songwriter and the beautiful human that is, Chris Carrabba, is our guest on Episode 120 of Sappenin' Podcast! Now celebrating over two decades of Dashboard Confessional, our emo lord and savior takes time to not only look back at his legendary career, but his new passion for life, music and the scene that's embraced him. In this conversation we discuss Chris' recovery from his horrible motorcycle accident last summer, having to re-learn guitar, readjusting his priorities, connecting with people through music, sitting on a secret album, the innocence of his early records, Further Seems Forever, his brotherhood with Fred Mascherino (The Color Fred / Ex-Taking Back Sunday), dream projects, unexpected friends, Neil Young's famous BBQ's, fondest achievements, the songs that shaped his childhood, that handsome beard and more! It's about to get emotional here. Turn it up and join Sean and Morgan to find out Sappenin' this week!Follow Us on Social Media:Twitter: @sappeninpod.Instagram: @sappeninpod. Special thank you to our Sappenin' Podcast Patreons:Join the Sappenin' Podcast Community: Patreon.com/Sappenin.Kylie Wheeler, Mayumi Liwayway, Emma Barber, Mitch Perry, Shani-Maia Boxill-Anderson, Dayna Lasnover, Amandine Urbano, Janelle Caston, Drew Styles, Samantha Spray, Dilly Grimwood, Nathan Crawshaw, Kelly Young, Kelly Irwin, Johnny Phillips, Scarlet Charlton, Simon Amos, Jenni Munster, Cate Stevenson, Amy Campion, Emily Senogles, Lucy Deards, Martina McManus, Erin Howard, John&Emma, James Oakley, Louis Cook, Marcie Jacobson,, Jordan Birchard, Mike Cunningham, Jamie O'Jaime, Paddy The Magnificent, Carl Pendlebury, Kelly Emma Cannon, Livvy Cropper, Paul Hirschfield, Becky Magliocco, James McNaught, Lydia Henderson, Ricky McClurg, Amy Thomas, Scott Jones, Stuart McNaught, Tony Michael, Jenni Robinson, Jamie Bloor, Sarah James, Michael Engler, El Douglas, Mark Hendy, Loz Sanchez, Natasha Morris, Kelly Mallery, James Bowerbank, Mikey White, Becky Handy, Kevin Clarke, Jean Davies, Cerys Andrews, Let it Flow Yoga, Rhys Bernardo, Liam Connolly, Jordan Harris, Kyle David Smith, James Page, Kat Bessant, Justin Dunn, Samantha Neville, Ash Foster, Chris Harris, Scott Evans, Geoff Halbherr, Danny Eaton, Jessie Hellier, Emily Dixon, David Winchurch, Kelly Tyrer, Hannah Rachael, Justine Baddeley, Anthony Matthews, Nuala Clark, Owen Davies, Samantha Bowen, Gavin Butler, Jennifer Dean, Ryan Woodman, Matt Roberts, Robert Pike, Robert Byrne, Ida Christensen, Nicola Johnson, Rebecca Harrison, Luke Wardle, Sarah Maher, Alanágh Nic Gabhann, Lewis Sluman, Andy Saxton, Snowdogg7, Helen Macbethm, Callum Oakshott, Adam Tibbs, Alice Boyns, Joshua Ehrensperger-Lewis, Lucy Neill, Ollie Amesbury, Stevie Burke, Jacob Turner, Nathan Matheson, Katy Brewster, Thomas James, Andrew Keech, Ben Evans, Ceri Craddock, Jason Heredia, Marc Jones, Kevin Andrew, Craig Harris, Vicki Willis-Dent, Lawrance Bishop, Tom Owen. Chris Howard, Jim Farrell, Chris Hawthorne, Marc Davies, Tim Whatley, Adam Parlow, Keiran Lewis, Josh Crisp, John Price, Jade Austin, Dan Cullen, Jamie Logan, Sam...  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 7mins

12 Mar 2021

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#186 - Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional)

Washed Up Emo

Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional stops by to chat about his accident recovery and favorite songs from his catalog.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


14 Feb 2021

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Ep. 24: Chris Carrabba discusses Dashboard Confessional's "Hands Down"

Chris DeMakes A Podcast

Chris Carrabba discusses the story behind the writing, recording, and release of arguably the most beloved Dashboard Confessional song "Hands Down". Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 3mins

9 Nov 2020

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Ep. 028 My Chat with Chris Carrabba

The Christie Gee Podcast.

This week I have the honor and pleasure to have my friend Chris Carrabba on the show! I have enjoyed Chris’ music for over 20 years. Starting with Further Seems Forever and then on to of course Dashboard Confessional & Twin Forks. Some of my most favorite memories were going to see these bands play live over the years.In this episode we chat about:One of our favorite venues, the nostalgic ORIGINAL Emo’s in Austin, TX.The Legendary John BunchThe history of Further Seems ForeverThe “This Is About As Social As I Get Now” livestream.His collaboration with Ruston Kelly.His journey as he recovers from his motorcycle accident earlier this year.The hope he has for recovery and the future.The epic tale of Vindicated and how it became the single for Spiderman-2Something surprising many people may not know about himAnd lots more!!!! Quite a few songs were added to the podcast soundtrack!These consist of my favorites of his music, songs we talked about in the episode and a couple he shared with me that he loves a lot!The Swiss Army Romance- Dashboard ConfessionalVindicated- Dashboard ConfessionalNew Year’s Project- Further Seems ForeverScraping Up The Pieces- Twin ForksHidden Driver-LVL UPCollector- I Kill GiantsGoshen ’97- Strand Of OaksJake Leg- BaronessBolt Cutters- Single MothersBuilding- Sense FieldYou Missed My Heart-Mark KozelekScreaming Infidelities- Ruston Kelly (feat. Chris Carrabba) You can find links to this soundtrack and lots more by heading over to my instagram:www.instagram.com/christiegeeYou can also go to www.christiegee.com And of course be sure to follow Chris over at:www.instagram.com/dashboardconfessionalwww.instagram.com/chris_carrabbawww.twitter.com/dashboardmusicwww.facebook.com/dashboardconfessional You can find the enamel pin mentioned in the episode over at www.screamingpinfidelities.com Thank you all so much for listening! If you like what ya heard, please subscribe, rate, review and tell your friends! XO, Christie Gee

1hr 7mins

2 Nov 2020