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Director Kevin James Barry talks about Gridlocked :On Tour with the Briggs of Dances with Films Fest

The Mike Wagner Show

As part of Dances With Films Fest, filmmaker/director/writer Kevin James Barry talks about his latest documentary "Gridlocked: On Tour with the Briggs" following the iconic L.A. punk rock band featuring Joe and Jason LaRocca describing the band and sharing the stage with Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and more! Kevin also talks about his amazing career and his journey going from from art school to painting to more films including "Among Them", "Serena and the RATTS" and more! Check out all his works on all streaming platforms and www.dancewithfilmsfest.com ! #kevinjamesbarry #kevinbarry #danceswithfilmsfest #gridlocked #thebriggs #punkrock #losangeles #joelarocca #jasonlarocca #dropkickmurphys #documentary #serenaandtheratts #amazon #audible #iheartradio #spreaker #spotify #itunes #googleplay #applemusic #youtube #anchorfm #mikewagner #themikewagnershow #mikewagnerkevinjamesbarry #themikewagnershowkevinjamesbarry


4 Sep 2021

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Episode 42- James Barry, Learn How To Simply Integrate More Organ Meats Into Your Diet

Fast To Heal Stories

James Barry has been a professional chef and in the culinary field for over 16 years. His passion for ancestral eating and innate healing has lead him to develop a product to easily integrate more organ meats into our mainstream nutrition. James launched his first functional food product, Pluck, an organ-based, all-purpose seasoning. It's the first of its kind and an amazingly easy and delicious way for people to get organ meats into their diet. Organ meats are packed with nutrition, and we discuss easy and practical ways to utilize organ meats, without having to cook or prepare them! To try your delicious Pluck seasoning, go ORDER PLUCK and enter the promo code FASTTOHEAL10 for 10% off your order! Follow James on Instagram @eatpluck and @chefjamesbarry or find out more about him at www.eatpluck.com You can find my book, Fast To Heal, A 5-Step Guide to Achieving Nutritional PEACE on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. It is also available on my website, https://www.fasttoheal.info, in digital format. Find Fast To Heal on Amazon HERE Don’t miss your FREE guides to get started safely with an intermittent fasting and low-carb lifestyle. I will help you understand the science behind fasting and how to begin. Get your FREE Introductory Guides HERE! Confused about carbs and how many are recommended for you on a daily basis? Take My Carb Quiz HERE! Schedule your FREE discovery call for my popular weight loss program  HERE! Share your Fast To Heal story with me by emailing: shana@fasttoheal.info Follow me on Instagram @shana.hussin.rdn Interested in my Chemo Fasting and Nutrition Protocols to optimally support your body nutritionally during cancer treatments? Book your FREE discovery call HERE! Connect with me on Facebook by following Fast To Heal, or by joining her closed support group, Fast To Heal Nutrition Support. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1036849436675764 If you like this podcast, make sure to subscribe to the show so you don't miss an episode! I sincerely appreciate your honest reviews, and it helps more people find the podcast. Enjoy the episode! Thanks for listening :)


31 Aug 2021

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James Barry - Organ Meats "Mother Nature's Vitamin"

The Fit Farming Food Mom, Connie Nightingale

James BarryChef & Consultant"When I was 13 years old, I made dinner for my parents for the first time. It was a tostada salad. But what I remember most is the feeling as they sat down and dug into that meal. I felt so much LOVE: love for my parents, the love that inspired me to cook for them, and the love they experienced as they enjoyed my dinner. The joy I felt was so palpable. I knew right then that this was something I had to do.In my college years I learned quickly the impacts of a junk food diet as I went screaming (literally) to the hospital in the agony of passing a kidney stone. Turns out a diet of root beer and pizza is not as sustainable as I thought…After studying at the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts in New York in 2004, I was a specialty chef for the Van’s Warped tour, I private cheffed for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, I founded and led the healthy LA-based meal delivery company, Wholesome2Go, for its first 8 years, and authored recipes for my own and others’ cookbooks, not least of which was that fateful collaboration with Margaret, which yielded two gorgeous girls, two cookbooks (the Naked Foods Cookbook and the Ultimate Immune Boosting Gummy Book), and a lot of lives transformed.In 2020, I founded the functional food company, Castle Hill Foods and we launched our first product, Pluck, an organ-based seasoning. Nutrition in a pinch. I author recipes for functional medicine practitioners (most recently Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean7), I consult for restauranteurs, train home kitchen staff, destination private chef and I inspire and educate people to take control of their health through their kitchen by speaking and teaching throughout North America."James can be reached at:E james@eatpluck.comW eatpluck.comW www.eatnakedkitchen.comIG    @eatpluck & @chefjamesbarryFor A FREE sample pack of LMNT Electrolytes please visit drinkLMNT.com/conniehttps://eatpluck.com/discount/FITFARMINGFOODMOM To sign up for the upcoming Free 28 Day Challenge Head on over to www.ConnieNightingale.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefitfarmingfoodmom/support

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30 Aug 2021

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James Barry | From Private Chef to Creator and Founder. Pluck, the First of It's Kind!

TAKING THE HELM with Lynn McLaughlin

James Barry started as a private chef who had the fortune of cooking for celebrities such as Tom Cruise. Not wanting to limit the audience of his healthy and tasty style of cooking, James started his own company and ran it for 8 years. Life dealt him some difficult cards and as a result, he has now opened new doors and has launched his first functional food product ... Pluck ... The first of its kind!  00:25  A day in the life of a professional chef - cooking for Tom Cruise  02:50  Beginning a meal delivery service with no funding  06:30  Panic attacks and failing health over 8 years  08:40  Completely buried in customer service  13:20  Becoming a stay-at-home parent and the time for creativity  16:00  Founding Pluck  21:00  Sourcing from New Zealand and the benefits of adding organ meat to our diets  26:07  Any risks?  29:30  International Shipping and the search for distributors   33:12  Stay at home dad, renewed health and focus    26:45  How to connect:  36:50  Research  https://eatpluck.com/ https://www.instagram.com/eatpluck/ https://www.facebook.com/eatpluck https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM5ST9AkQmAbpcuE45LNA8Q--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/taking-the-helm/support


11 Aug 2021

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230: Business: What Entrepreneurship, Organ Meat, and George Clooney Have in Common — Building a Business of Impact and Longevity with James Barry

The Entrepology Podcast

What do entrepreneurship, organ meat, and George Clooney all have in common? If you’re stumped on this, I’m here to help you out! Would you believe that the common thread is my next guest? James Barry is an Executive Chef to some of the largest celebrities in the world such as George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Barbra Streisand, Gerard Butler, and many more. He has had a seriously incredible career and his journey reads like an incredibly compelling memoir. In our conversion together, we talk about limiting beliefs, the road less traveled, how to get skin in the game, and why all of these pieces are so relevant to our journeys as entrepreneurs. James shares how he made a shift in his career from being a chef to celebrities to creating a product that he really believes can revolutionize our health. We had a truly fascinating conversation about James’ career evolution, how he created an innovative, first-of-its-kind product; how he found his true purpose and passion in life; and what it looks like to navigate this intersection of health and entrepreneurship. Key Takeaways: [2:00] About today’s episode with James Barry. [3:47] Welcoming James to the podcast! [4:29] James’ background and journey of how he has gotten to where he is today with his business, Eat Pluck. [12:48] James speaks more about his journey with regards to moving the needle in funding his schooling. [15:18] James shares about the process of awakening to his purpose and discovering his passion in life. [20:10] James speaks about what it was like to work for George Clooney. [23:47] What Eat Pluck is all about and the solution that it provides. [32:51] How (and where) to purchase Eat Pluck. [33:54] Cooking organ meat 101. [38:54] James Barry’s KPIs! [48:04] Where to learn more about James and Eat Pluck. [48:44] Thanking James for joining us in today’s episode! [49:52] About our exciting lineup coming up! Mentioned in This Episode: Eat Pluck — 10% off first purchase with PLUCK10 discount code! It Takes Guts: A Meat-Eater's Guide to Eating Offal with over 75 Healthy and Delicious Nose-to-Tail Recipes, by Ashleigh VanHouten Muscle Maven The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, by Steven Pressfield Oura Ring Dr. Trevor Cates (the Spa Dr.) More About James Barry James Barry began his sixteen-plus years in the culinary field as a private chef. His inauguration into restaurant-style cooking came later when he was the vegan/vegetarian chef on the Vans Warped Tour, which traveled to 50 North American cities in 60 days. Upon returning to Los Angeles, James continued to be a private chef and had the fortune of cooking for celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Mariska Hargitay, George Clooney, Gerard Butler, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Barbra Streisand, and John Cusack. Not wanting to limit the audience of his healthy and tasty style of cooking, James started Wholesome2Go, a healthy, high-quality food delivery company that served under his leadership in the Los Angeles area for eight years. Most recently, James launched my first functional food product, Pluck; an organ-based, all-purpose seasoning. This seasoning is the first of its kind and an amazingly easy and delicious way for people to get organ meats into their diet. James also co-authored the recipes in Margaret Floyd’s book, Eat Naked, and co-authored the follow-up cookbook, The Naked Foods Cookbook. He also recently co-authored the recipes in Dr. Alejandro Junger’s book, Clean 7. Connect with my Guest: Website: Eat Pluck — 10% off first purchase with PLUCK10 discount code! Social Media: Facebook & Instagram @EatPluck & Instagram @ChefJamesBarry If you enjoyed our conversation and would like to hear more: Please subscribe to The Entrepology Podcast on Stitcher or iTunes. We would also appreciate a review! Come Join Your Community on The Entrepology Collective Facebook Page! They say that you’re the product of the five people with whom you spend the most time. Imagine you could spend time with hundreds of fellow entrepreneurs and go-getters looking to up-level their business, body, and mindset! Come hang out with us on Facebook and let us collectively inspire and support you towards your vision of contribution, your commitment towards better health, and your journey of mindset mastery. We’re in this together! Come join us today! BADASS FUEL — Fuel for Badass Women Scientifically Supported Ingredients | Support, Not Replacement | Non-GMO Two years ago, someone asked me what supplements I take to maintain my health, energy, and edge — and they were surprised that I only took four things consistently. For myself and my patients, there are four basics that support — at a foundational level — nearly every system in our bodies. In my quest for the highest quality ingredients and the easiest system for consistently incorporating supplementation into my routine, I formulated and manufactured my own line of foundational supplements. Trusted for myself and my patients, and under the guidance of your own healthcare provider, I’m excited to invite you to check out our foundational product line: Badass Basics. Learn more or order the products yourself by visiting BadassFuel.com! CALL TO ACTION Are you going to try organ meat or Eat Pluck? Let us know!  And if you enjoyed the conversation we had today, come hang out with your people over on our free Facebook group, The Entrepology Collective! Let’s talk about the intersection of mindset, entrepreneurship, and health.


20 Jul 2021

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EP172: Organ Meats and Fertility with Chef James Barry

Miraculous Mamas

James Barry is a private chef, health advocate and founder of Pluck, an organ based seasoning company.  He has studied food and cultures and is passionate about fueling our bodies with nutrient dense foods.  In this episode, we dive into the factory farming industry and organ meats.  Organ meats are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and we are skipping them in our diets.  Listen to learn how to fuel yourself with food. Connect with James on IG: https://www.instagram.com/chefjamesbarry Pluck website: https://eatpluck.com Connect with Elizabeth on IG: https://www.instagram.com/miraculousmamas Miraculous Mamas website: https://miraculousmamas.com Get $40 off your first two orders when you go to https://freshly.com/MAMAS Activate free content tailored to your child’s age, & get a peek inside The Play Kits, at https://lovevery.com/MAMAS More podcasts at WAVE: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/artist/wave-podcast-network/1437831426

1hr 24mins

21 Jun 2021

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The SŌL Show Ep 15 Letter O with James Barry of Pluck Organ Based Seasonings

The SŌL Show

O is for Organ Meats with Chef James Barry of Pluck, an organ based seasoning company. James is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the food and farming industries. Through years of experience and study of not just ancestral wisdom, but people's eating habits, he saw a niche that was desperate for attention. James set out to supply the world with a delicious and easy to use powerhouse seasoning, giving "organ meats" a welcome return to our daily food vernacular. Without asking anyone to create a new habit James is bringing back the nutritional powerhouses like heart, liver, spleen and pancreas with ever pinch of delicious seasoning. A fascinating and empowering discussion.  Follow this link to the Lunch Leader Training Academy summer session. Only 10 tickets are available for our ancestral and whole foods based cooking intensive. Check it out!

1hr 19mins

11 Jun 2021

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Exposing Nutritional Dishonesty With James Barry

Core Connections with Erica Ziel

Are you wondering if what you're putting in your body is actually good for you and your family? Today, my guest is James Barry, the founder of Pluck, and he is about to educate you on a whole new level when it comes to choosing what foods you are putting in your diet. In this conversation, James shares: Insider tips to healthier eating, overcoming decision fatigue at the grocery store, how to help the picky eater in your life, and more! Click play to dive in and don't forget to leave a review!

1hr 11mins

13 Apr 2021

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Upgrade Your Nutrition Now | Organ Meats with James Barry

Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro

James Barry's 16 + years in the culinary field started as a private chef and he recently launched his first functional food product, Pluck! It's an organ-based, all-purpose seasoning and is an amazingly easy and delicious way for people to get organ meats into their diet. James discusses why we need to incorporate these nutrient-dense foods into our diet, how our ancestors ate and simple tips for optimizing our nutrition.1:20 Welcome to the show!3:12 Chef James Barry's Bio4:37 Welcome James!5:30 Discovering food trends7:22 Nutrient-dense organ meats8:09 Bioavailable nutrients11:16 His concern with self-diagnosing12:20 How Europeans "supplement"13:24 The history of organ meats16:13 Nutrition awareness causing more confusion18:36 "How can this diet serve my addictions?"19:47 Flavor = Nutrition21:29 His experience with the Carnivore Diet25:14 Why you need to eat the whole animal25:55 The nutrients in Pluck seasoning26:51 Why he includes 5 different organs28:35 His motivation behind Pluck29:54 A few tips for cooking with it30:49 Overcoming decision fatigue31:09 How much should we consume?33:06 USDA regulations35:00 Kids love it!36:54 Lauren's bison experience37:40 Nose to tail eating38:07 His experience with eating organ meat42:23 Experimenting with Pluck seasoning43:36 Importance of eating quality meat47:00 Vegetarian-fed chickens48:44 The problem with the chicken industry today51:23 Sourcing from New Zealand52:52 The truth about eating liver55:00 Changing your habits57:03 Why Pluck is an easy new habit58:05 What happens when we balance our nutrients1:01:14 Our society is too food-focused1:02:43 His final piece of advice1:08:24 Thank you for tuning in!RESOURCES:EatPluck.com - Use discount code BIOHACKERBABES10Instagram: Chef James BarryInstagram: Eat PluckSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/biohacker-babes-podcast/donations

1hr 9mins

6 Apr 2021

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Chef James Barry Talks About Being Healthy in Life and in Business!

The Keto Savage Podcast

Would it make a difference in your life if it were easier to make healthy, delicious food? Today we are talking to James Barry, personal chef and the creator of Pluck. 

1hr 13mins

5 Apr 2021