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38 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Kadavy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Kadavy, often where they are interviewed.

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38 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Kadavy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Kadavy, often where they are interviewed.

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Self-Publishing Non-Fiction with David Kadavy

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I spoke with David Kadavy about what he's learning self-publishing non-fiction books. Really practical and useful for anyone thinking about writing a book. He shares a lot of insider knowledge on Amazon's publishing system, whether and how you should use paid ads, and much more. Check out his work at https://kadavy.net/ and follow him on Twitter at @kadavy.

I want to encourage people to publish a book tonight. I actually did this. You can put whatever name you want in the author field, you can publish a 500-word anything tonight, you can run some ads on it, you can try to get a friend to buy it. See what happens, watch your ranking, go through the process. You can unpublish it, if you want. But once you go through that process and once you see your book up on Amazon and you're like, that was scary easy. It really gets your gears going. I have books that are 4,000 words. I've got how to write a book. It's available as a free blog post, but it still makes me thousands of dollars.
My strategy was very much: Write about whatever I'm interested in, create content about anything that interests me or anything. Then review, the search traffic and just see what search terms are coming in. Through that process, you can begin to find the things that are interesting to people, and that people will pay for.
Eventually you have to make tough choices where you see an opportunity and you can't follow it. So this online dating blog that I was talking about, I made a $150,000 off of this site during its lifetime. I killed it, several months ago. 'Cause sometimes you got to burn your boats, especially if you're a person who's curious.
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Sep 11 2020 · 1hr 17mins
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3. David Kadavy: How To Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating

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My guest today is David Kadavy, author of The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating. David shares lessons on how we can overcome fear, self-doubt, and distractions to stop procrastinating and start working on our creative projects.


  • 00:42 About David Kadavy
  • 2:08 Inspiration for writing his book
  • 6:14 How creative projects transform you
  • 8:13 The dangerous of not pursuing your creative project
  • 11:52 How the Ego stops you from pursuing your art
  • 14:04 How to use curiosity to fuel your creativity
  • 20:11 Why you should follow the voice in your head
  • 24:22 Give yourself permission to suck
  • 27:43 How dreaming too big can backfire
  • 31:18 How to use motivational judo
  • 35:06 How to read more books
  • 37:17 How creating art will make you a better person
  • 38:40 Two books that had a huge influence on David

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Jul 14 2020 · 43mins

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Ep 130 | Love Your Work with David Kadavy

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David Kadavy, author and podcast host, joins us to explore ways we can design our work-life and productivity during quarantine and get the most out of our creative energy.

David Kadavy is a writer who helps creatives get more out of their energy. He’s author of two books, The Heart to Start and Design for Hackers, and host of the Love Your Work podcast. His third book, Mind Management, Not Time Management debuts in the fall of 2020.

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In this episode, you’ll enjoy:

  • David's journey to becoming a writer and figuring out where in the world he gets his best work done

  • How the concept of "loss aversion" helped David sell most of his posessions and move from Chicago to Columbia and make space for the future

  • How designing his life to include a "behavior shaping contraint," living in South America, allowed David to stop living by his to-do list and pay closer attention to his energy

  • How Episode 136 of David's podcast "Love Your Work," where he explores The Art of Staying In and how it applies to quarantine

  • Our relationship with time and how it's actually more productive to save our time for less productive activities

  • Trevor Noah meme

  • Spark Joy Episode 128 Book Review: Joy at Work, Organizing Your Professional Life by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein

  • What to do next when we DON'T love of work

  • The guest that we happen to be bringing on Spark Joy next week that inspired David's productivity

David's favorite time management tip:

  • Have a weekly review on Sunday afternoon and set alarms for appointments on your phone while keeping it on silent for the week

What sparks joy for David:

  • David's hammock

To connect with David, you can find him at kadavy.net and on Twitter and Instagram at @kadavy

With so many people working from home, writing is an even more important skill. David shares 14 tools he uses to hone his focus and quadruple his writing output. Download it here.

"It hurts twice as much for us to get rid of something as it does feel good for us to get something."

"It is about not so much having the time to do something, but having the energy to do something."

"What mood do I need to be in to get this thing done?"

"One of the nice things about quarantine is it takes away some of that FOMO a little bit."

"When you save time, keep it!"

"What discomfort are you willing to endure to have some future sparking of joy?"

"When you have a place for things, then all the natural creative state that you experience as a human has space to flourish."

You can find Karin Socci at The Serene Home
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Special Guest: David Kadavy.

Apr 28 2020 · 38mins
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114 David Kadavy moved to Colombia to sustain his creativity

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David Kadavy is a creative entrepreneur, author, podcaster, speaker, and creative productivity expert.

But the thing that intrigued me the most is his decision to move from the U.S. to Colombia.

Books written by David:

  • The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating,
  • Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty

Podcast: Love Your Work

In 2004, David was stuck in a cubicle in Nebraska. One day he gained enough confidence to write a blog post. That blog post started a series of events that David could have never anticipated.

When he was in college, he went to Rome as an exchange student. This trip was like opening Pandora's box. He discovered that there was a whole world to discover and it changed his perspective in life.

He moved to Silicon Valley and worked there for 3 years.

One day he got fires and Instead of looking for another job, he decided to give himself a year to explore things. Then he moved to Chicago. He wanted to experiment winters in a strange way. He wanted to be forced by winter to stay home, and while at home, explore inside of his mind to try to find himself.

After two winters in Chicago, one day of July, he came up with the idea of a talk and a book called "Design for Hackers."

The book was a success. It created speaking opportunities in South America, and that's where the idea of learning Spanish and moving to Colombia was born.

Feb 22 2020 · 59mins

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63: Creative Productivity Expert David Kadavy dives into how mental states can impact your productivity and his love for Todoist

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This episode is perfect for those creators out there or those looking to boost their creativity and productivity at the same time. Ideal for designers, professionals and freelancers - David's mental state approaches are fantastic to implement.

You can find David here on Twitter: here.
Follow the "Love Your Work" podcast here

All David's Tools: find them here.

And the mental states article and how David uses them, you can find that here.

If all goes well with my scheduling, I will have the marvellous Ali Abdaal on Tools They Use to discuss and share his student related productivity insights.

Special Guest: David Kadavy.

Nov 11 2019 · 35mins
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TGI 16: How to Turn a Social Media Post into a Book Deal with David Kadavy

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About our Guest:

David Kadavy is a creative entrepreneur, author, podcaster, speaker, and creative productivity expert. His books include The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating, Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty (which debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon), and multiple “short reads”. On his weekly podcast, Love Your Work, David has learned from entrepreneurs, creators, and experts such as: James Altucher, Seth Godin, Joanna Penn, and many more.

12:20 – Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

How to Connect with David:

Twitter: @Kadavy
YouTube: David Kadavy
Facebook: @kadavyauthor

How to Support David:

The Heart to Start– How to start being creative 
Design for Hackers– How to reverse engineer product design

Recommendations from David:

- Follow your curiosity and lean into things that you enjoy

- Give yourself room to let yourself be creative

- Reverse engineer your ideal outcome to determine your next steps forward

My book recommendation:

Drive, by Daniel Pink

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Oct 17 2019 · 1hr 46mins
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283: David Kadavy on Getting Started

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David Kadavy is a best selling author, blogger, podcaster and speaker. Through his blogging and podcasting, he helps people find satisfaction through following their crafts even if it takes them down an unconventional path. His book, The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating, is what he and Eric discuss in this episode. If you ever struggle with procrastination, you’ll find this episode helpful, informative, inspiring and empowering. There’s some real, practical wisdom here that will enable you to get started with whatever it is that you want to do in your life.

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In This Interview, David Kadavy and I Discuss…

  • His book, The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating
  • How to get started
  • The things that stand in the way of us starting
  • What it means to be creative, or to create
  • The resistance that comes from the ego surrounding getting started
  • Motivational Judo
  • Tricks to get yourself to just get started
  • Give yourself permission to suck
  • You can’t do good work without doing bad work first
  • Perfection paralysis
  • What happens when the scale of a creative project is too big
  • Fortress fallacy
  • The role of curiosity in getting started
  • Balancing exploitation and exploration
  • Following your curiosities

David Kadavy Links:




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Jun 05 2019 · 43mins
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How to Find the Heart to Start with David Kadavy

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If you’ve ever looked at a blank screen or canvas or an empty rehearsal room or auditorium and felt paralysed with fear and self-doubt, then this week’s interview with David Kadavy is for you. It’s also for you if you find yourself looking at the achievements of your creative heroes and top performers in your […]

The post How to Find the Heart to Start with David Kadavy appeared first on Mark McGuinness | Creative Coach.

Feb 04 2019 · 1hr 2mins
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E11 - The Elusive Black Swan with David Kadavy

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Episode 11: An interview with creative entrepreneur, best selling author, and podcaster David Kadavy

In this episode Trent Lapinski and David Kadavy discuss elusive black swam moments, which are moments that describe an event that comes as a surprise and have a major effect.

“I had an event where my e-mail list went from 5,000 to 30,000 within a couple weeks. All these events, they kind of happened, and I did things to make them happen, but I couldn’t have predicted that they were going to happen. So I wondered to myself, how can you make black swans happen?”
“They suffer from interacting with an issue I call irrational rationality. Which is the treating of absence of evidence as evidence of absence.” 
“It always really turned me off, the whole A/B testing obsession that there was in Silicon Valley… Well yeah, if you can use machine learning to do that, that’s even more reasons for you to try and ignore those activities. Then look for the activities that are low investment, but uncertain in outcome. That uncertain outcome may be a very positive outcome.” — David Kadavy
Production and music by Derek Bernard - https://haberdasherband.com/production Host: Trent Lapinski - https://trentlapinski.com
Nov 16 2018 · 33mins
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David Kadavy - Debut Author Book Makes top 20 on Amazon - 025

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David Kadavy is a creative entrepreneur and author of Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty (which debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon), The Heart to Start, and multiple “short reads.

He is also the host of the Love Your Work podcast where he features inspiring entrepreneurs and creators. His writing has been featured in Observer, The Huffington Post, Inc.com, Quartz, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Upworthy, and Lifehacker.

What We Discuss with David Kadavy:

  • How David started his journey to writing via blogging
  • Why writing a book is like cell division
  • Examples of conceptual innovators vs. experimental innovators
  • Some insights into growth mindset vs. perfectionism
  • How Davis is able to reference other influencers and still be able to make his own
  • Discover David’s writing exercise and how to overcome writer’s block
  • Giving yourself permission to suck
  • What is linear work distortion?
  • Finding the balance between structure and curiosity
  • Finding the art inside of you
  • The importance of finding joy in your work
  • Traditional publishing vs. self-publishing

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Oct 31 2018 · 59mins