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Dr. Jay Lombard - The Mind of God

Lighthouse Faith

Can science prove humans have souls? Can it give us proof of life after death? And can science  peer into the meaning of life and of divinity? In short, are science and faith two parts of a whole? Neurologist Dr. Jay Lombard explores and explains  to me these concepts from his new book,  "The Mind of God: Neuroscience, Faith, and a Search for the Soul."  He says for far too long science and faith have operated as polar opposites, but that they actually need each.  For instance he says,  our souls are the immaterial, non-physical part of who we are, and scientists can indeed confirm its existence. Dr. Lombard says, "We see the movement of the soul, meaning that we're able to actually assess the effects of things in the brain that are fluid through new technologies. So yes,  the answer is, we don't call it the soul, and in science we don't say, ' oh there's the soul there,' but we do understand that we can see the effects of emotion and non- physical experiences on the shape of our brains, absolutely. "


5 Dec 2019