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Creating inclusive and responsive Phys Ed classrooms with Justin Schleider

Designed To Thrive Podcast with Elissa Frazier

Bio:Justin currently teaches physical education and health, in Central NJ.  He previously taught in Springfield, Mercer County Special Services and Lambertville Public School. He is the brains behind #slowchatpe and slowchatpe.com. He is also the co-creator of voxerpe.com, nlpc.us, and the Voxer physical education chat which has 500 physical education teachers from all over the world. Justin is also the technology director for the NJ AHPERD which is the NJ state organization for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, and Drivers Education programs. Justin provides professional development to school districts across the nation as well keynoting conferences. In his spare time, he helps organize EdCamps, attends conferences, and raising his family.Twitter: @SchleiderJustinEmail: Schlei99@gmail.comWebsite: https://slowchatpe.com Host: Elissa FrazierTwitter: @fraziersvisionDesigned To Thrive Podcast is a produced by NIA Development and Educational Design Solutions


20 Aug 2021

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E8: Agape ... Love is a Verb - Feat. Justin Schleider

Rapping PE

Welcome to Rapping PE! I’m your host - Steven Buller - AKA Beard Drip Buller - Repping Philly Philly! This is the place where we explore precarity, pedagogy, and physical education! This podcast is dedicated to physical educators of the future, past, and present. Justin Schleider is a dynamic educator with a strong presence within his local scene, and is well known on a regional and national level. You may know Justin from Around the Horn PE, #SlowchatPE, #SlowchatHealth, and as a writer on ConnectedPE. As a focus for a section of this episode is on Love, I recommend watching a co-presentation with Sherri Spelic called Radical Love in PhysEd.  Thank you for for checking out my podcast, I hope you enjoy the show. Please subscribe to the podcast Rapping PE. If you have any questions, or would like to be a guest on the show, you can e-mail me at RappingPE@gmail.com or sign-up here. You can follow us on Twitter (@RappingPE) and (@BeardDripBuller) and on Instagram (@Beard.Drip_Buller). … Peace & Love Music Credits: Stefan Vellema Art Credits: Danny Fetters (Future Logo and Official Podcast Art coming soon!)


10 Jul 2020

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Episode 33: Dave Carney and Justin Schleider


These studs run the Around the Horn Podcast. We discuss their drive to run that as well as PE philosophies, focus on wellness, and developing a sense of student choice/autonomy and learning from our students and other educators. EPIC CHAT with superstar educators.  Around The Horn Pod/Supersized Physed Pod: https://www.buzzsprout.com/385837 Dave's Website: https://www.supersizedphysed.com/ Justin's Website: https://slowchatpe.com/ Shared PE GOOGLE DRIVE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzTFleoMvB0sQTl2NC1idHFMX0U Dave's Twitter: @PE_Dave1017 Justin's Twitter: @SchleiderJustin


3 May 2020

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Episode 59: Justin Schleider

The Supersized PhysEd Podcast

In this episode, I talk to the one and only Justin Schleider! We discuss all things physed, and a lot of other topics including his PE journey, SlowChatPE, social justice, and some random things as well!!! Check it out!!!https://twitter.com/SchleiderJustin#slowchatpeMy new Sport Ed Course: https://gumroad.com/l/sportedMy website: https://www.supersizedphysed.com/

1hr 3mins

20 Feb 2019

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Jumping in a New Direction with Justin Schleider

Global PhysEd Voxcast

In this episode Justin Schleider continues his exploration into what happened to Jump Rope for Heart and where we go from here. Be sure to checkout Justin's first interview with SHAPE America CEO Stephanie Morris, bit.ly/voxcast158


5 Nov 2018

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Episode 3 - Student Choice Is Essential - Justin Schleider

The ChargedUP Education Podcast

Episode 3 Welcome, to the Charged Up Education Podcast. Supporting teachers everywhere, by exploring worldwide perspectives from educators of all subjects. Discussions with others about their professional journey, to keep you charged up in the classroom. I first met Justin through social media and since then we have done a few collobration projects, I met him and his family and then did a 12+ hour road to the National PE institute. We now speak on a daily basis and its really intresting to hear his insights into education. If you would like to get in touch with Justin, you can do so below: https://slowchatpe.com/ Twitter: @schleiderjustin 


27 Aug 2018

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Episode 69 - All About Relationships with Justin Schleider

The PE Geek Podcast

In this episode of The PE Geek Podcast we speak with Justin Schleider we speak about the power of relationships in the classroom & how technology can assist with making this scalable. We also discuss how he's been able to provide a window into his classes for stakeholders with tools such as SeeSaw. Justin also shares some insight into his schools 1:1 rollout of ChromeBooks & professional development options for teachers.


21 Oct 2016

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#PhysEd and #EdTech with Justin Schleider (@schleiderjustin) - HoET069

House of #EdTech

Justin Schleider (@schleiderjustin), New Jersey Phys. Ed. teacher shares his insight into how to integrate technology with phys. ed. students and the value of being a connected educator! Support for this episode of House of #EdTech comes from:   SummerPD.com - Use Promo code: HOUSEOFEDTECH Grammarly Audible.com Domain.com Listeners Like You! Become a Patron...   Complete show notes: http://chrisnesi.com/69 SEGMENTS   (1:44) Intro   (9:15) House of #EdTech Thought - Summer Learning Challenge Conclusion   (13:32) House of #EdTech Recommendation - Adobe Spark   (18:40) Featured Content - Justin Schleider talking physical education and how he uses technology in phys. ed. and health.   (54:20) House of #EdTech VIP - Brian Briggs FEEDBACK   Call: (732) 903-4869 Voxer: mrnesi Email: feedback@chrisnesi.com Twitter: @mrnesi Send a voice message from http://www.chrisnesi.com


11 Sep 2016

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Justin Schleider: Featured Teacher

Classroom 2.0 LIVE - Video

Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar with our June Featured Teacher, Justin Schleider, June 4, 2016. We are excited to welcome Justin Schleider who will be presenting as our June Featured Teacher in this webinar!Description:Technology is changing the world. However, this isn’t a webinar about disruption. This webinar will teach you how to utilize technology to make better lessons as well as become a better teacher. I will show you how I use various FREE resources to create and execute a lesson that meets the highest levels of your evaluation system. In addition, I will show you how technology has taken me to the next level as a teacher outside of student contact time. We will discuss stakeholder communication, being prepared, organization, and where to curate new ideas and concepts.Justin Schleider currently teaches physical education, health, and technology in Springfield Elementary School serving grades PreK-6th in New Jersey. He has been at Springfield ES for 5 years, but previously taught for 5 years at Mercer County Special Services and Lambertville Public School respectively. He is the brain behind #slowchatpe and slowchatpe.wordpress.com, which is the impetus for the slow chat. The slow chat consists of a question a day on Twitter and Voxer. He is also the co-creator of voxerpe.com and voxer physical education chat, which has over 500 physical education teachers from all over the world. In addition, he was his 5th-grade chess champion and ate a full pizza at Pete and Elda's in Neptune, Nj for a free t-shirt.

1hr 13mins

5 Jun 2016

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Facing Our Fears about the Other with Justin Schleider - PTE028

Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

Transformative moments: The moments where you come face to face with a stark realization, that changes how you see yourself, your life and the world around you. And life from hereon - is different - if you choose to make it so. That's what happened to our guest, Justin Schleider, who comes to realize his privilege as a White, Straight, Middle Class Educator. But that's not all, we're also talking Fear: Fear of The Other. In this case, refugees seeking asylum in our countries. It's a fear that has Justin facing his own family history. And of course, we've also got the Lightning Round where we're pushing the edges of Money, Discomfort, Growth Mindset, and being a white educator. Plus we ponder - can we ever stop being educators? For full Show-Notes, go to: http://PushingTheEdge.org/28 Episode Run-Down: ▪ How Justin Pushes the Edge (2:09) ▪ How Justin came to branch out beyond what's normal for him (2:51) ▪ How Justin came to realize his privilege & began stepping out beyond it (6:30) ▪ Learning to keep our mouths shut (8:55) ▪ Learning, reading, conversing, and finding out more (11:24) ▪ Facing conflict online - Justin's experience and how he responded(14:10) ▪ 'One Word Fear' | Justin confronts his fear of refugees seeking asylum (18:14) ▪ Justin connects to his grandparents' story and The Holocaust(21:48) ▪ Why Justin published his post about his fear (23:03) ▪ How Justin teaches about difference in Health Classes (25:56) ▪ How reaching out beyond what's familiar has benefited Justin and his students (28:34) ▪ The Lightning Round - White Educator, Money, Discomfort, Growth Mindset, White Privilege, Ever Stop Being a Teacher (32:01) ▪ Justin's parting thoughts on the 'hidden curriculum' and teaching about difference and empathy (36:52) Related Podcasts: ▪ How to navigate social justice in the classroom with Rusul Alrubail - http://PushingTheEdge.org/13 ▪ Ending White Silence on Race in Education with Greg Michie - http://PushingTheEdge.org/26 ▪ Being a Better Ally for Social Justice with Christina Torres and Bill Ivey - http://PushingTheEdge.org/27 Episode Links: ▪ Justin Schleider on Twitter - https://twitter.com/SchleiderJustin ▪ Justin's blog - https://slowchatpe.wordpress.com ▪ Justin's article - One Word Fear - https://slowchatpe.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/one-word-fear/ ▪ Rafranz Davis - http://rafranzdavis.com ▪ Rusul Alrubail - http://www.rusulalrubail.com ▪ http://www.Tolerance.org Additional Resources: The Pushing The Edge Podcast Archive: http://PushingTheEdge.org or https://goo.gl/yJAZFm Social Justice Resources: http://PushingTheEdge.org/social-justice-resources Greg Curran on Twitter - https://twitter.com/GregBCurran


14 Mar 2016