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The Big 550 KTRS

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5 Jun 2021

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Ep. 64 "I Am Not Afraid, For I Was Born to Do This" with Meredith Hopping

Instructions for Living a Life

For our 64th episode, we're excited to welcome St. Louis, Missouri stand-up comedian, Meredith Hopping, who takes us on an often hilarious, always thoughtful exploration of living with anxiety, appreciating psychiatric care, and wrestling with the church over fear, language, purity culture, and shame. Meredith is fiercely honest, with her bravery and clarity often expressed through humor, and this episode casts that honesty across a wide spectrum. Whether we're talking about divorce, healthy embodiment and sexuality, talking with kids about sex and bodies, postpartum depression, or being REALLY forthright about what birth actually entails, the conversation is a rich and rewarding one.

1hr 1min

25 Jan 2021

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WAL! - Alonzo Bodden, Mia Jackson, Meredith Hopping, TigerKingRoast, DJ Merf, ET,Womack/Futurebirds

We Are Live! with Chris Denman

This was a wild one, DJ Merf begins and ends the show with 30 min sets courtesy of Jack Daniels. Eric “ET” Tecosky joins to talk about his history in the bar & cocktail business, then drops a new drink recipe for staying at home during quarantine. The show gets its stripes when Last Comic Standing champ, Alonzo Bodden jumps in with LCS veteran, Mia Jackson, and STL based comic, Meredith Hopping for a Target Practice roast segment: Tiger King. After the group drops jokes, our surprise guest “Womack” singer of the band “Futurebirds” sings a cover of Joe Exotic’s hit “I Saw a Tiger”. Alonzo has to take off for his next show, we’re treated to the song “Killing Ground” off the album “Teamwork”, and the show closes with DJ Merf. Thank you to everyone for being a part of this pop up podcast, support all the guests today!! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/we-are-live-with-chris-denman/message

2hr 14mins

19 Apr 2020

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95 - Meredith Hopping

Matt F Basler's Podcast

Meredith is something of a comedy mentor to me. She was there for my very first open mic, and I feel that she sees me as a son. Meredith is always being funny and saying funny things. I hope that someday she will look at me and say "Wow. The student has surpassed the master" just before she closes her eyes and drifts into death. Here is her twitter ----> https://twitter.com/meredithhopping I'm @mattfbasler every dang place. 

1hr 8mins

31 Dec 2019

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Meredith Hopping - Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters with Tom Duff

Timing is everything. It wasn’t until her senior year in college, as she was wrapping up her studies as a theater major with an emphasis in opera, that Meredith Hopping found her voice. But it had nothing to do with being a soprano, alto or any range in between. And at first, it wasn’t a solo discovery. One of Meredith’s professors had taken note of how funny she was and mentioned it to her. A few years later, when Meredith turned 30 and made a list of 30 things to do, she decided to put the observation to the test. It was perfect timing. At the end of June 2017, nearly eight months after the 2016 election and five months after her youngest child was born, Meredith – who experienced postpartum depression and anxiety after giving birth to all three of her children – stood at a new threshold: continue to go inward into a rabbit hole of depression, or stand up and do something tangible. Using her faith as her guide, Meredith chose to stand, at of all things, an open-mic comedy night. She nailed it, and her voice has been harmonious ever since. In this episode of Mental Health Matters, Director Tom Duff, MSW, LCSW and Meredith talk about how admitting her postpartum struggles as a granddaughter, daughter and ex-wife of pastors and sharing her humor on stage have helped her discover her voice and a renewed sense of self that can be, at times, a laughing matter.


19 Jul 2019

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098: BREAKUPS with Meredith Hopping

Sorry, Please Continue

Meredith Hopping joins Kenny and Amy on the couch for some stories about breakups. We've got great stories from Eli Chen, the Dougherty couple, and Ellen Doyle.

1hr 41mins

14 Jun 2019

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WAL! Podcast - 5.10.19 (Segment 2) w/ Meredith Hopping

We Are Live! with Chris Denman

In the second hour of today's show local comedian Meredith Hopping joins the show as a guest. While there she discusses her return to stand-up comedy, dating, and getting asked out by Tommy The Intern. Then Meredith puts a twist on the classic WAL! game Make It Racist and plays Make It Sexist. Travis does the Sentence of the Week, and the group plays Target Practice. The show ends with Fair Or Foul. Follow @weareliveradio on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for the latest WAL updates Check out www.midcoast.media for studio, production, apparel, and media capabilities. WAL@weareliveradio.com for inquiries--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/we-are-live-with-chris-denman/message

1hr 2mins

10 May 2019

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Buffalo Hot with Meredith Hopping at O'Fallon's Brewery in St. Louis MO

Wings with Friends

We sit down with St. Louis Comedian, Meredith Hopping at O'Fallon's Brewery for a plate of classic Buffalo Hot wings. Meredith talks about building relationships in the STL comedy scene, and balancing being a wife and mom with comedy and so much more! Special guest appearances by Marcus and Troy from O'Fallon's Brewery- they weigh in on their favorite flavor, spoiler alert- it's Honey Sriracha.


24 Sep 2018

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Meredith Hopping - Lady Bible!

Where'd You [Bless] Up?

Meredith Hopping joins the show to talk about how her comedy life fits in (and doesn't) with the Methodist Church she runs with her head-pastor husband.  An attempt is made to get to a specific story before a large oversight, but no worries, Tina has childbirth questions!  Plus!!  Jeremy's current obsession with 90's R&B, Tina falls asleep during Avengers, "what's the worst TV show you watch?" and cheap tank tops!

1hr 11mins

21 Aug 2018

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Meredith Hopping - July 20, 2018

Impolite Company's Wind-Down Friday

The always pleasant Meredith Hopping joins Yale in the studio to chat about another successful installment of the "Yours, Mine and Ours" showcase she co-hosts, kitchen renovations, Bea Arthur and her desire to make Yale cry in public.


20 Jul 2018