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Female Founder Series, Sufferfest Beer Co.'s Caitlin Landesberg

The Alexi Cashen Podcast

Caitlin Landesberg was the Founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company. She grew and scaled her brand to success through strategic marketing and determination — ultimately, selling her brand to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. She has experience as a marketing executive working for Adobe, Strava, and Mozilla. Caitlin is a passionate investor at This Is Water, focused on helping others grow their brands. In this episode… In an oversaturated market, how do you make your brand stand out? Is there a way to craft a beer geared towards athletes? Crafting a beer that can cater to functionality and an active lifestyle is no easy take, but Caitlin Landesberg was up to the task. With her experience building digital platforms, Caitlin crafted a beer with vitamins and nutrients aimed at athletes. With negativity coupled with health reservations, she grew and scaled her brand. She built a stellar team using unique storytelling marketing techniques, and her brand excelled in a saturated beer market. In this episode of the Alexi Cashen Show, Caitlin Landesberg tells her entrepreneurial story and motivation behind upstarting Sufferfest Beer. Alexi and Caitlin discuss pushing yourself to grow, the challenge of efficiently scaling a brand, and the innovation and creativity it takes to market a beer brand successfully.


27 Sep 2021

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Caitlin Landesberg - CEO and Founder, Sufferfest Beer Company - Episode 21

The Best Boss Ever

In this episode Carl and Caitlin Landesberg, founder of Sufferfest Beer Company discuss the difficulties of company management.


28 Jan 2021

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Caitlin Landesberg, Sufferfest Beer tells us about making beer and launching a brand [EP 247]

The Outdoor Biz Podcast

Sufferfest is a beer company that grew from a desire to enjoy a more refreshing post-race . . . or post sufferfest . . . . depending on your endurance activity of choice . . . beer. Caitlin Landesberg tells us all about it. Facebook Twitter InstagramThe Outdoor Biz Podcast   Please give us a rating and review HEREBrought to yo this month by Eastern Mountain Sports and Tee Public Show Notes Sufferfest Beer Sierra Nevada FKT Fly By Pilsner Mozilla Firefox Strava Jeff White, CEO of Sierra Nevada Mule Days David Foster Wallace, Commencement Address This is Water Thoughts on how those of us in the industry outdoor industry can help mitigate the impact we're seeing in the outdoor space? "I think it's like, what skill are you good at and lean into that. If you aren't going to be skilled at actually helping to repair and maintain part of a trail that you use yourself, you could give back to then get your network of friends and put together a small fundraiser. If I'm not really good with a shovel and an ax right now, or shovel and a pick, lean into your skillset, whether that's connecting people, bringing in financing." Favorite Gear- Ultimate Directions Fast Draw 300 Connect with Caitlyn and Sufferfest   Sufferfest on Instagram   Caitlyn on Instagram


17 Nov 2020

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#251 - Caitlin Landesberg: Founder of Sufferfest Beer Co.

The Rambling Runner Podcast

How many of us would love to turn our personal and professional passions into a successful business? Caitlin Landesberg, found of Sufferfest Beer Co., did just that! What started out as a simple project inspired by innocent curiosity, quickly developed into much, much more. In this wide ranging conversation, Caitlin details how she built a community around Sufferfest, the elements within the two-way communication that inform her brand, how they choose to partner with certain athletes and events, the characteristics of the endurance community that she most loves, and her own running journey and experiences.  Sponsors: Previnex is a supplement brand that I trust, use, and have greatly benefited from. They source the highest quality ingredients in the most clinically effective and beneficial forms. Previnex manufactures to the highest standards possible, testing every ingredient, every step of production and every finished product. Visit www.previnex.com and use coupon code Runner15 to save 15% on your first order. Follow Matt: Instagram - @rambling_runner Twitter - @rambling_runner Get exclusive podcasts, video coaching sessions, and much more by joining our Patreon community at www.patreon.com/ramblingrunner. https://www.theramblingrunner.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Jul 2020

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Joy at the Finish line with Sufferfest Beer Company CEO Caitlin Landesberg #181

Work Life Play with Aaron McHugh

My guest today on Work Life Play is Caitlin Landesberg, founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company, for those who believe in earning their beer. Caitlin Landesberg is an Athlete, long-distance trail runner, and is relentlessly curious. We talk about living fully, pursuing wormholes with curiosity and abandoning demands for outcomes. Her disarming charm, tech-startup roots tenacity kneaded the gospel of Sufferfest Beer one finish line and neighborhood grocery story at a time. Here is her story.


17 Apr 2020

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30 Caitlin Landesberg - Serving Beer to Sweaty Athletes as Founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company

The Kara Goldin Show

Caitlin Landesberg talks about how she decided to start Sufferfest Beer, what it is like to create a beverage by and for athletes, being a mom and CEO + more. "No really means 'not right now', and you've got to tell yourself that." - Caitlin Landesberg. Learn more about this episode at karagoldin.com/30


31 Jul 2019

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EP-229 Caitlin Landesberg of Sufferfest

Good Beer Hunting

If you haven’t noticed, the world is starting to think about the role that craft beer plays in a healthy lifestyle. Is this a reaction to the Pastry Stouts and high ABVs of contemporary craft beer? Or is it part of a larger trend where drinkers want to know more about what’s going into their bodies and how it impacts their lives?  Anyone in the business of selling beer right now is talking about an emerging category known as “better for you,” which covers everything from low-calorie craft beer and kombucha to hard seltzers and gluten-free or gluten-reduced beer.  You’ve probably seen GBH reporting on Michelob Ultra, the low-calorie, low-carb front-runner, which is the fastest growing brand in beer history. Mich Ultra is sort of the tip of the spear for the category, giving corporate and craft brewers alike the confidence they need to explore some of these new directions for beer.  But while most brands are focused on the functional components of these beers—touting low-calorie, low-ABV, and other benefits—very few of them have tried to build a community around their brands and lifestyles the way today’s guest has. Caitlin Landesberg is the founder and CEO of Sufferfest, based in San Francisco.  Her brand was born out of, and still lives in, athlete culture. As a former marketing executive in the fitness tech start-up world, Caitlin had a front-row seat to athletes’ needs and motivations. And she was one herself. As a result of these interests, her homebrewing hobby took a radically different approach to beer making. She brewed for flavor, and fitness, and for a reduced-gluten profile. She used healthful ingredients and considered athletic occasions as prime beer-drinking moments. She should know—she loves to celebrate a win with a beer. A moment that she has dubbed “sufferfest”—hence the company name.  This year, Caitlin and her team are making a massive transition, as they recently earned the attention of Sierra Nevada, who will now brew their beers. Sierra is also working to expand the distribution footprint of Sufferfest as a major new portfolio play.  I’ve been working in and thinking about this “better-for-you” space for the last year on our studio side, helping our clients pivot and expand to new audiences interested in these beers. That plays into this conversation, and one way it shows up is that you’ll mistakingly hear me refer to Sufferfest as part of the non-alcoholic, or NA, trend. It’s not, though—Sufferfest’s beers definitely have alcohol, and that mistake is just part of my brain blurring a few conversations I was having that day. So for clarity, Sufferfest beers are gluten-reduced, and offer a host of other benefits.  This is Caitlin Landesberg of Sufferfest—listen in.

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27 Jul 2019

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Sufferfest Beer CEO Caitlin Landesberg

The Beer Runner Podcast

Caitlin Landesberg discovered she was gluten-intolerant. One of the biggest problems? She couldn’t find a decent gluten-free beer. So she created one herself. Today, Landesberg is founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company, which specializes in gluten-removed beers and craft beer for athletes like herself.  Landsberg previously worked at Strava, and she wanted to cater to people who love beer, and care about what they put in their bodies. To reach this group, they launched by pouring for 1,200 trail runners at the Way Too Cool 50k trail race, America’s largest 50k trail race, and launched with Epic Pilsner and Taper IPA in 25 select locations across the Bay Area. In this interview, Caitlin talks about being a gluten-free beer pioneer, the evolving beverage market as it starts to the fitness market, Sufferfest's  #WillSweatForBeer ambassadors, her own running goals as a runner and business owner, and much more. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beer-runner/support


23 Jul 2019

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Sufferfest Beer Company's CEO Caitlin Landesberg

The Sonya Looney Show

I'm super excited about today's guest: Caitlin Landesberg formerly Caitlin Looney.  We aren't sure if we are related but if our interest in business, endurance sports and beer are any indication, then I'd say we are sisters!  I love today's special story because it's one of transparency, inspiration, hard work, and courage. Caitlin is a former college tennis player turned trail runner.  Caitlin was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease rendering her unable to consume gluten. That meant her favorite post-run beers were off the list.  She couldn't find a good tasting gluten free or gluten removed beer, so she took it upon herself to learn how to brew her own beer. Outfitted with a homebrew kit that was a gift from her husband and a can-do attitude, she got started.  What happened next was as she calls it "a happy accident."  Her recipes became wildly popular and in high demand. She founded her company, Sufferfest beer that was beer for athletes. Upon inspection, I found that the beer had delicious twists to like black currant or sodium to help aide recovery.   Another thing you may not know is that Caitlin was one of Strava's first employees and the former Director of Marketing.  Armed with knowledge of how to build a brand and how to build community, she applied what she learned and has created a wildly successful business. In this episode, you'll learn how she built Sufferfest beer from nothing, how to build community, what is gluten removed beer, some of the interesting rules in the beer industry, how she dealt with setbacks, the acquisition of Sufferfest by Sierra Nevada, the difficult duality of being a mom of very young children and a CEO, and we even talked about pregnant athletes and pregnant career women and what that is like. Topics Discussed in the Podcast  how she built Sufferfest beer from nothing, how to build community What is gluten removed beer? rules for creating a product in the beer industry how she dealt with setbacks the acquisition of SufferFest Beer by Sierra Nevada duality of being a mom and CEO why she felt she had to hide her pregnancy to her early investors how Caitlin defines success Listen Now   Resources Sufferfest Beer Sufferfest Beer on instagram Follow Caitlin Landesberg on Instagram Caitlin's interview with Outside: How to be a working parent Athlete Coalition Podcast Sponsor!  Kuat Racks Support the Show If you would like to support the growth my show, I’d love your contribution on.  Patreon.  The current production of this free show is primarily supported out of my own pocket and a small portion is covered through the donations on Patreon. With my Patreon page, you can donate directly to the show which will help me cover the costs and help it grow! Even 4 bucks a month- the cost of one coffee per month helps a LOT! Thanks, I really appreciate your support! Crowdfunding on Patreon – thank you! Shop my products!  Leave a review or share on social media Don’t forget to subscribe! Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Spotify Thanks for listening!


21 Jun 2019

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Caitlin Landesberg of Sufferfest Beer Company

The Curious Eater

Caitlin Landesberg, founder, and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company shares her journey from Silicon Valley high-tech marketer to revolutionizing the gluten-free beer industry. Join a gathering in the Bay Area to hear stories like Cailtin's shared live. www.RealFoodRealStories.org


4 Mar 2019