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How to Build Positivity and Self-Confidence When Affirmations Aren't Enough w/Jacqui Letran

The Boss Mom Podcast

We’ve spent an entire year in various forms of lockdown, so it’s no surprise that discussions about mental health are a top priority for many of us at this moment. As moms, we must check in with ourselves, and we have to ensure our kids are feeling their best, too. Feeling needed, loved, and worthy are essential for survival, but getting to that point isn’t always easy.  What can we do to start feeling genuine self-love, so we can model that kind of behavior for our children? Outside of reminding our kids that they’re worthy, how can we help them start believing that to be true? In this episode, award-winning author and teen confidence expert, Jacqui Letran shares how to build real, unconditional self-love in ourselves and our children. Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode Why we're approaching mental health all wrong Far too often we treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression when we should mitigate them from the start. It's more beneficial to deal with the source, rather than the outcome. When positivity becomes damaging Telling ourselves we’re amazing every day may sound like a good idea, but if we don’t feel like we’re amazing, it could be detrimental. Instead of focusing on the words we say to ourselves, we have to think about how we feel. How to start believing affirmations, one step at a time Ambitious affirmations can get overwhelming fast, so start small. Rather than saying we are brilliant, or even saying we ‘feel’ brilliant, it’s a good idea to start with ‘I am willing to be or feel brilliant’. Guest Bio-  Jacqui Letran is an Award-Winning Author, Nurse Practitioner, and Teen Confidence Expert with over 20 years of experience guiding youth to optimal physical and mental health. Her multi-award-winning book series, Words of Wisdom for Teens has earned eighteen awards and is regarded as a "must-read" collection of books for teens and young adults struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression. To connect with Jacqui, visit: https://www.jacquiletran.com/ Instagram.com/JacquiLetran Facebook.com/JacquiLetran Linkedin.com/in/JacquiLetran And to find out more about her Words of Wisdom for Teens book series, go to  https://www.amazon.com/Jacqui-Letran/e/B00O752IY0


8 Apr 2021

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How to Build Confidence and Achieve More, with Jacqui Letran | Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast S02 E48

Bulletproof Cashflow: Multifamily & Apartment Investing for Financial Freedom

Jacqui Letran is a multi-award-winning author, mindset mentor, and the founder of Healing Life Story. She left her medical clinic business to start a holistic healing practice with the goal of helping others heal from the inside out. She and her team help people through her writings and keynote engagements. Her goal is to teach that success and happiness are achievable regardless of current situations and struggles. In this episode, Jacqui will be explaining how to build your confidence, how it affects your success, and how it helps you achieve more. 


26 Aug 2020

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Sustainable Statement Podcast Episode #8 With Jacqui Letran

Sustainable Statement Podcast

In this episode with Jacqui Letran who is a mindset mentor, holistic healer and an author of 3 best selling award winning books for teenagers we talk about how to manage hour moods, understand yourself and what questions to ask yourself in order to do that. Her website is www.jacquiletran.com Hope you enjoy!


21 Jun 2020

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Twos to Teens- With Jacqui Letran

What The Fox! Empowerment For Women

Jacqui Letran talks about Words of Wisdom for Teens- we talk about mindset and how to help teens get through the teenage years and be great humans after. We also talked about women healing from traumatic injuries. To connect with Jacqui Connect with me: Linkedin | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website CHECK OUT MY AWARD-WINNING BOOKS LISTEN TO THE PODCAST --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whatthefox/support


2 Jun 2020

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E013 How to Quiet the Inner Critic & Reclaim Your Power with Jacqui Letran

Alopecia Life

Join mindset mentor, Jacqui Letran, as she shares methods of how to identify disempowering beliefs and find ways to quiet our inner critic and move forward. Jacqui's former career as a nurse practitioner led her to become an award-winning author, speaker, and mindset mentor.  She now dedicates her life to helping clients create powerful and resilient mindsets. The modalities she uses are based on the subconscious and conscious minds, along with the 4 faulty beliefs.https://jacquiletran.com/


19 Dec 2019

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384: Jacqui Letran helps you subdue your "inner bully"

Consciously Speaking

Today’s guest is Jacqui Letran. Jacqui is a Multi-Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Nurse Practitioner, and Founder of Healing Minds and the upcoming podcast, Stop the Bully Within. As a Mindset Mentor, Jacqui specializes in helping clients overcome the mental and emotional blocks from their past, build resiliency, and become their number one supporter and champion for success. Jacqui teaches that success and happiness are achievable by all, regardless of current struggles and circumstances. A gifted and energetic leader, she dedicates her life’s work to help her clients and students transform into happy, confident, and successful people. You can learn more about her at www.JacquiLetran.com. This episode is being brought to you by Zero to Launch in 14 Days – the premiere podcast training course. Sign up for your Podcasting Breakthrough Discovery Call today, and don’t forget to grab your free report “The Simple 5-Step Process to Launch a Rockin’ Podcast in Just 14 Days”. Be sure to subscribe to Consciously Speaking so that you don’t miss a single episode, and while you’re at it, won’t you take a moment to write a short review and rate our show? It would be greatly appreciated! To learn more about our previous guests, listen to past episodes, and get to know your host, go to www.MichaelNeeley.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


12 Aug 2019

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EFT for the Critical Voice w/ Jacqui Letran (Pod #368)

Tapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFT

Support the podcast! Our internal critical voice is one of the key reasons we fail to take the action we want in life. This constant nagging voice in our heads points out all of our past failings, why we aren't capable of taking action now, and why we will fail in the future. When we have a voice inside of our head telling us this over and over again, it can become crippling. The stronger the critical voice is, the less likely we are to take action. In this podcast Jacqui Letran and I talk about why the critical voice exists (and there is a good reason), how we can tap for it, and a new analogy for how to think about it. The image that Jacqui shares for the critical voice is one I had never thought of and is just perfect. Her description completely changed the way I think of my own critical voice. We also talk about how best to tap in the moment to reduce the power of the critical voice. Note: During the conversation we talk about forgiveness, the pitfalls around being able to forgive, and how to approach forgiveness in a healthy way. Here is a more comprehensive reflection on how to achieve forgiveness of others and of self into your tapping work. Subscribe in: Apple | iPhone | Android | Google | Spotify Guest: Jacqui Letran Contact: Web @ JacquiLetran.com; Amazon Author's Page @ Jacqui Lentran; Podcast @ Stop the Bully Within Instagram @Roving.Vegans About: Jacqui Letran is an Author, Speaker, Mindset Mentor and the Host of the Stop the Bully Within podcast. Jacqui’s Words of Wisdom for Teens book series won multiple awards and is often regarded as “must read” books for teens and young adults struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Through her one-on-one sessions, workshops, keynotes, as well as her books and podcast, Jacqui teaches that success and happiness are achievable by all, regardless of current struggles and circumstances. Jacqui is a gifted and energetic leader who dedicates her life’s work to help her clients and students transform their inner critic into their best friend and cheerleader, so they can create that powerful and resilient mindset needed to be happy and successful in life.


19 Jun 2019

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Communicating and Working Together as a Couple with Jacqui Letran and Joseph Wolfgram

My Biz Bestie

Have you ever considered working together as a couple with your partner? On today’s episode of My Biz Bestie Maelisa and Amber welcome their first ever couple/biz besties/business partners! Jacqui Letran and Joseph Wolfgram are exceptional in many ways not only are they a couple who works together on their business from home but they do so in an RV while roaming the country. You’ll learn what their secrets are for working together as a couple when you listen to this episode of My Biz Bestie. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The My Biz Bestie Community today: My Biz Bestie Facebook My Biz Bestie Instagram


4 Jun 2019

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SSCS1317: BUSINESS SERIES: Jacqui Letran Mindset Mentor Shifting Your Mindset For Success

She Shed Comedy: Empowering Your Comedy Career

In this special Business Series episode, Linda interviews best selling author, speaker, and mindset mentor - Jacqui Letran and they talk about the power of visualization and how to shift your mindset for success.


8 Mar 2019

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Turning Your Inner Bully Into Your Best Friend (with Jacqui Letran) — 009

Raise A Legend Podcast

Does that little voice in your or your child's head say that you're not lovable, good enough or worthy? Mindset mentor, and award-winning author, Jacqui Letran is here with confidence-boosting tips that can turn that bully into your new best friend.


6 Jan 2019