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184. Q&AF: Building Your Circle, Main Reason Why Entrepreneurs Fail & Ending Toxic Friendships

REAL AF with Andy Frisella

In today's episode, Andy answers your questions on how to attract the right people to your circle to help you succeed, the number one reason why EVERY entrepreneur fails in business and the best way to end a friendship that's toxic to your success.


1 Dec 2021

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Breaking!!! Trump Sh!tting His Pants Over Latest Subpoenas Targeting Inner Circle + A Conversation With Nazi Hunter Kris Goldsmith

Mea Culpa

In less than a week the January 6th Committee has issued 35 new subpoenas aimed at Trump’s inner circle, Stop the Steal Organizers and allies and aides present at the infamous Willard Hotel War Room. All of it amounts to a full court press to find out what the president knew and when did he know it and why the fuck didn’t he do anything to stop it. Later Michael welcomes Kris Goldsmith, extremist expert and Nazi hunter onto Mea Culpa. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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12 Nov 2021

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Episode 7: Maggie Shipstead, Author of Great Circle, Shortlisted for the Booker Prize

Write Now with Scrivener

Maggie Shipstead's latest novel has been shortlisted for the 2021 Booker Prize. Great Circle is a novel of love and loss and adventure, focusing on a woman pilot in the early days of flying, and an actress portraying her in the present. Show notes: Maggie Shipstead Great Circle Booker Prize Colson Whitehead, Sag Harbor Learn more about Scrivener, and check out the ebook Take Control of Scrivener. If you like the podcast, please follow it in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Leave a rating or review, and tell your friends. And check out past episodes of Write Now with Scrivener.


3 Nov 2021

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EP 225 - LET'S HAVE A CHAT: Having A Small Circle of Friends, BTS BB Topps Chrome 2021, Bitcoin Going Crazy, NASA Launch, Dodgers/Seahawks Sunday & more

Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller

His name is Ben Baller, not Ben Humble & he's here to discuss: Having a small circle of friends, Squid Game promotion, The Dust Brothers, BB Topps Chrome 2021 out in the world & bringing people to the hobby, going to Six Flags with the family, what he's watching, Crypto going crazy, being involved in a NASA launch, taking his first golf lesson, Dodgers in NLCS, Seahawks on SNF & more. This episode is not to be missed!Subscribe to American Scandal on Wondery: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/american-scandal/id1435516849Please support our sponsors:www.Bambee.com/BallerFiverr.com/business, promo code BALLER.www.DameProducts.com/Ballerwww.LadderLife.com/Ballerwww.VitaminWater.comIf you are interested in MLB, NBA, NFL & UFC Picks daily, weekly or monthly subscribe at www.CaptainPicks.com & Follow @TheCaptainPicks on InstagramProduced by: DBPodcasts www.dbpodcasts.comFollow @dbpodcasts on Instagram & TwitterMusic by @lakeyinspiredAvailable on all Podcast Platforms, YouTube & BehindTheBallerPod.comBehind The Baller Theme Music Artist: Illegal Kartel (@illegal_kartel_mikal_shakur)Produced by: Gene Crenshaw@yuyuthemaker

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19 Oct 2021

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Edgelarks at Scorhill Stone Circle

Folk on Foot

A Bronze Age site on Dartmoor, six musical instruments, a feather, harmonica-enhanced beatboxing, a stone that is said to increase fertility, a fast flowing river, a baby and a caring grandmother - all ingredients of a wonderful walk with the award-winning duo Edgelarks (Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin). --- Access exclusive films of Edgelarks performing along our walk, along with over 100 other performances from dozens of artists, by signing up to Folk On Foot On Film: https://www.folkonfoot.com/watch We rely entirely on support from our listeners to make Folk on Foot. So please consider becoming a patron. You’ll make a small monthly contribution and get great rewards. Find out more at www.patreon.com/folkonfoot. Sign up for our newsletter at www.folkonfoot.com Follow us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @folkonfoot


14 Oct 2021

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Ep290: The Return of OFF! and Circle Jerks w Keith Morris

The Vinyl Guide

We are celebrating the return of OFF! and Circle Jerks with punk legend and wonderful soul Keith Morris. Today Keith shares what's been happening with OFF!, the new band members, their Metallica cover of "Holier Than Thou", the song, the video, what's next PLUS what's happening with Circle Jerks, the recent "Group Sex" vinyl reissue and heaps more. Enjoy! If you like records, just starting a collection or are an uber-nerd with a house-full of vinyl, this is the podcast for you. Nate Goyer is The Vinyl Guide and discusses all things music and record-related.

1hr 1min

19 Jul 2021

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David Siegel | Build An Epic Social Circle Anywhere With This One Simple Platform

The Art of Charm

In today’s episode, we talk about MeetUp with David Siegel. David is the CEO of MeetUp and the host of the new podcast Keep Connected. People are feeling lonely now more than ever, so what can you do if you’re feeling lonely, where can you go to meet new friends who share your interests, and what is the cheat code to making new friends anywhere you go? What to Listen For How did the Art of Charm get started using MeetUp? – 2:50 When creating an account on MeetUp, should you try to join MeetUp groups or create/host your own? Why are people suffering from loneliness now more than ever and what can you do about it? The evolution of MeetUp through the pandemic – 10:51 How did the pandemic affect people’s willingness to meet up using sites like MeetUp? Is it a good time to start attending events and MeetUp groups in person yet? Are MeetUp groups welcoming to introverts? – 24:15 What kinds of MeetUp groups should an introvert attend and avoid? Is MeetUp a good tool for professional networking? What sports should you look into if you’re interested in trying something new and popular? Can you find MeetUp groups that center around happiness and mental well-being? The cheat code to meeting a lot of people – 43:52 What are 3 traits of the best organizers on MeetUp? How do the best hosts on MeetUp provide great experiences for the attendees? What are the 3 steps in giving value that solidify a connection with guests and members who attend your events? What are the top 5 best practices in networking can you implement in your next MeetUp event? In a post-COVID world, people are struggling to figure out ways to be social again and get a handle on the loneliness they experienced during the lockdown. What better way to do both than find a group of likeminded humans on a site like MeetUp? One of the major advantages MeetUp groups/events have for people who aren’t sure how to make friends is that MeetUp self-selects for people who are open to meeting new people. That means people who attend MeetUp groups are going to be friendly, welcoming, and approachable. A Word From Our Sponsors Share your vulnerabilities, victories, and questions in our 13,000-member private Facebook group at theartofcharm.com/challenge. This is a unique opportunity where everyone — both men and women — celebrate your accountability on the way to becoming the best version of yourself. Register today here! Resources from this Episode MeetUp Keep Connected Podcast hosted by MeetUp CEO David Siegel David Siegel on LinkedIn David Siegel on Twitter Check in with AJ and Johnny! AJ on Instagram Johnny on Instagram The Art of Charm on Instagram The Art of Charm on YouTube

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19 Jul 2021

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Squared Circle Pit #74 - Malakai Black (Tommy End) Talks AEW Debut, Favorite Metal Bands

RIP a Livecast

The former Aleister Black in WWE, now Malakai Black (aka Tommy End) is the latest guest on Squared Circle Pit. We talk about his huge debut in AEW, how it was the plan all along after his release, and what he hopes to accomplish in this new phase of his career. We also talk a lot about how he got into heavy metal, what he's listening to now, who in WWE he used to talk to about heavy metal (some surprising answers) and the music he and his wife, Thea Trinidad aka Zelina Vega enjoy together. Follow Squared Circle Pit on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.Support the show: http://patreon.com/ripalivecast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


16 Jul 2021

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Pauline Viardot and her Circle

Composer of the Week

Donald Macleod explores the life and music of the 19th-century French singer, pianist, composer and influential society figure, Pauline Viardot. “When I want to do something, I do it in spite of water, fire, society, the whole world”, an indicator if ever there was one, of the inner steel of this week’s composer.Born in 1821, Pauline Viardot possessed an array of exceptional qualities. As one of the opera stars of her age, she was admired from Paris to St Petersburg as a sublime interpreter of Rossini, Bellini, Handel and Gluck. Beyond her incomparable voice, her twice weekly artistic salons were a high point in Parisian cultural life. She knew, and was admired by Chopin, George Sand, Delacroix, Liszt, Fauré, Tchaikovsky, and Saint-Saëns to name but a few. While having, according to Saint-Saëns, an unnecessarily modest view of her talent, she was also an accomplished composer. A talented linguist with five languages at her command, her compositions include a substantial body of songs, one or two instrumental works and a series of highly appealing operettas.This week Donald Macleod will be exploring different facets of her extraordinary life. We’ll be hearing from a range of Viardot’s compositions as well as some of the operatic roles she made famous. He’ll be examining her role in Parisian cultural circles, and her friendships with leading writers among them Charles Dickens, and in particular Ivan Turgenev, and composers such as Berlioz, Saint-Saens, Meyerbeer and Gounod, all of whom created roles specifically for her incredible voice.Music Featured:Les filles de CadixScène d’Hermione, Act IV: Je ne t’ai point (pas), Cruel?Manuel Garcia Snr: La figlia dell’aria: È non lo vedo…. Son reginaLiszt: El Contrabandista Rondo Fantastique sur Un Thème Espagnol, S.252Rossini: Il barbiere di Siviglia, Act 2, Don Basilio! Cosa veggo? …… briconi, birbantiRossini: Otello, Act 3, Sc 1, Canzone del Salice: Assisa a pie d'un saliceMadridHai luliSix Morceaux (I Romance; II Bohèmienne; III: Berceuse)Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Act 2, Ah! qual colpo inaspettato!Plainte d’amour (Mazurka in F sharp minor, Op 6, No 1)L’Oiselet (Mazurka Op 68, No 2)La Séparation (Mazurka no 14 in G minor Op 24, No 1)Rossini: La Cenerentola, Overture3 Mörike Songs (no 1. In der Frühe; No 2. Nixe Binsefuss)Berçeuse-cosaqueGolden glow of the mountain peaksDo not sing, my beauty, to meRossini: Il barbiere di siviglia, Act 1, No 5,Una voce poco faLe dernier sorcier, Act 1, No 1 Par ici; No 2 Chanson de Lelio; No 3 Romance de la Reine12 songs of Pushkin, Fet and Turgenev (No 1, Tsvetok)5 poems of Lermontov & Turgenev (No 1, Na zare)10 poems of Pushkin, Lermontov, Koltsov, Tyutchev and Fet (No 3, Ya lyubila yego)12 poems of Pushkin, Fet and Turgenev (No 4, Polunochnyye obrazy)Bellini: La sonnambula, Act 1 (excerpts)ÉvocationLe dernier sorcier, Act 2 FinaleGounod: Sapho, Act 3, O ma lyre immortelle….Saint-Saens: Samson et Dalila, Act 1, Printemps qui commence (Dalila, The Old Hebrew)Meyerbeer: Le prophète, Act 5 Sc 2, 3 & 4Fauré: Puisqu’ici-bas toutes âmeWagner: Tristan und Isolde, Act 2, O sink herneider, Nacht der liebeBrahms: Alto RhapsodyViolin Sonatina in A Minor (Allegro finale)Cendrillon (excerpts)Gluck, ed Berlioz: Orphée, Act 1, Sc 4, Amour, viens rendre à mon âmePresented by Donald MacleodProduced by Johannah SmithFor full track listings, including artist and recording details, and to listen to the pieces featured in full (for 30 days after broadcast) head to the series page for Pauline Viardot and Her Circle https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000wyscAnd you can delve into the A-Z of all the composers we’ve featured on Composer of the Week here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3cjHdZlXwL7W41XGB77X3S0/composers-a-to-z

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18 Jun 2021

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The Inner Circle Rappels Down Stadium Stampede 2

Talk Is Jericho

Those were no stunt doubles on top of the scoreboard at TIAA Bank Field stadium in Jacksonville at AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV! That was all 5 members of the Inner Circle who jumped off and rappelled to the ground below. Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, and Santana and Ortiz return to tell the story of Stadium Stampede 2, and who came up with the brilliant idea to rappel. They detail what went into the planning and execution of their battle against The Pinnacle right down to Sammy’s amazing 630 to finish off Shawn Spears (and The Pinnacle). Hear about Jake’s battle against Wardlow in the freezer, Sammy and Shawn going at it in the stadium chair room, Santana & Ortiz coming to blows with FTR in the bar, and Jericho & MJF’s live match in the AEW ring! They also share the story behind Konnan’s cameo DJ appearance, the DMX music licensing saga, and finally wrestling in front of a full capacity crowd for a PPV!

1hr 9mins

11 Jun 2021