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S1E13: Yes, You Should Write a Book! With Nick Raithel

Raise Private Money Legally • for Real Estate

There’s no substitute for the name recognition and credibility that a well-researched and -written book can bring. Yet so many syndicators and investors shy away, fearing they either aren’t capable or simply don’t have the time. In this episode, we tell you how you really can write a book – and it’s easier than you might think. Nick Raithel, host of the podcast “7 Rules for Real Estate Investing with Nick Raithel” and the man behind “The 7-Hour Book,” is our guest speaker. He explains not only how to create your own book to promote your business in just 7 hours – but more importantly, WHY this makes good business sense for you.Contact via: emailSyndication Attorneys WebsiteInvestor Marketing Materials


1 Apr 2021

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EP 46: Nick Raithel - Unlock Your Book

The Real Estate Lab

Today on the Real Estate Lab Podcast, join our host Vee Khuu and his guest, Nick Raithel, as they talk about why and when you should write your own book. Nick is the creator of The 7 Hours Book, and runs a service to help real estate investors create a book in just 7 hours. Do you think you’re not good enough, have a lot of doubts about your skills, and do not know where to start? Listen to this episode now, and find the answers to your questions!Outline of the Episode:·      [01:48] All about The 7 Hour Book by Nick Raithel.·      [03:27] Nick saw the need for people to use a book to help promote themselves.·      [04:31] Why did Nick, a digital marketer, decide to focus on books?·      [06:21] The old is new. A lot of things from before are being used by people again.·      [07:20] A hardcover book is like a business card that people don't throw away.·      [08:12] Writing a book is something that people should consider if they already have a clear grasp of their goals.·      [09:29] How will you know if writing a book is right for you?·      [10:36] It has become more challenging to stand out in the competition in real estate. ·      [12:34] Figuring out your why. You don’t need to be the best in writing to write a book.·      [15:03] We first let them figure out if a book makes sense for them before coming to us.·      [16:37] It all comes down to your decision of when is the right time to publish your book.·      [18:11] You don’t need to worry so much about not having a huge platform or list of people to email to when starting to leverage your book.·      [19:22] Their process of deciding when the client is a right fit for them.·      [21:39] Work from home jobs are becoming the norm because of COVID-19.·      [22:50] How do they ensure that their writers will write with the same voice as the client?·      [24:51] Their price ranges and the services included in the package.·      [27:00] Podcast is a great platform to build your network and reach out to investors.·      [28:04] Nick’s favorite books and the lessons he learned from them.Resources:  ·      Website: http://contentcorps.net/ ·      The Black Swan·      Fooled by RandomnessConnect with Vee Khuu!·      Website: http://www.veekhuu.com/·      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Veekhuu/·      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vee.khuu/·      Linktree https://linktr.ee/veekhuuSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/the-real-estate-lab. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Nov 2020

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How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Write A Book In 7 Hours With Nick Raithel

Seek Go Create

Writing a book can take a lot of time more than you can imagine. It requires hours of research, writing, revising, and continuous polishing. At some point, you can experience burnout and excruciating writer’s block that will drain the creative energy out of you. In this episode, we talk to Nick Raithel, creator of The 7-Hour Book. He talks about coming up with a whole book in just 7 hours, with minimum participation from aspiring authors. Additionally, he touches on the concepts of stoicism and time blocking. He also shares the secret behind the Top Five Method.If you have book ideas that continuously haunt you, then this episode is for you!Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:Discover the concept of time blocking and the Top Five Method.Learn more about the principle of stoicism.Go through the entire step-by-step creative process of stitching together a purposeful book in seven 1-hour calls.ResourcesExtreme Ownership by Jocko WillinkTEDx Talk: Extreme Ownership by Jocko WillinkRead What You Love Until You Love to Read by Naval RavikantNaval PodcastThe 4-Hour Workweek by Tim FerrissBrian Tracy’s Youtube channelEat That Frog! by Brian TracyThe ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay PapasanThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon HillGetting Things Done by David AllenFarm: The Real Estate Agent’s Ultimate Guide to Farming Neighborhoods by Brian IcenhowerEpisode Details5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode[13:20] “Read what you love until you love to read.” –Naval Ravikant[13:26] “Use your passion initially for the things that get you excited with reading, then parlay that into reading the more difficult stuff once you actually enjoy reading.”[30:01] “No, being unemotional is not the idea of stoicism; it's more unshakeable. And the idea is more in responding to things rather than reacting to things.”[48:42] “When a couple of people get together and start talking, it’s like there’s another force created that’s composed of those ideas that none of the people on their own would have come up with.”[52:56] “You don’t need to have a “New York Times best-selling book.” You need a book that’s going to resonate with a very select group of people in your market and cause them to take whatever actions you want them to take.”About NickNick Raithel is the creator of The 7-Hour Book. He helps entrepreneurs and thought leaders increase their business visibility. Nick works with aspiring authors, writers, designers, printers, and publishers to piece together a book with a purpose.To connect with Nick, you can visit his website.Enjoy This Podcast?Seek Go Create is for leaders, entrepreneurs, ministers, and everyone seeking excellence, moving towards success, or creating something new.If this episode taught you more about how our experiences shape who we become in the future, don’t hesitate! Feel free to subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.Love to give us 5 stars? If you do, we’d love a review from you. By doing this, you can help us reach more people who want to rest and spend time with God.Do you want to help more people learn how to piece together a book in just 7 hours? A simple way is to share this episode or what you’ve learned today on social media.Connect with the SeekGoCreate Network! For updates and more episodes, visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.To growing and becoming all we are created to be,Tim

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21 Sep 2020

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S1E46: How To Be Indispensable At Work with Nick Raithel, the Creator of the 7 Hour Book

The John Chapman Show Podcast

In this episode, John interviews Nick Raithel, the creator of the 7 Hour Book, to talk about the opportunity corporate employees have to become indispensable within their organization. During the conversation, Nick talks about Seth Godin's book Linchin as the premise for the idea of being indispensable and how adapting that mindset is crucial within the modern work force. Nick also talks about who you should think about building a personal brand, what type of content you can create and why writing a book can be so influential. For more information on Nick and to learn about writing a book, check out http://contentcorps.net/. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


17 Jun 2020

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Episode 120, Nick Raithel with ContentCorps.net and The 7 Hour Book

Take 5 for Real Estate

How do you stand out to your clients and prospects in a crowded marketplace?Coaches, Realtors, Attorneys and any consumer facing businesses need to stand out against their competitors.  Nick has a great solution for you!  Nick and his team will work with you on creating a book. Really great content and insight from Nick!  Please feel free to share, like and/or leave a comment.


4 Jun 2020

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711: Start With Why and Build Your Interview-Based 7 Hour Book with Nick Raithel

Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank: Get Daily Insights from the Top Internet Marketers & Entrepreneurs Around the World

Nick Raithel is the creator of the the 7-Hour Book is a system that allows you to get your own professionally-published book in just 7 hours. With NO work. Things you will learn in this episode:What is 7-Hour book? How to decide if writing a book is the best tactic in your marketing strategy? Factors considered when deciding that publishing a book is the best marketing channel Determine one marketing strategy in creating a book What does it mean when we are using our book for self defense? How is the seven hour book different and what makes it the best solution among others The 7-Hour book process includes structuring, guided interviews, and book creationWhat is the 7-Hour book?The 7-Hour book is a system that allows any entrepreneur to write their own professionally-published book while spending only 7 hours of their time on it.It helps entrepreneurs and others in business to share their stories and the ultimate way for them to share their insights is to publish a book. It finally providesentrepreneurs the recognition they deserve.How to decide if writing a book is the best tactic in your marketing strategy?Always start asking yourself the why questions. Consider all the other marketing strategies used by many- podcast, a YouTube channel, or Facebook ads and weigh on them and decide if publishing a book is the best marketing strategy that will work for you. Once you have decided and stirred from the other marketing channels, all the idea will just come to the surface and just believe in yourself that you are unique and has knowledge, insights, and perspectives that others don't have.Factors considered when deciding that publishing a book is the best marketing channelFiguring out the "why" of publishing a book. Figuring out the things you want to achieve through the book and will the book be helpful on achieving these things. For example, you want to reach a certain market who is more traditional based in terms of seeking information, then the book is the best tool to educate them with your business.Determine one marketing strategy in creating a bookBring in marketing partners to your book and having them provide some of the content, or giving them a shout out in your content. In that way, they will not only provide you with a content, but they also then have an interest in promoting the book and marketing the book when it's out.What does it mean when we are using our book for self defense?It means it is safeguarding and defending your time from a situation where a person if you provided them with your book ahead of time, you might have been able to educate them and help them to see for themselves whether or not it made sense to continue talking to you. It helps people get to know more about you, what you do and decide if connecting with you will help them.How is the seven hour book different and what makes it the best solution among others?It strips out time as an excuse to not get a book done. It will only require seven one hour sessions from the client which could be scheduled anytime.It comes from a marketing standpoint. The content of the book and how it is written comes from a business context that will draw your target market to your business.The 7-Hour book process includes structuring, guided interviews, and book creationGoing over the book and segment each chapter of the book in a call. It is a 100% collaborative approach done in an interview style. Part of it is discussing ideas, asking questions that would essentially yield answers from the client's point of view and our writers take notes from these discussion and create a book from there.If you are interested in Chatting with Nick Raithel and the team, and want to have your own 7-hour book to promote your business, visit their website at Content Corps and create that change in your business!Visit his website Content Corps


27 May 2020

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WS442: How to Publish Your Book in Just Seven Hours, with Nick Raithel

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Today on the show we welcome Nick Raithel. Nick is the creator of the 7-Hour Book, a proven system allowing any real estate investor to get their own professionally published book while spending only seven hours of their time on it. Publishing your own book can help you to finally get the recognition you deserve and gain the credibility to do bigger real estate investment deals. But how do we find the time, what do we write about, and how do we build up the self-confidence to refine and share our ideas? In this episode, Nick shares with us the benefit of publishing your own book and how to find out whether this is the right marketing avenue for you. 


6 Jan 2020

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Why Write A Book And How To Do It In 7 Hours | Nick Raithel

Millionaire Mindcast

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a great guest, Nick Raithel who talks about his cool entrepreneurial journey of building great wealth, adding value to people, and shares amazing tips on creating and marketing your book that will create more opportunities in your business! Nick Raithel is an entrepreneur, an expert in the book writing process, and the founder of 7-Hour Book, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to take the money-mental tasks of creating a book, and building their authority and credibility by publishing their own book in just seven hours. Nick’s journey begins at a yard sale when he was 9 years old. Currently, Nick and his team create value and opportunity for individuals, giving them a vehicle to getting their content package scalable where they can monetize, add value to other people, and add to their brand recognition to create more opportunities. Their content writing services will be able to get companies and businesses on the top, as it combines effective marketing strategies and the call-to-action context. Some Questions I Ask: Where did all your entrepreneurial endeavors begin? (00:40) When did you realize that you’re creating a real business? What was that business? (02:28) What’s been your business model that you’ve been able to unlock the freedom and generate wealth, create real opportunity, and value in your space (04:28) Who should be thinking about writing a book? (06:11) Why do you still believe writing a book is such a powerful tool for someone’s brand and to building their business? (08:02) Let’s talk about The 7- Hour book process, what does that look like? (10:46) What have been some of the greatest doors or success stories of people who have written a book unlocking because of that book? (12:48) What is the time that goes into working a book with your team versus doing the book by them alone? (14:38) Does your team also help marketing a book? (17:50) What’s your thought about Self-publishing versus going with a major publisher? Who is the right fit might be for? (22:37) In This Episode, You Will Learn: The 'Thud Factor' of having a book and its advantages. (08:20) Effective ways of assembling ideas out of the person’s head to a book. (11:02) Tips on Marketing a book (19:50) Quotes: “A book makes the most sense.” “A book really is a business card that essentially you can’t throw away.” “Marketing is just as important I would say as actually creating a book.” Resources Mentioned: Losing My Virginity book by Richard Branson Connect with Nick Raithel on: Website Show Brought To You By: TheRichLifeAcademy.com Episode Sponsored By: TheRichLifeStore.com Questions? Comments? Do you have a success story you would like to share on the show? Send us an email to Questions@MillionaireMindcast.com


23 Dec 2019

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Episode #64: The 7-Hour Book with Nick Raithel

Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate

Nick Raithel is the creator of the 7-Hour Book. This proven system allows any entrepreneur or business leader to get their own professionally-published book while spending only 7 hours of their time on it.With the 7-Hour Book, Nick is on a mission to help peak performers in business finally get the recognition they deserve. Time and again, he’s seen those in nearly every community who have incredible stories and knowledge to share. A book is the ultimate way for them to share their insights and, in doing so, attract business leads and leave a legacy. Yet the issue always seems to be that no one has any time.Seeing this, Nick combined advanced time management strategies with his own experiences in publishing and marketing. The result was the 7-Hour Book, a service that’s been delighting clients ever since.Connect with Nicknick@contentcorps.netFor today’s show notes, including audio and links to all the resources mentioned, visit www.aptcapitalgroup.com/podcasts.To get access to our free Passive Investors Guide and monthly newsletters sign up at www.aptcapitalgroup.com.To find out more about partnering or investing in a multifamily deal email info@aptcapitalgroup.com.Local to Southern California? Attend our monthly meetup focused on Multifamily Apartment investing. View our schedule at www.aptcapitalgroup.com/events.Join our Facebook Group - Passive Income through Multifamily Real EstateHave a question you would like answered on the show? Email us at info@aptcapitalgroup.com.


11 Nov 2019

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#26: Create Your Own Real Estate Book In Only 7 Hours with Nick Raithel

Multifamily Investing with Multifamily Attorney Charles Dobens

Nick Raithel is the creator of the 7-Hour Book. This proven system allows any real estate investor to get their own professionally-published book while spending only 7 hours of their time on it. Nick and I discuss how a real estate investor can use a book to their advantage by becoming an expert. For more information or to get started in multifamily investing, please visit: https://www.multifamilyinvestingacademy.com/


23 Oct 2019