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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy Crestodina. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy Crestodina, often where they are interviewed.

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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andy Crestodina. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andy Crestodina, often where they are interviewed.

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How to Add Video (and YouTube) to Your Content Strategy with Andy Crestodina

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It is increasingly impossible to think of a content strategy that doesn’t utilise video as a strong and effective component. Yet for many people there are still barriers and obstacles stopping them from breaking into the video world.

To get some expert insights into this, we spoke with Andy Crestodina, co-founder and CMO of​ the award-winning digital agency ​Orbit Media. Over the past 20 years, Andy’s provided guidance to over a thousand businesses, written hundreds of articles on content strategy, SEO and Analytics, and authored the book Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.

Learning points:

  • Content marketing is giving people what they want (usually educational, sometimes entertainment) to grow brand awareness, to build loyalty and to grow trust.
  • Video gives you better access to the human brain, by turning your audience into viewers instead of readers.
  • Video is accessible and compelling. Seeing someone’s face, tone and body language helps establish a connection and build trust in a short space of time.
  • The reason why people don’t make more videos is not that the tools are difficult, it’s people not being comfortable making something with their face and voice in it.
  • Traffic driving videos should be hosted on social media platforms, Content Marketing Video should be on YouTube & your website, About Us / Testimonial Video should b hosted solely on your website.
  • Outcomes can be measured in a few different ways. If the video is on your website, you can measure the change to the performance of that page. Or if the video is hosted somewhere like YouTube, you can measure the performance of it on that platform.
  • Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics can be used to measure video plays.
  • Comparing the behaviour of viewers and non-viewers provides invaluable data into what video content adds to your website.
  • YouTube Studio has its own analytics that show you total number of hours people have spent watching your video, how many new subscribers the video generated, and which sources drove traffic to the video.
  • Leverage your strengths - Make videos for any content you have that is consistently performing well over time.
  • Do Some Measurements - If you’re not measuring your results, then how do you know if you’ve hit a home run?
  • Work Harder - you can make a video relatively quickly, but if you put more work into making a video, you will see that pay off a hundred fold with the engagement.
  • Content marketing really benefits if you spend more time and more effort in its creation

Learn more about designing and creating images and videos for Learning from the Techsmith Academy.

Andy Crestodina provided a few of his articles that we talked about during this episode:



To read the blog post on this topic, click here.

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**Get Started with Online Education Videos** https://www.techsmith.com/blog/get-started-with-online-education-videos/

**4 Prove Steps to Make High-Quality Product Demo Videos** https://www.techsmith.com/blog/make-demo-video/

**Clear Voice Over - Continuing on with the Screen Recording Basics Course Series** https://youtu.be/ljaqZjdY-zg

Sep 23 2020 · 48mins
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The Secret to Thought Leadership Content with Orbit Media Co-Founder Andy Crestodina

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#021:  "Advertising is ____, content marketing is ____." If you can’t fill in those two blanks (and make it catchy), you should definitely listen to this week’s episode of The Verblio Show with Andy Crestodina. 

Andy is co-founder of Orbit Media, a 19-year-old web design agency. He quite literally wrote the book on content marketing, which Jay Baer has called “The most practical book ever written about digital marketing."

 In our interview, Andy shares a literal wealth of knowledge about content marketing, productivity, learning, and much, much more: The one tweak you can make to turn content marketing from a years-long slog into a ‘results before you hit publish’ investment - The exact formula for thought leadership and the data to back it up - The opinions / observations / data hierarchy - What you should and should not do with best practices - Escapades in China, exercise in 2 minutes/day, wake time & productivity correlation 


The Verblio Show is your weekly cocktail of content marketing fun and fruitful conversation. Hear the full interview with Verblio’s CEO Steve Pockross and talk with more marketers, digital agencies, and an assortment of thought leaders anywhere you get your podcasts!

Aug 19 2020 · 34mins

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Conversation Chemistry: Orbit Media’s Andy Crestodina (After12 · E22)

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In this episode, marketing mastermind, Andy Crestodina (Co-founder & CMO of Orbit Media) joins After12 to talk about making content count in the age of Covid, as well as why having a “conversation strategy” is more important than ever before.

The post Conversation Chemistry: Orbit Media’s Andy Crestodina (After12 · E22) appeared first on Echelon Design Inc.

Jul 24 2020 · 36mins
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What makes a good SEO? W/ Andy Crestodina

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What makes people good at Search? Lifestyle business vs. scale - what are the pros and cons? What can you learn from starting a well-established web dev agency? Andy Crestodina and I covered all of these questions and more in this Tech Bound podcast.

0:00 Who is Andy Crestodina?
1:42 Lifestyle business or scale
4:35 The lifestyle project Andy would go for
6:28 Lessons learned from starting Orbit Media 20 years ago
8:54 Text is weak
12:24 Repurposing content into videos
18:00 Andy’s system for creating tons of content
21:32 The importance of deep work for getting things done
23:55 How Andy got to where he’s at
27:04 What traits lead people to be good at Search
31:05 What distinguishes successful from unsuccessful marketers
34:48 SEO is an outcome

Show notes:
* orbitmedia.com/blog
* https://twitter.com/crestodina
* https://www.linkedin.com/in/andycrestodina/
* A full video about Andy writing a blog article https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/how-to-write-a-blog-post/
Jun 15 2020 · 39mins

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Andy Crestodina: Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails

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Author Andy Crestodina returns to The Marketing Book Podcast for a special episode of "Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails."

Previously on The Marketing Book Podcast to discuss his book, Content Chemistry: An Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing, content marketing visionary Andy Crestodina joins the (hopefully) limited time series, Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails to talk about being quarantined in Chicago, what's it's like having to cancel a live event due to the pandemic, how his ingenious book Content Chemistry came to be, his upcoming sixth edition of it, his annual blogger survey, and more! 


Click here for show notes...


Jun 04 2020 · 41mins
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S04 E09: Andy Crestodina on Making Paper Mâché Dragons, Tasting the Rainbow, and Freezing His Own Popsicles

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What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for your coworkers? In this episode of Punch Out with Katie and Kerry, we talk with Andy Crestodina about the way he celebrates employee milestones, freezing his own popsicles, and his world travels. This is a completely different conversation than Andy's ever had on a podcast! He's the CMO and co-founder of Orbit Media and author of 'Content Chemistry.' 

In this episode we learned:

  • Which paper mâché animal is his favorite one to make
  • Who gets the dragons and dinosaurs
  • Why he makes his own popsicles
  • Where he learned to dive
  • His favorite Chinese proverb

Want to know more about Andy? You can find him at:

Website: https://www.orbitmedia.com/

Twitter: @crestodina

This episode is sponsored by the HELLO Conference. 

What are you doing on October 22, 2020? You should be attending the HELLO Conference where marketers learn to be human at scale in the age of machine marketing. The speaker line up includes experts from SalesForce, Amazon, Trust Insights, and Firespark. Attendees have a unique opportunity to glean actionable insights on intelligent tools and the future of marketing from professionals who work with the world’s top brands. Tickets available at: https://bsquared.media/helloconference/

Punch Out with Katie and Kerry is the show that dives deeper into topics you care about. We don't ask the questions everyone else does. We get to the real insights (and the weird hobbies, the guilty pleasures, the secret side hustles...the good stuff)! We find out what really makes your favorite folks tick. Punch out with Katie and Kerry!

Have a cool hobby or side interest you want to talk about on Punch Out with Katie and Kerry Let us know: 

Website: www.punchoutwithus.com

Email: punchoutwithus@gmail.com

Hosts: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone @KerryGorgone  & Katie Robbert @katierobbert

May 23 2020 · 32mins
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Orbit Media - Andy Crestodina

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Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media share insights on his book "Content Chemistry", and discusses content strategy, tactics, and all things marketing.
May 20 2020 · 40mins
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238: Evolve Your Content Marketing with Andy Crestodina

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An outstanding content marketing strategy must be something that works hand in hand with SEO. In this episode, Co-Founder and CMO of Orbit Media Andy Crestodina joins me to talk about the psychology of brand marketing, and the economy of reusing content across different platforms from podcasts to checklists to blogs. I saw Andy speak at Content Marketing World, and he just killed it--I knew I had to have him on the show. Tune in! The show notes, including the transcript and checklist to this episode, are at marketingspeak.com/238

May 13 2020 · 56mins
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EP100: The 3 Skills Every Thought Leader Needs to Master with Andy Crestodina

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In this episode of the GrowthTLDR, we talk to Andy Crestodina, the CMO and Co-Founder of Orbit Media, about content marketing, thought leadership, and growing a successful agency.

We talk to Andy about:

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of Andy having such a well known personal brand, and what tips he would give for replicating his success?

- How to be a thought leader for your market and the three types of content you need to master.

- The number one piece of advice Andy would give to other founders who are thinking about starting their agency or company.

Happy Growing!

Mar 19 2020 · 36mins
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Episode 527 – Foresight 2020 – Optimizing Your Content Marketing Plan with Andy Crestodina

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Andy Crestodina is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media, an award-winning 40-person digital agency in Chicago.
Over the past 20 years, Andy has provided digital marketing advice to 1000+ businesses. He speaks at national marketing conferences, writes for big marketing blogs and hosts a little marketing podcast.
Andy has written hundreds of articles on content strategy, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, conversion and Analytics. 

Top 10 Online Marketing Experts to Watch, Forbes 
Top 50 Marketing Influencer, Entrepreneur Magazine 
Top 25 Content Marketers, Express Writers/Buzzsumo
Top 100 Digital Marketers, Brand 24
Top 10 Social Media Influencers to Watch, Social Media Explorer
Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers to Follow, Outbrain

He is also the author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing.
Learn More About Andy & Orbit Media - CLICK HERE
Dec 11 2019 · 27mins