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#9 How Your Brand Fits Into Your Website, with Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios

The Frontify Podcast

Join our chat with Andy Crestodina, CMO & Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios, to learn more about modern website development – and how branding, creative teams, and other strong voices in your company play a part in a realm where user-centricity really is the key to success.


7 Jul 2021

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How to Create Compelling Research-Based Content w/ Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media

Growth Colony: Australia's B2B Growth Podcast

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda chats with Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media, about the approach marketers can take to create compelling research-based content. Andy Crestodina is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media, an award-winning 40-person digital agency in Chicago. Over the past 20 years, he has provided digital marketing advice to 1000+ businesses.


30 Jun 2021

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The biggest opportunities in B2B tech websites - Andy Crestodina

Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Tech Companies

In this podcast episode, Andy Crestodina, the Co-Founder and CMO at Orbit Media, is discussing how a B2B tech company can create a successful website.  If you want to know more or get in touch with Andy, you find more information in the links below:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/andycrestodina https://www.orbitmedia.com/about/ 


9 Jun 2021

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Manage Your Personal Reputation in Search (Andy Crestodina and Jason Barnard)

With Jason Barnard...

Andy Crestodina talks with Jason Barnard about managing personal reputation in searchAndy Crestodina is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios, Inc. He’s been working on the web since he was terribly young and is now a business person who (and I quote) “does marketing as well as marketing-related activities in his company where they make internet web pages for other companies”.Optimising your Personal Brand SERP is a big part of managing your personal reputation online. Every time your name appears in a meeting, conference or even if someone tags you in a post, people will tend to spend a minute of their time searching for your name in Google. Guess what? These users searching for your name are interested in who you are and what you do and you only have a minute of their time to make an impression. So what? So, rank a page you fully control at the top of that SERP!Andy and Jason cover:- The ways to outrank your social profiles on your SERP.- The perfect schema for the perfect bio page.- What you can do to drown negative results attached to your name.- Triggering video boxes... and more!If you’re a thought leader, a PR, CEO, someone accountable for your brand’s image or just a personal SEO nerd, this is the Kalicube Tuesdays episode for you!What you’ll learn from Andy Crestodina00:00 Andy Crestodina and Jason Barnard01:37 Kalicube Tuesdays knowledge panel01:57 Jason and Andy’s Personal Brand SERP03:07 How to manage your personal reputation 05:30 It takes ten minutes a month to polish a Personal Brand SERP08:49 First, optimise your LinkedIn bio and bio on your own website12:05 Can you just copy-paste what’s on your LinkedIn into your bio page?12:54 How to ensure your bio page outranks LinkedIn13:33 The personal SEO philosophy14:55 Schema tags for your bio pages17:17 Pushing down negative results with social profiles20:46 How does social media affect SEO?24:28 Tricks for triggering a knowledge panel for a person27:36 Knowledge panel enhancement opportunities31:49 How to trigger video boxes on your Personal Brand SERPThis episode was recorded live on video June 1st 2021Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>


1 Jun 2021

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Level Up Ep. 5: Thought Leadership and Content Strategy with Andy Crestodina

Bridge the Gap: The Senior Living Podcast

Andy is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media Studios. He’s spent about two decades helping companies to really get their content marketing right. James and Andy discuss what it really means to be a thought leader, and how such a person can put their growing influence to work for the benefit of others. Whether you lead a marketing team or not and whether you consider yourself a thought leader in your industry or not, everyone can benefit from thinking about their personal content strategy. Content, after all, is all about communication, and the ability to effectively communicate is a core tenet of leading.“The philosophy of the content marketer is to help the person make the best buying decision. They are educators...guiding this person through the decision-making process.” Connect with James on LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter.Level Up is powered by Bear Wise Consulting.


11 May 2021

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Shop Talk: Data-Driven Marketing & SEO with Andy Crestodina

Unbottleneck - Digital Marketing Solutions

In this episode of the Unbottleneck Podcast, we’re in for a very special treat as Steve Wiideman is joined by acclaimed digital marketing guru, Andy Crestodina, for an eye-opening conversation about understanding key Data Metrics, Goal Tracking, KPI, A-B Testing and more! About Our Guest: Andy Crestodina The multi-talented Andy Crestodina is co-founder and chief […] The post Shop Talk: Data-Driven Marketing & SEO with Andy Crestodina appeared first on Wiideman Consulting Group.


24 Apr 2021

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Understanding Website Analytics with Andy Crestodina

Totally Hyped - The Small Business Marketing Podcast

What's really important to understand about web analyticsWhere to find the most important stats in Google AnalyticsHow to track online marketing efforts


1 Apr 2021

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187: The building blocks of thought leadership marketing with Andy Crestodina

Reputation Revolution | the Influence & IMPACT podcast

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media Studios in Chicago, is a digital marketing guru. Andy has been in the web design and interactive marketing space for 21 years. In that time, he’s helped thousands of people do a better job getting results online. He’s a true evangelist for content marketing and ethical digital marketing. In this far-reaching conversation for Reputation Revolution, Andy chats with Trevor Young about: The building blocks of thought leadership marketingThe differences between a content marketer and a thought leaderBlogging as a powerful thought leadership marketing tool in 2021Andy's suggestions on optimising SEO for personal branding, including how to outrank negative mediaPLUS ... Andy unpacks the state of blogging, and lets us in on some of the interesting findings of his 7th Annual Blogging Survey, If you've ever thought about what thought leadership is, how to extend your personal brand reach as a thought leader, or whether you simply love following thought leaders and get value from their content, you'll find this conversation super interesting! CONNECT WITH ANDY: Website Twitter Instagram LinkedIn


14 Mar 2021

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How to Add Video (and YouTube) to Your Content Strategy with Andy Crestodina

The Visual Lounge

It is increasingly impossible to think of a content strategy that doesn’t utilise video as a strong and effective component. Yet for many people there are still barriers and obstacles stopping them from breaking into the video world. To get some expert insights into this, we spoke with Andy Crestodina, co-founder and CMO of​ the award-winning digital agency ​Orbit Media. Over the past 20 years, Andy’s provided guidance to over a thousand businesses, written hundreds of articles on content strategy, SEO and Analytics, and authored the book Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing. Learning points: Content marketing is giving people what they want (usually educational, sometimes entertainment) to grow brand awareness, to build loyalty and to grow trust.Video gives you better access to the human brain, by turning your audience into viewers instead of readers.Video is accessible and compelling. Seeing someone’s face, tone and body language helps establish a connection and build trust in a short space of time.The reason why people don’t make more videos is not that the tools are difficult, it’s people not being comfortable making something with their face and voice in it.Traffic driving videos should be hosted on social media platforms, Content Marketing Video should be on YouTube & your website, About Us / Testimonial Video should b hosted solely on your website.Outcomes can be measured in a few different ways. If the video is on your website, you can measure the change to the performance of that page. Or if the video is hosted somewhere like YouTube, you can measure the performance of it on that platform.Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics can be used to measure video plays.Comparing the behaviour of viewers and non-viewers provides invaluable data into what video content adds to your website.YouTube Studio has its own analytics that show you total number of hours people have spent watching your video, how many new subscribers the video generated, and which sources drove traffic to the video.Leverage your strengths - Make videos for any content you have that is consistently performing well over time.Do Some Measurements - If you’re not measuring your results, then how do you know if you’ve hit a home run?Work Harder - you can make a video relatively quickly, but if you put more work into making a video, you will see that pay off a hundred fold with the engagement.Content marketing really benefits if you spend more time and more effort in its creation Learn more about designing and creating images and videos for Learning from the Techsmith Academy. Andy Crestodina provided a few of his articles that we talked about during this episode: https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/youtube-content-strategy/ https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/tracking-video-views-google-analytics-tag-manager/ To read the blog post on this topic, click here. **What's New At TechSmith - Check Out These Blog Posts and New Content** We'd love to have you subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts. If you like what you're hearing, give us a 5 star rating, and we'd love your review. I know it's such a small thing, but it makes it so others are more likely to find our podcast. https://the-visual-lounge.captivate.fm/listen **Get Started with Online Education Videos** https://www.techsmith.com/blog/get-started-with-online-education-videos/ **4 Prove Steps to Make High-Quality Product Demo Videos** https://www.techsmith.com/blog/make-demo-video/ **Clear Voice Over - Continuing on with the Screen Recording Basics Course Series** https://youtu.be/ljaqZjdY-zg


23 Sep 2020

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The Secret to Thought Leadership Content with Orbit Media Co-Founder Andy Crestodina

Yes, and Marketing

#021:  "Advertising is ____, content marketing is ____." If you can’t fill in those two blanks (and make it catchy), you should definitely listen to this week’s episode of The Verblio Show with Andy Crestodina.  Andy is co-founder of Orbit Media, a 19-year-old web design agency. He quite literally wrote the book on content marketing, which Jay Baer has called “The most practical book ever written about digital marketing."  In our interview, Andy shares a literal wealth of knowledge about content marketing, productivity, learning, and much, much more: The one tweak you can make to turn content marketing from a years-long slog into a ‘results before you hit publish’ investment - The exact formula for thought leadership and the data to back it up - The opinions / observations / data hierarchy - What you should and should not do with best practices - Escapades in China, exercise in 2 minutes/day, wake time & productivity correlation  https://www.verblio.com/ The Verblio Show is your weekly cocktail of content marketing fun and fruitful conversation. Hear the full interview with Verblio’s CEO Steve Pockross and talk with more marketers, digital agencies, and an assortment of thought leaders anywhere you get your podcasts!


19 Aug 2020