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How My Wife Upgraded Me Like Beyonce Did to Jay-Z | Ashonzay Matlock

The Investing Tutor Podcast

Dr. Hans speaks with the founder of 1stGenWealthBuilding Ashonzay Matlock. Here are the topics we discuss: Why are the poor and middle class made to believe all debt is bad? As someone pursuing your debt free journey what has that been like? How does your strategy differ from that of the Total Money Makeover book? What impact has your wife had on your life? How can minorities build wealth & legacy?


23 May 2020

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Episode 33: Love ain't Gonna Pay the Bills - Relationships & Finances with Ellie and Ashonzay Matlock

Money Monopolizers Podcast

The third leading cause of divorce among couples in America is not being on the same page in about finances. Typically in these relationship each person has little to no financial intelligence prior to getting together, so when they do wind up joining forces it results in a major failure. On this episode we had Ellie and Ashonzay Matlock from @debtfreeandfitness on Instagram. This couple is the epitome of teamwork and cooperation when it comes to relationships. When they met they were nearly $100K in debt but through discipline and sacrifice they've attained a $100K net worth! Now they've built a brand around finances and fitness to show people that you can be strong physically and financially.Tune in to this episode to hear more about their journey with debt pay off, what it takes to build wealth, being in the same financial lane with your partner, how to avoid scrubs when dating. Shoutout TLC!Check them out on Instagram @debtfreeandfitness to learn moreIf you enjoyed this episode please rate it 5 STARS on Apple Podcasts, share it with anyone you think should hear it, and subscribe to our podcast!Also follow us on Instagram @moneymonopolizers and Twitter @TheMonopolizersCheck out our website for more resourceful content www.moneymonopolizers.com

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5 Mar 2020

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