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127 - Radical Mentoring W/ Kevin Harris

The Responsible Leadership Podcast

Today’s guest is Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring, an intentionally small group mentoring process to help church pastors engage men, build a core group of leaders, and transform their churches. Kevin is passionate about being a resource for church leaders that have incorporated small group mentoring into their disciple-making strategy. Find out more about Kevin and his work at: radicalmentoring.com You can email him directly at: Kevin@radicalmentoring.com You can reach him directly via telephone at: 720-710-7596 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/responsible-leadership/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/responsible-leadership/support


12 Aug 2021

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(SIS S1 E01 ) Reason Rocks (w. Kevin Harris)

The Bellator Christi Podcast

By: Brian G. Chilton, Curtis Evelo, and Kevin Harris | June 20, 2021 We begin a new series through the summer of 2021 where we interview numerous scholars and experts in their chosen field. We call it the “Summer Interview Series.” On today’s podcast, Curtis and Brian are joined by Kevin Harris of Reasonable Faith. […] The post (SIS S1 E01) Reason Rocks (w. Kevin Harris) appeared first on Bellator Christi.

1hr 3mins

20 Jun 2021

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Episode 109: Kevin Harris Interviews Evan Minton

The Cerebral Faith Podcast

Recently, Evan Minton was on an episode of the Reason Rocks Podcast hosted by Kevin Harris. They talk about how Minton got into apologetics, his battles with doubt, Christian music, Christian movies, and The Deuteronomy 32 Worldview.  Check out Kevin Harris' channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7o4f1_TKzfKb5D5gwova8Q --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/evan-minton/support


29 May 2021

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Kevin Harris: Office Managing Partner – RSM UK

Accounting Influencers Podcast

Kevin Harris is the highly driven, passionate and visionary Office Managing Partner of top 10 UK accounting firm RSM. He also chairs the local Enterprise Partnership, responsible for generating economic growth in his region. Alongside these roles, he is a Non-Executive Board member of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and was President last year. Selected shownotes from this 'leaders special' interview:A fascinating journey from qualifying accounting to top 10 firm managing partnerThe mindset difference between most accountants (technical advisors) and their business owner clients (entrepreneurs)What failing your accounting qualification by 1% or being made redundant can do to your mental resilience and career controlWhat accountants need to develop if they want more influence and a voice in an accounting firmThe frustrations and difficulties of working in an accounting firm with traditional partner hierarchies and structuresThe futility of thinking you can make everybody happy when you lead any kind of professional firm or organisationTips for dealing with opposing views and people who want to challenge your leadership or ideasHow to avoid having to play the political game with multiple stakeholders in a professional firmStriving for personal and work balance in an accounting firm leadership role, especially in a culture where hard work and long hours are expectedThe importance of self-awareness, mental resilience and continued learning when leading a professional firmAn example of a big career risk and what can be learned from being courageous in an accounting leadership roleWhere drive, motivation and fulfilment come from in leading a large accounting firmInsights into how accounting firms grow and how many accountants shy away from the growth and entrepreneurial side of running a firmWhether everyone in an accounting firm should be involved in business developmentWhy recruitment and retention of top talent is the biggest challenge in any accounting leadership roleThe importance of selling a vision in accountancy to attract the right kind of talent and engagementAdvice to upcoming accounting firm leaders to build resilience, associating with the right people and being true to oneself.Contact him here on LinkedIn.


6 May 2021

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Ep. 6 Beyond the Payment with Kevin Harris from Orion

Beyond the Payment


28 Apr 2021

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Ep. 2: Kevin Harris for City Council

Liberally Social

Rashmi's neck is sore from nodding in agreement, as first-time candidate Kevin Harris charms us first—and then takes us to church on moral budgeting, building power in minority communities, and obviously basketball! Check show notes for details from the episode!  Tonight we're drinking: The Ridin' with Biden from Neighborhood Provisions -  Myron Mixon's BBQ on Lee Street -  Love of Christ Church -  Hoop Life, Jump Shots for Tots -  Just for Me, by Kirk Franklin -  Baskin Robbins -  Climate Corner: ALX Environmental Action Plan -  Potomac Yard Park (with the big person + little person playgrounds) -  ALL Alexandria Resolution on Race + Equity -  Alexandria Redevelopment & Housing Authority -  ALX Economic Opportunities Commission -  Juvenile Justice Detention Center Board -  Detention Center Board Safety Committee -  ALX Police Review Board -  Join the Minority-owned Businesses Roundtable -  Alexandria Minority-owned Small Business Association -  What Anh's eating: Sticky rice with mango from Spill the Tea—we very young tastemakers enjoy their bubble tea and lychee popping boba as much as the actually young middle schoolers do -  VoteforKevinHarris.com -  Donate to Kevin's campaign


25 Apr 2021

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89: More Spring Game Observations | Kevin Harris Film Review

Devy Deep Dive Podcast

@DevyDeepDive reviews the weekends spring games and talks about some younger players. Film Review Player: South Carolina RB Kevin Harris. Deep Dive Player: Miami WR Keyshawn Smith. Send me your devy questions in an audio file (mp3) to be on a future podcast! send to bjlejeune@gmail.com. Devy All The Time!


22 Apr 2021

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Fantasy Stars of Tomorrow - Kevin Harris & Bijan Robinson

Destination Devy Radio

Fantasy Stars of Tomorrow series kicks-off with two of the most talented running back in college football right now Kevin Harris, South Carolina's rising junior, and Bijan Robinson from Texas. Harris exploded onto the scene in 2020 while Robinson gave us a sneak peek of what's to come over the next couple of years.  While your league mates are going crazy over the rookies, come get familiar with these studs now, and prepare to be rewarded down the line! The Destination Devy Patreon is LIVE!! Join #TheSQUAD and the All-Gas Army on Patreon for even more exclusive content http://www.Patreon.com/allgas Destination Devy @DestinationDevy – one of many great podcasts from the Dynasty League Football Family of Podcasts – is hosted by Ray Garvin featuring weekly dynasty football content focused on developmental prospects in the college football world. Trivion McKenzie (@TTzMac702) for his song, “Attitudes,” and special thanks to every single #DDP listener and the ongoing support! Please leave a rating and review on iTunes. Follow the show and send questions to the podcast on Twitter, @DestinaitonDevy!Thank you for watching and please subscribe to the channel and podcast! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


22 Mar 2021

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157 Kevin Harris: Servant Leadership and Radical Mentoring

Manage Smarter

In 2002, Kevin Harris underwent a dramatic change as husband, father, and believer through his experience as a mentee in a Radical Mentoring group. He is now the President of Radical Mentoring, a non-profit focused on encouraging and equipping churches and mentors to use Jesus-style relational mentoring to create environments for people to be real and develop authentic relationships. Before joining Radical Mentoring, Kevin led a sales team at Wells Real Estate Funds and served in sales positions at CNL and Atlas Energy. "I'm privileged to connect my life purpose with Radical Mentoring’s purpose: encouraging and equipping churches to build better men through small group mentoring." - Kevin Harris In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Kevin discuss: ·      What is radical mentoring and how does it work·      Harnessing the full power of servant leadership to boost your business and personal results·      Identifying your authentic self and applying it to your work life/Leading with authenticityJoin hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith every week as they dive into the aspects and concepts of good business management. From debunking sales myths to learning how to manage with and without measurements, you'll learn something new with every episode and will be able to implement positive change far beyond sales. Connect with Kevin Harris radicalmentoring.comkevinharris.imhttps://www.facebook.com/kevin.harris.5686https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-harris-0a10a62/ Connect with Manage Smarter Hosts·         Website: ManageSmarter.com ·         LinkedIn: Audrey Strong·         LinkedIn: C. Lee Smith Connect with SalesFuel: ·         Website: http://salesfuel.com/ ·         Twitter: @SalesFuel ·         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salesfuel/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


17 Jan 2021

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Does Your Church Need a Mentoring Ministry? – An interview with Kevin Harris from Radical Mentoring

Rainer on Leadership

On this episode of Rainer on Leadership, Thom and Sam are joined by Kevin Harris, President of Radical Mentoring. We take some time to discuss how your church could benefit from a strong mentoring ministry.  In 2002, Kevin Harris, underwent a dramatic change as husband, father, and Jesus-follower through his experience as a mentee in a Radical Mentoring group. He is now the President of Radical Mentoring, a non-profit focused on equipping churches and mentors with resources and coaching to create disciple-making environments where the next generation can develop deep relationships with God and others. Before joining Radical Mentoring, Kevin led a sales team at Wells Real Estate Funds and served in sales positions at CNL and Atlas Energy. He and his wife Susan have two boys and live in Atlanta, GA. Why is it important for churches to have a mentoring ministry? What is the difference between mentoring, discipleship, and leadership development? What’s the ideal outline/process for disciple-making? What makes mentoring groups successful? What Kingdom impact are you seeing from the churches you serve? Resources mentioned in today’s podcast: Radical Mentoring Radical Mentoring Known Collective Mentoring Launch Checklist Free 30-day trial Church Answers Silver membership How Your Church Can Reach People In A Post COVID World Episode Sponsor: The mission at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. The school offers more than 40 different degree programs, including the new Master of Arts in Church Revitalization in partnership with Church Answers and the Revitalization Network. This 37-hour degree is designed to help students move established churches from flatlining to flourishing. Learn about this program and more by visiting sebts.edu. Where are you going? Southeastern will help you get there. Feedback If you have a question you would like answered on the show, fill out the form on the podcast page here on Church Answers. The post Does Your Church Need a Mentoring Ministry? – An interview with Kevin Harris from Radical Mentoring appeared first on Church Answers.


17 Nov 2020