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#9939 Why Are Women So Unhappy? - Rose Sweet

Catholic Answers Live

This week, we are hearing from some of the best and brightest women in the world on issues ranging from life, to work, to roles in the Church and everything in between.Questions Covered:21:20 – I’m a guy who just came out of a relationship that ended, that was very serious. I struggled to make my girlfriend happy. What is the man’s responsibility for the happiness of our female partners? 29:09 – My girlfriend suffers from anxiety and depression. She is getting professional help. She says she can’t see or hear God. How can I help her to see the beauty of life and God in it? 40:30 – I am married, for over 40 years. My husband isn’t always the kindest to me. My dad was abusive and so I became a quiet person. I don’t want to be pushed around anymore. What can I do to assert myself? 44:55 – I grew up without a dad and I am still broken. How can I heal? 49:15 – I think we need contentment more than happiness. …

20 Jan 2021

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Morning Blend Guest: Rose Sweet, Author

The Morning Blend

Mary Harrell talks to Rose Sweet about her new book, “A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Relationships.” The post Morning Blend Guest: Rose Sweet, Author appeared first on Mater Dei Radio.


12 Jan 2021

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Life After Divorce with Rose Sweet

The David L. Gray Podcast

Leading up to the 'After Divorce Online Conference', Catholic Author and Speaker Rose Sweet dropped onto 'Talking Catholic with David L. Gray' to highlight the conference and why so many people need healing and ministry in this area. This was a LIVE Broadcast with questions from the audience.The post Life After Divorce with Rose Sweet first appeared on DavidLGray.INFO.


7 Oct 2020

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#9780 The Marriage Bond - Rose Sweet

Catholic Answers Live

What makes a marriage valid and sacramental? What is the marriage bond? Rose Sweet explains.Questions Covered:21:10 – Can a marriage still be valid even if it is not sacramental? 28:58 – Has there been an increase in the dissolution of marriage throughout the country? 5 of my friends have gotten divorced and were granted annulments in the last year. 32:06 – I’m contemplating filing for an annulment. I have been divorced for 2 years. In my opinion, our marriage was valid, but my husband didn’t think it was. When is it appropriate to file for annulment? 36:50 – What do you do when you have an argument with your wife, but she misunderstands what you said and is hurt by it? What can you do? 42:10 – My daughter and her fiancé were both raised Catholic but are not marrying in the Church. Is it still a marriage? 48:25 – How can I know that I am ready for marriage? …

30 Sep 2020

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Healing the divorced heart, with Rose Sweet

Among The Lilies

Hey Ladies! Unlock the series we're doing on sex by supporting Among The Lilies for $10 or more a month here. Check out Rose Sweet's website here. See her books here. Thank you for being here! If you are interested in supporting Among the Lilies please consider supporting us at https://www.patreon.com/AmongTheLilies Please join the Among the Lilies community on Instagram and Facebook!


5 Aug 2020

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#9554 Is It Okay to Separate? - Rose Sweet

Catholic Answers Live

Rose Sweet helps Catholics to navigate spousal separation and to understand the Church’s teaching on marriage.Questions Covered:16:52 – I have a son who is getting ready to file for divorce. He is married to an abusive woman who is on drugs and there are 3 kids involved. How will the Church view this? 21:55 – Is Rose Sweet available for private advice? 23:23 – I was previously in the marine corps and was married, but things didn’t work out. I wasn’t religious at that time. Will it ever be possible for me to have a wife again? 30:50 – When is it okay to realize that divorce is the right answer? My dad was sexually abusing my mom and me and she finally left him and got a divorce once it affected me. 34:39 – I have been separated from my wife for 8 years. I don’t think either of us intends on getting married to anyone else and we may get back together someday. She just filed for divorce. Will we still be married in the eyes of the Church if we divorce? 42:38 – My husband and I are separated. I have my stuff in the car because I just left him. We still love each other, but we’ve had so many complications. What can I do? I am not a Catholic. 46:45 – What is a justification for getting an annulment? My wife already married someone else. …

24 Apr 2020

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A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras - A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Romance (Tan Books) Interview with Rose Sweet

A Seeking Heart

Interview Discussion Included:7 stages of Romance – how we progress in our life with ChristAre you ready to move beyond Dating Jesus, and go all the way? Would you rather be in the Kitchen eating Spaghetti with Jesus or Steak with a counterfeit?Rhythm and Reality of an authentic relationship with ChristThe Hot Fudge Sundae TheoryT-shirt wanted, “I am in an Eternal Divine Romance with Jesus”Princess dreams and fairytales, are not all bad – if they are not distorted!That moment I realize I AM in the book!! Lol.. honest Rose, I read the whole thing (except that part of the chapter where you not only share my leprosy hand kissing story but use my name! Vineyard Care – Battlefields and WOMEN In the New Evangelization (WINE)www.RoseSweet.com and on Facebook: RoseSweetTalk

30 May 2019

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04/27/19- Family Sanctuary- Rose Sweet- Catholic Guide To Romance

Family Sanctuary

Produced by St Gabriel Catholic Radio


27 Apr 2019

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Rose Sweet: The Catholic Women's Guide to Happiness

Catholic Women Now

The Catholic Woman's Guide to Happiness integrates Theology of the Body and teachings on prayer with Rose's unique brand of story telling and humor. We enjoyed Rose's analogies and practical teaching. We discussed the difference between joy and happiness and the different doors we choose in life that lead to good and not so good paths. And how we can look for happiness in the goods around us but detached view of finding the joy - joy of new shoes, chocolate, and a good glass of wine.


28 Feb 2019

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February 14, 2019 – Rose Sweet “A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Happiness” and Mary Sheehan Warren “The thoughtful Girl’s Guide to Fashion, Communication and Friendship”

Meet the Author with Ken Huck

Ken talks with Rose Sweet “A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Happiness” and Mary Sheehan Warren “The thoughtful Girl’s Guide to Fashion, Communication and Friendship” (both books published by TAN Books) Rose’s book is available at: https://www.tanbooks.com/index.php/a-catholic-woman-s-guide-to-happiness.html Mary’s book is available at: https://www.tanbooks.com/index.php/the-thoughtful-girl-s-guide-to-fashion-communication-and-friendship.html Visit Rose’s website: https://rosesweet.com/ Mary’s website is: https://marysheehanwarren.com


14 Feb 2019