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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Greg Dean. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Greg Dean, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Greg Dean. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Greg Dean, often where they are interviewed.

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Commander Greg Dean: Glen Waverley Police: Melbourne, Australia

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Podcast 48: Positive Connections Radio
Commander Greg Dean. Glen Waverley Police
Melbourne, Australia

Commander Greg Dean is a 30-year police veteran currently working as station commander of Glen Waverley Police Station. Greg was Senior Sergeant of Victoria Police’s Welfare Services who provide 24/7/365 confidential well-being support to all 20,000 Victoria Police as well as their immediate family. We talk about First Responder only retreats, how the attitude about asking for help has changed and how we can combat the fear of asking for help around the globe.
Please contact Commander Greg Dean with any questions or comments:
Jun 07 2020 · 54mins
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Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation: Episode 2 - Greg Dean

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In this second episode of "Conversations with The Code 9 Foundation" Greg Dean, former Senior Sergeant of Welfare Services at Victoria Police, joins us to discuss his reflections on how we can best support well-being within the emergency services.
Jun 01 2020 · 36mins

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Melbourne, Australia-Meets San Diego Peers at PSPSA: Senior Sergeant Greg Dean: Victoria Police

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Sgt Greg Dean is a 30-year police veteran currently working as a manager of Victoria Police’s Welfare Services who provide 24/7/365 confidential wellbeing support to all 20,000 Victoria Police as well as their immediate family. Greg was recently awarded the Sir Winston Churchill Fellowship that allowed him to travel to the USA, Canada and the UK to research and investigate early intervention into mental health in serving police and peer support for former police employees.
Today I met with Sgt. Greg Dean at PSPSA, Public Safety Peer Support Association 2019. We talked about peer support in Australia and how we can work together to help end the stigma of mental health issues among First Responders.
Sgt. Dean stated, “We’re about sharing and working together as a unified force to get rid of this beast” (Stigma).
Please contact Sgt. Greg Dean with any questions or comments: Greg.Dean@Police.Vic.Gov.AU
Nov 16 2019 · 45mins
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150 Comentamos el libro «Step by step to Stand-Up Comedy» de Greg Dean

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En este episodio comentamos el libro «Step by step to Stand-Up Comedy» de Greg Dean. Hemos hablado de…

  • Celebramos los 150 episodios con un libro que ha leído Carles.
  • Ojo que Carles pone en duda a Miguel Lago.
  • Formas de estirar una broma.
  • La relación con el público.
  • El ensayo del monólogo según Greg Dean.
  • El peligro de ensayar en el coche.
  • Ensayar en un piso que te cagas.
  • ¿Qué es un bar? ¿Qué es un colega?
  • Los 3 puntos de vista de Greg.
  • Carles no acepta que a Roger no le guste.
  • Roger no es escéptico, es conservador.
  • ¿Por qué hacer un Roast si podemos hacer un episodio?
  • Huir de los estereotipos de monologuista.
  • Qué hacer cuando pinchas.
  • Los hecklers que lo hacen por tu bien.
  • Roger recomienda el libro.
  • Jazz tá!

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La entrada 150 Comentamos el libro «Step by step to Stand-Up Comedy» de Greg Dean se publicó primero en Humor en público.

May 08 2019 · 37mins

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Spork in the Road - Greg Dean

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Greg Dean - Actor and Director

In this episode, our resident architects Joe Rivers and Kevin Barden visit with Greg Dean, a theater actor and director from Houston, Texas. Greg Dean has been a player in Houston's theater scene for practically three decades, having spent much of that time as an actor and director with locally founded Catastrophic Theater. Joe and Kevin sat down with Greg to discuss his evolution as an actor and his approach to directing.

Rivers Barden Architects
Apr 14 2018 · 20mins
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The Comedy Cast Interview with American Stand-up, Author & Stand-up Teacher, Greg Dean

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Greg Dean

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Greg Dean.

Greg is someone very well-known in the comedy world and if you’ve ever look for a book on stand-up comedy then chances are you’ve come across his book on stand-up; Step by Step to Stand-up Comedy.

We started off by talking a bit about Greg heritage, coming from British stock, one side being Scottish, who still have a castle, and the other English.

We spoke about Greg growing up in rural California and joining the theatre as a young man before literally running away with the circus at the age of 21. Then we chatted about Greg going onto becoming a successful, touring stand-up comedian before he turned his hand to teaching the craft of stand-up.

Greg reveals the basics of his classes, the three mechanics as he calls them; the target assumption, connector and reinterpretation. Greg also speaks about being a member of the International Society of Humour Studies, being the only member that isn’t part of academia. He also talks about reading as much academia as possible while researching his book and his contributions to the society.

We talk then about the importance of comedians learning to read the reactions of their audiences so they can know how far they can take jokes, we speak too about nothing being off limits and about offending people from time to time and that comedians just have to get used to it.

We chat then about whether anything still surprises him in comedy anymore or has it seen it all already?

We speak more in depth about his book Step by Step to Stand-up Comedy and how it was a real labour of love that took 10 years to write and the struggle to find a publisher.

And Greg tells two absolutely hilarious stories about previous students of his that had me roaring, you might be offended by if you are you’re probably listening to the wrong podcast.

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Greg’s YouTube: here

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Feb 20 2017 · 1hr 3mins
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Frenchie in The VIP Lounge with Greg Dean and a summary of 2016

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This week Greg Dean is joined in The VIP Lounge, alongside a summary of 2016 in The VIP Lounge. Join Frenchie every week showcasing inspirational eclectic music playing most things Soulful, in House, Jazz and Soul. Catch the regular show every Sunday 10am-2pm (GMT) 5-9am (EST) 2-6am (PST) @ www.sonicstreamradio.net
Jan 08 2017 · 4hr 1min
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LOTL Radio Welcomes Greg Dean. Debuts new album " The Greg Dean Project "

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Greg Dean is a native South African producer/musician/songwriter currently living in Brooklyn   Greg Dean  is signed as a songwriter to Sony ATV globally and his debut US album "THE GREG DEAN PROJECT" is being released through the Purpose Music Group/Eone in the US  and North America on 4-29 , and is available on Sweet Soul Records in Japan , Dome Records in Europe   featuring  leading soul artists such as Eric Roberson, Carol Riddick,  Gordon Chambers, Chester Gregory  ,  rising singer/songwriters Chantae Cann, Jarrod Lawson, and talented  newcomers Amber Iman, Natalie Weiss.  Aaron Marcellus,  and Mykal Kilgor Greg Dean  describes his passion for music as a “lifelong journey of love, passion & good music “. Known to many in the music industry as GB Collective, he is the creative producer and writer behind some of South Africa’s biggest musical sensations. Having worked with some of South Africa’s biggest artists, Greg boasts an impressive list of production and song-writing work over the past 7 years. His signature collaborations showcase an experienced ear and a depth of talent that has seen him produce for recognised artists such as Siphokazi, Khaya Mthethwa, Kelly Khumalo, Brian Temba, Prime Circle, Kabomo, Nothende and many more, as well as being given the honour of co-writing and producing the official Freedom Day 20 Year Anniversary song AN IDEAL, for the South African Department of Arts and Culture, featuring 20 top SA artists, including Abigail Kubeka, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, Lira, The Parlotones, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Claire Johnston, Siphokazi, Judith Sephuma, Kurt Darren, AKA, IHashi Elimhlopi and more… Greg has also written and produced for major corporations in SA, including writing and producing Transnet’s
May 20 2016 · 45mins
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2008 April 17 - Dr. Greg Dean, Discussion of the Center for Comparative Medicine and Translational Research - Interview

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Jul 31 2008 · 26mins