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Episode 210 - Leo Quinn

Between Awesome and Disaster with Will Carey

Will's friend, and former bandmate Leo Quinn returns to the podcast to follow up on their chat from last year at the beginning of the Pandemic.  Leo discusses his life during the last year of the Pandemic, his favorite music released by bands and artists in the last year, how he's processed changes in his personal life, What getting the Covid vaccine was like, and his plans for after the pandemic. Will's Website: www.awesomedisaster.com Podcast Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/between-awesome-and-disaster

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15 Apr 2021

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Listening Leader | Leo Quinn, Balfour Beatty Group Chief Executive and Founder of The 5% Club

The Ideas Show

How do you harness the collective brainpower of a dispersed workforce?Leo Quinn is the Group Chief Executive of the international infrastructure group, Balfour Beatty plc. In 2013, he also founded The 5% Club - a dynamic movement of employers committed to “earn & learn” as part of building a socially mobile, prosperous and cohesive nation. Membership now exceeds 500 plus organisations representing a workforce in excess of 1 million employees, with 61,000 in formal workplace learning. In this episode, Leo shares his approach to leadership with insights around how to nurture an environment where each and every employee is empowered to make a difference.Quick LinksConnect with Leo on Twitter & LinkedInConnect with Will on Twitter & LinkedInThe Ideas ShowFollow The Ideas Show on TwitterSubscribe to email updates (and get a free t-shirt!)Brought to you by Sideways 6, edited by Henry Rowley


20 Jan 2021

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Traditional marketing is alive! - with Leo Quinn

The Bow Knows Who is Changing The World

What if I told you that traditional #marketing IS Alive and Well?  Chris Jones talks with local marketing consultant Leo Quinn from #ballstonspany via #Zoom, who has turned traditional marketing into an artform.    He is articulate, animated, and very knowledgeable on the subject.  Leo and I spoke for quite a while and there’s more to come from us.. 😊  Your favorite type of Marketing? 'The Bow Knows Who Is Changing the World'--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/chris-jones-media/message


3 Jun 2020

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Episode 145 - Leo Quinn

Between Awesome and Disaster with Will Carey

Leo Quinn and Will were bandmates and have been best friends for over 15 years.  Leo tells Will about growing up all over the United States, discovering pop punk, guitar, songwriting, his old Band with Will Edge of Memory, favorite music, and favorite new music and how he is maintaining admist the Covid-19 pandemic. The podcast on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/betweenawesomeanddisaster/ Will on Twitter: @comicwillcarey Will's Band: https://brightugly.bandcamp.com/releases Will's voice over acting debut:  https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/meet-cute/e/66692341?fbclid=IwAR1lkXVHZOQzJOZzGMOQx_6lRbCEvJOACGEnigPVdeO4G9WFzS6l8Z6COWw The podcast on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/awesomedisaster get a free month of Stitcher premium by signing up with the promo code AWESOME. https://www.stitcher.com/premium Merch! https://teespring.com/stores/between-awesome-and-disasterhttps://teespring.com/stores/bright-ugly-shop

1hr 14mins

10 Apr 2020

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53 - Sales and Marketing with Leo Quinn

The Get Wired Podcast

Leo is back! We recap his summer of 1000 No's, and also his plans for moving forward with his business.Rejection is a key part of the sales process, and anything we can do to gamify the inherent rejection involved in trying to get to the Yes will make our jobs that much easier.

23 Jan 2020

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EP 120 Freedom Fighters Series - Episode Three: Leo Quinn

The Sales Development Podcast

This week on The Sales Development Podcast, we are doing a four part series called Freedom Fighters where we interview entrepreneurs who have gone from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and have utilized their Sales Development skills to start successful businesses! Leave us a comment to let us know what you think of this. On this episode, we dive in with Leo Quinn, Marketing Agency owner on a quest to conquer the barrier we all face each day: the scary word NO. Following the philosophy of “GO FOR NO” by Andrea Waltz, Leo set out to gain thousands of NO’s this summer and learn from this experience to help him achieve. Learn with us as to why NO is actually not the worst thing you can hear, but actually the best in building your resilience, confidence and momentum! #sdr #bdr #salesdevelopment #sales #marketing


31 Dec 2019

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#185: Learning From Rejection w/ Leo Quinn

The Dealer Playbook

Leo Quinn knew that rejection was something he feared, so he decided to do something about it. If you're in sales, marketing, or any form of customer service, you can probably relate.  In this episode of The Dealer Playbook podcast, Leo shares his compelling story about proactively seeking out 1000 rejections during the summer of 2019, including the lessons he's learned as a result. 


26 Sep 2019

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#131: Rejection in Sales with Leo Quinn Jr

The Buyer's Mind: Sales Training with Jeff Shore

Leo Quinn Jr. talks with Jeff about being inspired by “Go for No” by Andrea Waltz. So this is the story of his Summer of 1000 No’s.  Confronting his comfort addiction and his fear of rejection. What’s holding you back from asking for the sale? Is it your comfort? Are you afraid of that rejection? Learn why you don’t have to be afraid from Leo’s example. ===================================== Get your sales question answered on The Buyer’s Mind podcast! Email us at ask@jeffshore.com or give us a call at (844) 547-4673 Extension 1.  Want more of Jeff Shore’s advanced sales strategies? Visit www.JeffShore.com to download free sales tools & resources. Or come join the Jeff Shore Community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JeffShoreCommunity =====================================


28 Aug 2019

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#29 Overcoming Fear of Rejection | Leo Quinn | Part 1

The Ambitious Sloth Podcast

GO FOR NO Leo Quinn is a (former cowardly) marketing consultant from Upstate NY who decided in the Summer of 2019 to overcome his fear and seek massive rejection, inspired by the book "Go For No", co-authored by former podcast guest, Andrea Waltz. At the time of this recording, he's heard NO 454 times on his way to A Summer of A Thousand NOs. Watch the current progress at www.AdventuresInRejection.com Learnings: The only way to overcome fear is to go through it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rejectionadventures/ www.AdventuresInRejection.com Books: Rejection Proof - Jia Jiang Go For No - Andrea Waltz If any of those lessons were of value for you, please leave me a review. TheAmbitiousSloth.com Intro music: Trip by KV https://www.soundcloud.com/kvmusicprod/ Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0


22 Aug 2019

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🎧 Getting to "NO" with Leo Quinn 🎤

Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

What’s easier to get? The low-hanging fruit, or the elusive fruit hanging high up in the tree? Our guest for this episode, Leo Quinn, suggests we gather as much low-hanging fruit as possible and go straight for a big bag of sales rejections rather than the sweet, delicious taste of acceptance of our offers. By his own words, Leo is “a (former cowardly) marketing consultant from upstate New York who decided in the summer of 2019 to overcome his fear and seek massive rejection, inspired by the book ‘Go for No.’” Follow Leo’s Summer of Rejection HERE: 👇 http://www.adventuresinrejection.com/ 📘  Get Your Copy of My Bestselling Book, “Business Beyond Business” HERE: 👇 https://amzn.to/2KrD6C3 SUBSCRIBE ✅ to my E-mail List! Text 📲 the letters “RGE” to 66866 or go to: http://thepaulsedwards.com 👍 Follow me: Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thepaulsedwards 👍 InstaGram: https://www.instagram.com/thepaulsedw... LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thepaulse...


5 Aug 2019