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I Was Bigger Than These Four Walls - Interview with Linda Delaney, LFD Consulting

The Clear PATH To Cash

Today’s Topic: Today, I’m joined by Linda Delaney of LFD Consulting in Memphis, Tennessee.  Linda specializes in leadership development services for an impressive set of clients.  I got the chance to meet her a couple of weeks back when she attended a 2 Day Clear Path To Cash financial management seminar hosted by The MMBC Continuum at the University of Memphis.Reason for topic:  Here is something that always interests me.  Why do people leave corporate employment and go out on their own?  Linda has done this successfully and I thought any person who was considering leaving a job to start a company would like to hear what it was like.Part 1: Content Notes:First of all, you will be surprised by the nuggets of wisdom that Linda imparts. Right from the start she confronts the fear about leaving her job in Corporate America to pursue her own passion.  Of course it was scary, but her biggest fears weren’t in changing employers, it was giving up the security of salary and benefits.  If this sounds like you, dig in, because she lays out her entire thought process about what its like to go out on your own. One of my favorite parts of this interview was Linda’s viewpoint on fear.  She shocked me by redirecting the actual thing you should be afraid of when making this type of decision.  Believe it or not, it could apply to every aspect of change in your life. One of the ways she was able to get the confidence in making the move was her use of mentors. She was able to get the best out of the people she reached out to for help by “keeping the best and leaving the rest”.  Believe it or not, you will know when it’s time to go.Part 2: Content NotesWe start the second half of the show talking about the pit moments people experience after starting their own business.  Sometimes, its easy to fall victim to imposter syndrome, where you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing.To rejuvenate herself, Linda falls back to listening to the works of Jim Rohn, and American Entrepreneur, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has mentored several top leaders like Tony Robbins. There is always a point in time you can look back at when you knew your business would make it.  Linda gets a chance to tell me what that moment was for her.  As part of her story, Linda talk about writing and selling her first book. Stewardship: A Matter of Principle.  Available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Stewardship-A-Matter-of-Principle/dp/0972825509Lastly, Linda gives her advice to anyone wanting to start a business on their own.  Closing Remarks: - Remember to go to CashFlowMike.com for all show notes and questionsregarding today’s episode.- Remember to go to Youtube.com and subscribe there.- Remember to go to your favorite listening platform (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play)and follow us and leave a review. My name is Cash Flow Mike and you’ve been listening to Clear PATH To Cash. Thank you so much.  And remember don’t be a D.U.M.B. business owner.” Support the show (https://www.elevatefinancialtraining.com/product-page/support-the-clear-path-to-cash-podcast)


17 Feb 2020