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John Sipher and Molly McKew on Russia’s Asymmetrical Attacks on America


Join Politicology+ now for an extended Roundup and more exclusive content - https://politicology.com/plusJohn Sipher, a member of the CIA's Senior Intelligence Service who lead Russia Operations and Molly McKew, a leading writer and researcher of Russian influence and information warfare join host Ron Steslow to dissect the U.S. intelligence community’s report on Russian interference in the 2020 election, analyze the U.S. response to Russia’s attacks and disinformation campaigns, and to break down how the Russian intelligence service uses Americans—willing and otherwise—as proxies and disseminators of Russian propaganda.To contribute to Politicology, visit https://politicology.com/donateHere’s where you can find this week’s panel:Ron Steslow: @RonSteslowJohn Sipher: @john_sipherMolly McKew: @MollyMcKew

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24 Mar 2021

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Episode 50 - John Sipher, ex-CIA operative

United States of Dramerica

For our 50th episode of the podcast, we have ex-CIA operative John Sipher.In a powerful and damning interview he talks about the damage being done to the Intelligence Community by the current administration, the risks to America from a delayed transition and his anger at the current relationship with Russia.He talks about how the pandemic will change intelligence gathering, the complications those currently serving face doing their jobs and how dangerous the politicization of intelligence work can be.John also explains how his company Spycraft Entertainment bridges the intelligence services and Hollywood, which shows are the most realistic (very few of them!) and how much material there is to work with at the moment.He also talks about scotch and espionage, taking a Russian defector to Scottish distilleries and why he wants to share a Lagavulin with Winston Churchill.


23 Nov 2020

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Ep. 64: John Sipher

Talking Beats with Daniel Lelchuk

"After 9/11, there was no right answer. As we captured terrorists, when we captured them overseas, the place where we captured them said 'We don't want them, you have to get them out of here.' CIA was stuck." John Sipher is here. He spent more than 28 years in clandestine service in the CIA and joins Daniel for a discussion about the role of the CIA overseas. What is an asset? What is trust? What cultural education does one gain intersecting as a clandestine officer abroad? What practices has the CIA engaged in that we as Americans can be proud--or ashamed of? With the election right around the corner, John Sipher paints a fascinating picture. And an urgent one. John Sipher retired in 2014 after a 28-year career in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, which included serving in Moscow and running the CIA’s Russia operations. Sipher served multiple overseas tours, as Chief of Station and Deputy Chief of Station, in Europe, the Balkans, Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. He also ran Russian operations at headquarters. He retired as a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, and received the CIA’s Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. He is the co-founder of Spycraft Entertainment. -------------------------------------- www.talkingbeats.com Please consider supporting Talking Beats with Daniel Lelchuk via our Patreon:  patreon.com/talkingbeats  In addition to early episode access, bonus episodes, and other benefits, you will contribute to us being able to present the highest quality substantive, long-form interviews with the world's most compelling people. We believe that providing a platform for individual expression, free thought, and a diverse array of views is more important now than ever.


30 Oct 2020

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Gen. Michael Hayden and John Sipher on the Trump National Security Risk


This episode was recorded when Ron Steslow was host of The Lincoln Project Podcast (www.lincolnproject.us). He is no longer affiliated with the organization. This feed is now the home of Politicology. Host and co-founder Ron Steslow talks to former CIA and NSA Director General Michael Hayden and John Sipher, a former member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service and co-founder of Spycraft Entertainment, about why national security experts are speaking out against Donald Trump, what the president’s ties to Russia mean for America’s security, why they’re concerned about the use of militarized force in domestic policing, and how voters should think about security risks as they cast their ballots.

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28 Oct 2020

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A Moscow Station Conversation with John Sipher who Shares the Secret to a Good Spy Story

The Live Drop

The Live Drop's 50th Episode - John Sipher - CIA & Spycraft Entertainmentfrom Spycraftentertainment.comJohn retired in 2014 after a 28-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. At the time of his retirement, he was a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, the leadership team that guides CIA activities globally. John served multiple overseas tours as Chief of Station and Deputy Chief of Station in Europe, Asia, and high-threat environments. He has significant experience working with foreign and domestic partners to solve national security challenges. John also served as a lead instructor in the CIA’s clandestine training school, and was a regular lecturer at the CIA’s leadership development program. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal.John is a sought-after foreign policy and intelligence expert. John speaks regularly on foreign policy and intelligence issues. His articles have been published in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Politico, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, Slate, Lawfare, The Cipher Brief and Just Security, among others. He regularly appears on the PBS NewsHour, CNN, MSNBC, BBC and other outlets. Twitter: @john_sipherIn this episode John starts off with a discussion of his article  Murdering Reality: The Spurious Spies of Spy Fiction,  and some of the mistakes writers and filmmakers are prone to make.  After a thorough discussion of the history of Soviet intelligence into the rise of Vladimir Putin, John shares some of his experience and perceptions of Russia during his service with CIA.  Unwilling to go quietly into consulting, Sipher reveals why he  decided to take his expertise and storied career into the entertainment business.  The Live Drop Podcast is fortunate to have had John as a guest for such a fun and far ranging discussion.  References to links, and works are below:Putin's People  by Catherine BeltonThe Gerasimov Doctrine  by Molly McKewEuropean Values  - Prague Think Tank Seventeen Moments of Spring (1973)Episode 50I hope you've enjoyed listening to this episode. I could use your help to make more...I like to keep the track clean of ads, and sales pitches. As such, meeting costs and finding time to produce this podcast is a challenge, so any support is appreciated. If you would like to help make Season Three operational, please consider a one time donation of any amount right here ---> https://www.paypal.me/thelivedropOr alternatively,  join The Live Drop Patreon community for exclusive commentary and content with a $10 monthly donation ---> https://www.patreon.com/thelivedropThank you for listening and your support,Mark ValleyCreator/Host


19 Oct 2020

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What Makes an Effective Leader with Former CIA Clandestine Service, John Sipher

Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

John Sipher joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. John is the Co-Founder of Spy Craft Entertainment which is a production firm providing content and talent to the entertainment industry. John is also a foreign policy and intelligence expert and social media influencer. His articles have been published in the NY Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Politico, and pretty much everywhere you get your news. He retired in 2014 after a 28-year career in the CIA, and served many overseas tours. He also served as a lead instructor in the CIA’s Training School and was a regular lecturer in the CIA’s Leadership Development Program. He also has a sports background as he was a Captain of the Lacrosse Team at Hobart College. In this episode, we discuss how he thinks about pressure (6:10), shifting against your country vs. government (11:30), his upbringing (13:15), education and his parents (19:15), why they were so successful at Hobart Lacrosse (21:30), what he learned as a captain (23:10), the different ways of leadership (27:00), advice he’d give to himself as a captain his senior year (33:40), how you build trust (36:10), what a good mentor does (41:30), level 5 leadership (46:30), what led him to his career (50:30), why the CIA (52:50), what surprised him about being in the CIA (55:30), what it’s like to be undercover (1:01:40), being undercover vs being out front (1:08:00), what he misses about being in the action (1:14:20), what he doesn’t miss about the CIA (1:18:40), what he does to make sure he’s at his best (1:20:00), and what he’s up to now (1:25:10) Thank you to John for coming on the podcast. We encourage you to check him out on Twitter @john_sipher and go to his company’s website https://spycraftentertainment.com/. I wrote a book called “Shift Your Mind” that will be coming out in October 2020, and you can pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Additionally, I have launched a company called Strong Skills, and I encourage you to check out our new website https://www.strongskills.co/. If you liked this episode and/or any others, please follow me on Twitter: @brianlevenson or Instagram: @Intentional_Performers. Thanks for listening. -Brian

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19 Aug 2020

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#133: Spies With Former CIA John Sipher

Live From America Podcast

The Comedy Cellar presents " Live from America podcast " with Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr.This Episodes Guests :Former CIA John Sipher and Comedian Lou Perez.John Sipher is a former CIA agent and intelligence expert, he was based in Moscow and over saw operations against Russian intelligence.LiveFromAmerica@ComedyCellar.comWww.livefromamericapodcast.com

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24 Jun 2020

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Career Journeys: John Sipher ’83

Career Journeys

On this episode of Career Journeys we are joined by John Sipher ’83 P’19 by phone from Washington D.C.  After a 28-year career in the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, John retired in 2014 and has become a sought-after foreign policy and intelligence expert. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, and Politico among other publications, and he has appeared on the PBS NewsHour, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, BBC, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Since retiring from the CIA, John has cofounded Spycraft Entertainment, “a production firm providing firm providing content and talent to the entertainment industry.” At Hobart and William Smith, Sipher was a history major and he has continued to maintain ties to the Colleges by speaking to students at the Day on the Hill trip in Washington D.C. Career Journeys is a limited-run podcast from the Herald and the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education designed to help introduce parents, students, alums, and prospective students to the wealth of opportunities and pathways that Hobart and William Smith alumni and alumnae have taken following their graduation. The show is produced and hosted by Alex Kerai ’19 in conjunction with the Herald and the Salisbury Center. It is recorded in the WEOS (NPR) studio on campus and includes live in-studio and over the phone interviews. We are very excited to have John on this episode of Career Journeys! https://hwsherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/John-Sipher.mp3 Career Journeys is a podcast from the Herald and the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education. It is produced by Alex Kerai ’19 and recorded at the WEOS studio on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

1 Jun 2020

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Episode 45: John Sipher (CIA Clandestine Service) On Spy Wars & Russia

Great Adventures

CIA Clandestine Service veteran John Sipher discusses his early years of espionage in Moscow, facing off against the KGB, meeting his wife in Russia, and how it changed his life forever.*Sipher is featured in the Smithsonian Channel’s new espionage docuseries “Spy Wars”.*Please support more conversations like this by hitting the subscribe button, checking out our sponsors, and leaving a quick review on Apple Podcasts.[Our usual home Smile To Go has been forced to shut doors during this current pandemic, support their staff during this difficult time by visiting here][Great Adventures is proudly fueled by WhistlePig Whiskey and Hanah One.]Let me know who you want to hear from next. Look out for upcoming episodes with survivalist Mykel Hawke, Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, actor Jeremy Irvine, actor Nat Wolff, CEO of Conservation International Dr. M Sanjayan…CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:Charles’ Instagram / Charles’ TwitterGreat Adventures Instagram / Great Adventures TwitterJohn's TwitterRELEVANT LINKS:"Spy Wars" On Smithsonian ChannelSpycraft Entertainment*Our world is going through an unprecedented event with the Coronavirus, but we at "Great Adventures" and our sponsors believe that it is not a time to go quietly into the night, we must continue to dream and explore while staying safe, social distancing and isolating when necessary. There are still adventures to be had, and for some, getting outdoors is the best thing for our mental and physical health right now. The episodes will continue to drop, please send us any feedback, and anyone that you would like to hear from.*Thanks for listening.Charles.


12 Apr 2020

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John Sipher - Spy Wars

The Screen Chatter Audio Podcast

#CIA #Agent (retired) #JohnSipher chats about American clandestine operations and the new #SmithsonianChannel series #Spy Wars.


11 Apr 2020