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Words of the Wise – Bob Stromberg | A study of James – Greg Headington

Afternoons with Bill Arnold

On this edition of “Words of the Wise,” 94 year old Bob Stromberg shares wonderful stories of the Lord's faithfulness. Then Bill is joined by Greg Headington to discuss the grace of God through James 2.


26 Aug 2022

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Ep. 75: Bob Stromberg on The Process To G.I.T. Creative

The Trusted Leader Show

In this episode, we revisit David's conversation with creativity expert Bob Stromberg where Bob discusses the process to G.I.T. creative. Show Notes: http://trustedleadershow.com Buy David's NEWEST Book "Trusted Leader": https://amzn.to/3luyqf1


29 Mar 2022

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How to be Creative with Bob Stromberg

Laughter for All Podcast with Comedian Nazareth

Bob Stromberg is a very funny man. From his home in St Paul, Minnesota, he travels all over the world performing his very unique and perfect blend of story, standup and shtick. He’s is the co-author and one of the original stars of the megahit theatrical comedy, Triple Espresso, which has been seen by almost two million people from San Diego to the West End of London. The Chicago Sun-Times called Bob “...a mesmerizing physical comedian”. The London Times called him “...a genuinely funny man.” And so he is. Would you welcome Bob Stromberg. 

1hr 3mins

24 Jan 2022

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Ep. 25: Bob Stromberg on How To Master The Craft Of Creativity

The Trusted Leader Show

In this episode, David sits down with Bob Stromberg, Comic, Speaker, and Creativity Expert, to discuss how anyone can master the craft of creativity. Show notes: https://trustedleadershow.com/ Buy David's NEW book Trusted Leader: https://www.trustedleaderbook.com/ Sponsored by Sourcewell

1hr 10mins

13 Apr 2021

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64 | Get Your Masters in Creativity (Bob Stromberg)


Comedian, speaker and master of creativity Bob Stromberg joins dadAWESOME for part 1 of Creativity Month. For over forty years he has traveled the world performing his very unique and perfect blend of standup, story and shtick. He’s the co-author and an original star of the megahit theatrical comedy, Triple Espresso (A Highly Caffeinated Comedy), which has been seen by over two million people from San Diego to the West End of London.  Conversation Highlights: A fathers response to hearing a crazy idea from a son... "That's Perfect" (10:50) The importance of knowing your child. Knowing truly who they are. (11:30) The importance of remembering how fast time is moving. Imagine your kids out in the future (14:30) Creative process - remember the GET acronym  The first step in the creative process - GRAB (17:45) The second step is to INTERROGATE... Ask questions (18:45) When the thought becomes an idea you can TRANSFORM (19:45) GET = grab, interrogate and transform That's what love does... it opens itself up to pain (20:50) The importance of play (21:00) Get outside and play (22:30) In Search of Greatness (22:50) Kids have a difficult time knowing how to create playful moments on their own (24:20) the creative process explained through kids learning how to play (25:10) We are all born with a capacity to experience creativity and a desire to experience creativity. That's the gift. (25:50)  What if a dad feels they're not very creative? (27:10) Dads and moms are over-scheduling their kids (27:30)  The definitive biography of Tiger Woods (book) (29:15) More free time for prisoners that for our kids... (25:40) Play is at the basic most fundamental level of creativity (31:15) We don't laugh enough as families (32:20) The difference between success in the world and success as a parent (34:15) You go from having total control to having zero control as a successful parent... you keep giving up more control (35:00) Play is important, but prayer is more important (37:00) We are at war against spiritual forces and the only way to fight is through prayer (38:00) Links for further exploration: Bob Stromberg - website Mastering the Craft of Creativity Free Introductory Video Triple Espresso (link) 


7 Apr 2019

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CWTL 8: 3 Steps to Being more Creative - Bob Stromberg

Coaching with Terry Linhart

If you want to keep growing in life, you will have to grow with the changes. If you want to get ahead and stay there, then you'll need a creativity that is difficult to maintain over time. Bob Stromberg can help us do that. He is my special guest this week and shares with us the three steps that he uses to stay at the top of his field as a comedian, actor, and master class teacher.  Bob Stromberg has been delighting audiences all across America.“That Wonder Boy” starring Bob and directed by Risa Brainin dominated United Solo Theatre Festival in New York by winning Best One-Man Show, Best Direction and the coveted Audience Favorite awards.  These were among the top six awards presented and we were the only show to win three. He co-authored and starred in the megahit theatrical phenomenon, Triple Espresso (a Highly Caffeinated Comedy) breaking box office records worldwide. The Los Angeles Times described it as “…a triple jolt of inspired craziness”. And The Chicago Sun-Times called Bob “Mesmerizing!” Of his rousing standing ovation performance on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern said, “You wowed us!” Howie Mandell said, “I liked your character! I liked your voice! I like you!” You all have been SO great in this startup. Thank you. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play and be sure to leave a rating. And share an episode or two with others. Thank you!  SPECIAL OFFER: Bob has a master class on creativity that includes an amazing FREE video you won't want to miss. Visit bobstromberg.com/coaching to view the video and grow your creative spirit.  Bob has a paid course that has helped 100s from all walks of life improve their work and influence by nurturing their creativity.  SHOW NOTES Bob mentions the book, ART AND FEAR: OBSERVATIONS ON THE PERILS OF ARTMAKING by Bayles and Orland Bob's show, TRIPLE ESPRESSO, is wonderfully funny. After years of continuous runs, it plays occasionally across the country. It's worth every effort to see it when it's in your area - or you need a good road trip or some frequent flyer miles.  Follow Bob on Twitter Connect with Bob on Facebook


14 May 2018

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30: How to be consistently creative with Bob Stromberg

World of Speakers

How to be consistently creative. Ryan Foland speaks with Bob Stromberg, a comedian, and speaker with the perfect blend of standup, story and shtick. He teaches audience, in a light and hilarious way, how to cultivate creativity, using hilarious and tender stories from his own experience.Ryan and Bob cover a lot of ground in this podcast, but dive deeply into very practical techniques speakers (and all people in the creative industry) can use to make creativity a habit, so that you never run out of great, fresh, inspirational material. Listen to this podcast to find out: - How to be consistently creative, avoid creativity blocks, and be inspired everyday.- Do you need a booking agent? What exactly do they do?- What hasn’t changed in marketing in the past 40 years. - Fundamentals of becoming an expert speaker- Why you need to do what brings you the most joy


14 Mar 2018

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Coffee Break 061: Bob Stromberg

Write Now with Sarah Werner

Bob Stromberg shares the secrets of living a creative life, taking control of your "muse", and rediscovering the creativity of your childhood.


5 Feb 2018

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93: Mastering the Craft of Creativity - Bob Stromberg - Comedian, Speaker & Podcaster

The Pathways to Success with Julian Placino

From his home in St. Paul, MN Bob Stromberg travels continually performing his very unique blend of original story, standup and shtick. His work has left lasting impressions on Fortune 500 companies, raised multimillions for non-profits, garnered literary and theater awards and broken box office records in the US and Europe. The London Times said “ He’s a genuinely funny man”. The Chicago Sun Times called him, “... a mesmerizing physical comedian.” Most impressively, Bob has joined a very small group of elite artists who have stayed prolific and profitably busy for over forty years. How’s he done it? By “Mastering the Craft of Creativity”. In his online class, Bob shares three profound, transforming disciplines that lead to creating a rich, personal reservoir of original ideas. The Creative Process Filling the Creative Reservoir  How to transform ideas into reality  Creativity and the Art of Success    Connect with Bob: Website - http://bobstromberg.com/ Online Course - http://bobstromberg.com/masteringthecraftofcreativity/ Free 30 minute creativity training video - http://bobstromberg.com/Pathways/


4 Dec 2017

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MF 145 : Mastering the Craft of Creativity to Move Forward, with Bob Stromberg

Moving Forward ("always be moving forward!")

Bob Stromberg is a comedian, speaker, storyteller and host of the wide-eyed creative podcast. Today, Bob will share how to craft your creativity using his system of G.I.T. (grab-interrogate-transform) so you can move forward. More at www.bemovingforward.com. Books and podcasts available at linktr.ee/johnlim Get the Corporate Cliches Adult Coloring Book Get I Am a Professional Metalhead: Audiobook free with Audible trial (affiliate link) / Audiobook on Apple Audiobooks / Paperback or Kindle (affiliate link) Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (@Bemovingforward). linktr.ee/johnlim


28 Nov 2017