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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rob Jeppsen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rob Jeppsen, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rob Jeppsen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rob Jeppsen, often where they are interviewed.

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Rebooting Sales Leadership - A Conversation with Rob Jeppsen

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Because Rob Jeppsen of Jeppsen Performance Group believes that only 3% of  Chief Sales Officers and Sales VPs  have a sales leadership system in place, we discuss:

  • What needs to be part of the sales leadership system if you want to have the biggest impact on the future performance of your sales team.
  • The 4 levers that sales leaders should pull now to drive sales performance in Q4 and in 2021
  • The lever that will move the needle first.
  • How to change your sales DNA and the shifts that we need to make when it comes to mindset, skillsets and sales execution.

If you like this podcast, register for our Reboot Friday series, where we bring together CEOs, CMOs, CROs, and SVPs of Sales to discuss the strategic shifts they're making to rebound in 2021.  In addition to getting access to our Reboot Friday Panels, you'll also get access to our upcoming podcasts, and LinkedIn Lives.

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Nov 01 2020 · 27mins
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The NEW Enterprise Sales Playbook | Jake Dunlap | Rob Jeppsen | Todd Caponi | Lisa Palmer

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Todd Caponi:

Todd knows that enterprise consensus selling is hard, enterprise consensus buying is harder, and everybody working remotely makes it even harder! Todd discovered some research that showed that our decisions are biased by the cost to act. In other words, if we see a reward and the path to get to it is hard, our brain will tell us that the reward is not that great. That mostly results in no decision getting made, so Todd shares some research-based actionable tips to help us in overcoming the cost to act bias.

Todd's tips:

  • Always lead with transparency to build trust from the get-go. Research shows that leading with your price is better than hiding it, and it also removes friction from the buying journey.
  • Leaders need to stop measuring people's potential success based on their pipeline mode. They should encourage their reps to qualify deals out faster so that the whole organization can focus their prospecting and deal-making efforts on the deals they should win.
  • Look at your sales process and imagine what it is like as a buyer. If there is any friction, you know that you are triggering the brain’s remote buyer bias.

Rob Jeppsen:

Procurement and contracts are part of doing business at an enterprise. Rob shares some tips and strategies that he and his team have used successfully in speeding things up with either the paperwork or the decision-making process.

Rob’s tips:

  • You need to create an experience that shows that you know how to sell to an enterprise.
  • You should be able to find out early in the process (a) who all the people are that have to be playing, and (b) if the person who you are working with can get you access to those people.
  • You have to do the mutual close plan (action plan) early on in the sales process. In other words, you need to quantify why a big problem is worth solving and then create a mutual action plan to solve it smoothly.
  • You need to know what all the steps in the process are, and you need to demystify the process for all the players in the mutual action plan.
  • To get procurement to move faster, you need to look at 1) the problem that you need to solve, 2) the action you need to take, and 3) the results you expect to get. To do those things, you need to speak to people in their language.

Lisa Palmer:

Lisa and her team use mutual action plans consistently, and they are a core part of what she does. To her, a mutual action plan clearly defines who is going to own what. She also likes to use a visual dartboard (like a visual chart or a diagram) in concert with mutual action plans. Lisa points out that to move things forward, throughout the buying process, people need to feel like it is their idea and that they own it. If they can feel that way, they will help you to move things through the complex enterprise buying cycle.

Lisa’s tips:

  • Stay on the problem. Rather than going in trying to sell a product or a solution, you need to go in with an educated perspective, bring a point of view to the table, and come in with one version of what a potential solution could be.
  • From the beginning, it needs to be clear that your intention is for you to make the problem better together.
  • Leverage visual tools to get people to the table so that you can solve a problem together and create co-mental ownership. You could use a list of pros and cons or a list of customer experience problems that you suspect they could be trying to solve.
  • Co-ownership pushes competition out of your environment, making it very difficult for someone else to come in and disrupt your sales cycle.
  • Get outside of your box and start to become creative in solving problems.
  • To help your customers to be successful, you have to get them to engage.

Ryan feels that it is always best to bring an action plan or a visual dartboard in as early as possible in the sales process.

Links and resources:

Suggested tools: 


Bubbl.us (a visual brainstorming tool)


Oct 28 2020 · 52mins

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Taking Sales Leadership to the Next Level | Rob Jeppsen

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Rob Jeppsen is the founder of Jeppsen Performance Group. He is passionate about being a sales leader, and he has some unique approaches to sales leadership. 

Rob decided to start his sales career by finding young, privately-held companies where he would get the opportunity to do more sooner and learn faster. He wanted to be part of how sales evolve, however, and to do that, he needed to have some big company experience. So he landed a job heading up a 1000 person team, and there, he took his lesson in leadership up a notch.

Rob’s effort in making the company more successful was the catalyst that led to the success that he had never imagined before and as a result, he became committed to the development of sales leaders.

He used to make the mistake of trying to make salespeople in his image. Now, he has 21 laws of sales leadership, which changed everything for him. He has a New Manager Fast-track Program, which condenses what usually takes people eighteen months to learn down to three months. 


The five most important sales leadership laws are:

  1. Not everybody loves you. (There will always be a group that loves you, a group that hates you, and a swing group in between.)
  2. To become an elite leader your leadership system has to build trust and achieve results.
  3. You need to love the love group.
  4. You need to neutralize the hate group.
  5. You need to win the trust of the swing group by being honest, helpful, and reliable.


A leadership system is about your approach to leadership, the culture that you intentionally build, and the behaviors that you allow to exist. 


Rob spends a lot of time helping leaders to build trust, and building trust is a skill. The more skillful you are at it, the more authentic you will be. 

Trust gets earned through behavior. To build the trust of a large group of people, you have to create experiences that will allow you to consistently demonstrate that you, as a leader, are honest, helpful, and reliable.

There are three kinds of trust. They are character (how ethical you are), competence (how good you are), and connection (how much people relate to you).

There are five ways in which the results of a legendary leader should show up: Growth in sales or total performance, the percentage of team members hitting goal should increase, the average revenue per rep needs to increase, win rates should increase, and the turnover should also increase.

Beating competitors

Rob’s approach to beating competitors is about leadership. The two types of coaching that he uses for better leadership are performance coaching and opportunity coaching. The four levers that you need to pull to improve on those are the number of opportunities that you’re chasing, the average revenue per customer, the win rate, and speed. All of your work as a leader should be to increase those four things.

Rob’s tips of the week:

  1. Leaders on pedestals make easy targets, so stay off the pedestal. Trust and leadership are assigned through behavior and trust, not through position.
  2. You cannot push people. People have to push themselves, so you need to foster inspirational thinking and help people grow beyond the scope of their natural talent.

Links and resources:

Rob’s website – www.jeppsenperformancegroup.com

Rob on LinkedIn

Sales Leadership Podcast

Sales Leadership United

Oct 21 2020 · 36mins
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The Secret to TRUE Sales Leadership with Rob Jeppsen

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Guest: Rob Jeppsen

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robjeppsen/

Topic: Secrets of the Top 1% - How the best become the best and make their teams the best

Quick Intro: Why Rob -  Rob Jeppsen might be the only person I know that cares about and talks about coaching sales people more than I do. Not only has he done it in real life, in the trenches, but so much so he actually built one of the best sales coaching SaaS products, xyvoant, on the planet. But what also makes this fun is for the past 2 years he as been interviewing the best of the best in the game for HIS podcast, the sales leadership podcast, so today I get to squeeze out as much juice as I possibly can on what he has learned from the best of the best. 

Short and Sweet/Set the stage 

  1. What makes sales leadership so hard?

Core Questions

  1. What are the top leadership mistakes you see people making. 
  2. What do the best all seem to have in common when it comes to great leadership. 
  3. How do you develop your leadership skills, especially if you haven’t been a leader. 
  4. What is the difference between a good leader and a GREAT leader
  5. How do you know if you are a ‘great’ leader? Can it be measured besides revenue?
  6. Difference between coaching, teaching, and training. 
  7. How to be a world class coach. 
  8. Couldn’t avoid it - Talk to me about DOLLARIZING!
Jul 01 2020 · 55mins

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#035: How to Sell Into Enterprise 🚅 - Rob Jeppsen

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Rob takes a look at how best to sell into enterprise 🚅 🚅 🚅

Rob shares his story, how he learnt enteprise selling fast, how to move from transactional selling into the enteprise, Rob explains how to 'dollarize' deals, how to understand and visualize where clients are at and where they want to get to (which helps when you get to your solution and negotiation too) and he walks us through his selling process. Rob also talks about helping your existing clients grow which in-tern generates you new sales. And why you should create 'digital experiences' and his top digital marketing strategies to boost your business + sales!

Rob is very encouraging, with great energy and advice for your digital marketing strategies, skyrocketing YOUR sales and business!
Jun 09 2020 · 50mins
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Episode 88: #88: Rob Jeppsen of Xvoyant — The Sales Leadership Crisis

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Max Altschuler interviews Rob Jeppsen on this episode of the Sales Leadership Podcast, talking about the crisis facing sales leaders today. Sales reps want to be coached on a path of high growth, but leaders think they are doing a great job, but the truth is they aren't good at coaching. Learn on this podcast how to give your reps the leadership they want and deserve.

Mar 02 2020 · 37mins
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Intent is More Important than Technique with Rob Jeppsen

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Rob Jeppsen, founder and CEO of Xvoyant and the host of the Sales Leadership Podcast, comes on the Hey Salespeople Podcast to talk about the importance of AEs creating purpose-driven activities, why intent is more important than technique, and his rule of thumb for one-on-one meetings. Listen in to what Jeremey calls the most "jam-packed with actionable best practices" episode of the show yet. Visit SalesLoft.com for show notes and insights from this episode.

Feb 20 2020 · 29mins
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Ep. 6: Rob Jeppsen | LSU PSI "Talking Sales"

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Interview with Rob Jeppsen. Mr. Jeppsen is the founder and CEO of Xvoyant, as well as a recent keynote speaker at the LSU Fall 2019 Sales Symposium. 

Jan 16 2020 · 28mins
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#030: Dollarize The Deal With Rob Jeppsen

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Brandon Bornancin is a serial salesperson, entrepreneur and founder of Seamless.AI. Twice a week, Brandon interviews the world’s top sales experts like Jill Konrath, Aaron Ross, John Barrows, Trish Bertuzzi, Mark Hunter, Anthony Iannarino and many more -- to uncover actionable strategies, playbooks, tips and insights you can use to generate more revenue and close more business. If you want to learn the most powerful sales secrets from the top sales experts in the world, Sales Secrets From The Top 1% is the place to find them.

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Brandon Bornancin is a serial salesperson (over $100M in sales deals), multi-million dollar sales tech entrepreneur, motivational sales speaker, international sales DJ (DJ NoQ5) and sales author who is obsessed with helping you maximize your sales success.

Mr. Bornancin is currently the CEO & Founder at Seamless.ai delivering the world’s best sales leads. Over 10,000+ companies use Seamless.ai to generate millions in sales at companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Slack, Dell, Oracle & many others.

Mr. Bornancin is also the author of "Sales Secrets From The Top 1%" where the world's best sales experts share their secrets to sales success and author of “The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Sales Objections.”

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Jun 24 2019 · 1hr 25mins
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96: Sales Coaching with Rob Jeppsen CEO/Cofounder at Xvoyant

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Rob Jeppsen is just as passionate as I am when it comes to sales coaching.

In this episode, we cover:

The problem with coaching in most sales organizations How to improve coaching in your sales team 1:1s vs Pipeline review - 1:1 should be all about how they can improve  Weaknesses are weaknesses for a reason - learn to minimize them and focus on what you’re great at Why deals get stuck in the proposal stage Identifying what is holding deals back Measuring responsiveness to coaching   Learn more about Rob and Xvoyant at xvoyant.com
Apr 29 2019 · 49mins