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58: The Power of the Ripple Effect with Matt Long

The Balanced Life

Prioritizing your health and wellbeing is essential. It is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and everyone else around you. As busy women, it is easy to fall into the habit of taking care of others before considering our own needs. To change that, you have to be intentional about doing things differently. Start by taking small steps towards your healthiest self, which will, in turn, benefit everyone else in your life. In this episode, Robin talks about the ripple effect that happens when women prioritize taking care of themselves and improving their health and wellbeing. Her husband, Matt, joins her to explain how the ripple effect plays out in their family and everyday life. Tune in today to learn about the ripple effect and find out why self-care needs to become a priority in your life. Show highlights: Robin talks about where our motivation usually comes from to take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves goes beyond the size and shape of our bodies. Robin talks about The Balanced Life online community, its approach to health and wellness, and the incredible transformations women in The Balanced Life Sisterhood experience. How the ripple effect happens, and the significant and positive impact it has when it plays out. Robin discusses the myriad of benefits that happen when prioritizing caring for yourself. Robin’s husband, Matt, shares how the ripple effect has played out in their relationship and family. Modeling a healthy lifestyle is a powerful way to equip your children to navigate life and challenging situations. Robin challenges you to prioritize your health and well-being. Links: The Balanced Life Pilates Strong: a FREE 5-Day Pilates Challenge The Balanced Life Sisterhood The Balanced Life on Instagram Matt’s Q&A Podcast Episode


25 Aug 2021

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Matt Long: Bus Crash Victim, Retired FDNY, 9/11 Survivor, Founder of the I Will Foundation, Author of The Long Run

Team Never Quit

If you’re looking for an overcomer’s story, look no further than this week’s episode with Matthew Long, a life-long competitive athlete with the strength and endurance few have achieved, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon, and competing in Ironman competitions. As he was cycling to work one day as a New York City firefighter, he was run over by a 20-ton bus, literally spilling his intestines on the street, and requiring 68 units of blood in the first hours after the accident. It took a miracle, and Matthew’s never quit mindset to walk again, and eventually compete in the New York City Marathon. He has authored the book: The Long Run, and founded the I WILL Foundation to help people overcome by adversity and challenges caused by traumatic injury. In this episode you will hear: • This [accident] was supposed to happen to me. • The bike cut me right in half. • My mom was the one who was my pillar of strength. • I had 43 surgeries in a 5-month period. • I can’t image what he [the bus driver] felt like when he thought he hit a garbage can, and saw 2 legs laying out of the bus. • Even the homeless, knew who I was.  • For 5 months, every night – dinner was served from a different firehouse in the city. • I went through 1 ½ years of dark thinking. • Within 3 years of the accident I ran a marathon. • I get after it every day. • Every tattoo should tell a story. • I always have to have something going on in my life physically – and a goal. • I can’t’ run anymore. If I run 3 miles, I’m in bed for 3 days because of my gate. My upper body ticks to the left. • You have to let go of the anger. • We don’t overcome shit. Adversity is something you have to learn to live with. • When you learn to live with adversity, you’re gonna be stronger and more powerful, and impactful than you could ever believe.

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16 Jun 2021

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The VoiceIt Show

This episode of The VoiceIt Show features the UK Blues Instrumentalist of the Year 2020, 2021 Award Winning Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Frontman of Catfish UK and Matt Long and The Revenant Ones - Mr. Matt Long! • Producer/Co-Host/Graphics:Kanak Kavadi•Asso. Producer/Host:Funky Almedina

1hr 31mins

2 Jun 2021

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Episode #38 w/ Matt Long - Anaheim Angels, Milwaukee Brewers & Sparta Science


Adam sits down with Matt Long - Director of Product Marketing for Sparta Science - and former MLB centerfielder & second baseman. Matt details how a position change completely altered how he trained in the off-season to keep him healthy through the grind of baseball. Enjoy the show!


14 Apr 2021

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Combat Corruption - Initiative 2: Matt Long 4 Justice

Record Established

www.mattlong4justice.com - www.whatweknowpod.com


26 Sep 2020

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Episode 12- The Revolution Begins at Home w/ Matt Long of Woketown


Matt Long of Woketown joins me to talk about standing up to the beast system, biblical cosmology, the failure of the Church, Trump & QAnon, scientism, homesteading, and thriving in the NWO. Follow me on Instagram. To gain access to weekly episodes, consider supporting me on Patreon.

1hr 28mins

25 Sep 2020

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Remembering September 11 with Firefighter Matt Long

10,000 NOs

FDNY hero and Ironman Matt Long came back to a thriving life after doctors told his family he had a one to five percent chance to live. If you're feeling knocked down, and almost out, by life right now, this is the interview you need to hear. You will walk away feeling that the impossible is doable and that miracles can happen. You will also be reminded of this podcast's tagline, "Failure is Opportunity", as you hear how Matt' did not merely survive his near-death crash, when he was literally run over by a bus on his bike, he has thrived as a result of what he went through, now using his story to inspire others through speaking and coaching. He is a true, real-life hero. We planned on returning to our new releases after Labor Day until we realized that the very next Friday landed on 9/11. We could not be more honored to present one of the courageous men who put his life on the line on that dark day in American history as 9/11 marked the beginning of a new journey for Matt after losing so many brothers.  Never forget, never lay down and die, and remember what Matt told himself about walking (and running) again as he was sentenced to a wheelchair and attached to a colostamy bag: I WILL!  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 32mins

11 Sep 2020

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Episode 36 - Matt Long, travel writer

United States of Dramerica

We speak to professional traveler Matt Long.He talks about the joys of visiting Disney World even in a pandemic, how his career was launched by a Jeopardy cruise and the moral complication of encouraging travel during Covid.He tells us why he loves travel, why he misses it and how you have to be brave (or at least ready) to jump on a plane.We also cover the future of the cruise industry, the need for staycations and Scottish gin made from shavings of historic golf clubs!And drinking a Lagavulin with Oscar Wilde.


13 Aug 2020

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21: Facing Your Battles with Matt Long

Get Social Podcast

We couldn't be more excited to have Matt Long from No Man Is An Island on Get Social this week! No Man Is An Island is a faith based movement to give support and courage to men fighting anxiety, depression & addiction, and Summer + Rachel could not be more on board! Buckle up for an amazing interview, and share it with your friends. Nuggets include talking through the new TikTok replacements... some country singer marriages... AND all the Bachelorette tea you could ever want with Clare/Tayshia/etc! Lasagna is also mentioned SEVERAL times (if you know, you know). Follow us on Instagram: Matt Long @NoManIsAnIslandOrg Summer @summerlambertphoto + @thestorycreative Rachel @rachelnellzey + @socialcoffeesupply

1hr 9mins

4 Aug 2020

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Our Story (well, some of it): An Intro to Matt Long & Anne McMullin

Record Established



2 Aug 2020