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Daitsu Chisho Buddha

Chobo-Ji's Zen Podcast

Genjo Marinello Osho gave this Teisho during the May, 16, 2021 Zazenkai at Chobo-Ji. This talk explores pealing back the layers of interference generated by our narrow egoistic perspective.


16 May 2021

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2010-08-26 M 9 Daitsu Chisho Buddha

Auckland Zen Centre: Weekly Podcasts

Why does Great Penetration Supreme Wisdom Buddha sit for 10 eons and not attain buddhahood?


8 Sep 2020

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Case 9: Daitsu Chisho Buddha - Teisho given by Shinge Roshi 4/26/20

Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji: Dharma Talks

28 Apr 2020

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Mumonkan Case 9: "Daitsu Chisho Buddha," Dharma Talk by Shinge Roshi, April 26, 2020

Zen Talks and Teachings

Mumonkan Case 9: "Daitsu Chisho Buddha," Dharma Talk by Shinge Roshi, April 26, 2020. Talk delivered via Zoom.


26 Apr 2020

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Daitsu Chisho Buddha

The No-Rank Zendo Podcast

In this Dharma Talk, given on February 24, 2019, Rinzan Pechovnik Osho Examines Case #9 of the Mumonkan "Daitsu Chisho Buddha." Daitsu Chisho Buddha did Zazen for 10 immeasurable eons, why did he not attain Buddhahood? When we see into our true nature, we recognize immediately, there is nothing to attain, nowhere to get to. Knowing this intimately, we can live life freely and at ease.


6 Mar 2019

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Mumonkan: Case 9, Daitsu Chisho Buddha

Zen Center of Syracuse Hoen-ji: Dharma Talks

A talk given by Shinge Roshi Roko Sherry Chayat at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, Livingston Manor, NY.

2 Jul 2012

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Mumonkan Case 9 Daitsu Chisho Buddha! - Sunday December 12, 2010

Living Zen Podcast

Mumonkan - The Gateless Barrier The Victoria Zen Centre is a federally registered charity in Canada that provides training and education in Zen Buddhism. If you enjoy this podcast, please rate it, review it, and share it with a friend that you think will enjoy it as much as you did. Please consider purchasing the Living Zen-podcast app on the iTunes app store! www.zenwest.ca


2 Jan 2011