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School Days Ft. Hitori Shun

90s Baby Show

What was the best period in life? Was it College, was it secondary school? Was it primary school? BOYS are back int he dungeon this week with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and good ole friend Hitori shun and we are talking everything back in the days. Secondary school days to be specificWe go through some old school games we used to play like the B-game which was just pure unadulterated violence for no reason because of the mention of wa word beginning with B. Wonder if they played these games in private school? - feel free to let us knowWe also discuss engaging with girls back in the day and how devious we are. All we were trying to do was engage in sex at one point. This 5 year period was definitely our favouriteAlso, who is the king of RnB - since it cant be a certain person that we shall not name but it rhymes for mars telly Temi hits us with what he learnt this week and Fred hits us with another riddle PLUGS
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15 Jul 2019

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Irresponsible Ft. Hitori Shun

90s Baby Show

Sunday 14th of October - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-tickets-48877062610?ref=estw Should we be careful at the things we laugh at as black people? Should black people be upset when black stars go mainstream And get more commercial attention? or should we be just be happy? Just because something is funny, is it right to laugh? So many questions we explored but we go there! BOYS are back with this weeks episode and joined by our friend from long time Hitori shun. We start off talking secondary school days and fighting so dont mind the bravado expressed to start with. Although those days are way behind us, could you really say you can scrap just because you won your last fight years ago? Some people living off the glory days need to understand its a different time and place; if you don't use it you lose it. We also discuss some stories of ex's and experiences dealing with girls as Mandem do when we get together, IT IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU GIRLS (Even though secretly it is) Both Fred and Temi went to Kevin Harts Irresponsible Show in the O2 and gave their review on it. Kevin Hart has received a lot of accolades and had a lot of commercial success; but is this a good thing for the culture? Is a black star lost once they have commercial success, and have crowds of multi-culture? or are they representing us on continuous away games? The boys had alot to say about the performance, and the vibe of the night which seemed to have the same theme even though they went on different days. Soul plane was a great film, but Temi poses the question of whether it was just a film filled with stereotypes, and may have been a bit dangerous to laugh at? was it a film full of pure coonery that may be ok to laugh at when in the comforts of your own home, but dangerous for the image of black people in wider society? We dont want to ruin classics, especially seen as its different times and we are more 'woke' now. However, we do have to be educated, and know that just because something is funny, doesn't mean its right to laugh? Enjoy this one and use #90sbabyshow on all socials and stories to get involved in the conversation SOCIALS Twitter/Instagram:
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3 Sep 2018

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Radar Radio - 038 Ft. Hitori Shun

90s Baby Show

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