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419: Responding to Supplier Price Increase Requests w/ Philip Ideson

Art of Procurement

News of supply shortages and price increases seem to be everywhere. For consumers, that means their dollar doesn’t buy quite as much as it used to, but for procurement, it means every supplier email or call is likely to be a request for a price increase. What is procurement to do? In this crossover episode from The Sourcing Hero podcast, produced in partnership with Una, Host Kelly Barner flips the tables to interview AOP Founder and Managing Director Philip Ideson. His advice on how to address supplier price increase requests is timely - as is his input on how procurement can avoid being ‘re-pigeonholed’ as a cost-only team. If you enjoy this interview, subscribe to The Sourcing Hero podcast for weekly conversations on topics of interest to procurement with a wide-ranging group of guests. In this conversation, Phil shares his perspective on: How procurement should respond to a supplier that reached out with a request for a price increase What options procurement has for mitigating the increase once it has been determined to be a valid request from the supplier If procurement needs to worry about getting TOO GOOD at protecting the bottom line in challenging times


11 Oct 2021

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Ep 32: Mitigating Price Increase Requests feat. Philip Ideson

The Sourcing Hero Podcast

The top news stories each day are like a potpourri of procurement challenges: labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and material cost increases abound. Each one of them means one thing - the next time a supplier emails or calls, they may be reaching out to say that they are going to have to increase their prices as a result. But what is procurement to do? In this episode of The Sourcing Hero podcast, Host Kelly Barner is joined by Philip Ideson. Phil is the Founder and Managing Director of Art of Procurement, a procurement consulting, membership, and content company that provides CPOs and their teams the resources they need to enable company growth. He has also worked at both Procurian & Accenture and has experience across the entire Indirect and Direct procurement value chain. In this conversation, Phil shares his perspective on: How procurement should respond to a supplier that reached out with a request for a price increase What options procurement has for mitigating the increase once it has been determined to be a valid request from the supplier If procurement needs to worry about getting TOO GOOD at protecting the bottom line in challenging times


22 Sep 2021

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409: Reflections, Vision, and Plans for the Rest of 2021 W/ Philip Ideson

Art of Procurement

Since Philip Ideson started Art of Procurement almost six years ago, a broad range of executives, practitioners, academics, and more have shared over 3.2 Million words of wisdom through our podcasts, webinars, virtual events, and long-form writing. Regardless of their focus or point of view, each person shared our singular goal of helping forward-thinking leaders change the game for their company by elevating procurement’s impact.  In this week’s episode, Philip Ideson delivers a solo show update on the year to date, looking at everything we’ve all been through and how it has changed our lives, our work, and our perspective on the future.  Listen in to hear his opinion on: The overall impact of COVID on procurement as a result of how it has affected supply markets, talent availability, investment in technology, and socially-driven initiatives. How the Art of Procurement team is working to make sure that we never get too comfortable, remaining open to feedback and inspiration and continuing to raise the bar on ourselves Purposeful changes we are making to the availability and delivery of our content and events to ensure that we remain aligned with what you need most


23 Aug 2021

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PitchLink: In Conversation with Philip Ideson

The Buyer Side Chat

In Conversation with  Philip Ideson, Founder and Managing Director of Art of Procurement. Philip Ideson is the Founder and Managing Director of Art of Procurement.  Art of Procurement provides procurement leaders with the insights, resources, and expertise they need to drive company growth. Prior to Art of Procurement, Philip led procurement transformation, category management, and sourcing programs for clients of Accenture. Previously, Philip was Head of International Procurement, Sourcing & Third-Party Risk Management at Ally Financial.  Philip Ideson Twenty years ago procurement was transactional and tactical. Each deal had a single focus, without taking into consideration the big picture. Today procurement behaves more like an architect, trying to glean business solutions using a supply base, as opposed to dealing with a set of specifications or a scope of work.  The buyer is more informed. Once faced with a challenge, they will go out and do the research. Once they have a reasonably good idea of how they will solve the challenge, they will start talking to people. Twenty years ago, the buyer had to rely on a representative and did not have the full perspective on all the alternative solutions available in the marketplace.  Buyer organizations often recruit expertise from outside the organization. That decision is based on what the stakeholders perceive as the difference between what they already know and what they should know about the challenge and its corresponding solutions. They are also more likely to invest in outside expertise if they perceive the solution to be critical to running the business.  Except for the largest organizations in the world, most companies can’t afford to hire varied expertise across fields. Most critical purchases are long term solutions, and purchases are made only every five years or more. So, it makes more sense to hire experts when the need arises- in other words, hire external expertise as the need arises.  These and more insights you never find in the public discourse around Sales and Buying in this candid episode of The Buyer Side Chat.  Run time – 35.18 mins.  The post PitchLink: In Conversation with Philip Ideson appeared first on Business Podcast Network.


25 Jun 2021

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Is Procurement Moving Away From Category Management? My opinion on Philip Ideson's article

World of Procurement

Hey World of Procurement Legends, I'm back with a very different type of 5 minute podcast today and I do hope you are enjoying the experimentation I'm undertaking with this Procurement Podcast at present. I'd almost suggest that before you listen to this Podcast, you head over to Art of Procurement and you read this article - https://artofprocurement.com/is-procurement-moving-away-from-category-management/. I share my views on why I think there's more value to a Service Provider view of Procurement rather than a Category view.  Would love to hear your thoughts too. Make sure you connect with Philip on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipideson/


7 May 2021

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Positioning for Success at the Intersection of Transformation, Risk, & Technology with Koray Kose & Philip Ideson

Supply Chain Now

These days, it seems like everyone is in the risk business. From high consumer expectations to the challenging final mile, and from ships stuck sideways in far away canals to an uncertain global economy, all business decisions come with elevated risk. But - and this is a BIG BUT - the riskiest move of all is giving in to the fear.Risk may 'live' in the supply chain, but as the key relationship-holder with thousands of first tier suppliers, procurement is often in the driver's seat when it comes time to better understand the risks currently facing the enterprise and what can be done today and in the future to address them better than the competition. Historically, procurement has been a highly risk-averse function, but industry leaders now realize that their ability to impact the top and bottom lines of the company may only be constrained by their willingness to take strategic, qualified risks.In this episode of Dial P for Procurement, Koray Kose, Senior Director of Supply Chain Research at Gartner, and Philip Ideson, Founder and Managing Director of Art of Procurement, join Co-hosts Kelly Barner and Scott Luton to engage in a risk aware but entirely unafraid discussion of supply chain risk and procurement's role in addressing it:- What is the real difference between agility and resilience and what can procurement do to strengthen both?- The importance of having discussions about the enterprise' appetite for risk and them communicating that information out into the company so that everyone knows how it should affect their work and decisions.- How procurement can ensure that the 'pendulum swing' between low and high risk tolerance does not cause them to put an onerous amount of mitigation bureaucracy in place through processes and technologies.Additional Links & Resources:Learn more about Dial P for Procurement: https://supplychainnow.com/program/dial-p-for-procurement/Subscribe to Supply Chain Now and all Supply Chain Now Programs: https://supplychainnow.com/subscribeDownload the U.S. Bank 2021 Q1 Freight Payment Index: https://freight.usbank.com/?es=a262&a=20Learn more about our Highlighted Non-Profit Making it Happen for Q2, Good360: https://good360.org/This episode was hosted by Kelly Barner and Scott Luton. For additional information, please visit our dedicated show page at: https://supplychainnow.com/episode-627.

1hr 3mins

30 Apr 2021

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376: Driving a Growth Agenda - Going Beyond the Table Stakes w/ Philip Ideson

Art of Procurement

Traditionally, procurement has been focused on driving corporate profitability by putting pressure on suppliers, rationalizing specifications, and managing demand. While these strategies have delivered some benefits to the business, their diminishing returns came at the cost of procurement’s internal reputation. As procurement’s focus turns to top-line growth, they will have to change more than just their strategies and tactics before they can be successful. This podcast is the last in a 4-part series focused on how procurement can contribute to efforts to restore corporate growth. In this episode, Host Philip Ideson shares why a focus on growth is so important to the future of the procurement profession before concluding the podcast series by sharing some of his key takeaways from the first three episodes. In this episode, Philip wraps up the series by considering points such as: Why procurement doesn’t need to fix how we are perceived, so much as we need to address the attitudes, styles, and behaviors that have led to that perception How procurement can pivot to a focus on corporate growth, and what we need to understand about our organization before knowing which actions to take The opportunity associated with a partnership between procurement and sales, and which corporate KPIs this will allow procurement to contribute to


25 Feb 2021

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How to be a Procurement All-Star with Philip Ideson

World of Procurement

Philip Ideson is the man behind Art of Procurement, the number one Procurement Podcast in the world. In addition to this, Art of Procurement provides Education and Consultancy Services. Philip recently hit an incredible milestone of 500,000 downloads over five years of running his Podcast. Philip has a wealth of experience as a Procurement Practitioner and has spoken with over three hundred Procurement Professionals on his Podcast. As you can Imagine, I was keen to get his views on what the Best Procurement Pros do. We covered a lot in this thirty minute Podcast episode: Football, Why Running is incredible for mindset, the traits of Procurement All-Stars, Why focussing on Procurement Technical Skills will only get you so far, why we hate the term “seat at the table” and the challenges COVID 19 has posed to Procurement Teams. Connect with Philip here - www.linkedin.com/in/philipideson Art of Procurement - https://artofprocurement.com


20 Oct 2020

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Episode 53 : Vendor Negotiation with Art of Procurement Expert Philip Ideson

Build Business Acumen Podcast

Vendor negotiation is very important, seeing the "vendor" as a partner is crucial to success in business.Being flexible and understanding how you can work together is key. Making sure your "vendor negotiation" is done ethically is also so important. As opposed to seeing the vendor negotiation as just another way to win and you lose.Fortunately now many vendor negotiation has become Win / Win scenarios, enabling both you the purchaser and the seller to make a strong long term working relationship.Trust takes many years to build and thankfully there are many ethical companies out there and many ethically driven procurement professionals driving the right kind of vendor negotiation.Renegade Rum and Waterford Distillery: from History to Terroir and Data with Mark Reynier CEO – Episode 31Visit the Art Of Procurement Podcast WARNING — AI Transcriptions May Cause Grammatically Correct People Serious StressNathaniel Schooler 0:09I'd like to introduce you to Philip Ideson.Philip Ideson is passionate about the role that procurement professionals and leaders can plan in creating a competitive advantage for their organizations.Over a two-decade career spanning the entire procurement value chain from Buyer to Head of Procurement, as a practitioner and consultant, Philip observed first hand the challenges that procurement professionals face in fighting the status quo, and ultimately in fulfilling their potential.Philip founded Art of Procurement in 2015 as a way to empower procurement professionals at all levels to deliver change with confidence; whether from the inspiration of the popular weekly podcast that he hosts, or with targeted solution offerings that guide clients on their journey to transform the impact of procurement.Let's dig into this interesting episode.Well, thank you for that for joining me. I'm really pleased to learn more about these exciting topics. on that.Philip Ideson 1:28Thank you very much for inviting me on the show.Nathaniel Schooler 1:31So I think it's best if we start with start with procurement, and then we sort of lead into negotiation if that. So if that's all right.Philip Ideson 1:39Sure.Nathaniel Schooler 1:40So where would you start? If you were, if you were thinking about buying something, and you know, you might be an experienced be procurement officer, or you might be just just learning how to buy something?Where do you start?Philip Ideson 1:55So for somebody who's within the procurement side kind of side of the bed, nice, and they're helping somebody within the business by something, what's really important to me, is understanding truly what the outcomes that person wants to deliver. Because you know, a product or a service that you buy, is really only a vehicle for an outcome. And I think that's something that often gets really lost is we get too fixated on this is what the specification of this widget is, are, these are all the different elements of this particular service, we get so kind of stuck in the weeds of that, that you lose the sight of:- "Actually I want it because we need to increase, you know, the some customer satisfaction!"Let's say :-"We want to bring in increase the conversion rate within our marketing funnel by 1%."It's really focusing on the end game rather than the thing you're buying itself. I think it's just something that's really important to do that we often forget.Nathaniel Schooler 2:53That's really good advice. Yeah, I agree completely. I mean, there's so many people that certainly in marketing for one example, they're just kind of, they're told to go and do all these things. And they might be tracking the wrong metrics. So I think certainly finding out the right place to start is definitely the way to go. Yeah.Philip Ideson 3:13Yeah. And metrics is a struggle for procurement folks, because most procurement folks, are measured on cost savings. So they measured,


11 Apr 2019

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Insider Secrets To Working With Procurement As A Consultant with Philip Ideson: Podcast #77

Consulting Success Podcast

Procurement professionals struggle reputationally sometimes with a lot of folks in the business bypassing them, trying to avoid procurement. Philip Ideson helps procurement professionals become a little bit more impactful and think about how to go beyond the process so they can bring value to their organizations. Philip owns CatalystCo and hosts a podcast called The Art of Procurement where he helps procurement professionals elevate the role of their teams. He’s worked with Visteon, Pfizer, Chiquita, Ally Financial, and Accenture before going off and starting his own business. Philip talks us through the mindset of a procurement professional working in an established organization, and shares what a consultant should know about procurement. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Consulting Success Community today: consultingsuccess.com


25 Feb 2019