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135: A trip to the US with a friend hatched the idea to start their own brewing company. Gave up their full-time jobs & began their journey in the Craft Beer industry in 2011. From 2 FTE - 20 FTE with 30% yearly revenue growth until 2018. (Danielle Allen)

Grow A Small Business Podcast

In this episode, I interview Danielle Allen, a business leader and co-founder of Two Birds Brewing, a brewing company based in Melbourne, Australia, developing and manufacturing craft beers for retail and on-premise sales in venues across Australia. This is Australia’s first female-owned brewing company.  Danielle, together with her friend Jayne Lewis began their journey in the Craft Beer industry after their two-week trip in the West Coast of the US in 2010 where they visited breweries, wineries and dined at some world-renowned restaurants. Jayne was originally a winemaker by trade but transitioned into brewing while Danielle had been in product development and marketing for 10 years. With their complementary skills, Two Birds Brewing was born.  According to Danielle, the hardest thing in growing a small business is the commitment to work. Commitment to work involves many things for the excellence of the business. This is why every business owner must develop the self-discipline to execute the tasks needed to be done.  This Cast Covers:  Started their own brewing company after their two-week tour on the West Coast of the US in 2010. Visited breweries, wineries, and dined at some world-renowned restaurants during the trip, and shared love for the finer delights.  Gave up their full-time jobs and began their journey in the Craft Beer industry.  Their skills were complementary and it made total sense for them to team up.  Launched their first beer together in 2011 and have been growing and building the business every year since then.  Developing and manufacturing craft beers for retail and on-premise sales in venues across Australia. Making well-balanced and approachable beers and find impressive by their consumers.  The importance of originality when it comes to making their products and how being firm to the vision made them successful.  How commitment is crucial yet important in growing a small business.  How understanding each other’s role results in growth and development which are essential in growing a small business.  Additional Resources:  Two Birds Brewing Brewing Up a Business By Sam Calagione The Microbrewery Handbook By DC Reeves ………………………………………… Quotes:  “Stay true to yourself, don’t copy other people, have a firm view of your vision, and just stick to it.”  —Danielle Allen  “You can drive the business forward by making sure that the connection between sales and marketing continuously works.” —Danielle Allen “It is worth getting people that share the same values that you have.” —Danielle Allen “Understand each other on a personal level, and understand each other's roles as well. That's important.” —Danielle Allen “I’m a big believer in data integrity, it gives us the ability to have information at the fingertips” – Danielle Allen ………………………………………… Music from https://filmmusic.io “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com. License: CC by http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0


29 Aug 2021

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America Begins: The Origins and Meaning of Our Declaration of Independence | Dr. Danielle Allen

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

What did the Founding Fathers mean by the words, "We hold these truths to be self evident..."? In what ways did they weave the concept of equality into this founding document? How should we deal with the hypocrisy of Jefferson and others who pledged their lives to the words "all men are created equal" while at the same time enslaving people? What's the difference between our political constitution and our social constitution, and how are they aligned in America today? Dr. Danielle Allen joins us to answer these questions and explore the history, meaning, and philosophical foundations of our Declaration of Independence. Dr. Danielle Allen is the author of "Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality." She is also the James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University, Director of Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, and the principle investigator for the Democratic Knowledge Project. Follow her on Twitter at @dsallentess.

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2 Jul 2021

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Danielle Allen: A scholar eyeing a run for governor with a firm grounding outside the ivory tower

The Codcast

Danielle Allen is a scholar of Athenian democracy who has decided that she may have something to offer to the practice of democracy in 21st century Massachusetts. The Harvard professor announced in December that she was launching an exploratory run for governor,


26 Apr 2021

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Jill Nicolini Interviews Danielle Allen CEO and Life Coach of Moment of Truth

Meet The Elite Podcast

Jill Nicolini Interviews Danielle Allen CEO and Life Coach of Moment of Truth -- www.yourmomentoftruth.org


21 Apr 2021

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Danielle Allen on achieving democracy's ideals

Democracy Works

Danielle Allen is a leader of two large-scale efforts to make democracy truly inclusive and reimagine the way we teach new generations of democratic citizens. She joins us this week to discuss both initiatives and how to build coalitions for effective changeAllen is the James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University and Director of Harvard's Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics. She is a leader and spokesperson for Our Common Purpose from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and Educating for American Democracy, a collaboration among dozens of civics-focused organizations and educators.These projects share a theme that democracy is in crisis and the only way out of it is to double down on democratic reforms while wrestling with our complicated past and admitting that the United States has never been a fully inclusive democracy. Allen says that reforms are achievable and desired by many people across the country and across the political spectrum. Getting there won't be easy, however. Chris describes these efforts as the "Manhattan Project for democracy," but Allen says she is a "not an optionalist," meaning that, if we want democracy to succeed, we have no other choice but to push forward despite the naysayers out there.Additional InformationOur Common PurposeEducating for American DemocracyAllen's lecture for the McCourtney Institute Allen on TwitterRelated EpisodesCitizenship, patriotism, and democracy in the classroomYour guide to ranked-choice votingThe case for open primaries


22 Mar 2021

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Thomas Ricks and Danielle Allen

Great Podversations

Best -selling author and journalist Thomas Ricks speaks with author, political scientist and Professor Danielle Allen about Mr. Ricks latest book, "First Principles." Thomas Ricks has written for the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal about American military operations around the world. He is the author of several books, including the number-one New York Times bestseller "Fiasco," which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.Danielle Allen is a classicist, political scientist, and professor at Harvard University where she is also the Director of the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics. She has written for The Washington Post and published several books and scholarly articles. Professor Allen chaired the bipartisan Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


8 Jan 2021

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Danielle Allen: What Do COVID-19 and Extreme Inequality Mean for American Democracy?

Ask a Harvard Professor

In this episode, political philosopher Danielle Allen explains why the COVID crisis, extreme inequality, and undemocratic government are all connected—and how democracy in America can still be reinvigorated.For more information about Harvard Magazine and this podcast, visit www.harvardmagazine.com/podcast and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.For a transcript of this episode, go to https://harvardmagazine.com/2020/danielle-allen. Ask a Harvard Professor is hosted by Jonathan Shaw, Marina Bolotnikova, Jacob Sweet, and produced by Jacob Sweet and Niko Yaitanes. Our theme music was composed by Louis Weeks.


2 Nov 2020

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Danielle Allen - Two Birds Brewing

Radio Brews News

This week we chat with Danielle Allen - co-founder of Two Birds Brewing. We have spoken to Danielle’s business partner Jayne Lewis a number of times, but not Danielle. In preparation for their 10 year anniversary next year, Two Birds has launched a survey to get consumer feedback on the brand, the beers, the business and a whole lot of other things that Danielle hopes will inform the business as it passes that milestone. Danielle talks about that and more as we walk through almost 10 years of Two Birds. And if you want to give your feedback in the survey, you can find out more here. Our partners Radio Brews News is proudly presented by Cryer Malt. With over 25 years in the field, Cryer Malt are dedicated to providing the finest brewing ingredients to help brewers create the foundations of a truly excellent beer. Your premium brewing partner and proud sponsors of Brews News. and this is Brews News Week. If you like what we do at Radio Brews News you can help us out by: Sponsoring the show Reviewing us on iTunes or your favourite podcasting service Emailing us at producer@brewsnews.com.au to share your thoughts All letter writers will receive a brews news bottle opener and go into the draw to win a mixed six-pack thanks to our good friends at Beer Cartel who sponsor our letter for the week.


7 Oct 2020

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Season 2, Episode 3: Guests Krishon and Danielle Allen give us a glimpse into practical parenting, school at home and connection in marriage.

The Arise Podcast

Checking in Krishon and Danielle Allen:Danielle Allen says this is “the longest year of our entire lives.”When the pandemic hit she became the pseudo-teacher, scheduling “classes” between her work conference call. Krishon became the principal. Krishon noted it they were trying to condense an 8 hour day school day in to two hours. He said to his kids, “You can prolong it with whining or you can get it done.”Krishon said in March he had to learn Zoom with this kids. The struggle was how to still be productive in his job, because nothing is stopping even in the pandemic, while also assuring the kids don’t fall behind in school. Even with all the pressure at the end of the school year, the grade came out as pass or fail and they laughed it off, they could have just done “mid-level work.”Danielle is an operations management for a tech company and Krishon does I.T. Management for the dept of the navy. They have 11 and 8 year old daughters. Danielle remarked it was a weird time to transition into Middle School.Her oldest quickly got in the flow to online learning; her teachers posted all the assignments for the whole week and she was able to work at her own pace. The youngest saw her sister working and tried to do work ahead of time so she could have a long weekend. It was a “get through to the end of the school year and get to summer.” There was also a shift or discovery about productivity when the girls would come to “school” in their pajamas vs. when they got up and got dressed.  Danielle C. identified it as a mindset shift, and they were able to implement it in the entire household.The way we learn subjects is totally different than the way their kids are now. Krishon said “ It was survival mode for all of us. Don’t tell me what your teachers said about how to do this math.” They had to google common core just to understand what the kids needed to learn. They had to fill the learning gap. And in the end taught their kids two ways to do math! Krishon said for this fall they are still feeling like it’s going back to March since we don’t know how long this virtual school is going to last and they still have to work full time jobs. The dynamic of the aspect continues to force them to prepare for the unknown. Danielle feels that having a set schedule is helpful for creating subject in the household, especially as she is going into work a couple of days a week. She goes back to work “carefully.” Thankfully her office has few people and the space allows for good distancing as well as she maintains good health habits. They have a “decontamination” process for when they return home. She doesn’t want to put her family at risk and she does what she needs to do in order to keep her family safe. Danielle says this has unfortunately made people not want to socialize. Everyone is more mindful. There’s stress for getting used to the process and talking through masks. But it’s what needs to be done for all people to be safe. Krishon says mask wearing has become polarized and political, everything is heightened where they are in Maryland, being so close to Washington DC.Danielle C. says that Mexico and Morocco isn’t having the same tension with mask wearing.Krishon looked back to see how long things have taken before to make changes including smoking indoors, seat belt wearing… There’s fight and registration before change will happen; both sides argue their case and compromise is finally reached. It’s always for the safety of the majority of the population. Danielle says we need to be thinking for the greater good, for the collective, not just for individual rights and how it’s affecting me. Krishon spent a bit of time in Japan and at first he was taken aback by mask wearing, asking, “do I need to wear a mask?” But they he learned that when someone is feeling under the weather there, they wear a mask as a way to protect everyone else. Danielle C. says it feels like we are each fighting in our own corner. Krishon says ultimately he and Danielle are responsible for the health and well being of their family. Even if the schools said “hey, everyone come on back to in person school” they had been making decisions to look into alternative schooling so their kids could be at home until they felt is was safe. There’s so much information coming as us and we have to filter what is real, what information is going to help us make a good decision for our family.  The necessary step is to say I am responsible for my kids.Krishon looked at the response to COVID is regional. There are places in the country could send their kids to school and it would probably be okay. But where they are in DC they are heavily impacted. He said he is watching the COVID numbers. And they want to be able to support their family and so it puts all of them at risk if the kids are in school physically. Their kids have a level of anxiety because Krishon and Danielle haven’t totally shielded them from all the information. They wanted to keep them informed without adding so much stress. Danielle C. says that as we talk about the pandemic is disproportionately affecting brown and black bodies she heard someone say, “the pandemic will stave us because we can’t work, or it will kill us because we are working.” Krishon says “Responses vary and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all” for the pandemic.Danielle A. says she tries to help her girls see the bigger picture of life, that you’ll be able to look back one day and say yeah that was a hard year but it didn’t stop me from finishing school or had such an impact that I wasn’t able to become a successful and productive adult. They encourage them to always look for the positive and something to be grateful. Being always in the house was a big transition, especially since Krishon did so much traveling for work and they were busy with school and sports… But they appreciate all the time together with games nights, movies, date-night in… We survived COVID and we’re still marriage! There can be some tension if in your marriage you’re with each other all day and you’ve heard how their day was because you were with them. Krishon says you can’t lean on your norms of play-by-play of our days; you get to stretch and go into the deeper conversations that add to your relationships. Danielle C says it’s an invitation to a different kind of knowing, a different kind of being together, something deeper. Krishon says while they still want away time with each other, it has turned into chilling and waiting together.---Krishon is reading: “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America” by Richard RothsteinsKrishon is listening to: the Lincoln Project PodcastKristhon is Inspired by: People are still going forward over 3 months after George Floyd and people haven’t not gone back to their regular routines, they are still fighting. Danielle is reading: “Caste” The Origins of our Discontents” by Isabel WilkersonDanielle is Listening to: 90s RnB, Monica and BrandyDanielle is inspired by: what could be after the country reaches the tipping point, seeing what we do with this moment in history--- Krishon has his own podcast chatting with everyday heros, ideas and sharing stories of the people for the people. We’re more similar than we are different, if we could just pause and listen to each other. The podcast is called “Taking Steps.” Find him on Instagram @takingstepspodcast


15 Sep 2020

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Podcast Episode 92.2 – FOOL IN LOVE by Danielle Allen

Read Me Romance

Our audiobook this week is Fool in Love by Danielle Allen!Narrated by Simone GuyumaWhen a shy workaholic wants to date, what is she supposed to do?According to my cousin, the only solution is to sign up for an exclusive dating event on April 1st.I was nervous.I was awkward.I was unprepared.I didn’t know what to expect on April Fool’s Day. But the last thing I expected was to become a fool in love.Truth or Dare: https://amzn.to/3h6zHEUDanielle Allen GIVEAWAY!: http://readmeromance.comFollow Read Me Romance on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/readmeromance/?hl=enJoin Read Me Romance Headquarters on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1681258945313004/Find Alexa Riley on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authoralexariley/Find Tessa Bailey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessabaileyisanauthor/Podcast CreditsRead Me Romance Theme Song by L.B. BallardPodcast Production by Lola

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28 Aug 2020